Wendy’s World – 2


Wendy’s World – 2Chapter OneI’m at the skate park surrounded by the group of guys. We were down in the pit of the park and couldn’t been seen by passersby. There are six or seven I’m not sure. They are all naked and leering at me. I look down and find myself with just garters, stockings, and high heels. Jason is the clear leader and is standing there. His thick cock is right in front of me. He helps me down to my knees and I lean in to kiss his cock. My hands cup his balls. His shaft parts my lips, as he pushes his thick cock down my throat. There is a rumble from the crowd at my ability to take him down to the root. I swirl my tongue and lick at his balls.Jason puts his hand on my head and starts fucking my face, using it like a pussy. The dehumanized feeling of being used in this way, had me flooding my core. The guys are pulling in closer to watch. I reach for their cocks. Soon I have one in each hand, while Jason continues to use my mouth. Others cup my breasts as they sway to the deep thrusts Jason is giving me. His cock hitting the back of my throat. Tears filling my eyes, but I’m not gagging. I am enjoying his command over me. I feel a hand go between my legs, running through my wet folds. I moan on Jason’s cock. He pulls his cock out and slaps my face with the meaty head. My eyes meet his and I see them filled with lust. I hold my mouth open, needing to be filled again. He slaps me again with his cock before thrusting into my waiting mouth. Fingers enter my channel, going in and out with little resistance because of my juices. The cocks in my hands are pulsing. Jason’s thick shaft fills my throat as I moan around it. He pulls his cock out again. I whimper with need. It is quickly replaced with one of the guys in my hand. His cock is not as big as Jason’s but it fills my mouth nicely. Another cock finds my empty hand, as Jason moves behind me. The fingers pulls from me, leaving me empty. But Jason slaps my ass, causing me to arch my back, presenting my wet cunt for his use. He drives his giant cock into my depths, causing me to moan on the cock in my mouth. Jason fills me so fully, I almost cum on the first thrust. My breasts are being mauled by the guys, as I am being spit fucked like never before. I’m a piece of meat to these guys, and I love it. Everyone taking their pleasure from me. The cock in my mouth erupts and I swallow as much as I can. Some dribbles down my chin. This starts a chain reaction, as other cocks spill their seed on my face and shoulders. When the cock in my mouth pulls free, another takes its place. Jason is pounding my needy cunt, causing my breasts to wobble. More eruptions land on my back feeling like molten lava.When the next cock in my mouth spews its seed, I look up to the edge of the ledge and see Mack, my husband, looking down on me. Watching the guys take their pleasure. At first I’m afraid that I have been caught, but I see that he has his cock out and is stroking himself. We have often talked about adding another person to spice up our sex life, but he has always been working too much. I watch him stroke his cock, as Jason pounds me from behind and another cock is throat fucking me. I have a hand on two other thick cocks. Jason’s shaft starts pulsing inside me. He grabs my hips forcefully, and sends his young seed deep inside me. The feeling of him coming inside me sends my orgasm crashing over me. My spasms makes me quake and I am weak from being used. I go to my knees, as Jason’s thick cock slips out. His wet sticky spunk dripping out of my gaping hole. The guy in my mouth sends his cum down my throat, as the others quickly follow suit, spilling their cum over my face and tits. I’m rubbing it into my skin while I rubbed my clitty. This sent me over the edge again. I find myself moaning, while looking up at Mack. His cock shooting thick ropes of cum down on me too.That’s when I wake up. I am drenched in sweat, fingers buried in my cunt and my hand stroking poor Mack. He moves in his sleep as I roll over and take him in my mouth. I swallow his cock to the root and lave my tongue around his balls. He wakes just as his shaft erupts into my wanton mouth. His moans send me over the edge again. I am a cock whore, and I am loving what it’s doing to me. It seems that Mack is loving the attention too.He asks what has gotten into me lately. I tell him that I’ve been missing him and want to show him as much. After I say it, I thought that maybe he would stay home and spend the day with me, but when he gets out of bed he just goes to take a shower and is off to work early. He did şişli escort say that he would try to get back early and maybe we could do something special. He has said that before, so I’m not expecting anything different. He will probably call later and say that he got tied up and would make it up to me another time.I still have my plans to go back to the skate park today. I can’t get showered and dressed fast enough. I thought about wearing the sexy stuff that I was wearing in my dream fuck, but I decide on a pair of short shorts and tight spaghetti strap blouse. I decide to wear no underwear as I want Jason and the guys to have easy access. As I drive to the over to the park I can’t help but think about what I would find there. I’m sure if this will live up to my dream. As I round the corner and come upon the park. I see that there a bunch of k**s there. I don’t do minors, so I’m instantly disappointed. I park over under the tree and watch. I don’t see Jason. Did he decide not to come today? I did see a few of the guys from the other day, but still no Jason. I sit there for a few minutes wondering what I’m going to do. My body aches to be filled with some young adult cock. That’s when I hear a tap on my window. My heart jumps. Chapter TwoWhen I look up to the window I see it is a young man I don’t know. I roll the window down and ask him I can help him. He smiles and looks down at my nipples which are poking through my blouse from being startled.”Aren’t you the lady that smoked Jas’s dick yesterday?” he says with a cocky smile.”I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I lie.”I saw your car here yesterday and Jas said you some kind of freak who likes young studs.”I eye what I could see of his body. He’s about the same age as Jason. “Where is Jason today?””He’ll be here. I saw him at the store just a minute ago. So do you like younger dudes?I don’t answer him at first, but I kind of like his forwardness. “Yeah, I like younger dudes.” I said with a sarcastic smile.That’s when Jason rolls up on his skateboard behind this guy. He looks a hot as ever in his ragged jeans and worn out t-shirt. My heart skips a beat and my body tingles with the thought of what I want to do to him. He leans into my window and gives me that big smile of his.”How’s it going Wendy? You looking for some fun today?””I’m looking for you and I’m always up for fun, but with all these younger k**s here looks like we’re out of luck.””With a body like that Wendy, you’re always in luck. I know a place we can go. You up for some fun with the Rocket here?” He says as he nods over to the other young guy.”The Rocket, what kind of name is that?”They both grin, “he’s got a pocket rocket and it will take you to the moon baby.””Well, I’m all for going to the moon. Where is this place you’re talking about?”It’s over on 5th street, not far from here.””Get in, both of you and let’s go have some fun!”They put their boards in, Rocket in the back seat and Jason in the front. I pull off and follow Jason’s direction to this spot he’s talking about on 5th St. He is right, it was only a few minutes away but it’s an abandoned building. He tells me to pull around to the back. We all get out of the car and head into the back of the building. There is a door that’s off its hinges and we go right in. The walls are moldy and the air is stale but Jason puts his hand on my ass and I forget all about the condition of the building. I turn and he takes me into his arms, his strong lips attacking mine. His tongue pushes its way in and right away he owns me.The other guy, Rocket comes up behind me and starts to kiss the back of my neck. The sensation of both of their mouths on me flood my senses. One of my hands goes around Jason’s neck, while the other reaches back and pulls the other’s head to me. I switch and kiss Rocket’s mouth. Jason moves down kisses his way to my breast. He pulls my top down, exposing one tit. His hard lips encase my turgid nipple. My tongue swirls around Rocket’s mouth. I can feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. One of his arms goes around my hip and the other pulling me into his mouth.Jason bits my tight bud as his hand slips down into my shorts, cupping my wet pussy. I feel the first tightening of my stomach as a spams sweeps over me. I reach for his cock, rubbing it through his jeans. I whimper into Rocket’s mouth when Jason slips a finger into my wet folds. Rocket’s tongue is sliding to the back of my throat. I can’t wait to feel the huge bulge he has in my mouth. I reach back and grab his cock, massaging it through his jeans. Both of these şişli escort bayan guys are sporting thick dicks. I can’t wait any longer and I pull myself away from his kiss. I go down and squat in front of them both. I pull the buttons of Jason’s jeans open and reach in to pull his cock out. Then I lean over and do the same for Rocket. When my hands goes into his shorts, I find on huge hunk of man meat. I know I gasped when I see it for the first time. Jason has a nice thick cock but this is a whole other thing. It has to be 12″ long and thick as a can of soda. My mouth waters with anticipation. I stroke them both, leaning in to give each swollen head a kiss. I’m in cock whore heaven.Jason grasp the hem of my blouse and pulls it over my head. The cool air meeting my hard nipples sends a rush of blood to them, causing them to crinkle and tighten up. I reward Jason with taking his cock into my mouth while still stroking the other shaft. My tongue licks around his head and down the shaft. I can taste the saltiness of his pre-cum and have a flashback from yesterday. The next spasm goes through my body. I can feel the slickness of my juices leaking into the crotch of my shorts.I stop only to remove my shorts, leaving me fully naked, then I go back down in a squat and take Rocket’s thick shaft into my salivating mouth. His audible grunt only urges me on to push it further down my willing throat. It is so thick I can’t get much down, but I lave my tongue around the bulbous head. My lips are sucking on the rim of his mushroom head. I suck hard, swirling my tongue around it. Then I pull off with a resounding “pop.” I look up into his eyes and see them half-lidded and lost in sensual bliss. I spit on his cock and stroke my saliva with my hand.I take Jason’s thick shaft into my mouth again. His groan urges me on as I take his shaft down to the root. My nose pressing against the tuft of hair leading up to his stomach. I cup his balls, my head bobbing up and down on him. My other hand is filled with Rocket’s thick dick. I move back over to him, leaving Jason’s cock with a pop as I break my suction. I frantically go from one cock to the other. The sounds of my slurping send a shiver down my spine. I can feel the juices from my wet slit dripping from my folds. I’ve had a few spasms just from their cocks in my mouth.I wrap my right arm around Rocket’s left thigh and pull him into my mouth. My other arm went around Jason’s right thigh. I have them both near my mouth now. I go back and forth, popping my mouth from their cocks as I suck these young studs for all I’m worth. I can tell they’re about to cum but I’m not finished with them just yet. I look up into their eyes. I see the look of adulterated lust. I am their cock whore. Their down on my knees cock sucking slut. I can’t get enough and I want it never to end.Chapter ThreeI rise from my crouch, never letting their cock go, I lead them by their dicks over to an old desk in the corner. Because of their needy cocks, I know I’m in control. I stop them just short of the desk as I climb up on top. I sit back and spread my legs for them. My hand cups my breast and pinch my turgid nipple as my other hand slips down between my thighs. My labia, flowered with need, is dripping wet. My fingers slip in with ease as I start to finger myself for their benefit.Both guys are stroking their shafts, watching intently as I pleasure myself. I lick my swollen lips while I watch them play with their cocks. I’m teasing them trying to be seductive. My head flys back as a wave after wave of spasms washes over my body. I pull my nipple hard sending a shudder through me, extending my orgasm. I can see that they are not wanting to wait any longer. The sounds of my sloshing cunt draws them near again.Jason is the first to reach me. He grabs my hand and flips me around. His hand reaches for my hair and pushs me over the desk, my ass is up in the air. His other hand guides his thick cock into the depths of my pussy with one glorious stroke. My channel is still tight from my recent orgasm and his thrust fells as though he is ripping me open. It feels so good to be taken so roughly. I whimper like a craven bitch dog. Jason gives me no quarter, pounding me into the desk. His strong arm holding me in place for his use.Rocket has come around the desk and presents his stellar cock to my face again. I open for him willingly. He takes his gigantic cock and slaps my face with as a reprimand for my earlier teasing. When he finally enters my mouth I am lost again in blissful contractions. Both guys mecidiyeköy escort bayan are grunting, pounding me at either end. To be taken this way is a cock whore’s dream and I’m moaning around Rocket’s shaft. He takes his pleasure sending his thick head to the back of my throat. Drool is dripping down my face, just as my juices are sloshing with every thrust given to me by Jason’s feverish pace. Just when I’m about to crash again, they both pull out.Jason gives me a hard slap to my upturned ass cheeks as they swap out and enter me again. Feeling Rocket’s colossal cock slip my labia is enough cock for any woman, even a slut like me. I thought I would die with his shaft buried inside me. Then Jason slaps my face with his wet cock and enters my mouth. I moan as I taste my own pussy on his solid shaft. He pushes deep down my throat and I gag at first. I’m so wrapped up and getting my cunt pounded by Rocket that I can’t keep up. I’m being thoroughly fucked by these young men. I’m a rag doll slut for them to play with and they’re clearly having their way with me now.My nipples are abrading against the dirty desk top. I can feel Rocket’s thick cock swell and empty his hot jism into the depths of my channel. He picks me up by the waist. His hands grabbing my thighs. When he has a hold of me I’m spread open with my back against his strong chest. Jason’s cock had been ripped from my lips but he sees what his friend is doing. He’s holding me up and open for him to take his pleasure on me. Jason swiftly moves between my gaping thighs and rams his cock home. His hands grasp my ankles and spread me lewdly as his huge cock thrust inside me. This frees Rocket’s hands to cup my breasts. I can still feel his semi-erect cock rubbing against my ass.He leans in to kiss my neck. My arm goes back to hold him there, running my fingers through his long skater hair. He bites me as his fingers pull on my turgid nipples. Jason is grunting as he fucks my swollen and cum filled pussy. The sounds of my sloshing cunt is more than I can take and I cum for the umpteenth time today. Jason grunts as my pussy spasms around his shaft. He quickens his pace and shoots his warm cum into my already filled quim. I lean in to kiss him swirling my tongue around his. His cock pulses again inside me before it slips out. Rocket slowly lets me down but my legs are shaking. I have a hard time standing but move over against the desk for support. Neither of the guys have their clothes off. I am naked looking up at them. They both have that cat the ate the canary look in their eyes.I am fully sated now. My body is still quivering from their onslaught. Rocket goes to retrieve my clothes while Jason stays near to hold me up. I’m trying to calm my breathing as my heart is pounding. I slip my shorts back on even as their sticky cum is leaking out of my pussy. Jason is brushing some of the dust from the desk off me. Then I slip my blouse back on. My nipples are so sensitive against the tight fabric. I moan and shudder from the feeling. I reach into the pocket of my short and pull out my phone.”Give me your numbers so I can call you when I need some more cock.” They each give me their digits (no pun intended). As I’m telling them that next time they need to come over to my place and we can have some more fun. I tell them I have a pool and we could spend the day playing. They are both high fiving each other when we hear a car door shut. Rocket moves to a window.”Oh fuck it’s a cop!”Jason looks at me, “we’ve got to go, they have warned us about being here. I’ll call you later.”With that they both scamper off through an open window. I am left straightening my blouse down just as the cop enters the building. He’s a tall black drink of water. His tight uniform leaves nothing to imagine.”Anyone in here?””I am.” I cry out.”Ma’am what are you doing in this building by yourself?””Oh I was looking to see if this is something my husband might buy and make a youth center out of. He is always looking to improve the community.” I lie as I am looking at this big strong black man. If I wasn’t so well fucked already, I would certainly be dropping to my knees for this guy.”Ma’am, that’s all well and good, but you shouldn’t be in here alone. A nice looking woman like you could get into some serious trouble. Now let’s go back to your car.”I follow him out watching his tight ass the whole time. He escorts me to my car and watches me get in. I roll my window and he walks up to me. My arm in only inches away from the bulge forming in his tight uniform. I swear he groaned as I licked my swollen lips. “Thank you officer for being worried about my safety.” As I turned the next corner I hear a thump in the back seat. It’s the guys’ skateboards. They left them in my car when we went inside. Well, at least I have an excuse to call them up later.

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