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Contact me at ive. **014 – 4th of July Weekend With Lucas (My Nephew) 4th of July Weekend With Lucas (and His Roommates) This is about the weekend of July 4th when I went to help my nephew, Lucas, and two of his roommates work on the house they will be living in when they return to school. Though it’s written more in story form than many of my personal experiences, I know I haven’t captured every slurp and moan and lustful outcry, but I’ve covered the most important events. The dialogue between us isn’t word for word either but I remember specifically some things that were said and I expanded on them. Overall, it’s as close as I remember it. . I found some pics to include. Not really them, but close enough so you get the picture. You can understand why sex with these guys was the most awesome sex I can remember. This is not really Lucas but it is a fair likeness. It’s how he wears his hair, and his facial expression, and a good likeness of his general build, except he’s not quite as heavily muscled as this guy. Lucas is BUILT but you have to take a few pounds of muscle off of this guy to be Lucas This more closely resembles Lucas in real life, especially his stance and his smile. This would be a likeness of Eric with his swimmer’s build. He has a long face like this guy and hair like his, but is not quite as buff. This is not really Asher but a good likeness. Take some muscle OFF of this guy, Asher is not quite this muscular, and add a little sexy body hair (his is sun bleached more blonde), his hair is short. He is truly built like a Greek god. This would be a likeness of the illusive John, Lucas’s 4th roommate. This guy’s face pretty much sums up the real John (beautiful eyes) but I don’t think you ever get to really know him; only as much as he wants you to know. My nephew, Lucas, and I had talked about 4th of July plans; there was no big family gathering this year so he was going to use the long, free weekend to work on the house that he and three other guys would be living in off campus in the fall. The lady who owned the place, who lives elsewhere, made them a good deal on the rent in exchange for them doing work on the house. I told Lucas I had no big plans either so I would come over and help him. He said that would be great; two of his roommates were supposed to help out too so we would get a lot done. We both knew it would be great for other reasons too. I, nor he, could not have known just how great. I arrived late Friday. Lucas was glad to see me. I was just as glad to see him; it’d been a long time since we were together. The other guys weren’t there yet; he said they would be there the next day. He showed me through the house. It was a big house with four bedrooms so each guy would have a separate bedroom, and two bathrooms, but only one with a shower. The other bathroom had one of this big old tubs on clawed feet. It was unfurnished except for the stove and refrigerator–both in need of a major cleaning–and the washer and dryer, and an old, classic, chrome kitchen table and four chairs. The furnishings in one of the upstairs bedrooms were Spartan; a large mattress on the floor, two lawn chairs, and a long “table” consisting of a long heavy board on cement blocks, and one box fan. And his laptop. A cooler sat in one corner; Lucas said the refrigerator needed to be cleaned before they used it so they were using coolers. The place needed a lot of work but nothing major; some plaster patch, painting, caulking around the windows and the windows on one side where the sun beat down needed new putty, and caulking around the shower and sinks. There was some plumbing too, but I told Lucas he would have to get somebody else to do that. I know all the words, but I hate plumbing. The upstairs shower with its black tile needed a good scrubbing. Lucas laughed and said we could make that a two man project. It was a huge shower that belonged in a dorm. It was deep and wide with two sliding glass doors and three shower heads on each end and two overhead. I commented that their water bill was going to be high. Lucas said, “Who cares, it’ll be worth it.” I knew he was referring to more than one guy showering at a time. I also knew why he said we could make it a two man project and I was anxious to help him clean it. We went to Lowe’s and bought the materials we would need, then got something to eat. Driving back, Lucas asked if we could swing by a liquor store and would I buy a case of beer. I bought four six-packs of different brands and a bottle of Wild Turkey. “Dang, Uncle Pete, are we having a party?” “I didn’t know what everybody drinks,” I said. “Pretty much horse piss if it’s cold,” he joked. Back at the house we got to work. Really, we put off sex to get at least some work done before we got to the good stuff. The two things of highest priority were the fridge and the bathrooms. We cleaned the fridge first and turned it on so it could start cooling down for the beer. I would take him to the store the next day to stock it with food. Then we tackled the bathroom. Lucas took the stool; I cleaned the sink and the mirror. It was a huge mirror, and I kept thinking it would be a great place to fuck so we could watch ourselves, and Lucas would no doubt spend a lot of time in front of it, admiring himself. I finished and told Lucas I was going to start on the shower. Lucas said he would help me when he was done with the super cruddy stool. We both knew where that would lead. I got naked to clean it and that inspired Lucas to hurry up with the toilette which wouldn’t have taken quite so long if he hadn’t slowed down to watch me take off my clothes. His eyes were raking over me and they fixed on my cock when I took off my shorts. He shook his head. “Holy Shit, Pete, I still don’t believe that hunk of meat you’re carrying around.” I watched his every move too when he took off his clothes. He looked great, as usual. He obviously didn’t miss any workouts. But we got right to work. The shower was oversized but it was still crowded for two of us trying to clean it, a lot of rubbing butts together, but neither of us minded. Some of it was probably intentional. Once I caught Lucas looking at me, not concentrating much at all on his work. “Fuck, Pete, how long are we gonna stall?” I laughed. “It’s not stalling, Lucas, it’s working,” I told him. “We’ll make up for it,” I assured him, “but shit, Lucas, you can’t live in this pig sty. Besides, I want to start out right here in the shower, and I want it clean.” When we were done we took a shower together. I could feel the anticipation building; it’d been quite a long time since we were together. We first started out just showering but then Lucas took the soap and started washing my back. I wasn’t surprised when he didn’t stop with my back; he soaped up my butt and spent an inordinate amount of time with it. He reached around me and soaped my up my chest and stomach and pressed himself against me. His body felt good, and soapy. I turned around and began rubbing his awesome chest. It was slick from the soap on my back. His tits were hard and his cock was getting that way again; it’d been going up and down, rising to what it thought was the occasion, then giving up and going back down. Lucas’s eyes were fairly dancing, almost sparkling with excitement. “Shit, Pete, are we still stalling? I am so hot.” I took a moment to gaze at his incredibly perfect athlete’s body. My eyes fell and fixed on his butt and my mouth started watering. I went down on my haunches behind him and he moaned softly when he felt my tongue dragging up the crack of his ass. “Ohh, fuck, Pete,” he moaned. He reached back and pulled his butt muscles apart for me and I tongued deeper in the crack. “Ohhh…..yeah, I remember that tongue,” he moaned. “How can you remember mine from all the other tongues that have been in here,” I murmured. “Yours is the only one, Pete.” He put one hand on the back of my head to press my face into his butt. “Glad to hear that,” I said. I told him to bend over. He moved his feet back and bent over from the waist, his hands flat against the wall. I pulled his butt open and devoured his ass. I was as hungry for it as he was to give it to me. I drove him crazy, which I knew I could. Touching Lucas’s ass, with my tongue or my cock, is like turning on the switch to the White House Christmas tree. He just lights up. He was grinding his butt in my face and groaning and, I realized, pulling on his cock. I reached up and pushed his hand away. “Oh, yeah, I’m not supposed to do that,” he said. “Ohh, Godd, Pete, I want you to fuck me. I want your cock in me so bad. I’ve been dying for it, waiting for you to get here, then you made us go right to work. Don’t torture me anymore. I want you to fuck me.” Lucas was never shy about letting me know what he wanted. “Here? Or in on the mattress?” “Here, to start. I can’t wait to get to the mattress.” And he handed me a bottle of lube from the shower shelf. “Bareback?” I asked. “Yes.” I didn’t waste any time. He wanted it, I wanted it, and that was partly what we were there for. I took him by the shoulders and pulled his torso back to block the shower spray from washing off the lube. I squeezed out a handful and lubed up his ass then slid my cock through my slick fist a few times. I didn’t get him ready–didn’t think I needed to–I used my fingers only to find his asshole. “I want you to fuck my brains out, Uncle Pete,” he said. “You’re gonna need your brains for school,” I said; it was a lame joke. “They’ll grow back,” he said….just as lame. I positioned myself and he jutted his butt back. I think my cock remembered Lucas’s ass. I clasped my hands around his hips and it found its own way, zeroing in on his hole. I felt his hole clenching, pushing out anxiously. I shoved, he pushed back and I slid in. It was an easy entry, for me. Not so much for Lucas. “Ohh, Goddd!” he cried out, tossing his head back and twisting his ass around on the inches he had inside him. “That hurt?” I murmured. “Yess, but I don’t care, it feels good. I want it, Pete. I want it all the fuckin’ way up to my lungs.” I didn’t put forth much effort to sliding in to his lungs; Lucas shoved back on my cock, impaling himself with a choked, muffled outcry. I pulled him back to me and locked us together. “Fuck, Lucas, I forgot how great your ass feels squeezing around my cock.” “I didn’t forget how your cock feels inside me, Pete. I remembered every throbbing inch and it feels exactly how I remember it.” Lucas is just a beautiful male and it’s always an incredible experience having sex with him. The boy was totally created for sex. Besides being such wonderful eye candy, he puts so much into and gets so much out of it. His butt is absolute perfection and it’s awesome to watch my cock sliding in and out of it. And his back and shoulders, his muscles rippling as he moves. We fucked like animals. He called me a stallion. I told him he was like a mare in heat. He liked that, said he would be my mare any time; he would even have my colts. I did my best to fuck his brains out but truth was, parts of me started to give out before his ass did. My stomach muscles began to ache, and so did my butt muscles. And my legs were feeling the strain. I’ve trained myself to fuck forever and to hold off, but times like that, especially with Lucas, I have to remind myself that I’m not a teenager anymore, even though I think like one. I really didn’t know how long we fucked in the shower; I only knew the toll it was taking. Finally, I said, “Are you ready to go in on the mattress?” “Sure, if you are,” he said. We turned off the shower heads and dried off. “I’m going to let you do some of the work,” I told him as I took time out to take a piss. When I came into the bedroom he was lying on the mattress, bone hard, his hands folded behind his head “I’m glad we’re going bareback. I love it that way,” I said. I sprawled on top of him. “I want to make out a little bit; I won’t feel like such a piece of meat,” I said jokingly. He laughed. “Like you mind,” and he put his arms around me and we started making out. No matter how many stories I’ve written I can’t describe how it feels to be with Lucas, to feel his solid muscles rippling against me, and his hands on my body. Or how it is to be engaged in a hard, passionate kiss. He brings passion to a whole new level and adds new meaning to the word lust. I can’t help thinking what all the poor girls are missing. He is not out, but he is so and absolutely happy with being gay. “One of us has got to fuck or get fucked,” he moaned with desperation. “It’s your call,” I said. “Fuck me again, then. I’ll do all the work,” he said. That didn’t surprise me. He loves being fucked. He pushed me onto my back and straddled my hips. He reached back and guided my cock to his ass and rode down on it. He was so hot and excited; he acted almost desperate for my cock. At the finish he rose up on my cock so he was fucking himself with just the head popping back and forth through his hole. His athletic body strained, at the ready, and at the crucial moment he thrust forward to give me his cock I raised my head to meet it. Then he exploded in my mouth. “Don’t swallow it all,” he gasped through his excitement. I knew what he wanted. We had done this before. I gathered his cum in my mouth and held it there till I’d slurped it all off his cock then he pulled back and leaned down to kiss me. I gave his cum back to him. He gave it back to me. We exchanged it several times then we shared it and both swallowed some. “Godd, that is so hot,” he said when we had swallowed it all down. “Only thing better would’ve been if yours was mixed in with it.” When we were finished he was satisfied for a while. I asked him what time his roommates would be arriving. “They said they would be here early, they didn’t set a time.” “You said they’re straight, but that wouldn’t be a problem?” “I don’t think it will be. I’ve done them both, separately, but they don’t know that about each other,” he said. “By doing them, you mean…..?” “Give them blowjobs,” he said. “We haven’t fucked or made out. I don’t know if they would be into that; I think they’re too straight. I was hoping you could find that out for me, maybe bring them around a little.” “And how am I supposed to do that? You’re giving them head, seems like you could just ask them.” “It’s not like we talk about that stuff. I’ve suck their cocks but then it’s over and we act like nothing happened.” “So what kind of scenarios did you have in mind?” I asked. “I was hoping you might come up with something, but here’s an idea I had. We all sleep in here, I start giving you a blow job. It won’t surprise them that I’m sucking cock, except that I’m doing my uncle. They’ve both had blowjobs from me so it’ll just naturally follow that I’ll suck them to. While I’m sucking them you start some ass play and then you fuck me. When they see that, I figure they’ll want to try it and find out what that’s like.” “You’ve thought this out.” “I got an A in analytical science,” he said. “Is there such a thing?” I asked. “Hell, I don’t know. All I know is I want these guys to know they can fuck me. It’ll make the school year more interesting.” “Did you ever think you might be severely oversexed?” I joked. “No more than you, Uncle Pete. Wait till you see these guys. You’re going to want them to fuck you too.” “Well, till they get here, how about you doing the honors?” I said. So Lucas fucked me. Another incredible experience, not just his big, thick cock pounding my ass, but watching his body in motion, all those muscles straining and rippling. He just takes my breath away. We spent the night dozing and fucking, dozing and sucking, dozing and making out, making up for lost time. I swear, making out with Lucas is almost as good as the actual sex. He so full of passion; it’s almost like he is passionate about being gay. His roommates showed up the next morning. Lucas and I had showered–no sex, just some light making out. We were saving it, he said–and we were both drying off when we saw the car pull up and Lucas said that was one of his roommates. I saw the guy get out of the car and said, “Holy Fuck!” Lucas laughed and said, “Yeah.” He had told me one of his roommates lifted weights a lot but he wasn’t a freaky bodybuilder. The other one was a swimmer. The other one he said was a regular guy but he was well built and good looking. This guy had to be the one who lifted weights. I said, “Damn, it’s too bad he’s straight.” Lucas laughed again and said, “Like I said, that’s not a problem, at least not for me.” I said, “It’s not a problem, meaning he’s okay with you being gay and sucking his cock.” He laughed. “Yeah, I’m leaving it up to you to make him know it’s not a problem for him. Let’s see how it goes. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem period.” “What’s his name?” “Asher.” Asher was getting his stuff out of the car, including a sleeping bag and a travel bag, when another car pulled up. “Ah, that’s Eric pulling up,” Lucas said. “He’s the swimmer. The other guy is John, but you won’t be meeting him today.” Another OH SHIT moment. Eric had his shirt off. All he had on in fact was what looked like a swim suit, and sneakers. “And he’s not going to be a problem either?” I said. “I don’t think so,” Lucas said. The two guys high fived then pulled each other into what could only be described as a studly, straight hug. Lucas and I finished getting dressed; as finished as we were going to be. He had on an old pair of cargos that’d been cut off to make work shorts, and a T-shirt. I put on my work shorts from the warehouse and a tank top. We stayed barefoot till we would actually start working. The two guys came upstairs and dumped their stuff in the bedroom. Lucas introduced us. “These are two of my roommates; this is Asher, he’s the muscle head, obviously. This is Eric, he’s the swimmer. Guys, this is my Uncle Pete; he’s the one with the warehouse. He’s going to help us this weekend.” We shook hands and I asked them if they had breakfast. Nobody had. I told them I would buy breakfast. The two guys said no, but Lucas told them I wanted to do it. So we went out for breakfast and talked about what we would be doing on the house. I could almost feel Lucas’s expectations deflating, that I was concentrating so on the house. The guys seemed to put me in charge, which didn’t surprise me, and it was probably a good thing. The lady had agreed to pay for materials but they hadn’t thought to work out the details on how that would work, i.e., a charge account someplace, so consequently the materials were put on my Lowes charge card. After surveying the repairs gaziantep escort that needed to be done, we made a trip to Lowes. Actually, we made several trips to Lowes over the next two days, including tool belts for the three guys. I put Lucas and Eric to patching nail holes and other little holes in the wall, cleaning the hardwood floors, then putting the first coat of paint on the walls. Luckily I remembered to take my professional drop cloth, and there were ladders in the garage, including a big extension ladder for the outside work. I took Asher to work with me outside….it was going to get hot and I was counting on his shirt coming off. He already looked good with his tool belt around his hips. He had never used a caulking gun; I showed him how to caulk around the windows while I reattached some guttering that was coming loose. He did a good job; he had a steady hand. I was sorely distracted when Asher took his shirt off. Damn, he was built! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those muscles….if that was in the cards. Together we raked out around the shrubs around the house and along the iron fence where there were long unattended flower beds. They said they weren’t interested in doing any gardening. The fence could have used some paint but they voted and opted out of that too. The guys made good progress on the inside too. Asher and I went in and started on the kitchen. The tile floor was cruddy as hell. It took steel wool and cleanser to get it up. We tackled the kitchen table and chairs next, polished the chrome to gleaming. Asher scrubbed the sink and counter tops while I cleaned the cabinets. I pointed out that the inside of the cabinets should be painted and the pantry needed to be painted. Well, Asher called a conference over that. He didn’t seem to think it was necessary to paint the inside of the cabinets. I could tell they were about to decide against it and I intervened. I opened the cabinet doors and pointed out the dark tracks. “You see these little tracks? Those are roach tracks. If you’re going to live like the pigs that occupied this place before, shit, I’m wasting my time. Paint the fuckin’ cabinets and the pantry, then spray the place with roach and ant spray, `cause those little buggers are just waiting to come out of the cracks.” They all three did a little double take and Lucas laughed. For a second I wasn’t sure they were going to do what I said, and it was going to piss me off if they didn’t. But then Asher said, “Okay, do as the man said.” I asked about the bedrooms, if they had decided on who was going to be sleeping where, and what colors they would be painted. Lucas said he was going to take the room where the mattress was. Asher and Eric picked out their rooms. Eric said he wanted his room painted black. I vetoed that without any discussion. They all agreed they would look at colors and decide when we went to buy the paint. I told them I wasn’t buying any black paint. I asked about furniture. They all had furniture they could bring in. The matter of curtains came up. There was reluctance again. It was funny; each one went to his bedroom to check out the neighbor’s situation. They agreed they needed curtains but they thought sheets over the windows would suffice. I just stared at Lucas. “I don’t know if these guys had mothers, but I do know your mother. Are you honestly going to have her come and visit–and she will–and see sheets hanging over the windows?” He shrugged but said the curtains would have to wait, he didn’t have any money. I thought it was odd, but good, that none of the three had a charge card. I told them I would advance the cost of anything they needed. We went to Walmart. They actually seemed to have a good time picking out curtains. They took a vote on which ones to buy for the fourth bedroom; John’s. It was early evening when we knocked off work and suddenly reality set in, at least for me and Lucas. Maybe for Asher and Eric too; they were probably thinking, no blowjobs with me there. Work was over, it was time to relax….and the night was ahead of us. I could almost sense the apprehension, but also the anticipation, even though Asher and Eric didn’t know about me, or about me and Lucas. I was sure each one was thinking, how was Lucas going to manage something with the others around. I didn’t know what the sleeping arrangements would be, starting out. Asher was all over Eric for not bringing a sleeping bag. “I didn’t think I would need it, I thought two of us could sleep on the mattress. I forgot about Lucas’s uncle being here.” “Well, that puts you on the bare floor,” Asher told him. There was a certain “straight” protocol that followed, meaning we showered separately. Eric took the shower first, then Asher. When Eric was finished he put on a pair shorts and went downstairs to get some beer. He never came back, and when Asher was finished in the shower he went down to check on him, leaving Lucas and me alone. “Have you figured out how this is gonna go down?” I asked Lucas when we were alone. “I’m playing it by ear, but trust me, it’s going to happen. Man, I’ve dreamed and waited for this opportunity with these two guys together and now you thrown into the mix.” “I’ll wait for you to get the ball rolling, then I’ll run with it,” I told him. With that prospect in mind, Lucas and I flushed out to get ready. Then he showered first. When he was finished, instead of going downstairs with his roommates, he stayed and watched me. “You know, we could start right now, let them wonder where we are and come in a catch us,” he said with a grin and a sparkle in his eyes. “I think I would like it to be more subtle than that; let the anticipation build up, then the element of surprise. What are the sleeping arrangements, by the way, starting out; did you guys ever decide?” “Well, Asher’s got this sleeping bag and three of us will fit on the mattress,” he said. I laughed. “Asher is not going to let Eric sleep on the mattress.” “Maybe he’ll share his sleeping bag. I’ll suggest it.” “I doubt that’s going to happen either,” Lucas said. Since Eric and Asher had donned shorts, I did too, and so did Lucas. Lucas wore a pair that I’d bought for him in Key West. They were tight, stretch boxers, similar to mine–his were Diesel, mine were Unico–with contour pouches designed lift and protrude and accent the goodies. I was almost tempted to take him up on his suggestion and start right then and there. Fuck, he looked hot in those shorts. We went down to the kitchen where they were sitting at the table drinking beer. Lucas got two beers out of the refrigerator and we joined them. We talked about the day’s work, the progress we’d made, and what we hoped to get done the next day. One of them remarked that it was nice to sit in a clean kitchen and drink cold beer out of a clean refrigerator. The guys talked about the upcoming school year and having a big house to themselves, and how great it was going to be to have girls in. Then Eric asked, “How’re we sleeping?” “Usually with my eyes shut,” Asher said dryly. “One thing I do know, you ain’t sleeping on the mattress, Dope.” Lucas made his pitch to Asher. “You’re not going to need to cover up; can’t you spread your sleeping bag out for both of you?” Asher thought about it for a moment then said, “Just stay on your own side,” he warned Eric. We went upstairs. I went last so I could ogle their butts. Asher unrolled his sleeping bag and spread it out. Lucas positioned the fan where it would most benefit all of us then turned out the light; there was plenty of light coming in the window from a light pole in the alley. I got on the mattress, closest to the window. Lucas took the side closest to the sleeping bag where Asher was already stretched out. Eric stood at the end of the sleeping bag and casually peeled down his shorts. “Whoa! Whoa! What is this?” Asher said, rising up. “I sleep naked. Is that a problem?” “I guess not, if you make sure you stay on your side.” “Man, stop freakin’ out over it, you’ve got nothing I want,” Eric said. I glanced at Lucas but we kept from smiling. Eric stretched out on the sleeping bag right next to the mattress….and next to Lucas. I thought, everyone was positioned just right. All was quiet. Excited as I was over the prospects, I was more tired than I realized. Everybody was. It wasn’t long before I heard Asher snoring, and Eric was dead still beside him on his stomach. Tired as I was, though, I didn’t sleep soundly. There was just too much excitement coursing through my veins. I came awake a couple of hours later–I glanced at my watch–to the sound of Eric and Lucas whispering, and some real excitement that was playing out. “What about your uncle?” I heard Eric whisper. “He’s cool. I do him ever chance we get,” Lucas told him. “No shit!” I lay perfectly still and quiet, waiting to see what was coming next. I felt Lucas move and next thing I know he was leaned over the edge of the mattress, sucking Eric’s cock! Yeah, he was making it happen all right. I moved closer to Lucas and put my hand on his butt to let him know I was awake. He acknowledged by flexing his butt muscles several times. I rose up on one elbow so I could watch, and alternately, played with Lucas’s butt and tugged on his shorts. At one point Eric saw me. He smiled, wide eyed surprised, and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled and nodded. Asher was still snoring away. I kept playing with Lucas’s butt; knowing how clean he was inside was turning me on. Lucas and Eric seemed to be getting louder with their slurping noises and moans and whimpers and I wondered if it was on purpose, to wake Asher up. I pulled the back of Lucas’s shorts down and began kissing his bare butt. When I started licking up and down the crack he lifted his hips up off the mattress so I could pull his shorts down and off. Just as I buried my face in his warm, smooth, muscle butt, Asher came awake. I could barely see him over Lucas’s butt but I saw his head snap and his eyes snap open when he saw what was going on with his two roommates. “What the fuck?!!…..You, too?!!” he exclaimed, surprised, as he sat up. Eric was obviously just as surprised to learn about Asher. “You?….too…..?” I heard Lucas laugh, muffled by Eric’s cock. Just then Asher saw me and his mouth dropped and his eyes bugged out. “No fuckin’ way!! Holy shit! Damn, when the fuck were you guys going to wake me up?” His surprised reaction was funny. I could almost hear the wheels turning as he quickly processed everything; that Lucas was sucking Eric too, besides him, and there I was, Lucas’s uncle, the guy he’d been working with all day, rimming Lucas’s ass. I doubted he had ever seen anyone do that. Asher got up and walked around Eric to the corner of the mattress. He was pulling on his cock and looking at what was going on, gaping actually, like he was trying to grasp it. Lucas broke his mood and drove it home. “Okay, everything’s out in the open, so now can we get down to some serious fucking?” he said. “Fucking!?” Asher said, with surprised disbelief. “Fucking. Serious fucking,” Lucas said. “Wait….Wait…..” I shoved myself up from smiling in Lucas’s ass. “I’ve got him ready for one of you,” I said. “Geezuss, I don’t believe this,” Asher said, still shaking his head in total bewilderment. I pulled Lucas’s butt apart. “If this doesn’t make a believer out of you, nothing will. He’s ready for one of you,” I said. “If he’s ready, I’m ready,” Asher said as he stepped up on the mattress, standing astraddle Lucas’s right leg. He gaped down at Lucas’s ass that I still held pulled apart. “Fuck,” he whispered. “That is the operative word here,” I told him. “Fuck, Lucas, why didn’t you tell us. Look at all the time we’ve wasted,” Asher said. “Well, now you know, and you’re still just standing there wasting time, playing with yourself,” Lucas said. I moved out of the way and Asher dropped to his knees between Lucas’s legs. Eric had sat up to watch–he was pretty wide eyed himself. I handed Asher a condom. He just held it between his fingers for a moment, looking at it, then at Lucas. “This is for real….he’s really going to let me fuck him.” “I think that’s what he’s got in mind,” I said as I took the condom. I ripped it open, tossed the wrapper aside and handed the condom back to Asher. While he was putting it on, I lubed up Lucas’s ass. “Man, I don’t believe we’re doing this,” Asher said as he positioned himself and took hold of Lucas’s hips. “Take it easy on me,” Lucas said. I held his butt open while Asher positioned himself and his cock. I saw his butt muscles tighten hard as he put the pressure on, and Lucas’s hole giving way. He went through and Lucas groaned but I think he liked the penetration even though it hurt; he wanted this bad from Asher. Asher pushed in all the way. “Ohhh, mannnn, you gotta feel this,” he groaned to Eric. Eric knelt beside the mattress, facing Lucas with his cock held out; Lucas took it in his mouth again. “Fuck, this year is going to be awesome,” Eric said. I stretched across the mattress beside Lucas with my mouth open in invitation. Eric asked me if I wanted some of it. I licked my lips and he pulled his cock out of Lucas’s mouth and gave it to me. He tasted good; I could taste Lucas’s mint breath on him. Asher said again, “Eric, man, you gotta feel this, it’s fuckin’ better than pussy.” “Any time you’re ready to give it up, I’m waiting,” Eric said. “You don’t have to wait on Asher; you can fuck Pete,” Lucas blurted out. “Fuck, yeah……” then Eric asked innocently, then he caught himself. “Is he serious? I laughed and clenched my butt muscles several times. “Oh, Mann! This just keeps getting better!” He stood up and got on the mattress behind me. As I’d done with Lucas, I tossed him a condom and lubed up my ass while he put it on. He didn’t waste any time. I cringed as he went in, then let out a sigh. Lucas looked at me and smiled. I leaned toward him and whispered, “Thanks for that,” and we kissed. “Fuck, you guys are hot,” Asher said. It was a hot, passionate kiss that got to Lucas; he whinnied and moaned and practically ate me alive as he shoved his ass back hard onto Asher’s cock. “Aww, yeah! Fuck me! Breed me, you stud!” he cried out as he slammed back again and again. The wet, smacking sounds were hot as hell. “Oh, shit! Oh, shit, Lucas, you’re making me cum!” Asher groaned. Lucas didn’t stop. He churned his ass back and forth, his head tossed back and his mouth slack. A few strokes later Asher gave it up. It must have been a hard cum; Asher’s body trembled, his muscles bulging as he dumped his load in the condom inside Lucas’s ass. Lucas slowed his hips to a stop, propped up on his elbows. “Thanks, man,” he said breathlessly. “Did you cum?” Asher asked. “No, but thanks anyway. That was fuckin’ awesome.” “Sorry I couldn’t hold out, but the way you were moving your ass, it was just too much. I wanted to get you off too.” “Get over here,” I told Lucas. I rose up and pulled him under me. He wriggled his ass back into my crotch and onto my waiting cock. Eric shoved forward and we soon had a rhythm going. Mostly, I had a rhythm going, thrusting back onto Eric’s cock and forward into Lucas’s ass. Talk about the best of both worlds. Eric was loving it. So was Lucas. I added a touch of the erotic by twisting my hips around, forward and back. “Geezuss, I never seen anything so hot as what’s going on in this room right now.” It was Asher, watching, stroking his cock. I motioned him closer, to my side, so I could suck him. After a few minutes of it, I asked Lucas, “Hey, do you want to be the meat in this sandwich for a while?” “Yesss! Fuck, you know it!” I stopped moving and told Eric we were going to change positions. He eased back and waited while Lucas and I changed places. Lucas wasted no time in plugging me and I felt Eric shove into him, and we fucked again. Asher was totally hard again and he knelt down beside the mattress and fed me his cock. I got his second load. It wasn’t long before I felt Lucas cumming in my ass. I didn’t know when Eric got his nut but after a couple of minutes he pulled out of Lucas and his cock was going down. The guys all marveled that I didn’t get off. “Don’t worry about it, he can fuck all of us into the ground,” Lucas said. “But we gotta get him off. You have to see this guy cum. It’s like a rocket.” With that Lucas maneuvered me onto my back and began sucking my cock while the other two sat on either side of me to watch. I was more than a little surprised when Asher reached out and took hold of my cock. Lucas was too, and he turned his head and smiled at him around my cock. “That’s a huge fuckin’ cock,” Asher said as he explored my size. It was kind of funny, how Eric asked what they could do to help me get off. Lucas reached out and took his hand and put it on my chest and pulled on my tits to show him, so Eric started playing with my tits. It was funnier, Asher didn’t let go from feeling my cock; he kept pumping it while Lucas sucked it. At one point Lucas rose up and offered my cock to Asher to suck but he shook his head no. I got another surprise when Eric leaned down to suck my tits. I supposed that was something he was okay with, sucking tits. I moaned with surprise and he did it harder. It didn’t take long before I told them, “Hey, guys, you’re getting me close.” Lucas gave my cock a few more strokes then rose up from it. Asher kept pumping it. “Keep doing that,” Lucas told Asher as he went down to suck on my balls, and he shoved a couple of fingers in my ass. That’s all it took and he knew it. I felt his fingers dancing around on my prostate and quickly went nuts. I clawed the sheets and in my frenzy, parts of Eric’s and Asher’s bodies. It was so fuckin’ intense. I felt a surge go through me, causing a trembling akin to a minor earthquake. Lucas felt it too, felt my prostate quiver. “Oh yeah, fuck, get ready, guys, I can feel it cumming,” he said. Hearing that, all three guys intensified their efforts. Asher jacked my cock harder, slamming his fist down against my pubes and sometimes against my balls. Eric moved back and forth on my chest, sucking one tit then the other, and twisting the one he wasn’t sucking on. Lucas sucked my balls like a shop vac while he really fucked over my prostate. I forgot to keep from screaming. I saw black, and tiny stars against the black. I didn’t know who I grabbed hold of to keep from floating off into the black. I don’t think I was conscious of actually cumming till one of them gasped, “Holy Fuck!” and then I felt the stuff gushing out of my cock. I felt another orgasmic quake as the first load landed on my chest; it must have shot up to new heights. Asher blurted, “Holy Shit! Look at that!” And they kept saying stuff and laughing and I opened my eyes and they were dodging the cum blasts, but I think Asher was aiming my cock, trying to hit Eric with it. My head was spinning, the blood was pounding in my temples and I was still seeing stars. I reached down for Lucas’s wrist because his fingers in my ass were just too much; I couldn’t take anymore. The guys seemed mesmerized by my climax. They were just gazing at the streaks and puddles and thick globs of cum all over me. I didn’t know where else it landed. “Fuck, I wish I had a camera,” Asher said. We all had to shower. It was two at a time this time; Lucas and Eric, and Asher and me. Nothing like a good group fuck to shatter the inhibitions. Lucas pulled the cum soaked sheet off the mattress and we all four crawled on. It was funny how Asher and Eric were so “friendly” now, although I didn’t know if suriyeli escort I should attach any significance to it. There wasn’t much choice, the way we were squeezed onto the mattress. They were in the middle; Lucas and I were on the outside. Asher and Eric lay back to back, of course. It was funny how Asher tried to get comfortable without touching me full body, but he didn’t know what to do with his arms. After some fidgeting, I finally reached back and took his hand and pulled his arm over me. “Get over it, you just fucked my ass,” I told him. He laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess I did,” and he let his arm relax. We slept pretty soundly. But Asher snored. They woke him up twice. Eric told me to shove my dick in his mouth to keep him quiet. Early morning, I thought I was the first one awake. Asher was wrapped around me like he was my lover. I thought he was asleep but when he realized I wasn’t, he gave me a quick squeeze around my middle and said he was going to take a shower. I thought that was odd since we had all showered the night before after the wild orgy. I thought about it for a brief moment while I heard the shower running, and I got up and went into the bathroom. “Mind if I join you?” I asked Asher. “Not at all.” I didn’t think he would mind. I got in the shower with him, under the other shower heads. I quickly started feeling the effects of seeing Asher naked under the shower spray. I noticed something else; that he stood with his back to me. I ruled out modesty; too much had happened. I took it as an invitation. I wasn’t sure what, but I stepped over and put my hand on his butt. He tightened it for me and I accepted his invitation. I didn’t think for a minute that he wanted me to fuck him but he was wanting sex and he didn’t know how to ask me, and probably not even what he wanted, except physical contact. I started playing with his butt. He didn’t turn around, and I wondered …..maybe I was wrong about him not wanting to be fucked. I reached around for his cock and he started to turn around but I was already down on my haunches behind him, kissing his butt, so he stayed facing the wall. I kissed all over his butt and licked up and down the crack and that quickly turned into full force rimming. He bent over and jutted his butt back and I pulled it apart and got serious with the rimming. He was moaning and muttering “Oh, fuck!” and all the other stuff as I tongued his ass as deep as I could. I pulled back and breathlessly wiped the spit from my face. “Grab your ankles,” I told him. He did, and that spread his butt wider apart. I pulled his hole open and drove my tongue deeper inside him. He muffled his outcry. I wondered again if maybe I was wrong. Maybe he was curious and wanted to find out what it was like to get fucked. If he did, I wanted to get him good and ready and make sure he was sure. I turned him around to suck his cock. At the same time I kept playing with his ass. He flinched a little when I worked the tip of my finger in his hole but he didn’t tighten up. He was trying to relax so I shoved my finger up inside him as far as I could reach, and he bore down on it. He started the “Oh, God”…..”Oh, Fuck, yeah.”….. when I started moving my finger around deep inside him. He moaned a high pitched, squealing moan and bit the hell of his hand when I found his prostate. His love nut was doing acrobatics. He gripped my shoulder with one hand and wrapped his other hand around my head as he fucked my mouth. At the same time he was bearing down hard on my hand and twisting his butt around and literally fucking himself with my fingers. I was thinking, okay he does want to get fucked, but he wouldn’t want Eric to know about it, and I was trying to think of a way to accomplish that this very weekend. But the next moment it became a moot point. He practically raped my throat as he rode my fingers and I could tell he was cumming. His prostate quivered and palpitated violently and his cock exploded in my mouth as his body convulsed, his awesome muscles bulging and rippling. I never saw such beautiful convulsions in my life. I held on front and back till he reached back for my wrist, then I eased my fingers out. He relaxed his grip on my shoulder and steadied himself, leaning back against the wall under the shower. “Fuck, that is the most intense fuck I ever had,” he said. I smiled. Then he said, “You really like that stuff, don’t you?” “I like yours,” I said. I was smiling inside that he had called it his best fuck. But I didn’t believe he meant that he had really been fucked. “Oh, it doesn’t all taste the same, huh?” he asked. “No. Depends on what a guy eats or drinks, or if he smokes. You obviously lead a very healthy lifestyle.” “I didn’t know that.” “If you sucked more cock, you would know,” I joked. “That’s okay, I’ll take your word for it,” he said. We heard noises in the bedroom and went in to see what that was all about. Lucas was on his back, butt tilted up, legs spread wide apart and Eric was fucking him through the final throes of a dual climax. They didn’t know we were there till they finished. “You started, and finished, without us,” Asher growled. “But I don’t think we did it right. Maybe we could do it again and you could show us,” Lucas said. But I intervened. “Forget it; we’ve got work to do.” They all groaned with disappointment but I sent Eric and Lucas to the shower. They showered, we all got dressed, then went out for breakfast. I cut that short too, didn’t let us linger for talk. We went to Lowes to buy paint for the bedrooms. The three college studs pretty much turned into ladies, trying to pick out colors for the bedrooms. It was funny hearing them say the names of the colors and trying to decide. “Look guys,” I cut in at one point, “all the ceilings are going to be white and that’s probably the only thing you’ll be seeing so the color of the walls really doesn’t matter. Except no black.” They were still all three pondering the colors of the paint chips they held in their hands. Finally, I plucked one from each of them and headed back to the paint counter. I bought paint brushes for each of us. Back at the house we got to work. We painted. Lucas and Eric on the inside, Asher and me outside. We painted around the newly caulked windows and also the front porch and the steps where the paint was worn off. I told them they should talk to the landlady about having the entire house painted on the outside. I have to say the boys worked as hard as they fucked. We delayed lunch to finish up before calling it a day. It was amazing how the place was transformed and the boys were proud of what we had accomplished. They all expressed their gratitude for me spending my weekend to help out. I told them they had to work it off. We decided to delay showering till after we ate lunch. They said they would save showering for something more important; like sex. I got some money out of my pocket, asking, “Everybody like Chinese?” They all said they did. “Good, why don’t you and Eric go pick up Chinese,” I said as I handed the money to Lucas. It all seemed perfectly innocent to me, but as I was getting two beers out of the fridge and looked up, Asher gave me a knowing look. “Why do I think there’s a reason you sent them after Chinese?” he asked. I handed him a beer across the table and we both sat down. “You’re curious,” I said. “I am? About what?” There was a thin, tight smile that he wrapped around the end of the beer bottle as he took a sip. “You tell me,” I said. He finished gulping down several swallows then set the bottle on the table and moved it around in circles as he gazed at his knee. He looked up finally, and said, “Okay, I admit, this weekend has me curious about a couple of things.” “Be more specific,” I said. He chuckled. “It’s easy to see why you were a sergeant in the Army. Even the way you order us around.” “I didn’t mean to do that; didn’t realize I was, but I guess it’s in my nature,” I said. There was a short pause; and Asher knew I was waiting. “You got me doing so many new things this weekend,” he said “You’re blaming that on me?” I joked. “No I…..I’m giving you credit,” he said. “But stuff I never dreamed…. fuck, never even thought about before….stuff I never dreamed I would be doing.” “You said you didn’t have any regrets,” I reminded him. “I don’t, but I keep going over and over it in my head.” “Good replays, or bad?” I asked. “All good,” he was quick to reply. “All good, but….well, confusing.” “Back to what you’re curious about,” I said. He laughed and took another sip of beer. “You don’t let go, do you?” “Do you want me to? Do you wanta drop it?” I asked. “No, it’s okay. I……” He couldn’t seem to get his words out. “Let’s try this on for size….you’re curious about getting fucked,” I said. He almost choked on his beer. He jerked the bottle away from his mouth and heaved out a hard breath. “Goddamn, you know how to call a spade a spade.” “It gets things done, clears up misunderstandings,” I said. Then I said, “You already got a pretty good idea.” He looked across the table at me, seemed a little taken aback. “You were more or less fucking yourself, riding my fingers,” I said. I didn’t think he liked hearing that little truth about himself. “And you said it yourself….you said it was the most incredible fuck you ever had. It surprised me to hear you say that.” “What you were doing to my ass with your fingers….I have to admit….Godd, it was incredible.” “Well, then, you’ve already had a preview, you just have to decide if you want to see the main feature,” I said, then added, “The preview being my fingers; the main feature being a cock. It doesn’t have to be my cock.” “Fuck, when you say it like that……” “What?” I asked. “I don’t know….it sends chills down my spine. Lucas sure likes it,” he said. “You seem to like it too.” “I do. It’s just as incredible as you are imagining. Is that all you’re curious about?” “No. No, it’s not, I….when you and Lucas were….doing that, like making out….” He looked across from me, holding his beer bottle up by the bottom. It was empty. I didn’t think he was hinting for me to get him another beer, but I did anyway. “You wanta try it, I don’t think anybody’s going to think any less of you,” I said. “I wish I knew that for sure.” “Do you think any less of Lucas? Or me?” “No. Fuck, no. You guys are awesome. Do you think I’m gay, Pete, for having these thoughts; these feelings?” “No. It doesn’t matter what I think, but I think you’re just what you say you are; straight curious. Everybody hears about bi-curious, what’s so different about being straight curious?” “I….guess….nothing….I just never thought I would land in that category.” “Asher, my boy, there is something seriously wrong with any guy who isn’t curious about sex. All aspects of sex.” “But….being curious, in your head, and acting on it…..” “If man did not act on his curiosities, we would still be back in the stone age.” “So, where do I go from here?” he asked. “That’s gotta be your choice. Me, I can’t take just one path when I come to a fork in the road. I have to go down one path and then go back and take the other one. I can’t stop when there’s a bend in the road up ahead. I have to see what’s around that bend.” “I wish we had more time……” I noticed how he let his words trail off. “Don’t worry, there’ll be a time; you have only to take advantage of the opportunity,” I said. “Like I said, it doesn’t have to be my cock. It might be with Lucas, or Eric or your other roommate, or hell, a perfect stranger.” “I……” He quickly cut himself off, as if he had spoken too soon. “What?” I asked. “I was going to say, I….I wish it could be with you. I mean, if it was ever going to happen,” he added quickly. “Well, that’s your first hurdle,” I said, tapping the side of my head. “Just keep in mind that what you do once or twice doesn’t make you who you are. Being gay doesn’t identify who Lucas is.” “That’s for damn sure.” “Just do whatever you’re comfortable with. Do you like peas?” “No,” he said emphatically, making a face. “But you tried ’em.” “Yeah, my Mom made me.” “Well, your Mom’s not going to be around to make you try sex but it’s the same principle. If you try something and start feeling uncomfortable about it, don’t do it. Be happy in your skin.” Just then we heard footsteps on the porch. “I’ll remember that,” Asher said. “Listen, could I email you, Pete?” “Sure, Lucas has my email address.” “No, I don’t want anyone to know. I’ve got a lot of stuff I would like to ask you about.” “Okay I’ll see that you have my address before I leave.” I added, just before the boys came into the kitchen, “But this weekend is your opportunity, Asher.” “You guys still talking?” Lucas said when they came in the kitchen. “I thought we would find you making out on the table.” Asher’s face turned a little red but I didn’t think the other two noticed. After we ate we checked out the bedrooms; in one of them the one-coat paint didn’t cover so Lucas and Eric set about giving it another coat. Asher and I put up the curtains in the other three bedrooms. We agreed we could’ve used one or two of their mothers there to hang the damned curtains, but we muddled through it and they looked pretty good. Me, I was having fun with these guys. They were great eye candy and it was fun just being around them. Then we showered, Lucas and me together, and Asher and Eric. There was no sex. We slipped on shorts and went downstairs and sat around the kitchen table and drank cold beer and talked. I wasn’t sure why we were putting off the sex but it was like there was an unwritten agreement that we were still saving it for later. Eric and Asher were still a bit awed over learning about me and Lucas, and about each other and Lucas. Asher pointedly asked Eric if Lucas had “done his ass yet.” “What?!! No!” Laughing, Asher explained what he meant, what I’d done to him in the shower. Eric said to Lucas, “Fuck, man, why haven’t you done that to me?” “I didn’t know if you would want me to.” “Well, you could ask, or try it and if I didn’t want you to do it, I would tell you.” The guys said again how great it was going to be, being together this school year. I asked them about their other roommate. “I’m straight, so is Asher, but as you know, we can bend with the wind. John is so straight, he’s paranoid straight,” Eric said. “We’ll probably have to sneak around when he gets here.” “No, I don’t think we should sneak around at all,” Lucas said. “I intend to be who I am in my own house. He can just get over it, or find another place to live.” Asher laughed. “Can’t you just see him walking in to see Lucas doing both of us? He would go into severe shock.” “If he’s so straight that he’s paranoid about it, he might not be all that straight,” I said. “Yeah, he could be hiding something,” Asher agreed. “Too bad he’s not here with us this weekend, you could find out for us,” Eric said to me. “Just be yourselves, he’ll find out about you soon enough, and you’ll find out about him,” I said. “And like Lucas said, he can get over it, or find another roommate.” One of them pointed out again how they wouldn’t ever have guessed about me, and how shocked they were to learn that Lucas was gay. Then they wanted to know about Lucas and me, how we got started. We told them about the fishing trip and the camping trip that followed. Lucas never brought up the Memorial Day picnic and his other friend; I figured it was because Asher or Eric might know the guy and he didn’t want to give it away. “Listen, you gotta let Pete do your ass, it’ll be the most intense cum you ever had,” Asher told Eric. Eric was in the middle of chugging his beer and he didn’t respond. Lucas finally brought up sex; suggested we change partners. He said he wanted to make out with me while Asher and Eric were fucking us. Then he upgraded that to us doing a sixty-nine while they fucked us. That sounded good to me and the two guys were definitely all for it. But then Lucas added a condition; he said only if we could watch Asher and Eric making out. It didn’t surprise me that they both recoiled at that, laughing, but then Asher asked, more seriously, what he meant exactly by making out. “Jacking each other, kissing, nothing serious, just going through the motions,” Lucas said. “I know you guys are straight, but seeing two straight guys making out would be so hot. And it ain’t gonna make you gay.” They were still dubious, and not willing. I brought up that guys liked to see two girls making out and Lucas chimed in that nobody ever thought girls were gay for doing that. I thought Asher was about to agree to it but Eric said he didn’t think so; it wasn’t the same as girls doing it. “Okay, one of you make out with Pete,” Lucas said. Oddly, Eric didn’t say no to that. I leaned over and whispered something to Lucas. He smiled and said yes. “What?” Eric asked. “What’re you guys whispering about?” “Do it by stages,” Lucas told them. “First you kiss, like guy kiss, not gay kiss with tongues. Then you touch each other’s cocks. Then you make out.” “Then you guys can double fuck Lucas,” I added. Their expressions turned from doubtful/thoughtful to mouth dropping surprise and I suddenly sensed a keen interest. I cupped my hands around my mouth and mouthed the syllables, Op…Er…Tu…Ni Ty, to Asher. “What’re you telling him?” Lucas asked. “Nothing,” I said. “Hey, are you talking….both of our cocks in your ass at the same time?” Eric asked. Asher quickly finished his beer and stood up, pushing his chair back and said, “Get over here, sweetheart, and give me some tongue.” He grabbed Eric’s hand and pulled him over to him. There was a moment of anxiety at first, all over their faces; two guys had committed to something that neither of them wanted to do but neither was going to be the one to chicken out, and they knew they had to and neither wanted to be the first to make a move. “You gotta close your eyes, I don’t wanta be kissing a guy with his eyes open,” Asher said. “You close your eyes too. And no tongue, that’s too gay,” Eric said. “Shit, guys, you’re not kissing your grandmothers,” I chided them. “Yeah, I wanta see some tongue,” Lucas said. When they still hesitated, I said, “To hell with it, Lucas, let’s go upstairs, close the door and fuck, we don’t need these guys.” “Wait! Wait!” Eric said. “No, wait, we’ll do it! Tongue and all,” Asher said. “In this lifetime?” Lucas drawled. They both moved at the same time. Eric put his hands on Asher’s shoulders and Asher put his on Eric’s hips. “Close your eyes,” Asher said. Eyes closed, they moved together. Their noses touched first, they tilted their heads and their lips touched. It was like they shocked each other but then they brushed their lips together. “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I kiss my sister,” Lucas said mockingly. The two guys laughed but they kept their eyes closed and didn’t move apart. They touched their lips again and Asher was the first to offer his tongue. “We see a tongue!” Lucas exclaimed. The guys didn’t laugh this time. Asher’s tongue brushed over Eric’s lips and it was as if he pried them open. Eric’s tongue appeared and he pressed his lips against Eric’s and with a soft moan their mouths locked and, they began experiencing their first man to man kiss. “Fuck, this is hot!” Lucas murmured quietly. Asher’s hand moved up Eric’s side and around his shoulder. Eric brought his arms around Asher and they moved together bodily. The kiss became more passionate….definitely not your sister’s kiss….their bodies writhing together now. One of them moaned and rus escort one of them whispered, “Ohh, Fuck!” Lucas said, “I think they sort of like each other.” There was an instant’s break but then they immediately devoured each other again. They made me wonder where it was headed. But then Asher said, “You guys go ahead upstairs, we’re fine here.” Eric drew back. “The hell we are!” he blurted, laughing, and the moment was gone. Well, maybe not gone forever; maybe they had found something and just didn’t realize it yet, or they were too macho to admit it. “Okay, does that qualify us to double fuck you?” Asher asked Lucas. “Hell, I was going to ask you to do that anyway,” Lucas said laughing. “But the way you guys were going at it, I was starting to wonder if you were still interested.” “We’re interested,” Eric said. “I always wanted to double up with another guy on a girl, never dreamed it would be on another guy.” “Do we get to double fuck you, too, Pete?” Asher asked. “I’ll be right there beside Lucas,” I said. We went up to the bedroom. “I gotta admit, that was pretty hot,” Eric told Asher as they were going up the stairs. “Anytime, sweetheart,” Asher told him, as they punched around on each other. In the bedroom everyone stripped off their shorts. Lucas flopped down on the mattress and patted it to invite me to lie beside him. “Are we doing you first?” Asher asked him. “Yeah. Lay on your back, I’ll ride you,” Lucas said as he reached for the lube. “I’ll do that for you,” I said. He uncapped the lube and handed it to me. I lubed him up good and he straddled Asher. “You’re really going to take both of us?” Asher asked, even as Lucas was guiding his cock to his ass. “I’ve wanted to try this for a long time,” he said as he rode down onto Asher’s big cock with ease, then lay forward. “Climb on,” he told Eric. Eric got behind him and after a bit of a struggle he managed to work his cock in on top of Asher’s. Lucas was wide eyed happy as it happened. “Ohh, fuck! FUCK! This is awesome. Oh, yeah, fuck me, guys, fuck me hard.” They fucked him. It took a moment for them to work as a team but soon they were doing it like a couple of pros. Lucas went nuts. It dawned on me then that neither of them had bothered with a condom and I had not thought to offer them. I mentioned it. “You guys all realize you’re going bareback,” I said. Eric paused in mid-stroke. “Do you wanta fix that?” he asked no one in particular. “No, don’t stop!” Lucas said. “I’m okay, and I’m sure you guys are; hell, we’ll be doing this bareback all the time anyway.” So they resumed fucking. After a short while Eric asked me if I wanted some of Lucas’s ass, said he wanted to see me bury my cock in there with Asher. I told him no, I didn’t think I should, it might be too much for Lucas. I was joking of course, teasing Lucas. “The fuck!” Lucas blurted. “I’ll take you too.” Eric relinquished his position to me. He had Lucas opened up so I went in easy. The reaction to me shoving my cock into Lucas’s ass came from Asher, not Lucas. “Ohh, fuck, man I can feel you way past the head of my cock,” he moaned. “Oh, yeah….yeah, fuck him! I love you rubbing my cock with yours.” It felt pretty damned good to me, too. So Asher and I doubled up on Lucas for several minutes–well, a lot of minutes, actually–then I felt Eric’s hand on my butt, with lube on his fingers. He didn’t ask, he worked it in my ass and gouged around with his fingers for a moment to stretch my hole, then he shoved his cock in and started fucking me. I had to fight to keep from cumming. They had not forgotten about doubling up on me. I was more than willing. We disengaged from Lucas’s ass and I started to mount Asher to take Lucas’s place. “Wait, let’s do it over here,” Eric said. He was draping Asher’s sleeping bag over the big, thick board on the cement blocks that made up the makeshift table. Nobody objected. Lucas pulled Asher to his feet and he went over and lay back on the board, his feet planted wide on either side. I thought Asher was being a real trooper the way he was holding out and holding up being the bottom man. I started to straddle him and the board but Lucas stopped me and told me to lay on my back on top of him. I wasn’t sure the board would hold that much weight but they tested it and decided it would. So I turned around and straddled him facing his feet and rode down on him and lay back on his chest. Lucas held my legs up and wide apart like I’d done him. Eric straddled the board and worked his cock inside me, more alongside Asher’s cock than on top of it. They really gouged me out and stretched me open. It felt good, and I wasn’t feeling any give to the board. I decided I wasn’t going to go through the agony of trying to hold off. I wanted to have the cum fucked out of me by these two college studs. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold off anyway when Lucas leaned in and started sucking my cock. I told Lucas to give Eric a couple of fingers while he was sucking me. Eric was reluctant but Asher told him, “Let him do it! You’ll love it.” Eric liked it. I could feel his cock bolt harder inside me when Lucas stated fingering him. I could even tell when he found his prostate. “Get him off,” I told Lucas. The next several minutes were sort of a fog. Asher never stopped driving his cock in and out of my ass. Eric’s cock felt like a steel piston moving wildly inside my guts with him thrashing his ass around on Lucas’s fingers. And Lucas was still sucking my cock. It was more than I could take, but I told them not to stop, I wanted to cum. I really wanted to cum bad. Eric surprised me then, by taking hold of my cock below Lucas’s mouth. He told Lucas he wanted to see me shoot. I let the pleasure mount to the point of no return and warned Lucas when I was getting close. “I wanta see it!” Eric said again, excitedly. Lucas got off my cock but kept his tongue working on it while Eric stroked it, now with both hands. As I let loose with torrents of cum I felt Asher convulsing under me and he started filling my ass with cum. “Ohh, fuck, I can feel you coming!” I came so hard it almost hurt. It was over for me and Asher but I didn’t know if Eric got off or not. Then I knew. Lucas was still fingering his ass and Eric was still stroking my cock when suddenly I felt him cumming inside me. Lucas rose up, his face covered with semen; he was licking his lips and still swallowing. Eric pulled out and Asher’s cock slipped out of my ass as well and I felt a river of cum running out of my ass. Eric put his hand out to pull me up and when I straightened up I could feel cum draining out of my gaping ass all over Asher. I was really wide open, no chance of tightening up to hold it in. Asher didn’t seem to mind. He just lay there with his arms fallen to the side, his muscular chest and abs heaving. Asher looked at Lucas, laughing. “Holy shit, you look like somebody turned a hose on you. Eric steadied me to stand on my own two feet and I felt cum running down the inside of my legs. He stumbled backwards and collapsed on the mattress. “Fuck, I never had sex like that in my life,” he gasped. “Me either, this has been so awesome,” Asher said. He tried to rise up, his abs bulging like blocks of steel, but he collapsed back down, laughing. “Fuck, I can’t even get up.” We knew that was a lie, he was only kidding, but Eric pulled him to his feet and he sat astraddle the board for a moment. We all showered again then went back down to the kitchen, the only place where we could all sit. “You know, I’ve been thinking….maybe we ought to try to pull John in on this,” Asher said. “Lots of luck with that,” Lucas scoffed. “You’re on your own with that one, I’m not touching it,” Eric said. I added my two cents worth. “Let him make the discovery about you guys first,” I said. “If he wants in–and I’m betting he will–he’ll make the move or say something.” They all agreed that was the best idea. We had another round of beer and talked of school, and how much Asher and Eric had learned about sex. I told them I hoped they were open to learning a lot more. Asher said, laughing, that he could see himself possibly being open to learning a lot more sometime if he had enough to drink. Eric chose the moment to point out, “Hey, I just realized something; in that melee, Lucas didn’t get off.” I stood up. “Come with me, nephew, I’ll take care of that for you.” The other two guys took the hint, I thought, and didn’t follow us upstairs. “Man, why couldn’t I have an uncle like Pete,” I heard one of them say as we left the kitchen. “I’m glad you did that,” Lucas said as we went into the bedroom. “I wanted some time with you.” We lay on the mattress and Lucas wrapped himself around me. “I wanta just make out first, if that’s okay.” he said. “That’s fine with me.” “But first, I want to know, what’d you say to Asher a while ago?” “I told you, nothing.” He let it go. Lucas and I made out, without any real sex except for me going down from time to time to lick up the precum he was producing, then we went back to kissing. We weren’t aware that the other two had joined us till I glanced around and saw them sitting quietly in the lawn chairs, each holding a beer. They had not taken the hint after all. “Is it okay if we just watch?” Asher said. “We’ll be quiet and we won’t try to join in. Or we’ll leave if you want us to.” We didn’t send them away; we didn’t care. We went back to making out while Asher and Eric sipped their beer. “They are so hot together,” Eric said, and I thought his tone sounded a little off key, his voice a little slurred. Minutes later I got another big surprise when I saw Eric reach over for Asher’s cock. I would’ve thought it would be the other way around. But then Asher took hold of Eric cock too. I noticed how they kept stealing glances at each other but pretending not to, between watching us. Some minutes later I saw they were looking at each other, not paying much attention to us. They glanced our way a couple of times when they took sips of beer but their focus was suddenly on each other. Then Asher shifted his weight in the chair and leaned toward Eric. Eric got the message and leaned in to Asher, and suddenly they were kissing again! Fuck, I thought, something is really going on between these two. They really got into it. When they almost tipped the chairs, they stood up. As their bodies pressed together and their arms went around each other one of them said, “Fuck, I never thought I’d be doing this shit.” “Me either.’ ` But they were doing it, and with all the intense passion of two lovers. I half expected one of them to go to his knees. Eric did place his hands on Asher’s shoulders but Asher didn’t go down. I wondered how long it would be before he did. I turned Lucas onto his back so he could watch them. He was as surprised as I was. He brought his right leg up and wriggled his butt back against me. I shoved my cock in and started fucking him and stroking his cock at the same time. “Why don’t you guys go ahead and get each other off,” Lucas told them. “Do you want to?” Eric asked Asher. “Sure, why not.” They got into some serious making out. Their cocks stood straight up, smashed between their stomachs, as they writhed together. I could see they were slick with precum. They moaned and whimpered with their unbridled pleasure as they devoured each other. Then one of them squealed–it was muffled in the other’s mouth–the view wasn’t so I could actually see the eruption but there was no doubt Eric was cumming; I could tell by the way his hips were moving and his butt muscles clenching. Asher followed close behind. They got us off too, just watching them; these two guys were so hot. Lucas took my wrist to jack him harder and when he shot off all over himself, I went off in his ass. It was funny, then to see Eric and Asher suddenly recover. They pulled apart, cocks hanging way out, slick with cum, and their stomachs were streaked with cum; they looked suddenly embarrassed. “Shower time again,” Asher said to break the uncomfortable mood. “You go ahead,” Eric told him. Lucas laughed. “You guys are such straight pussies. You just got off making out with each other and you can’t shower together?” But Eric stayed back, suffering through his embarrassment. Minutes later, Asher came out drying off and Eric went in. “You’re a pussy, you know that,” Lucas said again, this time to Asher. “I’m a pussy? Why do you say that?” “You guys got each other off making out and you won’t even shower together.” “I would have, but Eric obviously isn’t okay with it yet,” Asher said. “Go back and get in the shower with him, see what he says,” I said. Asher hesitated then shrugged and went back into the bathroom. He didn’t come back out for quite a while, and Eric was with him. They didn’t seem embarrassed now, but neither of them said why they had taken so long. I was glad Lucas didn’t ask; if they’d had a private moment together, that was great. Lucas did ask, “Are you guys cool?” “Yeah, we’re cool,” Asher said. I said, “Good, we don’t want anybody having any regrets.” “Oh, fuck, no, no regrets about anything,” Asher said. “None here, either,” Eric said. “Godd, this has been the most incredible weekend ever.” “Well….,” I started; I smacked Lucas on the stomach and drew my hand back, slick with cum. He laughed and I smeared it on his face. He quickly grabbed my wrist and licked the stuff of my hand. “I was about to say, my cock is arguing with me, but I have to get on the road.” “Probably be the first time you ever won out over your cock,” Lucas joked. The two guys watched, rather intently I thought, as I slowly pulled my cock out of Lucas’s ass. Eric, laughed, shaking his head. “Damn, where did you put all of that thing?” I stood off the mattress, my cock slick with cum. “That is the most awesome cock I’ve ever seen,” Asher said. “I didn’t know they even made them that big,” said Eric. “You know, Pete’s cock has its own zip code,” Lucas joked. They all had a good laugh over that. I gave my cock a playful smack. “It’s a blessing and a curse. But you guys have got nothing to be ashamed of yourselves.” Lucas turned on his knees on the mattress and took my cock in his mouth, licking and sucking off the cum. We all watched as he swallowed it and pressed his face against my stomach. “Holy fuck, how does he do that,” one of the guys said. “Well he has been practicing on you guys, I hear,” I said. Lucas and I went to shower. Asher and Eric followed us and stood and watched and talked. They watched me get dressed, then, and it was like they were trying to get a permanent mental picture. One of them commented how I ordered them around. “Well somebody had to be in charge or we wouldn’t have got shit done,” Asher said. I sort of wondered if he might like being ordered around. “By the way, let us know how much we all owe you when you get your credit card statement,” Lucas said. “No, wait, he said we could work it off,” Eric said. “Didn’t you?” he asked me. “Yes, but that’s going to involve giving me your ass,” I said. “Oh, fuck no! I’ll pay cash,” he said, laughing. I packed up and the guys all slipped on shorts to help carry my tools and stuff out to the truck. On one of the trips Asher and I happened to be up in the bedroom by ourselves. “You took that fork in the road just fine, Asher,” I said quietly. “Yeah, when Eric and I were making out, I almost went down on my knees and did him. I mean, I thought about it, for about a minute. Funny thing, I had this sudden feeling that I wanted to see what his cock felt like and tasted like in my mouth.” “I half expected you to. Now are you going to go back and see what’s down that other path?” “I don’t know.” “I’m not asking to answer me. You have to answer the question that’s there in your head,” I told him. “By the way, when you went back into the bathroom when Eric was in the shower….you didn’t come out for a while.” “It was nothing. I went in with the intention of trying what I said I almost did, but I lost my nerve. I just made conversation while he was showering.” And then the moment was gone when the other two came back inside. I quickly gave him my email address. “Thanks. And thanks again for everything.” “You don’t have to thank me, Asher. I should be thanking you.” “No. You don’t know what you’ve done for me this weekend.” “I don’t think you know for sure either,” I said. “Let’s just hope that whatever it was, it was the right thing for you.” “I guess that’s what I have to find out,” he said. Downstairs, I started to say goodbye but Lucas said he wanted to say goodbye inside so we all went back in. I didn’t know if they had it planned but they all took off their shorts and were naked again. “You guys are making it harder to leave,” I said. Eric thanked me for giving up my weekend to help out, said he was glad to meet me. “Is that the fuckin’ best you can do?” Lucas said. “Hey, I’m getting around to it,” he said taking hold of my arm. I didn’t know if that was his real intent or not but he pulled me in to kiss me. I put my arm around him and kissed him back as we pressed our loins together. He broke with a proud smile and looked smugly at Asher. Asher stepped up to the plate. “Thanks for helping out, and for showing us everything. I never had so much great sex in my life, and I’ve had a lot of sex.” Then he pulled me in tight and kissed me. I mean, he really kissed me, with a lot of feeling. I was wondering about Asher, if he was backtracking, preparing himself to venture down the other fork in the road. “Geezuss, do you guys need to go back up to the bedroom?” Lucas joked. “Yeah, that wasn’t saying goodbye, that was making out,” Eric said. Asher parted with a look in his eyes that made me not wonder so much. There was so much behind those eyes that even he wasn’t aware of yet. He mouthed “Thanks” again and stepped aside for Lucas. Lucas looked at me and smiled. “Thanks, Uncle Pete, and you know that’s for everything from the very beginning. You are an awesome uncle.” “It’s easy to be awesome with studs like you,” I said. We kissed too, with passion and with the love we had for each other and I felt his cock getting hard. Mine was acting up to, but mine was in my jeans. Asher and Eric were both standing tall as well. I laughed and grabbed both of their cocks and pulled on them. “You guys have fun,” I said. Lucas pulled his shorts on and walked me out to the truck. “I hope you liked my roommates.” “You think?” “They sure like you. Man, you sure brought ’em around.” “It’s been a great weekend, Lucas,” I said. “I think I could be in love with Asher. Damn, he’s got a cock and a body to die for.” “Tell me, do you think there’s something there with him?” Lucas asked. “I would almost bet on it. He just needs time to come around. Not saying he’s gay, I don’t think he’ll come around that far, but there’s a lot going on behind that straight, macho facade. Eric may surprise you too. But Asher is very curious. I just think he’s holding back, afraid; he’s suddenly awakened to feelings he didn’t know he had and he’s struggling with them. If you and he have enough of the right time together, without Eric, I think he might come around.” “You think enough that he would let me fuck him?” Lucas asked. “Let me put it this way….I wouldn’t count on him giving up girls any time soon, but I don’t think he’ll graduate from college a virgin. He’s dying to know what it’s like to get fucked. So rim him, finger him, and it might take a couple of beers.” Lucas laughed. “I’ll let you know when it happens.” We said goodbye and Lucas gave my bicep a hard squeeze and stepped back from the truck. I drove off as Lucas walked back to the porch. I looked back to see Asher and Lucas standing on the steps, Eric stood in the doorway, naked. It was a long drive back but I took the opportunity to replay, and write the weekend in my head. And I can’t wait to see Asher again. And to meet John. The End

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