Welcome Home Big Brother Ch. 01


Dear readers: I’ve decided to venture into a new realm of erotic fiction. The passage below is a preview of my first attempt at writing incest/taboo stories. I find these types of role-plays extremely powerful and sexy in real life, and have always wanted to share these fantasies. I would appreciate your constructive feedback, and based on the responses, I will decide whether to continue on with this story. Thank you and enjoy!

Cindy closed her bedroom door softly and pressed her back against it. Her room was completely dark, except for shimmers of light in areas where the moon had penetrated the windows. In the still of the night, all was quiet except for the loud thudding of her heart which she swore even the neighbors could hear. As she closed her eyes and pressed her head against the door, her deep, soft pants filled the room and resonated against the walls. Her mouth was dry and her throat parched. A dozen images swarmed in her mind and the intoxication of it all overwhelmed her senses completely.

What the hell had just happened?! Her brother Lee had come home for the weekend, and she had been so excited because it had been so long since they had seen each other. Their schedules were so hectic and the only way they could ever keep in touch was through Instant Messenger. Cindy had always had a strong connection with her brother. Unlike most brothers who picked on their little sisters and made fun of karabük escort them, Lee was always caring and protective. He’d listen to her ramble about school and she felt comfortable enough with him to speak of her fleeting love interests. He was patient with her and she adored having him as her big brother. Since Cindy knew that her brother wouldn’t arrive until the evening, she spent most of her Sunday afternoon shopping and visiting friends.

Around 6pm, Cindy pulled up to the house and was ecstatic to find her brother’s car already in the driveway. She rushed up the steps, but before she could pull out her keys, the door opened and Lee appeared with a huge grin on his face. She ran up to give him a hug and peck on the cheek, admiring her brother’s lean, 6’2” frame. From the smell of him and the dampness of his hair, she guessed that he had just stepped out of the shower.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe it’s you! You look great!” Cindy shrieked. She noticed that Lee had let his hair grow longer. His wet and disheveled blonde mane added to his undeniable attractiveness and his sexy lips curled whenever he smiled. Wait a minute! Did she just call her brother sexy? What was wrong with her? But what guy wouldn’t look sexy walking around barefoot in a pair of faded, button down jeans and a white t-shirt?

They both went up to Lee’s room to listen to music and catch up on karabük escort bayan each other’s lives. It had been a while since Cindy had been in his room because he was seldom home. While Lee relaxed on his bed, Cindy moved over to his computer to pick a different tune. She started opening up different files on his computer, hoping to find a song from her favorite artist, but then something caught her eye and she opened it. Immediately, an image of a hot brunette getting fucked in the ass filled the computer screen. Cindy couldn’t help it and started to laugh.

“Where did you get this stuff?” she inquired.

“Hey! Cut it out and quit being so nosy! Besides, I got it from my friend and he thought it was cool.” Lee replied.

“Okay! I’m sorry,” Cindy said while rolling her eyes. She continued to browse through his files when she came across something else that piqued her curiosity. It was a word document entitled “Bro afraid that if she didn’t, her moans would escape her lips and their secret would be out. And as she became more excited and grew wetter, she felt her brother’s fingers slip inside her pussy, rocking back and forth inside her and sliding in and out. She forced her eyes open so that she could stare at him, and found that he was looking at her and seeing the lust and pleasure on her face. Cindy tried to be quiet and to hold back, but when his fingers dipped escort karabük deeper insider her, stretching her out, she couldn’t hold back the whimpers and the need to dig her nails into his shoulder because it hurt so good. She loved getting finger-fucked by her brother. She couldn’t believe that she was being seduced by her brother, and that he had kissed her, and had sucked on her nipples, and now had his fingers buried in her wet pussy…this was all too much….

“Lee? Cindy? Are you two home?” their parents yelled from the garage. Cindy opened her eyes, as if awaken from a deep trance, and felt her brother’s hand withdraw. He saw a look of concern on her face and said,

“Shhh, don’t worry okay Cindy? Just relax. It was fun wasn’t it? You enjoyed it. C’mon, get dressed. We’ll finish this later,” Lee said, and gave his little sister a soft, passionate kiss on the lips.

Unable to think, Cindy simply nodded and got dressed. She was in such a daze. She walked across the hallway to her room, shut the door, and allowed herself to be engulfed by darkness.

Wow, she still didn’t know how this all started, and how it all got so carried away. Cindy crawled into bed and pulled the covers over her body. She turned on the T.V. and tried to forget what had just happened by flipping through the channels, trying to find something interesting. But her mind wouldn’t rest and images of what she had done with Lee came flooding back. She felt her heart beat quicken, and her cheeks flush with desire. Her clit still throbbed and she suddenly realized how much she missed having his fingers in her pussy, stroking her, rubbing her, fucking her. Oh no, how was she ever going to fall asleep tonight?

To be continued…

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