What She Wants


I had not felt like finishing this story until I got an email from someone who said that they kept looking for me to write more. It is this person who inspired me to finish it and I dedicate the final offering to you.

I felt like I had won the lottery. Here I was trading blow jobs with an incredibly beautiful young lady, and I wanted to give as good or better than I had received. So I decided a little teasing was in order. I wanted to start slow and build up her tension for a better climax.

It will make perfect pay back for all that teasing I was subjected to all summer. In the flash of a moment my mind played back pictures of sweet sexy Cindy hanging around in tight clothes bumping in to me. Or an innocent hug held a little to tight for a little too long. The occasional nipple slip that we both would pretend didn’t happen. Pay back is a bitch but we both were going to enjoy it.

Standing on her knees straddled over me in the lawn chair she brought her hips closer to my face. Time for phase one. I grabbed Cindy’s hips with both hands stopping her forward movement. I went straight for her amazing looking belly button and began planting kisses. I worshiped at her abdomen, softly kissing everywhere.

Meanwhile I moved my hand in towards her center till I found my secret target. First I found the lips of her pussy and pretended to brush her there by accident, I moved it off leaving my thumb next to and almost on top of her clit. It was easy to find because of it’s size.

I left it there and continued to kiss around everywhere I could reach. She began to softly moan as I moved southward, expecting me to go in for the kill. At the last moment I moved back up away from from where she wanted me to kiss. This time her moan was one of frustration, but I stuck to my plan. A few seconds later I put my thumb on top of her clit and applied some pressure and movement.

I still had one free hand and I used it to trace circles softly on one of her ass cheeks. It felt amazing. A perfect shape, firm, and soft all at the same time. Cindy was moaning again, her frustration from a moment ago now a distant memory. Moving my hand from her ass I grabbed one of her tits. It was a nice hand full and caused my cock to start getting hard again. (wow that didn’t take long!)

Taking her nipple between thumb and finger, I began to abuse it. I pinched and twisted it mercilessly. She loved it and the volume of her moans increased. I slid my thumb from her clit into her slit and teased her opening gathering moisture as lubricant.

After a short stay there I moved back up until I felt her clit again and traced wet circles all around it. It wasn’t taking long to achieve the desired result and her moans turned into a whimper.

Her volume was increasing, and as long as it didn’t get much louder we would be okay. The river carried sound easily and we could be overheard if someone was near nearby.

The next few minutes were almost as pleasurable for me as they obviously were for her. I explored everything thing I could with my kisses, as I pinched and twisted kastamonu escort nipples and rubbed her clit and labia. All the while she demonstrated her appreciation with the ever increasing volume of her whimpering and moaning. I escalated my assault on her by very swiftly inserting two fingers into her pussy and pumping like a piston.

I wasn’t ready for her reaction and flinched a little when she let out a short shrill scream. My first thought was oh my God I have a screamer on my hands. I never had a screamer. This was too cool! My next thought was fuck I have a screamer on my hands.

“Shh someone might hear us” I warned her, and she toned it down a little bit. I used the next few moments working on her pussy with one hand and kissing and fondling every thing else I could with my mouth and other hand. When I felt I had built her up enough I started kissing my way south again with purpose and intent. I went straight where she wanted me to.

I gave her the adoration that she deserved by wrapping my lips around her nether lips and commenced giving her a French kiss down there and then moved to suck on her clit. She let out a muffled scream and I was happy at first to see she was using some restraint in her vocalizing. It sounded like she had one of her hands over her mouth. Then it dawned on me that she had both hands on me. One was on my shoulder and the other was pulling my head tighter to her pussy.

I looked up to see what was going on and Cindy had somehow grown another arm. A less tanned arm with a sleeve from a pink tee shirt. Then came another arm seemingly out of no where snaking it’s way around her midsection as if someone was trying to steady her. Now a second very pretty head popped out grinning down at me in appreciation of the scene before it.

Shit! It was Lisa, Cindy’s sister. I lay there frozen not knowing what to do or what to expect. Cindy opened her eyes looked down and said “Don’t stop Uncle Rock, Lisa isn’t going to tell on us!”

” What?” I managed to stammer. I was dumbfounded but managed to ask “She’s going to watch and help keep you quiet?”

“Yah” Lisa replied speaking for the first time. “I’ve had to do this before. She’s too fucking loud, I heard her when I went out side to make a phone call and knew what she was up to.”

“Maybe we should move this indoors” I said.

“No” Cindy protested. “I want cum out here with the sun on my skin. I love having sex in the sun.”

I agreed that it was nice, and instructed Lisa to do a good job as sound muffler. Play time was over I wanted Cindy to cum, no more teasing. I put my mouth on her clit, glanced at Lisa’s smiling face and then began licking and sucking on her clit.

I worked my fingers in and out of her hole making sure I curled them up to try and hit her G-spot. I kept at her clit because it was producing the desired effect, and because I was infatuated by it. It was what I considered large, even tho I had seen pictures of bigger ones, and Cindy sure liked what I was doing to it.

I glanced up again escort kastamonu and watched Lisa as she watched me. She alternated from observing what went on at Cindy’s pussy, to looking at my cock. Cindy was looking down at me and I broke contact with her skin long enough to give her a quick smile and a wink, and then was right back at it. I kept the same rhythm going, I didn’t want to cause her to back away from her impending orgasm.

Then I felt a hand grasping my cock. It was Lisa’s hand and she was using it to explore my genitals. Her hand slowly explored the head, fingers circled the cap and then wrapped around the shaft moving downward. When she reached my balls her hand cupped around them and tested their weight. Then she tested their elasticity. She stretched them as far as she dared. Now her curiosity finally satisfied she began working on my cock in earnest. It was a long time since I had a hand job, and what she was doing felt so good.

Cindy was making noise in abandon now that she could enjoy her blow job and not worry about how much noise she made. Feeling that her time was near I set about pushing her over the edge. I doubled my efforts with my mouth and gave her a quick slap on the ass. She responded nicely and after a few more slaps I moved up to her tits and began working on her nipples.

I didn’t know that Lisa had let go of my cock until she grabbed it again and began working it back and forth in her pussy lips. As she guided it inside of her I looked down at the ground and noticed a pair of panties and white shorts in a heap on top of a pair of flip flops. She had worked them off with one hand while she muffled Cindy’s mouth with the other.

Lisa was already very wet and worked her herself up and down my dick getting more and more of it lubed as she made to impale herself fully on it. She felt wonderful on my cock, her pussy tightly grabbing around it. When my cock was finally all the way inside her she stayed there getting used to my size and enjoying the sensation. She felt warm wet and tight, and I didnt care how long she took to use my cock, it felt so good.

Cindy was whimpering again and I knew she was at the point of now return. I engulfed her clit with my mouth and sucked on it like it was a piece of hard candy. My hand was a piston in her pussy again, pounding out a rhythm with my fingers. Suddenly she was there. With a shudder she began to convulse and writhe with pleasure. Thankfully Lisa’s hand never left Cindy’s mouth because she let out a long scream. Her face had a look of blissful agony as her orgasm played itself out.

When Cindy began to come down from her pleasure I felt Lisa begin to move up and down on my cock. She had both hands on me now steadying herself as she concentrated on fucking her Uncle.

After a few minutes Cindy’s breathing had slowed down to almost normal and getting up off of me she proceeded to plant a long wet kiss on me, and we played sword fight with our tongues while she rubbed her hand on my chest. I returned the favor and grabbed one kastamonu escort bayan of her abused tits and set about soothing it.

Lisa was clearly into what she was doing now, her fingers were playing in her pussy. First on her clit and then traveling down to encircle my cock as she pounded up and down on it, then back to her clit.

The added stimulation from her hand was driving me crazy every time it came down around my cock. I was feeling that familiar feeling, the tingle of pleasure that coursed thru my very hard member. I started playing with Lisa’s small tee shirt covered tits to help her catch up in case she wasn’t as far along as I was. Plus I wanted those tits that I had been lusting after for so long, and now I had my chance.

Lisa whimpered like her sister while having sex, but she was able to keep her volume down. We carried on for a few minutes. Her hand went back and forth from dick to clit. My hand was exploring her very intriguing breasts through the thin material of her pink tee shirt.

When reached under her top and my hand was finally skin on skin with her tits she began to cum on my cock. There was an almost explosion of wetness from her that covered my cock and dripped down onto my balls.

“I’m cuming!” Lisa stated.

I was lost in my own pleasure for a moment and I knew I was going to cum. It took what must have been just a few seconds, but felt like a whole minute had passed. Then I started shooting my seed inside of her.

“I’m cuming too” I replied.

Lisa seemed to get some added pleasure from us coming at the same time and a second orgasm washed over her.

Cindy was now planting kisses on me and worked her way up to my ear where she said, “I hope your enjoying this as much as I am.”

All I could do at that point was nod my head in agreement. Finally we were spent, and I pulled Lisa’s Tee shirt up over her head and then she was as naked as the rest of us. She looked beautiful, her tits were just a little bit more than handfuls. She was a little more curvy than her sister, and she had a neatly trimmed landing patch of hair above her pussy that made your eye move right down it to her nether lips. Like I’ve said before she is a girly girl and plays the part to utmost delight of all the males around her.

We sat around and explored each other bodies with our eyes and sometimes our hands as we talked for a while. I learned that Cindy got her tan from sun bathing in a discrete corner on the roof of their dorm. Lisa tanned there too but Cindy was the one who spent the most time up there. Sometimes she had a boyfriend with her and thats where Lisa was employed to make sure Cindy kept quiet while they fucked so that no one would discover them. They first started the practice when they were at home and didn’t want to be discovered when they masturbated in the bedroom they shared.

Cindy had worked long and hard on her deep throat technique using her boyfriend as a training tool. Lisa was trying to learn to do it and wondered if I might be interested in helping her learn how. She really liked to be gaged by a big cock and felt that mine would do just nicely for that purpose. I was happy to volunteer.

After a while we put our cloths back on and after a final kissing and groping session we went home to do other things, but the three of us promised to get together soon and pick up where we left off.

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