Subject: What-Who am I Chapter 3 Who am I Chapter Three All night long, every dream I had, I was saying “I belong to Johnathan. I belong to Johnathan. Fuck, he is getting into my head. When I got up I was feeling a little nauseous. So I went into my brother’s room and began to suck on his cock. I touched his soft dick and rubbed it on my face. I licked the veiny shaft up and down all the way down to the base and licked his balls. As his prick began to grow, I swallowed his cock in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down. I could feel the vein begin to fill with blood as his shaft became hard. Joe just opened his legs wider to give me better access to his manhood. He then held my head and fucked my mouth. I just closed my lips tightly around his magic wand to give him the pleasure he wanted. Yes, I needed my morning medicine. He continued to shove his hard pole into the back of my throat. He was waiting for my throat muscles to spasm around his fuck stick. He kept his dick lodged in my throat till I began to thrust my head up to meet his downward strokes. A few times I almost passed out. As I was working on his meat, I felt Jim rubbing his snake up and down my ass crack. It almost felt like he was licking my pink hole. I hear the guys in school talk about fucking their girlfriend’s asses. I wondered if it felt that good. Joe just grabbed my head and with one final shove, his cock and balls released his morning cream into my mouth. I swallowed the thick gooey cream. As soon as his man juice hit my stomach, I felt better. Jim turned me around and shoved me on the floor. He began to thrust his morning hard on in and out of my mouth. I sucked on the head like I was nursing from a bottle. He put his dick back in my mouth and was sliding his prick over my tongue. I could feel his cock begin to tighten up. He grabbed my head and started fucking my face as hard as he could. My head was pouncing off the side of the bed. Just as I could feel his piss slit expand and open up, he rammed his entire 8 inches plus into the back of my throat. He just held my head as his cock was lodged deep in my throat. I could feel each jerk as the family jewels spewed its DNA into my stomach. I didn’t even have the chance to taste his baby batter. Only when I began to gag did he come out of his trance and let me breathe. I thanked him as I had been told by Johnathan. It was an honor, so I should show some respect. I went back to my bedroom to get ready for school. I began to put away some clothes and in the pocket of the shirt that I wore to Susan’s house, was a note. It said. You better be at picnic table 7 in the park Thursday evening at 7:30 or I will expose you. Make sure you have your yellow lace panties in your hand. Fuck, what should I do? I didn’t think anyone knew it was me. I don’t want him spreading lies about me around school. I am straight. The only reason I suck cocks and swallow their loads, is for the healing power Joe and I began to walk to school. About five blocks before the school grounds, Joe says we are taking a detour. Behind some trees is a shed. He opens the door and there are two high school friends of his standing their naked with their cocks sticking straight up. He tells me to get started. They have a big supply of your medicine waiting for you. I get on my knees and begin to suck the first cock. I grab hold of his waist and begin to work his cock into my mouth. Up and down my lips move around his cock, sucking his rod in and out none stop for about 5 minutes. I feel his cock arch in my throat as he unloads his cum juices into my mouth. escort izmit I hear Joe say “10 dollars apiece”. As soon as I finish swallowing the first load of jizz, I turn and swallow the next dick. I proceed to work my tongue around his dick head as I go down to his pubic hair. I hear “Fuck”. I know I must be doing something right. I continue to suck on his spear, rotating my hand as I suck his lollipop. I know he can’t last. He places his hands on my head. I slurp his cock, making him to cum in my mouth. His cock doesn’t jerk like his friends, his cum just shoots out in a stream. It fills my mouth with his creamy sweet medicinal cum. I have to swallow three or four times to capture all his dick juices. I can’t afford to waste even a drop of their precious liquid. I say Thank you, as I dust off my knees. And we all head off to school. At Lunch time Joe finds me and tells me to follow him to the basement bathroom. He tells me I look a little pale, so I have lined up 3 guys for you. You can extract their medicines from their cocks. I go into the stall and a guy from the football team is sitting on the bowl. His dick is dripping pre-cum and sticking straight-out. I get on my knees and vacuum his man dick into my mouth. I swallow his cucumber down to his nut sack. Up and down his pole my mouth traveling as my tongue wraps itself around his angry red mushroom head. I feel his balls beginning to churn his creamy butter, just waiting for me to swallow its contents. His piss slit opens up, shooting jets of sperm, painting the insides of my mouth with his salty discharge. I swallow every delicious drop. I lick the last drop of cum that is dripping out of his piss slit. I say thank you. I turn around and there is another school mate standing naked. He is stroking his cock waiting for me to relieve him of his healing juice: his cum. I swallow his thick slab of meat down to the bone. My mouth travels up and down his human pointer. With a steady rhythm I suck his dick in and out of my mouth, enjoying the feel of his silky pole in my mouth. I feel his rod thicken so I know he is about to unload his life saving medicines into my waiting mouth. His cock shoots off like a champagne cork and his thick creamy fills my mouth. With several deep gulps, I swallow his entire offering. As soon as he moves away there is another school chum waiting in line to have his tube steak worked over. I lick the tip of the pre-cum that is dripping from his faucet. He grabs my head and shoves his entire snake down my throat. I hear him says, that is fucking great. He begins to face fuck my mouth, ramming his hard wood down my throat. I just give over to his lust and let him use my mouth like the pussy shape mouth it is. I hear my brother say pay up guys. He just continues to assault my mouth as he plunges his weapon deep inside my mouth. Without any warning he fills my mouth with his medicinal seed. The thick globs of batter, slowly slips down my throat I say thank you again. . I clean my face of the sticky cum. My brother Joe says you look better now. I guess you needed several dose of that human protein. He was right. I do feel so much better. Johnathan and his three friends are waiting for me after school. As soon as we are in the door they rip my clothes off and shove me on my knees. Johnathan tells me from now on as soon as you entire my house you will put this collar on. Then you remove your clothes and get in the proper position; which is on your knees, hands behind your back and eyes to the floor. Do you understand? I don’t care if there are 100 people in the room, you will izmit escort bayan do it. I sheepishly say Yes Sir. His friends are now all naked on the couch with their legs spread wide open. Now crawl over and begin to suck their cocks, he says. Every two minutes you will stop sucking and move onto the next guy. I am in a daze. Why is he treating me like this? For the next 30 minutes I crawl up between their legs and swallow their fleshy snakes, one by one. “Ok now get on your knees and open your mouth”. The guys surround me and begin to stroke their cocks. Within 2 or 3 minutes, each dick spews it man juices on my face. I just sit there as they jerk off on me. My face captures all the human seed. My hair, my face and my chin is just covered with dripping cum. I see cell phones taking pictures of all that wasted protein dripping down my chin. You are a cum dump, he tells me. You are disgusting. I don’t know if I can ever kiss you again. Tears start to form in my eyes. I hear Johnathan say “you are a fucking loser. Stop crying. What did I ever see in you, as they all spit in my face. I lower my head in shame. Get dressed and we will walk you home, he says. I ask for a towel to clean my face, Johnathan says NO. We walk thru the park. I am grateful I don’t have to walk down my street for all the neighbors to see this cum dripping down my chin. As we are walking thru the park, several older guys come up and say Hi. We like the makeup your friend is wearing. Would he like more, they ask? I want to run away from this humiliation, but if I do Johnathan will be mad. He won’t be my friend anymore. He tells me to get on my knees as the guy pulls his small dick out. He tells the guys when you are ready to unload your cum, pull out and plaster his face with your sperm. I suck his 5 inch prick and I quickly bring him to the edge. He pulls his pickle out of my mouth and sprays my face with his sticky cream. He wipes his dick head in my hair as he zips up and continues on his way. Several other guys were watching the scene. They ask, Can anyone join? Sure Johnathan tells them. The three guys just whip out their pricks and begin to jerk off on my face, taking pictures with their cell phones as well. Each guy drops a fresh load of jism on my face. Johnathan says this is to show you, “you are my cum dump” and I can do anything I want with you. I say to myself, I am not a cum dump. I just need cum to become a man. Why don’t they understand? Johnathan tells me, any one of my friends can use you. I share everything with my friends. Do you understand? Repeat after me. I belong to Johnathan. I am a cum dump. Again, again. Johnathan pulls out his engorged cock and shoves it down my throat. He keeps fucking my mouth as several guys watch him in action. He says this is my bitch. He begins to quicken his pace of ramming his meat in and out of my mouth. I feel his cock explode and his baby maker fills my mouth with his almost children. His sperm travel down my throat into my stomach, where those sperm tadpoles will realize their doomed fate. All the way back to my home I repeat “I belong to Johnathan and I am a cum dump”. Johnathan whispers in my ear. I am sorry I have to be so hard on you, but you have to learn your place. You are one sexy girl. Johnathan opens my shirt and begins to suck on my nipples. It feels so good. I know he really likes me. I guess he has to put a show on for his macho friends I say to myself. That’s why he does what he does. I love feeling his mouth on my nipples. It makes me feel so sexy. He pulls a pair of slim rubber tubes out of his kocaeli anal yapan escort pocket. He pulls my nipples thru the opening and they close around the tip. My nipples begin to stick out about half an inch. Do not take them off. He says I look forward to your mouth on my cock tomorrow. “I think my cock loves your mouth” he says, as he laughs and walks away. All I hear is “I love you” It is 7:30 and I am waiting at the park picnic table. I have the yellow lacy panties in my hand. I keep looking around hopping he doesn’t show. Out of the bushes I see Rob approaching me. I have my back to him so he doesn’t see my face yet. He sees the panties lying on the bench. I hear his voice says “Hey bitch, I am glad you showed up, you give great head”. I turn my head and he says “what the fuck” I know you from school. Are you a faggot or something? No, I am straight. No please listen. I tell him your girlfriend blackmailed me into sucking your cocks. They dressed me up to fool you guys. Fuck he says. You sure did. You looked hotter than half the girls in school. I tell him the girls stripped me naked and took pictures of my one in dick and made me suck your dicks. You have a one inch dick? He yells over to the guys and they coming running out of the They ask Where is Jessica? “This is Jessica”. He sucked our cocks and swallowed our jizz? Yes. But you have to see this first, he tells them. Drop your pants and you better be telling me the truth, he says. I drop my shorts and all I hear is oh shit, where is your dick? Susan’s clit is bigger than your thing. Turn around he says. He looks at my ass and says if you had tits I would not be able to tell you are a guy. They all agree. He tells them the whole story. They all agree their girlfriends are bitch’s most of the time, but they let us fuck them, so we put up with their shit. Rob says, “Fuck I came here to get a blow job, so since you are straight you are going to suck our cocks anyway”. It’s not like you haven’t done it before, they say “. Rob drops his pants and sits on the table with legs spread wide. I lower my mouth on his sperm making machine and proceed to suck his rod. I lick, suck and vacuum his dick in and out of my mouth. I feel someone rubbing their cock up and down the crack of my ass. That feels so good. Rob yells “here it cums you fucking cocksucker” as his nut sack empties its load of creamy stuff into my mouth. I swallow his nectar. I move over and begin to work Rich’s sausage. Again I swallow his cock to the base and work my lips and tongue up and down his shaft, till he unleashes his jism into my mouth. I swallow all of his juices. I see Pete’s balls hanging down and his rod pointing to the sky. I begin to lick and suck on his low hangers. I transfer my mouth and tongue and suck his dick into my mouth. He holds my head and begins to hump my face. Up and down his hands move my head as my tongue plays with his mushroom head. He quickens his pace and I feel his man juice climbing up his shaft. With one final shove his cock gives me his cream. Again I swallow. Rob asks. You must love cum as you swallowed our stuff without question. The girls think swallowing cum is gross. I wish they were more understanding like you. I tell them cum is the only thing that will prevent my dick from getting smaller. “Fuck” they say. Since you are straight, we can’t imagine having a cock that small, as they wave their 7 inch rods in the air. You are ok, they say. If Susan gives you any problems, let me know. You can have our cocks and cum anytime you need. Rob wraps his arm around my shoulder as we all talk and leave the park. This turned out better that I thought. My stomach feels full. I wonder if my cock has grown any? I will have to ask my brothers. Any comments please send to ail Please, Please Nifty needs your donations to stay online. Give any amount you can.

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