When Girls become the Sexual Predators


When Girls become the Sexual Predators
I take the time to tell my stories, so you guys can learn, and hopefully have a wank reading my thoughts on paper. All I want is to know is, that if you did, I pray you’re not one of those guys that does then runs away, without making a comment on what it was that made you cum. You see, if I know that, then my stories can only get better, so please, read, and only if you had a wank, say what bit got you off, in the comments section after the story. Lots of love and happy reading.

1.) Puberty and the urge for sex, my brother, mother and daddy

I sometimes wonder when a woman writes about an event in her life, that actually happened, if people believe her because it can be believable or too good to be true?
I remember spending a night in bed with my brother on a skiing holiday, and because nothing happened, we chose to ignore questions if we were tempted or did anything, and people actually believed we did do something, because we said nothing.
Oh! We both were naked, perhaps that was why they thought otherwise, or they wanted us to have had i****tuous sex, because it’s so fucking hot, just thinking about it.
Is that kind of sex really factual? Ask any girl and she will, if she is being honest, tell emphatically, siblings do mess around sexually, with a freebie hand job, or a blow-job.
Most young men need to feel that feminine hand or mouth all over their genitalia. We girls need the practice, we know it what the guys want, and we need to have the confidence to reach in and blow his fucking mind away, and brother’s can allow you to make those common mistakes, before your target gets into your body.

Lots of girls are left to find out things for themselves, like crossing their fingers because a guy is fucking them bareback and insisting in finishing inside them, because it will ruin his orgasm. I was put on the pill by my mother, to regulate my periods, but in reality, she knew I was sexually curious before my time and it was more a matter of when, than if, and she was right.

My older brother had a wank every Saturday when our mother went into town. I knew this because I liked to watch, after walking in on him going at it full belt, on top of his bed. He thought I had gone to town with mother, like I usually did, but not on that particular morning.
What he did not know, was that I had stayed in bed myself, trying to masturbate for the first time. I was still officially a little girl, but horny as hell, and had been dreaming about being naked on a beach with men standing around me jacking off onto my nude body. (This is something from real life my mother did, you know it, or sense it, without actually seeing it but your brain is recording other events and adding everything up as you sleep to make sense)

I awoke with my fingers in my wet pussy and my bum lying in a huge damp spot. I felt the pleasure when I toyed with my pussy, I knew there was something more, there had to be, a satisfaction bit that left you feeling fulfilled, there had to be, and if anyone would know, it would be my brother, I knew he had done it with a girlfriend of his, so I waited until I heard the front door close and went in to catch him whacking off to naked photos on a magazine called “Parade”.

I was wearing knickers and a t-shirt and asked to touch him. He was so far gone he saw me as a girl with soft hands willing to pleasure him, in fact, I was to far enthralled about being given the chance to touch his cock and learn to wank him, I forgot about my own horniness, I actually got up very close to his erection, he could feel my warm breath all over his glans, he shot right into my face.

Maybe this was how blow-jobs were invented, I don’t know, but the smell of a man’s balls and crotch, is a weakness I can’t resist, this is why I have to pull his underpants down and bury my face into his sack, to use my two senses, smell and taste, and I do have a long tongue, I can lick my nose to prove it.

Here is another thing about me and girls in general for you guys to pick up on, if you meet a girl boasting about her tongue length and doing a party trick like touching the end of her nose, guys, she want’s you to fuck her, she is wagging her sex organ at you and putting dirty thoughts in your head, trust me, it’s what I do, because I know guys just love having their ass-holes rimmed.

Back to my mother, bohemian by nature, and a free sexual spirit, which people call “Swinging” today. Holidaying on the French coast in Summers past, my brother fell in love with her breasts, when he was around twelve, she had great tits and she bared them on the beach and let my brother oil them and I would watch at his pleasure, we both were allowed to run around naked back then, so I saw his cock go up when mother took her top off and handed him the suntan lotion bottle and daddy looked the other way, like he did on occasions when mother went for a beach stroll, wrapped in a beach chiffon, that showed she was naked under it, and she would be gone for most of the afternoon as daddy fidgeted and played with us, always looking off into the distance where she had gone.

Mothers holiday consisted in having beach sex with strangers, it was her thing and daddy’s reward was being told the hot details at night, as she wanked him, and this was where I got my sex gene, and mothers love of free sex.

Sadly, as with all open sex marriages, something usually gives in the end and daddy found a kindred spirit with another woman and left us.

Living with mother alone was really the beginning of our sex education. After daddy had left the cold northern climes saw my brother and mother get closer which made me yearn for attention, even though I did not see it then.
Mother drank a lot of wine and would be waited upon by my older brother. She touched him affectionately and would walk in on him as he bathed, and would close the door behind her and wash him, well that was the story my brother told.
If you want to me to go further and expand on our families obsession with sex, let me know in the comments.

2.) Walking the streets of Edinburgh, where I studied, looking for sex

It was a Friday night and I had decided that very afternoon I needed attention, in the shape of a good fucking. I was due my periods and my body was in heat, and unlike a bitch in heat in the doggy world, my wet pussy’s scent was not being picked up on by men, only my perfume and lack of clothing, was sending out the messages that this girl was looking for fun.
I had a small flat up in Morningside, but with so many nurses around competition was difficult, unless I fancied a lesbian tryst, but a good cock was high on my agenda, and I eventually met a man, a foreigner wanting to shag a white girl and I made it obvious I was her and we left the bar to go find a spot for me to get my kit off in public.

We staggered and stopped occasionally in doorways for him to finger me, my knickers were in the gutter somewhere for the street cleaner to find and wank off into the crotch in the morning.
Now here is a kink a girlfriend put me onto, I buy “Burner phones”, disposable and untraceable, if you destroy them properly.
I always scribble my phone number according the phone I bought online, and they guy who finds my disposable knickers can call me for some dirty chat, so scribbling “Call Me, and the number 0707*******”, makes for an interesting pick up later on, or a morning wank in bed at the very least”

I digress, back to my staggering around the streets for a shag, with this stranger in tow. I have had my hand down his pants wanking his floppy cock for a while now and beginning to realise I have a “Brewers Droop”, in tow, even sucking him just filled my mouth but really nothing else to give a girl hope.

We finished up miles from the pub where we set out full of hope, only to realise the cold Scottish fresh air had incapacitated my cock for the night and he was beginning to become an embarrassment to my fondling. But as luck would have it, there were men driving around looking for pussy and one drove slowly passed us as we were caught with our hands down each others pants.
My mini skirt was up and my bare ass was on show when he drove alongside us and stopped. It was an expensive car, with a very quiet engine, but the electric window came down and the classic music made me turn to peer into the darkness and hear a voice say, “Would you guys like to fuck in my back seat”

My guy was too far gone to even notice the limousine, let alone, hear the offer, and I turned to flash my coiffured pussy and walk to the open window, “What”, I retorted, leaning in and seeing a middle-age man, stroking his cock and sitting bare-assed, which initially looked ridiculous, but struck a chord with me, so I asked him, “Would you like me to wank you off”, to which he just said, “What about your boyfriend”, and I, without even turning back to look at him, said, “Fuck him” and I opened the passenger door and jumped in, hearing the glass window go up and we drove off, as I reached across the consul and grabbed his fat cock and fingered my pussy at the same time, fully intent on a union.

After a few minutes driving I asked him, “Where do you want to fuck me?” and he drove on a little more and stopped the car.

I was across the centre consul with his huge glans in my mouth, stopping momentarily to see complete darkness surrounding the car, “Where are we”, I asked him, to which her replied, “The Crags”, I knew the place, an extinct volcano, where all men and women like myself, came to fuck their one night stands, “Even better I thought”

My skirt was up around my waist as I feasted on his huge knob, I did not hear the window wind down but felt the hand come in, because it was cold as it played around the crack of my bared arse and begin fingering my pussy. Voyeurs were common around here, looking to get into the act with women who wanted to have gang sex and husbands who were cuckold, and enjoyed seeing their wives sexually used.

“This you wife”, I heard, as my mouth was full of cock and he had me by the hair forcing me down, “No” he replied, “she’s my long lost daughter and she is a fucking slut”, he replied.

“Wow” I thought, this just gets better by the minute and I bit down on his Bell-End, to acknowledge his remark, “Can I fuck your daughter then”, asked my pussy abuser, sensing how wet my pussy was telling him I was up for anything?
Before he could answer, I pulled up and said, “Let him daddy, please can I fuck him”, and went back to sucking his cock.
My new found daddy enjoyed that touch and smacked my arse as my head bobbed up and down on his cock. There was a sudden cold draught as the passenger door opened, then a warmth, as the guy had dropped his pants and lay across my bare ass to push his cock up me and start shagging, “Oh Daddy, Daddy, it feels so good”, I moaned and suddenly my lover said, “Fucking hell” and shot his load right into my bare pussy and the driver came in my mouth almost simultaneously.

Suddenly I realised I was not cumming, now both men had spread their seed into my holes, but I was ever hopeful, I had an experience to relive and relish in bed, and some sex toys for a good wank at my own pace, I would cum there.

My new daddy, ever the gentleman offered to drive me home and I accepted, getting him to drop me off close to my abode, which for security kept secret. We chatted, I was not unique, he had picked up girls like me often enough, it would seem our new found self confidence, meant more girls were out looking to be serviced, a night out capped with a good shag from a stranger’s cock, was more the order of the day, and I recognised that. I watched as he drove off, dropping his business card, which he gave me with a genuine desire for us to meet again, and I walked the short distance to my flat.
By the time I got in I went to bed and found my need for masturbation had abated and instead, I fell asleep.

I was awoken with the phone going off, the clock read just past six, I had been sleeping for four hours at most, “What”, I asked, “I have your Panties”, came the reply, the voice sounded youthful and hopeful.

“Where did you find them”, I replied, “Up Lothian Road”, he retorted, I could sense his nervousness, on hearing just how confident and articulate I was, but I was a female and he was gesturing for sex with me, and by then I was warming to the idea, after all, I had been dreaming of my escapades only hours earlier.

“Fuck”, I said, “I lost them further back than there”, and so it went on, he was not a street cleaner, but a student obviously keen for a fuck, so I told him to meet me in the gardens at nine, we could have a pub breakfast later and maybe some fun after that.

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