Watching the Boys Part 14


Watching the Boys Part 14I clearly recognized Ben’s tired and lust filled f******n year old face on the screen. His eyes looked heavy and d**gged up, his brown hair all sweaty and disheveled. “Fuck Ben, you look wasted!” Bryan gasped, their was a brief pause as Leif and Bryan looked at each other then they started giggling as Ben just smiled with a goofy grin back at them on the screen. “That’s my other brother?” Leif groaned as he stroked Bryan’s nine year old cock a bit firmer. “mmmmmm…yeah, he’s hot isn’t he?” Bryan moaned as both boys concentrated on the orgy they were watching. The black man started to fuck Ben. “uuuuuuuuuugggghhhhh…” Suddenly Ben’s face quickly turned to a look of extreme pleasure as he let out a long guttural moan, punctuated by the hard thrusts his body was receiving from the mysterious black man as the mystery man speed up his fucking. “hhuuunggh…gggwwadd…uuuuunngh!” Ben’s eyes rolled back as he got lost in the fuck, his mouth open as he gasped for air. I glanced down at my boys and noticed they both now had a look of extreme concentration as they sat back on the couch and continued to stroke each others hard cocks. Fifteen year old Leif and nine year old Bryan lost in the sex emanating from the screen in front of them. I quickly walked over to the couch and sat down next to Leif who immediately grabbed my cock and started stroking me. “Uuuuggghh…ffffffuck…aaaaaagghhhh!” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! More moans and sounds of slapping flesh came from the screen as the black man who was fucking Ben really started giving it hard and fast to the young teen this time. Ben was so overwhelmed by the fucking he buried his face down in the black leather couch, muffling his moans. When he did this I could see other parts of the dark basement screening room. f******n year old Jonny was the first boy I recognized in the throws of sexual ecstasy. He was getting fucked, his face pushed down on the floor with his ass high in the air as an athletic looking black man pounded him. I also recognized other members of Ben’s soccer team were also getting wildly fucked by other black men in the background. One boy I didn’t recognize. He was blonde and looked about thirteen and was taking Uncle Dee’s cock like a pro as the large black man held his legs back and fucked the boy hard and deep with that thick nine inch cock. Uncle Dee’s dark skin contrasted nicely with the boy’s creamy white torso and tan upper and lower body as they smacked together in a humping motion. I also spotted nine year old Jeffy obscenely mounted on some black man’s huge cock. Fuck that was hot! Never thought a boy that small could take a cock that size! Shit, I never thought I’d see so many teen boys getting fucked at once. And by hot black men to boot. “Aaaaaaa Yeeeaaahhh milk my fucking cock you slut!” Came a low familiar gravely voice from the black man wildly fucking Ben. Big black hands grabbed a hold of Ben’s hips and held them steady as the muscular black body fucked his long eight inch spear deep into and out of my boy`s ass.. “Show your daddy how well you take cock now!” Said the black fucking figure as he continued his pounding of the boy. Ben could only moan into the couch, his face still buried into it. “I said SHOW! your daddy how well you take cock bitch!” The black man commanded as he grabbed a hold of Ben’s hair and pulled his head back off the couch. “AAAAGGGAAAWWWW! AAAAAGGGAAAWW! UUUungh! UUUungh! ughhhhhh! aaaaaawwww!” Ben groaned, his eyes half closed with a far away stare, his mouth hanging open as he gasped for air with each thrust of the black man`s cock. Each thrust stretched out and loosened the deepest parts of Ben’s colon as it pushed in and out of his young teen body. Then the black escort rus kız man leaned down, his face coming into frame with Ben’s. Shit! It was Jamal! “Heeey sexy boys!” Jamal smiled to Bryan and Leif, not missing a beat as he deeply fucked Ben. “Uuungh, you like… uuummm… the show?” Jamal grunted as he stroked Ben’s insides with his long spear. “I miss you Daddy J.” Bryan groaned as he stroked his boy cock harder now knowing it was Jamal. “Uuungh…I miss you too …uuungh…my hot little protégée…uuungh! Mmmmgh!” Jamal grunted between thrusts. “Is that my…uuungh…lil Leify next to you Bry?” Jamal grinned. “High daddy J” Leif said with a huge smile, almost thought I saw him blush. “I see you found a good daddy?” Jamal said with a head nod to me. “Yes, I love my new daddy” Leif said with a proud smile as he twisted my cock in his hand, making me moan. “So happy for you my lil Leafy.” Jamal beamed. “You’ll like your new brother here too.” Jamal grunted as he started to fuck Ben deep and hard. “aaw gwad…aaw gwad…aaw gwad…” Ben repeatedly mumbled, overwhelmed by each deep thrust of Jamal’s hardness into his hyper sensitive ass.. “I need your cock big brother.” Bryan suddenly whispered to Leif as he jumped up onto the couch and squatted over Leif’s lap and guided his new step brother’s hard cock into his loose nine year old boy hole. “Yeeeah, sit on my cock lil Bry.” Leif grunted, letting go of my cock and holding onto Bryan’s hips as he helped guide Bryan’s ass engulf his cock. Bryan must have gotten really horny watching and hearing all the talk between Leif and Jamal. I watched and stroked my cock watching Leif’s cock disappear into my youngest son. “hhhuuuuuunnnnggghh…” All three of us let out a low moan as Bryan easily bottomed out then slowly leaned back against the fifteen year old boy’s chest. They were now connected as one while watching Ben getting fucked hard by Jamal. Leif held on to Bryan’s hips with one hand and stroked Bryan’s boy cock as Bryan started to fuck himself on Leif’s cock. Despite the earth moving sex all three of us had shared in the bathroom shortly before hand, my boys were now stroking and fucking to the actions on the flat screen. I gasped and panted as I stroked my hard cock watched this boy love spectacle evolve right before my eyes. Both next to me and on the screen. “UUUUUGHH! FUUUUCKK! AAAAAGHH! YEEEEAH DDAAAY JJAAAYYY FUUUCK MEEEE!” I watched Ben’s face go through multiple emotions all at once as Jamal’s thick b**st manipulated his insides. Ben was so out of it as Jamal continued to hold back Ben’s head by his hair. “AAWWE GAWD! AAWWE GAWD! AAWWE GAWD! AAWWE GAWD!” Ben’s cries of lust filled our ears as the teen boy was fucked deeper and deeper into a lust filled trance. I wondered how many times Ben had gotten fucked so far? If it was 9 in the morning here in Miami it would be 6 in the morning there in Los Angeles. Have they been fucking all night? And how did Jamal get some of Ben’s soccer team involved? I’m sure Jamal was going to fill me in on how this all went down later, knowing him. “UUnngh Yeah Bry…aaaagh… fuck your new brother.” Jamal moaned as he watched us on his laptop, encouraging Leif and Bryan to grind harder against each other on the couch next to me as. “Yeeeah fuck my new b*o Daddy Jay!” Leif cried out as he fucked up into Bry harder. “Fuck Yeah! Uunngh! Lets fuck these bros good my lil Leify!” Jamal grunted. Leif then started really hammering Bryan`s ass hard, making the nine year old bounce on his lap. “uugh!…huugh!…uugh!…fuugh!…”Bryan was now gasping for air right along with his older brother back in Los Angeles. “FUCCK YEAAH FUCK HIM GOOOOD!” Jamal cried out as he hammered escort rus kızlar Ben’s ass even harder making Ben cry out with each slap. Then the sounds of sex from both coasts mingled into a one long sound of sex. SLAP! “Uuungh!” SLAP! “Uuungh!” SLAP! “aaaawe!” SLAP! “ooh gawd!” SLAP “OOH GAWD!” SLAP! “UUUNGH!” SLAP! AAANGH! SLAP! “FUUUCK!” SLAP! “HAARDER!” SLAP! GAAAWD! Jamal never missed a beat as he continued to firmly fuck Ben on the screen while Leif hammered up into nine year old Bryan`s ass. Both Jamal and Leif where close to Cumming now as their fucking rhythm synced up. My cock was so hard and leaking pre-cum as I stroked watching my boys fucking. “FUCK HIM DADDY JAY! FUCK HIM GOOD!” Leif said in a desperate tone, his body close to releasing his seed deep into his new little brother’s bouncing ass. “AAAWE LEAFY! GOONNA BLOW! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUNGH!” Jamal grimaced, then jabbed forward pulling Ben’s head back hard causing the teen to cry out in both pleasure and pain. “UUUUUUNNNGGGHAAAAAWWWGGGWWAAAADDDFFUUUCCKKJAAAYYY!” The long wale of Ben crying out mixed with Jamal’s climax filled the living room as Jamal held his cock balls deep in the teen. His hard eight inched pulsing and seeding Ben deep inside him. “OOOH GAAWD! OOOH FUUCK! OOOH GAAAWD!” Leif cried out as he also started to cum inside his brother’s nine year old gripping, smooth, velvety ass. Leif held on to the boy’s hips as he continued to fire his seed up into Bry. “Oooogh Leif! I love you big b*o!” Bryan whimpered as he felt Leif’s cock pulse inside him. “Yeah, I love you too little b*o…” Leif panted into Bryan`s ear. “Can’t wait to meet Ben.” Leif continued as his ejaculation subsided inside the boy. “Mmmmmm…yyeeeaahhh…” Jamal’s voice came from the screen as he looked on with approval. “Your little brother just got fucked good by your new brother.” Jamal smiled as he held Ben’s face next to his as they both watched Bryan and Leif come down from their high. I was still hard a leaking as I stroked my cock watching the boys come down from their highs. Bryan slowly lifted himself off of Leif’s deflating teen cock with a low sigh. I could see cum leaking out of his ass as he relaxed back into the couch next to Leif. “Relive your new daddy lil Leify.” Jamal said with a wicked grin. Suddenly Leif slid off the couch and got between my legs. He smiled up at me and sucked my cock into his mouth sending wave after wave of pleasure shooting through my body. Sweet Jesus he could really suck! I couldn’t help squirm to the sensations his tongue was giving me. Bryan hopped up onto my chest and held my arms down leaning into me and kissing me, shoving his tongue into my mouth. His smooth boyish nine year old body felt so good as he humped his little boy cock against my stomach as Leif deep throated my dick. “mump…” I let out a muffled moan into Bryan’s mouth as both my boys were now pushing me closer and closer to climaxing. “Yeah suck your new daddy off my lil Leify, suck out his love frosting.” I over heard Jamal say as he encouraged my boys. I couldn’t take it anymore as my cock started firing shot after shot into Leif’s mouth. “Uuuuuunpphh!” I grunted into Bryan’s mouth, holding him tight as I released my load. “Mmmmm such a good lil Leafy. Share his love frosting boy.” Jamal said in a deviant tone. Leif slipped his mouth off my cock and climbed up with Bryan as the smaller boy pulled to the side allowing Leif to join me in our kiss. Leif pushed his cum covered tongue in between me and Bry’s lips as the three of us shared my load. Bryan and I quickly jammed our tongue’s into Leif’s mouth as we licked and sucked my load out of his mouth. It was so nice and messy as our faces where soon covered rus escort kız and dripping in my cum as our tongues dueled between the three of us. “So hot to see daddy treat his boys so well.” I overheard Jamal say as he and Ben watched me and the boys swap my load in our hot three way kiss. I was in boy heaven. I had two of my hot sons greedily sharing themselves with me while my other boy just got finished getting fucked by Jamal’s eight inch monster cock on Skype. Like the good cum sluts they were trained to be. “See you and the boys soon Frank.” Jamal grinned, then a lust filled look came over his face. “Ben here…” Jamal thrust forward making Ben gasp again. “…still has a few fucks left in him” As Jamal punctuated the statement with a forceful thrust of his cock. “UUUUNNGH!” Ben moaned loudly. “…don`t you boy?” Jamal growled as he started to slowly fuck into my boy. Jamal then reached forward and logged off ending the Skype session. The last image on the screen was Jamal starting to thrust into Ben again as the other soccer team boys were continuing to get plowed by the other black men in the background. The sounds of the teen boys in sexually ecstasy quickly cut off as the session ended. Leaving the room silent again except for he three of us sitting back on the couch breathing heavy, covered in my cum. “That was wonderful daddy.” Leif finally said as I turned to look at him. His smiling face made me feel so horny and proud. “Anything for you son.” I smiled back. “What about me?” Bryan said with a slight whine as he grabbed my attention. I turned to him, his boyish nine year old face was close to mine, so close our noses where touching and I could feel his breath on my lips.. “And you too my special boy.” I whispered as I wrapped my large daddy arms around his smooth boyish body, pulling him firmly against me. I then softly brushed my lips against his before we both open our mouths. “oooh daddymmmmmmph” Bryan moaned as he shoved his tongue into my mouth and hungrily kissed each other. Shit I was getting hard! Damn these boys were getting me worked up again! I then felt Leif press up against me, his face coming in to meet ours. Then Bryan and I pulled back, allowing Leif join our kiss. I was now having a three way kiss with my boys again. “YYYYIIIIPPPPEEEEE!” SPPPLAAASH! Boyish yells immediately followed by the sound of four large splashes came from the pool area. The other boys must be up now. I broke off my kiss with Bryan. “OK you two. Might as well go jump in the pool instead of taking a shower.” I grinned back at them, knowing they could work off their young raging hormones with the other boys outside. The two of them looked at each other, picking up on my idea, giggled then bounced naked off the couch and quickly ran out through the back patio door. I heard one of them yell GERONIMO! followed by two giant splashes. The sounds of boys playing kicked up a notch as the splashing and telling increased. Thank god they were in the pool now. I needed a break from my two horny Nymphs. I collected the cereal bowls from the living room and headed into the kitchen. It felt good to take my mind off sex for at least five minutes. After I finished cleaning up the kitchen I grabbed my briefcase and took out our flight info for tomorrow’s return trip. What a strange and wonderful trip to Miami this turned out to be. Bryan and I became closer, I also gained a new son, one I wanted to love and take care of like one of my own. But also realizing I had fallen in love with the handsome teen as well. I felt like a changed man and I couldn’t wait to get back to Los Angeles and see Ben and the boys. “uuuugh…mmmgggh” The faint sounds of low boyish moaning drifting in from the pool area breaking me out of my day dreaming. Then I noticed the earlier sounds of splashing and yelling had stopped and these new sounds had taken over. “What are they doing out there?” I thought as I got up and walked over to look out at the pool. What I saw made my cock grow instantly hard . “Oh Shit!

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