Wee Wee Camp: Henry Comes Clean

Starring Henry and June Humper in a brief encounter entitled:

“Wee Wee Camp: Henry Comes Clean”

STORY 0! Written by Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur

“Oh, damn, I’m tired,” said young Henry Humper as he closed the kitchen door behind himself, while wiping the perspiration from his brow with his free hand. “Grandpa had me bailing hay all damn day. I must have lifted a few thousand fucking pounds of the stuff. Man, I need to sit the fuck down.”

“Oh, sweetie, is my little tittie baby all tuckered out?” June Humper, Henry’s overly endowed maternal grandmother asked solicitiously, coming to his assistance with a cool cloth she had just wrung out in the kitchen sink. “You do look so tired, sweetie. Perhaps you overdid it a little?”

“I have to admit that I’m just fucking beat,” Henry responded, sinking into a chair at the kitchen table and indicating his need for a cool drink. “I don’t know how Grandpa does that work every fucking day. I feel like I could just collapse. I mean, I’m so motherfucking worn out, so fucking tuckered the fuck out, that I don’t care about big fucking titties or my wee wee fucking jizzing or anything. I need to rest. I’m more fucking tuckered out than Harriet’s cunny after a run-in with the football team, soccer team, lacrosse team and the fucking baseball team fucking combined. Fuck, I’m tired, Granny!”

“And you are all sweaty and grubby and fucking perspiring, sweetie,” June replied, wiping his brow with the washcloth as she handed him a bottle of Deer Park and then wrapped her arm in a nurturing fashion around his shoulders, one of her tightly bra-bound jugs teetering back and forth and tapping the back of his head. “But let’s hope not all of you is quite so tired tonight. I think we need to give my sweet baby a bath, sweetie horseycock boy.”

“Gosh, Nana, don’t you think I’m a bit old to be given a bath?” the 18-year-old Henry asked incredulously, not entirely turned off by the idea though. Feeling pretty safe in the assumption that bathtime with Grandma June would involve considerably more than just a bath, and most likely big bare boobies and wee wee stimulation, Henry’s exhaustion seemed to wane slightly. “On the other hand, Nana, a nice relaxing soak in a hot tub would feel pretty damn good right now.”

“Come along then, sweetheart,” June urged him, shimmying her mams at him and then grabbing the front of his trousers to pull him to his feet. “Let’s get all this exhaustion and tension right out of you with a nice hot bathy wathy, tee hee. I’m sure that big fucker of yours could use a nice soak and a rubdown, don’t you, sweetie pie?”

Henry nearly leaped from his chair, cock jumping in his eagerness and the two of them headed upstairs, giggling like a couple of teenaged kids in lust.

“Oooooooo, baby,” June cooed infantilely, closing the bathroom door and turning towards her grandbaby, her big motherfucking boobs leading the rest of her heavenly sculpted body. “Oh, you are so sweaty and fucking icky with all that dirt and perspiration. It’s good to see that you work as hard on the farm as you do when the two of us are humpin’ away in the sack. You’re earning your keep with your muscles on the farm and with your fucking wee wee in the bedroom with your granny girl and her tittie witties and honey cunny. Now, let’s get those icky clothes off of you, dirty boy.”

“Oh, shit, I’m tired, but I want to be clean, Granny,” Henry glared at her bra-covered, blouse-covered old milker balloons and then reached to cup and squeeze her jubbly juggers. “Oh, fuck me sideways, they’re so soffftttt!”

“Leave my titties alone for just a second, sweetheart,” June asked him, wanting him to get out of his filthy work clothes as soon as possible. “Now get those awful, nasty, sweaty overalls off, sweetcheeks.”

“I am so, so tired,” Henry sighed, almost unable to hold himself upright, but still wanting tittie. “Could you take them off for me? Please?”

“Oh, baby. Sure, I will,” cooed June, reaching out with her small, dainty hands to undo the straps at the top of the overalls and then the buttons at each side along the waistband. Once they had slid to the floor, Henry raised his arms up over his head, stealing a surreptitious glance at his Nana’s bountiful chest charms until his view was obliterated by her pulling his sweat-soaked T-shirt over his head and off.

“Now you can touch ’em a little while I take your underwear off, baby,” June spoke sweetly as she tossed his overalls in the clothes hamper, both of her tits smacking hard against the edge of the sink as she did so, their nipples sharpening with the impact. “Go ahead. I know how much you need what I have on my chest, Henry. Now move closer and rub me and let me shuck those skivvies off of your pee pee pole and sack and off that cute ass of yours.”

Henry grabbed his grandmother by the boobies again and felt her assets through her clothes, hoping to later see the two jiggling skin soldiers unobstructed by any barricade.

“Oh, Granny, manavgat escort you feel so big, so good and so fucking soft! Mmmmmmmm. Now strip off my Hanes and scrub this dirty boy clean, you horny old hootered hussy. I think it’s bath time! Could you run the water for me?” Henry asked sweetly, still fondling her oversized blouse bunnies, stopping occasionally to give each of her pert nipples a playful tweak. “I am just so tired, I think I could about collapse any minute now.”

“Oh, you poor thing. Of course I can,” June murmured, leaning over the edge of the tub to turn on the hot water, then the cold, sticking her wrist under the faucet to adjust the temperature. As she did so, Henry took in the full expanse of her ample ass and her dangling aged honkers, his wee wee already leaping up hopefully at the sight of her bountiful buttocks and boobs, something that never failed to commence his loins to stirring.

“All right, sweetie. Bath’s ready,” June declared soothingly, indicating for Henry to climb on in as she wiggled her boobalicious top and tawdry ass at him.

“Can I have some Mr. Bubble?” he asked hopefully, remembering some of the fun he and his blonde boulder-busted mother had enjoyed on previous occasions when she saw fit to treat him to one of her special bubble baths.

“Yes, just get your sweet ass in that fucking tub!” June laughed, forcefully grabbing his naked and semi-erect cock by its spongy head and pulling him roughly by his penis into the bath that was filling up rapidly with water. “Get in there before I really grab your pee wee head roughly, Henry Humper! Hurry the fuck up, stallion!”

“Owwwww!” Henry yelped in response, smacking one of her tits in revenge for her rough handling of his private part that never seemed to get much privacy, his pecker feeling a conjoining of pleasure and pain in the presence of her top-heavy vixen-like body. “Don’t be so rough with my cock, Grandma!”

“Well, I’m gonna squeeze the fuck out of your pee wee head if you don’t get in that water so we can get you clean! Hurry up!”

“All right! All right! You don’t have to resort to slapstick Three Stooges tactics on my wee wee though! Fuck! Damn, women are fucking insane,” Henry muttered to himself under his breath as he climbed into the tub as hurriedly as his tired, aching body would allow. Settling back against the end of the tub, Henry sighed deeply as he felt the warm water encompass him, his aching muscles beginning to lose some of their tension while his grandmother’s softly moving knockers began to cause his penis to gain some of its tension. “Mmmmmm, this feels so good, Nana. My body is starting to relax already.”

“Well, Henry,” June told him sternly, leaning in closer to him, titan teatsies and all. “Relaxation is great, but you’re in here to get clean. My goodness, you are just covered in sweat and grime, and poor wee wee looks all sweaty and dirty and shit.”

Grabbing a washcloth and a bottle of body wash, June lathered up and started applying soap to Henry’s body, beginning with his muscular chest as her own mammoth chest quaked with every move she made. Henry moaned softly as her application of soap to his body caused a not unaccustomed reaction in his male parts.

“Gotta wash that big manly chest of yours, sweetcakes,” June spoke, her voice dripping with sugary nurturing sweetness as she scrubbed at the slightly hairy chest of her favorite grandbaby, wondering how long it would be till his giant boner was going to start getting excited, gaping as he was at her own body, mostly the upper area of it.

“This chest isn’t nearly as fucking big as yours, Granny Juggernaut. Heh heh. That’s for fucking sure. Now clean me up, you big-boobed wench. Hee hee hee.”

Without warning, and just as the globular-gazongaed June began to scrub his sweating shoulders, she suddenly saw a golden stream arcing up and out of the warm bubbly waters that Henry’s naked body rested in.

“Henry, what the fuck? What the fucking shit are you motherfucking doing, you crazy fucker? Oh, shit! Gosh, Henry, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” June shrieked, hooters shifting as she reached out to try and grab the end of his pecker to keep the urine from spraying the entire bathroom. “Damn it, Henry, you’ve pee peed all over my blouse and bra! What is the matter with you?”

Finally grabbing hold of his flailing male organ, June used both hands to squeeze the head tightly until she could see the flowing stream of urine come to a halt.

“Good gracious, Henry,” Granny June snapped, annoyance in her voice as she surveyed the amount of fluid on her clothing, mainly her clothing-covered wiggling whompers. “Are you fucking five years old or something?”

“Gosh, I’m sorry, Granny,” Henry said, somewhat ashamedly, gazing admiringly at his grandmother’s chestly charms, her clothing soaked and clinging provocatively to her ample curves. “It’s just that I had to go pee pee so bad.”

“Didn’t your mom manavgat escort bayan ever tell you to pee pee before you got in the shower, Henry?”

“Well, hell, yeah. Of course she did. I mean, most of the time she was holding it for me,” Henry replied, withholding an extreme burst of the laugher in much the same way he would hold back an ejaculation when he was in bed with busty June and wanted to fuck a bit longer and wasn’t quite ready to come.

“Fuck, Henry. Look at my new blouse. This blouse was so expensive that I had to suck the cashier’s cock and promise him a date to get him to knock half off the price. Shit! And your pee soaked through and into my bra too! You peed so much you probably could have filled up an entire cup! You big fucking baby! I guess I’ll have to take them both off!”

“Ha ha! Well, I guess that’s one way to get your bra off, eh?” the young Humper laughed, staring with a smile as he watched Granny June undo her blouse and pull it away from her big puppy-holders, admiring the fucking enormity of her pitifully inadequate brassiere.

“I really can’t fucking believe this, Henry,” said June, fumbling to unfasten the hooks and eyes that strained to hold the two ends of her bra together. Once she managed to undo them, she shrugged out of the garment, laughing out loud at Henry’s gasp when her splendiferous boobie twins tumbled into view.

“Holy fucking shit, those things are fucking huge,” Henry sighed, reaching out to give one of her taut nipples a playful tweak.

“Oh no, you fucking don’t,” June admonished him, violently smacking his hand away from her overgrown breasts and then reaching out to pull the plug to drain the tub of its water. “Now we have to run a fresh bath, Henry. I can’t believe what a tittie baby you are sometimes.”

“Alright, I’m sorry,” Henry repeated sheepishly, sad that he had to unhand her whorish hand-warmers. “It won’t happen again, I promise.”

“You bet it fucking won’t,” June replied, trying to hold onto her annoyance but having to stifle a laugh in spite of herself, amused at how horny her grandbaby was for her fulsome female gifts. “You can be real damn fucking sure you’ll remember not to let it happen again, Henry Humper.”

“How are you going to make so fucking sure I remember not to let it happen again?” Henry asked with genuine curiosity, as the water ran in the background and into the empty tub, his wee wee growing a lot harder as he feigned another childish attempt to grab her tit.

“Like this,” June replied flatly, her naked titties hopping insanely as she lurched her body forward, her gorgeous face moving towards his nearly erect member, blonde hair flailing, and then without warning, opening her thick ruby red dick-sucking lips and biting abruptly down on the spongy mushroom head of his wee wee. Henry’s grandmother bit down forcefully enough to elicit some mildly painful discomfort, but not enough to do any damage as her knockers jiggled.

“Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” Henry let out a wail as he felt his grandmother’s teeth on the sensitive head of his wee wee, but never letting his eyes leave her Humper hills of grandeur. “You bit my wee wee! Oh! You really bit my motherfucking wee wee!”

Grabbing June’s closest nipple, Henry gave it a twist with his fingers hard enough to cause June’s mouth to open in a howl, while quickly extracting his bitten organ from her oral grasp.

“Ouch, Henry! What the fuck was that for?” June asked, massaging her tittie to lessen the discomfort.

“I just needed to get you off my wee wee,” Henry groaned, holding his cock in one hand and carefully inspecting it for damage and then giving her jugs a disdainful push with his palm. “I can’t believe that you fucking did that to my wee wee!”

“Oh, don’t be such a big fucking baby, Henry,” said June, turning off the faucet when the tub was once more filled to capacity, grinning as her ‘Boobsie Twins’ rattled to and fro. “I didn’t even leave any marks on him, now did I?”

June dispensed some Mr. Bubble into the tub water.

“No, I guess you didn’t,” Henry agreed, inspecting the massive head of his penis, but still looking at her colossal chest as it shifted and swayed. “And Mr. Wee Wee’s completely hard now too, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss. Plus, it doesn’t hurt much now. It just fucking tingles real nice, Granny. I just feel all these fucking nice tickles inside of Mr. Wean.”

“Ohhhh, that’s the way to think, baby,” June practically consoled him, leaning her naked cupcakes over the edge of the bathtub in his direction. “Well, baby, maybe Granny can figure out a way to get a few more tickles out of mean ol’ pee peeing Mr. Wean. You dirty boy. I haven’t had a wee wee pee pee on me since I changed a diaper. Of course, I think I only changed one or two. I generally made Ward do it in exchange for a blow job. I would suck your Grandpa something fierce and swallow all his sticky cum. But if you ever do that shit again, Henry, I’m escort manavgat not gonna bite your pee wee head again. I’m gonna bite your sack, baby.”

“My sack?” Henry inquired incredulously, shifting in the warm clean water and studying her mounds of nude tit once more. “You’d really bite my sack?”

“You fucking betcha I would,” June responded with a laugh, leaning over into the tub until the better part of her bodacious bazongas were submerged in the sudsy water.

“Now come to Junie, Mr. Wean,” she giggled, opening her pouty, bow- shaped mouth and taking the head of Henry’s pecker inside it, sucking hungrily in an attempt to pacify him for having hurt his most precious part.

“Oh, fuck, oh, shit! It tickles, it tickles!” Henry moaned, grabbing her hair and pulling her head closer to him as she continued to lap at his knob while reaching down with one hand to fondle and caress the sack that she had only moments before threatened to bite. Henry cried out, feeling her tongue flick out and poke at his pee pee hole.

“Oh, it fucking tickles! Oh, fucking motherfucking fucking fucking fucking fucks! Your fucking boobs are so fucking big that they are almost completely in the tub! Oh, I need ’em! I need the fuckers so bad!” Henry squealed in a higher voice than his speaking one as June slowed her sucking and just fellated his pee pee pole gingerly as he snatched a boob in each hand and started to fucking fondle her two bulging sweat glands needily, hungrily and wantonly, basking in the sheer glory of her breastly gifts, even bigger than his mother Hilda’s. “Oh, the tickles are tickling like a fucking tickle machine. Hee hee hee! I can’t stand it, it feels so fucking good, Granny! And I love just giving your hooters a good manual mauling!”

“Slurrrrppppppppp!” June Humper replied, smiling even as she held the formerly violated mushroom tip of his hardness in her O shaped mouth as her six decade old milkwagons whacked together. “Mmmmpppphhhhh!” was the only sound that June could make, her mouth more than filled to capacity by the huge length and girth of Henry Humper’s extraordinarily enormous executive staff member.

“Oh, Granny! Suck it, suck it! Oh, fucking suck it!” Henry hollered out, her warm mouth on his phallus driving him almost insane with the tingling sensations coursing through it as he savored every fleshy pound of her protruding puppies. “Suck it, you big-tittied wench!”

And suck it she did. June Humper had the oral expertise to suck a golf ball through a straw, and she used that experience and expertise to perfection, bringing Henry to the point of nirvana more quickly than usual.

“Oh, I think I’m gonna come!” Henry wailed in an ear-splitting cry, bouncing up and down in the water in his exuberance, splashing the both of them in the process, all the while stroking and fondling her humongous assets that were still swinging freely back and forth in the sudsy water.

Henry’s wee wee began a more subtle than usual gushing of semen as he came in his granny’s mouth, holding a hand under each of her orbular outcroppings, covered as they were with soap and water, and not a small amount of suds and bubbles.

“Now those are some strong tickles, Boom Boom Bazoom Baby,” Henry elicited, his squirting more calm and glowingly pleasurable than explosive, propping his hands against her dangling bazoom bombers as they splashed their fleshy delight amidst their submersion. “It’s so strong, the tickles, yet so fucking soothing, it’s almost surreal. I would say it was a metaphysical reality, if I knew what that fucking nonsense meant. This must be how the Democrats managed to get away with violating the Constitution. They got some liberal slut to give those turncoat Republicans fucking blow jobs. But that’s the Left for you!”

“Tee hee hee, Henry,” giggled June, after allowing Henry’s spent organ to slip from between her lips, but allowing her beachball bounty to reside solidly in his grip as he kneaded her pliable chest units. “We all know that Democrats have no morals. They’re just a bunch of fucking degenerates.”

Taking hold of Henry’s retreating erection, June lapped the stray ropes of semen that had leaked from his pee wee head, swallowing every morsel as though it were expensive caviar, savoring the taste and texture of it.

“Oh, Granny, that was fucking awesome,” sighed Henry, still stroking her slippery orbs absent-mindedly, basking in the afterglow of his powerful, but not explosive orgasm, this encounter having been more sweet than anything and not their usual animalistic ritual that left them both gasping for oxygen.

“There, sweetie,” June cooed, continuing to stroke Henry’s penis softly, almost soothingly as his fingers poked playfully at each of her puckered areola areas on each vibrating bazoom. “Does that make it up to wee wee, Henry? I mean for biting him?”

“I’ll tell you in about an hour, sexy,” Henry retorted, winking at her as he squeezed her twin puppies palpably.

Five minutes later:

“There we go, fucker,” the bosomy blonde grandparent cooed as she dried her hung grandbaby’s totally nude body that was still moderately wet after getting out of the tub. “Let’s dry your frank and two large beans, sweet boy. Ooooooooo, it’s so cute, baby. I don’t think I could fucking live with myself if I chomped down on a ball bag like that beauty.”

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