Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 04


Bright rays of sunlight beamed into my room through tiny openings on the wooden walls of my room, as I woke up on the Tuesday morning, to the sounds of birds happily chirping on the jambu (guava) and belimbing (star fruit) trees at the back of my house (right behind my room). Recalling the events of the night before I felt overjoyed about my sexual graduation and that I was no longer a virgin. More importantly, my first sexual experience had been so beautiful, so intense and so satisfying – the pleasures and feelings that had run through my body were beyond any of my expectations. If that was what sex and making love was about, then I wanted more – I had found paradise.

Making love to Aayahmah was wonderful and if last night was anything to go by, she was as much in need of the pleasures of the flesh as I was. The clean, affectionate and soft-spoken lady I knew as my Aayahmah had transformed into a female animal in bed, fucking me like a bitch in heat and urging me on with obscene words of love. I loved her hairy pussy and I wanted to make love to her everyday. My cock started to grow as I thought of my Aayahmah – how wonderful it had felt to have my cock massaged within her tight, wet cunt and how she had cried out loud as she exploded. I wanted to pleasure and satisfy her as much as I could. I wanted to make love to her in different ways and learn from her the art of pleasing a woman.

I got up from bed, adjusting my now hard cock inside my shorts. I opened my room door and stepped outside. No sign of anyone around and I realised that Mom and Dad were at work. As I walked towards the bathroom, I saw Aayahmah in the uncovered open area, putting clothes to dry on the line, her back towards me. She was wearing her long pavadai and blouse, her midriff exposed as usual. Her hair was neatly tied into a long pony tail. I crept up behind her and hugged her from the back, my hands going around her waist.

“Good Morning, Aayahmah” I said, hugging her.

“Hey you! Somebody might see us” replied a startled Aayahmah.

“No one’s home” I replied, hugging her even harder, letting my hands rub her bare waist and tummy.

“Don’t take chances” she warned.

“I won’t” I replied, letting my finger probe her lovely navel.

I pressed my hard-on against her bums, covered by her pavadai, gently rubbing it up and down along the slit of her ass over her pavadai. My hands around her waist pulled her harder against me.

“Didn’t you get enough last night?” asked Aayahmah, bending down to pick up a piece of wet clothing to hang. I felt her ass gently pushing against my cock in response to my rubbing.

“I’ll never get enough of you” I replied. As she straightened up, I moved my hands up to cup both her breasts through her blouse, one magnificent orb in each hand.

“Teenage sexual drive and energy I believe. You need to control it” she said with a laugh.

We stayed like that for a few minutes – me humping her like that while my hands mauled her tits over her blouse.

“You filled me up so much last night. I am still leaking your honey, Chellam. I loved what we did last night” she said and then turned around, breaking off my embrace. She held my face in her hands and smiled at me.

“Thank you for last night. You were wonderful and you made me wanted again” she cooed.

She brought her right hand down to the front of my shorts, cupped my hard-on briefly and then brought her hand to her mouth and planted her kiss on her palm.

“Now you go and have your shower while I finish with the clothes” she requested me.

“Will you scrub my back for me?” I teased her.

“Why not? Remember, I used to bathe you and your sisters till you were all around 10. Nothing that I have not seen” she replied, a cheeky smile on her face.

I left her to finish her work and headed for the toilet, after which I went into the bathroom for a shower. I let the porcelain tub fill up with water as I brushed my teeth, still buried in thoughts of love and sex. After I had finished with my teeth, I took off my shorts and put it away to the empty washing basket. I then quickly poured a few tubs of cold water over my head and body, enjoying the rejuvenation of my body by the refreshingly cold water.

I heard Aayahmah knock on the door and call out to me. I wrapped a towel around me and opened the bathroom door to let her in. She closed it behind her and asked me if I was ready for the back scrub, admiring my naked wet torso. She had knotted her pony-tail into a bun at the back of her head to prevent it from getting wet. I gave her the soap in her hand and she asked me to take off my towel and turn around.

She touched my back and said “Your skin is quite dry, too much football under the sun, I guess” and then asked When did you last have a proper oil bath?”

“A long time ago” I replied.

“Alright, I will prepare an oil bath for you tomorrow morning. It will do your skin good” she offered to which I nodded my agreement.

She rubbed the bar of gebze escort herbal soap over my back and used a sponge to scrub my skin gently, starting from my shoulders all the way down my back to my bums. After doing that for a few minutes and being sure that my back was suitably cleaned, she squat down behind me and started to scrub my legs, from my waist down to my soles, first one leg then the other.

Having cleaned both my legs, she rubbed the soap over my ass and then signalled me to spread my legs and brought the sponge under my ass to clean it. She dropped the sponge on the granite stone and used both her hands to squeeze and massage my soapy bums. Her fingers felt so good and my cock was stirring, hidden from her view.

“You have a strong body, Chellam and a lovely behind” she admired. “You were so little the last time I bathed you and look at you now – a big man” she cooed. Her hand slid under my ass to cup my nuts.

“Turn around and let me wash your front now” she ordered.

I turned around slowly, using my hands to shield my hardening prick from her view, feeling suddenly shy.

“You weren’t shy last night” she teased and pulled my hands away.

Aayahmah’s beautiful round eyes opened wide as she stood transfixed on my semi-erect, man-sized teenage cock. She inhaled sharply before gulping her throat in admiration as it rose and became fully erect, the foreskin slowly rolling back. It was pointing straight out of my hairy groin, topped by a large pinkish head. The veins around the thick shaft were pulsing with raw energy. She brought her right hand to my phallus and encircled it with her fingers.

“You were not that big here either the last time I bathed you” she laughed. “But look at it now; so thick and hard – a beautiful lingam to please any woman” she said, her fingers squeezing my hardness.

“I don’t think it’s that big” I said, as she started to sponge my groin with soap. “At least not as big as Dad’s” I continued.

“Believe me Chellam; you have a big, beautiful cock. You gave me so much pleasure with it last night. It touched places inside me that were never touched before” she praised, continuing to lather my cock and balls.

She ran her fingers gently over the throbbing veins on my meat. “It’s excited and throbbing” she added, her eyes glued in admiration on my dick.

“Have you seen Dad’s? It’s massive – a fantastic tool” I exclaimed.

“Yes. His is big and beautiful, but you are still young. Your cock will be like his as you grow older, Chellam. Don’t worry – you will inherit his cock” advised Aayahmah as she squat down and sponged the front of my thighs and legs. My soap-covered cock twitched and swayed as we continued with the bath and conversation.

“I will prepare you a special herbal oil which you can use to massage your lingam. It is an old recipe from our ancestors and it really does work” Aayahmah continued.

“Who told you that?” I asked.

“Your Mom” she replied “and she got it from her mother.”

“Aha…no wonder Dad has such a beautiful, big prick” I laughed.

“I guess so. But anyways, size alone does not matter. You must know how to please a woman with it” said Aayahmah, pouring water over my groin area and legs to wash away the soap. She held my hard prick, stretched the foreskin back completely and poured some water over it, making sure it was clean.

“You know when you were a little boy, every time we had finished bathing you, we would kiss your little bird, as we called it – your Mom and me” Aayahmah said, reflecting on the past.

“It’s not a little bird anymore, is it?” she said and slowly moved forward and kissed my swollen cock head, her eyes looking up at me.

“I love you, Aayahmah” I whispered to her, as my prick throbbed right in front of her face.

Aayahmah’s reaction was to curl her fingers around my hard-on, open her mouth, slide her lips over the head and take my boner deep into her mouth.

“Mmmm….Aayahmah….so nice……” I moaned in pleasure, the lovely feeling flowing from my dick to every nerve cell on my body.

She sucked and massaged my cock with her tongue and mouth, while she moved her fingers down to my balls cupping my tight hairy scrotum. She slid my cock out of her mouth till her lips covered only the mushroom head. She sucked on it and twirled her tongue all over it, all the while looking at me with love in her eyes.

I moved her head away and pulled her up to stand, hugging her to my wet body and wetting her in the process. I kissed her open mouth, sliding my tongue into her expecting mouth. She sucked on it and pressed herself hard to my body, my hard cock sandwiched between us. I felt so in love with this wonderful woman.

“I really love you Ma” I said, breaking off our kiss.

“I love you too, my son” she whispered before pushing me against the washing stone and making me rest my buttocks on it, in a semi-sitting position. My cock pointed wickedly up towards gebze escort bayan her.

Encircling my cock with her fingers, she said “Mmmm…let me finish what I started. I want you in my mouth. I want to love your cock. I want to drink your love juice, Chellam. Yesterday you gave me wonderful pleasures with your mouth, today it’s my turn.”

Again, she squat down in front of me and slid her lips over my cockhead, her other hand holding my thigh. She took all of my length into her mouth till her lips were right at the base of my prick, her nose nuzzled in my curly pubic hair. I felt my cock touch the back of her throat. She stayed in that position for some seconds using just an internal suction of her mouth to send shivers of pleasure through my body.

“Ammaaaah……..” I moaned out loud, overcome by the pleasure I was experiencing.

She then pulled her mouth slowly away till only my cockhead was in her mouth, held it there for a few seconds before again sliding slowly all the way down to the base of my cock, her lips applying tight pressure along the length of my cock. She repeated this slow bobbing action of her mouth with my cock for some minutes before removing her mouth completely away.

Still holding my cock, she put my shorts on the bathroom floor and kneeled down, resting her knees on my shorts. She then raised my cock with her fingers, moved her head under my length and slowly licked and nibbled the throbbing underside, starting from the base up to the tip of my cock and then nibbling back all the way down again. My cock was pulsing with her oral attention.

The feeling was sensational and I held her head as she did that, looking at her heavenly face. She looked beautiful, a mature feminine beauty, the likes of which I would yearn for in my later years. She smiled at me knowingly and continued her love play with my cock. Her blouse was wet and her hard nipples strained against the cloth. I stared down her deep cleavage thoroughly enjoying the oral pleasure this woman was giving to me. Her wet pavadai clung to her legs, outlining her strong thighs.

She kissed the underside of my cockhead and used her tongue to lick the groove and slit and then tried to spear my cum hole with her tongue tip. My cock twitched with her manipulations.

“Mmmmmm……..aaaaaahhhhh……so nice…” I moaned again.

She licked her way down my length to my hairy balls and gently sucked one into her mouth, then the other and repeated this mouth-juggle of my scrotum for a few seconds, while her fingers continued to gently stroke my meat.

Keeping her eyes locked on mine, she moved her mouth again under my length and then used her lips like a vice to hold my member firmly. She then began moving her lips left and right, as if playing a harmonica – using her tongue to provide lubrication. She stroked me like that with her lips, masturbating and pleasuring me, while her fingers gently fondled my balls. Her melons jiggled inside her blouse.

“Mmmmm….aaaahhhhhhh…….yessss….feels so good Amma” I purred, stroking her hair as she glided her lips over my prick. I felt a beautiful tickling sensation slowly rising from the base of my cock and knew that a mighty eruption was soon to be expected. As if sensing that herself, she used her teeth to gently bite my prick and then moved her head away and shifted herself to a kneeling position in front of my cock.

She smiled at me and said “I want you to explode in my mouth, Mohan. I want to drink your love.”

Her hands went behind to my ass and she pulled me forward. She slid her lips over the bulbous head and took my cock deep into her mouth again. She sucked my lingam and massaged it with her strong tongue.

I held her head while my fingers undid the knot of her hair-bun, letting her pony-tail loose again. I grabbed hold of her pony tail tightly and started to move my throbbing member, fucking her hungry mouth in a steady rhythm. Her eyes looked up to me, pleading me to explode as her mouth sucked and toyed with my cock.

“I love your mouth around my cock Amma. Feels so goooood…..so gooooood” I moaned, pulling her pony tail firmly as my full length disappeared into her mouth, reaching the back of her throat.

“Aaaahhhhhhhh…” I groaned “I’m going to shoot soon.”

Sensing that I was close, Aayahmah’s fingers pinched and squeezed my bum cheeks, urging me to shoot my load. She started to suck hard, trying to swallow my whole length. I felt my balls begin to tighten and a tickling sensation starting from my scrotum and spreading through my whole body.

“Aayahmaaaaahhhhhhhh…..noowwwwwww. Suckkkk…….mmeeeeee” I screamed as my body stiffened and the first delicious rush of my semen exploded from my cockhead deep into her mouth and down her throat.

Her eyes opened wide as my load hit the back of her throat. “Mmmmm…” she grunted in pleasure and her fingers dug into my ass cheeks.

“So good, so good, so good……..uunnnhhhh…..YESSSSSSSSS…..suck escort gebze me, suck me, suck meeee…” I bellowed as blast after blast of teenage cum bulleted from deep within me through the length of my pulsating canon into my Aayahmah’s loving mouth. My hand pulled her ponytail tight not wanting to let her mouth go.

She choked slightly but her throat worked overtime to swallow all the cum spewing into her mouth. She pulled back her mouth slightly to help her but greedily sucked me without any sign of releasing my cock. Her right hand cupped my scrotum and massaged my balls, as if enticing more cum to flow out.

“Ammmmaaaaa…..” I moaned again and again as my body shuddered, tears forming in my eyes as the intense pleasure of my first blow-job overcame my teenage senses. I felt weak at my knees and felt totally drained.

Finally, she slid my cock out of her mouth and kissed the bulbous head. She had swallowed every drop of my cum. My now-deflating cock hung before her and she smiled at me. I let her ponytail go and pulled her up to stand and hugged her, before kissing her. Her tongue slid into my mouth and I tasted my own cum.

“I love you, Amma. That was the most beautiful sensation I have ever felt. Thank you, Ma” I whispered to her, full of love for her.

“I love you too Chellam. I love your cock and you taste wonderful. If it were possible, I want to have your nectar everyday, darling” she replied. There was a sparkle in her eyes as she spoke. We stood there hugging each other for a few seconds.

“Now let me finish washing you” she said.

She poured water over my cock and cleaned it again with soap. Then she soaped and cleaned my torso, playfully pinching my nipples. I poured a few more tubs of water over my head and then Aayahmah took the towel to wipe me dry. Her blouse and pavadai were by now completely soaked.

“Okay Chellam, you are dry now. Go to your room and get dressed while I change from these wet clothes” she requested.

“Let me change your clothes for you” I teased.

“No, we will be here the whole day then” she laughed. “So please go and let me change” she said.

A little while later after we had both changed, I sat in the kitchen and chatted with her. She had made me two half-boiled eggs and some toast to go with a mug of hot coffee. She was wearing a cotton sari tied nicely and low around her waist, exposing her sexy midriff.

While she cooked, I asked her about her life and she openly told me everything – love, sex, her teenage years, her parents, her married life, her husband, and her frustrations and so on. It was a deep conversation and it did her good to pour her heart out to me. Tears swelled in her eyes as she recalled some good and bad memories. She was an incredible woman who had endured a lot in her life.

I went to her and hugged her from behind, letting my fingers caress her exposed tummy. “You are great, Aayahmah” I said, “a truly wonderful woman.”

After what had happened between us over the past 48 hours, I sensed that our relationship had taken on a new meaning, a special bond that went beyond a mother-son type relationship. We were friends and lovers too.

I stayed in the kitchen and continued to chat with her as she finished with the lunch preparation.

“Don’t you physically yearn to be touched and loved by a man all the time, Amma?” I asked.

“Yes, sometimes” she replied. “Why?” she asked.

“I had my first sexual experience yesterday and already I feel that I cannot live without it, without a woman, without you” I replied.

“That’s because it’s your first time. You just discovered the joys of sex” she laughed. “After some time you will grow out of it” she continued.

“I don’t think so. Look at Mom and Dad. They are still very active sexually. I couldn’t believe what I saw them both do” I said. “And I have got their blood in me” I smiled.

“Yes, they are special. True lovers, straight from the heavens and both of them care to keep their love life young and fresh” Aayahmah praised.

“I want to be like them” I said.

“You will have to find the right woman” replied Aayahmah. She had finished with the cooking and was washing up at the sink.

“I will one day. For now I have the right woman in you” I said, as I stood up to hug her again gently from behind as she finished with the washing.

“For how long, I wonder” muttered Aayahmah, “you will get tired of this old lady one day.”

“Now let me make the special oil for you” she said and proceeded to take some dried roots and herbs from a bottle. Then she started to pound them on the grinding stone to make a paste, explaining to me the different roots and herbs. She mixed the paste with some gingelly (sesame) oil in a pot to make a solution. Then she heated it up on the stove while stirring it. There was a strong but pleasant herbal aroma from the pot. After some long minutes of stirring, satisfied that it was done, she put the pot aside to cool it down.

“Use this oil and massage it on your lingam every day, either in the morning after your bath or in the evening just before you go to bed. Let it remain there for some hours and you will see the difference in some weeks” explained Aayahmah.

I nodded and then asked her “Do you do the yoga, Amma?”

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