Subject: Wesley 24 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. It is set in Malaysia and contains descriptions of sexual interactions between a Chinese teenager and adult males, mostly caucasian. Feedback encourages me to write more. Please send comments ail and I will reply as quickly as possible. Bill WESLEY Chapter 24 Chris was going to be home later than normal so Wesley decided to have a swim. He changed into his speedos and wrapped a towel around his waist before heading downstairs to the pool. When he entered the lift, he met a young Malay man he’d never seen before. He smiled and said, “Hi.” “Hi. I guess you’re going for a swim too,” said the man who was dressed in knee-length swim shorts and carrying a towel. Wesley nodded. “Yes, I swim quite often. I haven’t seen you here before.” “I only moved in last week. I’m renting a room in an apartment on the 20th floor. My name is Azlan,” the young man said as he held out his hand. “I’m Wesley. Are you working nearby or are you at college?” responded the Chinese teen. Azlan smiled. “Do I look young enough to still be at college? I’m actually 26 and work in one of the shops at the mall by the station.” Wesley laughed. “Sorry. I thought you were only about twenty.” “Must be my boyish good looks and slim, fit body,” chuckled Azlan. “Something like that,” smiled Wesley. He thought that the guy, marginally taller than him at 5ft 7in (170 cm), was very good-looking. They walked to the pool together and Azlan dropped his towel on the lounger next to the one chosen by Wesley. Then he kicked off his flip-flops and dived into the water. Wesley removed the towel from his waist and followed Azlan. They splashed around for a bit and then Wesley challenged Azlan to a race. Wesley cheered when he won by an arm’s length. “I’m out of practice. I’ll beat you next time,” declared Azlan. “In your dreams!” Wesley retorted before racing to the other end of the pool. After about thirty minutes Wesley climbed out of the pool and headed for the lounger. “Very cute,” said a voice behind him. Wesley turned his head to find Azlan staring at his speedo-covered bum. He didn’t know how to respond so he just wrapped his towel around him and sat down. “It’s rare to see Malaysian guys wearing speedos,” Azlan said as he started to dry himself. “The only ones who do are invariably gay.” “Swimmers and divers wear them when competing,” said Wesley defensively. “Yeah, but not in a condo swimming pool.” Azlan sat down and added, “It doesn’t matter to me if you are gay or not.” “That’s good. What people do in private is their own business,” said Wesley. “I agree,” said Azlan. There was silence for some moments before he went on. “I’m straight but I wouldn’t say no to a guy who wanted to give me a blowjob. A mouth is a mouth.” “Some people say a hole is a hole. Does that mean you would fuck a guy too?” Wesley asked. Azlan laughed. “I’ve not tried it but maybe I would…if it was someone with a butt as cute as yours.” Wesley smiled. “Well, if I was gay then maybe I’d ask you.” He stood up. “I need to go now but I’ll see you around.” “Okay, Wesley. It was nice meeting you,” said Azlan. *** “Mack understands that you can’t spend hours with us today,” Chris told Wesley. “So we’re not going to waste time in senseless chit-chat. We’ll move straight to sex.” “I like that idea,” smiled Wesley. “Maybe I should be naked when they arrive.” “That’s up to you,” Chris said. “They have both seen you naked before.” Wesley giggled as he remembered what Jimmy looked like naked. “Jimmy has a tiny dick and no pubes. He looks even younger than me.” Chris smiled. “He certainly looks younger than his real age. I didn’t see him with an erection but I assume he got one when you put on your show.” “I was only looking at the men then and sadly none of them took their dicks out,” said Wesley. “You should get to see Mack’s today,” responded Chris. “I hope to do more than just see it!” Wesley winked at Chris. “I think I will keep my briefs for their arrival. I can still be naked first.” Chris just rolled his eyes. Mack and Jimmy arrived about ten minutes later. “Good to see you, buddy,” Mack said as he patted Chris on the back. “And I can see you’re glad to see me,” he said when he reached down and gently squeezed the very obvious bulge in Wesley’s white briefs. “I’m happy to see you again, ataköy escort Jimmy.” Chris put an arm around the teenager’s shoulders as they walked into the living room. “We didn’t get much chance to talk last time so I’m looking forward to getting to know you.” “You don’t need to know him to have sex with him,” Mack told Chris. “He knows I am lending him to you in return for sex with Wesley.” Jimmy lowered his head and said nothing. Chris however felt it necessary to respond. “I don’t want sex with a toy. I want to know Jimmy and what he likes.” Mack laughed. “He likes getting fucked – just like your boy.” Chris ignored Mack, sat down and pulled Jimmy into his lap. “You look younger than sixteen. I hope you don’t get teased at school.” Jimmy shook his head. “No, everyone at school is nice to me. Many other boys look younger than their real age.” “And when did you discover you liked men?” Chris asked Jimmy. On the other side of the room, Mack had already removed Wesley’s briefs and was playing with the boy’s stiff cock. “Are you always hard?” he asked. “I am when I’m with sexy men,” smiled Wesley. “Are you hard? I want to see your cock.” “Then get on your knees between my legs and get it out,” instructed Mack. Wesley hurriedly complied, feeling the big bulge before opening the man’s trousers and putting his hand inside the fly of the boxers and then wrapping his fingers around a very thick cock. He licked his lips as he pulled the cock into the open. Wesley smiled when he saw that Mack’s cock was just as thick as Chris’s. It was cut and not as long as Chris’s but Wesley knew he would enjoy being fucked by it. Wesley turned his head to see if Chris was watching him and frowned when he saw Chris kissing Jimmy. “Forget about them,” said Mack. “Concentrate on me.” Wesley turned back to look up at Mack. Then he gently wanked the thick cock and bent down to kiss it. He gave it a few licks and then took the head into his mouth and sucked it. “Good boy,” Mack said, putting a hand on Wesley’s head and applying some pressure. Wesley took the cock deeper into his mouth but pulled away when Mack pushed him down further and made him gag. “Help me undress,” Mack told Wesley. Wesley stood up and started to unbutton the man’s shirt. He was eager to see the hairy body again. When the shirt was open, he ran his hands over the hairy chest. “Suck my big tits,” Mack ordered. Wesley fingered the unusually large nipples and the protruding nubs before taking one into his mouth and sucking on it. He used his fingers to pull and pinch the other nipple at the same time. A few minutes later he swapped over and sucked the other nipple. “You’re doing a great job there, Wesley,” said Mack. “Do you enjoy having your tits played with?” Wesley came off the man’s nipple to reply, “Yes, sir.” “I’m very happy to hear that. Allow me to finish undressing and then I will play with yours,” said Mack. Wesley looked over at Chris and Jimmy while Mack stripped off. Jimmy was now naked and Chris was playing with his stiff little cock while kissing the boy. Again Wesley felt jealous of Jimmy. His thoughts were interrupted by Mack telling him to climb onto his lap. Moments later Mack was sucking and gently nibbling Wesley’s right nipple while playing with the boy’s cock and balls. Wesley enjoyed this attention but whimpered a few times when Mack bit harder on his nipple. He was relieved when Mack turned his attention to his left nipple…until it too was being bitten hard. “Too much,” he said, pushing Mack away. “I know. You want me to work on your little boy-pussy now, don’t you?” smiled Mack. Wesley smiled back. “Yes, sir. I enjoy being fucked more than anything else.” “Okay. Get down and suck my big cock a little more first,” said Mack. Wesley was soon between Mack’s legs again, but this time with Mack fully naked. Wesley fondled the large hairy balls while looking more closely at the man’s cock. He guessed it to be about 20 cm (8 inches) long. Not as big as he’d hoped but thick enough to give him a good time. He bent forward to lick and suck the cock, doing his best to turn Mack on while his head rubbed against the man’s fat belly. He heard Jimmy whimpering and looked out the corner of his eye to see Chris rimming the older boy. “Lick my balls,” ordered Mack and Wesley obeyed. After a few minutes Mack shoved his arse forward and spread his arse cheeks. “Get your tongue up my ass and pleasure me.” Wesley hesitated for a second but then merter escort pushed his face into the hairy crack and began licking. “Yeah boy, you’re doing fine,” said Mack. A few minutes later Mack said, “Okay, boy. I think you’ve earned your reward. Bend over that armchair and prepare to get fucked.” Wesley smiled as he got into position after making sure that Mack could see the tube of KY jelly needed for lubrication. Mack knelt behind Wesley and licked his rosebud for a few minutes. Then he rubbed a large amount of jelly over and into the boy’s hole. Wesley moaned softly and pushed back against the man’s invading fingers. “You sure are eager to get ploughed, boy,” Mack said with a laugh. Wesley gasped when Mack’s cock burst into his hole but then he sighed with pleasure as the cock slowly slid deeper. “Yes, that feels good,” he told Mack. Mack gave Wesley’s arse a spank and then began fucking him. It started out slow and steady but then Mack suddenly began pounding Wesley hard and fast. Wesley moaned. It felt strange to have the fat belly rub against him as the big cock rammed in and out of his hole but he enjoyed it. Then just as suddenly Mack slowed down again. Now he began to pinch and twist Wesley’s nipples as he fucked him. Then Mack let go of the nipples, grabbed Wesley’s waist and began to fuck him hard and fast again. Wesley was very close to cumming when Mack suddenly slowed down again and he moaned in frustration. “Quit moaning, boy. Don’t you know that the man’s pleasure is much more important than yours?” snarled Mack. Wesley said nothing but he glanced across the room to see Chris fucking Jimmy doggy-style. Mack started to fuck Wesley harder, although not as fast as before. He also took hold of Wesley’s cock and wanked it as he fucked. “I’m cumming!” Mack shouted and then blasted off deep inside Wesley’s hole. With Mack still wanking him, it was only a few moments later before Wesley spunked off onto the tiled floor. “That was awesome,” Mack said as he pulled his softening cock from Wesley’s hole. “You have a great ass, boy.” It wasn’t the fantastic fuck that Wesley had hoped for but he was pleased to receive a compliment. “Thanks. You have a great cock.” “Well, you know what to do now,” Mack said, pointing at his cock. Wesley crawled over and took the slimy cock into his mouth for cleaning. “I’m going to cum!” Jimmy cried. Wesley glanced over as he worked on Mack’s cock. “Me too!” Chris cried. When Wesley had finished his job, he sat on the floor leaning against Mack. The man ruffled Wesley’s hair and said, “You’re a great fuck. I hope we can do this again soon.” Across the room Chris and Jimmy were sharing a long, deep kiss. Once again Wesley felt jealous of Jimmy. “Hey Jimmy. I didn’t know you were into that soppy kissing stuff,” said Mack. Chris and Jimmy pulled apart. “Sexy young guys deserve to be kissed,” said Chris. “Whatever,” Mack said. “It’s not my thing.” “Obviously, you selfish bastard,” Wesley said to himself. “I’ll show you to the bathroom where you can get cleaned up,” Chris said. “It’s a shame we don’t have more time but Wes has to get home soon.” “No problem. We’ve had our fun,” Mack said as he and Jimmy followed Chris. Chris returned and hugged Wesley tightly. He then kissed the boy before saying, “I’m guessing you are disappointed by how things went.” Wesley nodded and felt tears coming to his eyes. “I thought I would like him ordering me about but it was all about his pleasure. Every time I looked over towards you, I felt jealous of Jimmy.” Chris kissed Wesley again. “Jimmy is a sweet guy but you are the one that I care about. We don’t need to have sex with them again.” Wesley blinked away his tears. “Thanks. It wasn’t bad but I had dreamt of something better.” Chris kissed the top of Wesley’s head and hugged him again. “We still have John and Aaron when we want to have fun with other guys. And there are other guys at the club for us to get to know.” Wesley smiled. “And you can fuck me in front of an audience at the club. That will be fun.” Chris laughed. “It might. Now you go off and shower in the master bathroom and I will say goodbye to our guests.” *** Wesley was his usual happy, horny self when he met up with Chris the following afternoon. “I was reading some online porn last night and I want to try something new,” he announced. “What new thing?” Chris asked with a smile. “Bondage,” replied Wesley. “I want you to tie me up, torture me and bahçeşehir escort then fuck me.” “What?” Chris was genuinely puzzled. “I don’t want painful torture obviously,” replied Wesley. “However I think it would be hot to be tied up and unable to resist you.” “I have read some bdsm stuff but it’s not really my thing,” said Chris. “It’s just a game, a sex game with you in control. Let’s try it…please,” begged Wesley. “You can use the nipple clamps.” Chris sighed. “What am I going to use to tie you up? I don’t have any rope.” “You can use some belts,” Wesley replied as he began to strip off. “Maybe some old ties if you have any.” “I hardly ever wear ties. You know I prefer casual dress, even for business,” said Chris. “Well, just use belts today. We can buy some rope for next time,’ responded Wesley. He was now naked and fully erect. Chris shook his head but opened his wardrobe and took out a few belts. “You can tie me to the bed posts,” suggested Wesley. He climbed onto the bed and stretched out his arms and legs. Chris did his best to secure the boy’s wrists and ankles to the bed. Wesley could easily have wriggled out of the bonds if he tried but it was good enough to satisfy him. “Now pinch my nipples, slap my cock and do whatever you want with me,” ordered Wesley. Chris stripped off and then began pinching and twisting the boy’s nipples. Wesley moaned and squirmed but at the same time his cock leaked pre-cum. That turned Chris on and he soon attached the nipple clamps he had bought for Wesley some weeks earlier. Wesley moaned louder, especially when Chris tugged at the chain linking the two clamps. “No, Master. It hurts,” complained Wesley. “It’s meant to hurt,” said Chris who was beginning to enjoy the game. He squeezed Wesley’s balls and added, “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” Wesley whimpered but then gave a little smile and said. “Yes. Whip my cock.” Chris picked up a thin leather belt and began flicking it at the teenager’s stiff cock. Wesley let out little yelps but his cock continued to leak pre-cum. Tossing the belt aside, Chris climbed onto the bed and knelt astride Wesley. “Suck my cock, slave,” he said pushing his rampant cock towards Wesley’s mouth. Wesley pretended to resist but was soon sucking on Chris’s big cock. “Get it good and wet,” instructed Chris. “I’m going to fuck my little slaveboy next.” “No, Master. Please don’t fuck me,” said Wesley. He winked at Chris and then took the man’s cock back into his mouth. Chris slapped Wesley’s face. “I will do as I please. You’re my sex-slave,” said Chris. He reached behind himself and tugged on Wesley’s rock-hard cock. A short time later, Chris loosened the belts around Wesley’s ankles, pushed the boy’s legs back and bound the ankles to the boy’s wrists. “Your slaveboy pussy is now wide open for me and I’m going to fuck you hard.” Wesley smiled because this is what he wanted. Then he remembered that he was supposed to be unwilling and said, “Please, Master. Don’t do it. It will hurt.” “It won’t hurt me,” responded Chris while greasing up Wesley’s hole. He then finger-fucked Wesley to prepare him and to prevent any real hurt. Then after greasing up his own cock, Chris got into position. He grunted and Wesley gasped when the thick cock breached the boy’s sphincter but then both sighed with pleasure as the cock pushed deeper. Soon Chris was fucking Wesley with regular hard thrusts. “That feels so good,” said Wesley. “I like being your slaveboy.” “Do you?” Chris asked. He tugged at the chain attached to the nipple clamps. Wesley winced but replied, “Yes, Master. I think I’m going to cum.” Chris began fucking Wesley faster. Wesley moaned but a short time later cried out, “I’m cumming!” Blast after blast of boy-cum shot into the air. Some landed on Wesley’s face and the rest landed on his chest. Chris was soon moaning too. “I’m going to cum too!” he cried and then he sent volley after volley of hot cum deep into Wesley’s arse. “That was great,” Wesley told Chris as they cleaned up later. “I hope you enjoyed it too.” “I did actually, Wes. More than I thought I would,” said Chris. “We can get some ropes and stuff so that it’s even better next time,” smiled Wesley. “We could if you really want to do it again,” Chris said. “Oh, I do,” said Wesley. “As a future porn star, I want to try all kinds of kinky things.” Chris laughed and then Wesley said, “You could tie me up, whip me and then fuck me in front of the guys at the club. That would be so hot!” “I’m not sure about that,” Chris responded. “The members probably haven’t seen that kind of sex action at the club before. I…I mean we would be a sensation,” Wesley said with a big smile and a stiffening cock. Chris rolled his eyes. “You’re a sex monster,” he said. “Yes, I am,” smiled Wesley. To be continued

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