When I was an 18yo boy … true story

When I was an 18yo boy … true story
This story happened when I was a 18 year old boy. Let’s say my name is Alex. I tried not to make to many spelling or grammer mistakes, but English is not my native language.

We used to live in small town in the countryside where I enjoyed a lovely c***dhood. Most of my free time during summer you could find me on the courts of the local tennis club. That all changed when my parents got divorced when I was 16 and me and my 2 older brothers moved towards the city with our mother. I had to leave the tennis club because it was just to far away.

Every summer during the first week of August there was this big tournament at that club for all the local people. That lasted a whole week and every evening there was a party until late, and the traditional bbq-evening on Thursday. Two years later, when I was 18 I decided to pay a visit to my old friends and got the approval from my mom to take the bus that evening and come back the next morning with the first bus. I would easily find a place to sleep on one of the sofa chairs in the club lounge for a few hours when the party finished.

So I had a fun night together with some old friends, chatting and drinking and telling old stories. It was aready close to midnight when some more people arrived at the party. One of them was the sister of one of my father’s best friends. She was in her early 50’s but she was quit a beautiful and also very sensual lady. I remember people in town used to gossip about her being with ‘many’ other men. But surely most men turned their head around when she passed by to watch her.

After a few minutes she noticed me and came towards me. “Well who do we have here! That’s been a few years Alex, isn’t it? It is nice to see you again.” She offered me a drink and we talked a little. It was clear that she already had a few drinks somewhere else. Then she asked me how I would go back home and I told her my plan. “No way you are going to sleep here,” she told me,”when the party is finished you come home with me and you stay at my place until you can take the bus in the morning.” I said I wouldn’t mind sleeping in the club house but there was no arguing she said. She would take me home and that’s it.

The night went on and everyone got more drunk. Some of my friends were pulling jokes on me like : “Oh boy, be careful … it’s gonna be some night for you …” I said: “Come on guys, don’t be silly, she’s just a friend of my father” ….

So finally the party ended. She came to find me and she drove me to her place. She told me to go into the living room and she came back with a blanket and pillow. She pointed to the couch and said: “Make yourself at home.” I took off my shorts and shirt, keept on my underpants and pulled the blanket over me while I was sitting cross legged on the couch. Somewhere from the back she shouted if I wanted another beer and I said yes. A few minutes later she came back into the living room, carrying 2 bottles of beer … and wearing nothing but an ultra thin, white linen nightshirt covering only half way down her thighs. You could easily see that there were no signs of any thong and her voluptuous but firm breast were cleary visible under that shirt that had the top 3 buttons undone, causing a nice cleavage. Her dark erect nipples were almost poking through the fabric…. OMG …

She said down in the sofa chair just opposite of me. When she slowly pulled her legs up onto the chair she gave me a clear glance between her tanned thighs … My young cock was rock hard and almost jumping out of my underpants. Luckily the blanket was covering my erection. Pretending not be aware of what was happening she started some small talk, about school and things. We kept chatting and talking, about my parents’ divorce, my girlfriends, etc …. Suddenly she stood up and went into the kitchen to get some more beers. I watched her short shirt swirling around her ass …. and those legs … the blood in my cock was pumping. She was so sexy and hot … and in her 50’s !!

When she came back she had undone 1 more button and her breasts were almost jumping out. She did not go opposite of me this time, but she came and sit next to me on the couch. When she turned towards me to give me the beer I got a clear view inside her cleavage and I saw her wonderful breasts and a glimpse of a nipple hmmmm. I kept staring and staring, my cock almost exploding, …. and when I looked up …. I felt caught … but she looked me straight into the eyes and she gave me such a horny smile that made me blush.

“Alex”, she said, “this may sound odd to you, but there aren’t many friends of my own age with whom I had such a wonderful, educated conversation as this one. You are quite extraordinary.” Was this beautiful experienced lady really turning on this teenager? I didn’t know what to say or how to act. Then she kneeled down in front of me, pulled away the blanket and saw my erection and the wet spot on my underpants. She put her hands on my thighs, looked up, smiled … and politely asked : “May I?” I could only nod. She slid her fingers between the top of my underpants and slowly pulled them down … liberating what was killing me. She looked me in the eyes and slowly started to jerk my stiff teenage cock … pulling the skin gently up and down. I could not believe this was really happening. “Just relax, close your eyes and enjoy, Alex”, she said. So I did … when suddenly I felt her tongue around the head of my penis, followed by her warm mouth talking my whole cock inside. This was just unreal,her lips around my cock… she was sucking it up and down. I slid my hands inside her nightshirt and found her warm breasts and her erect nipples hmmmm. I felt it would not take long before I would come when she suddenly pulled back. “Easy, not yet, wait”

She spread the blanket on the floor and pulled the nightshirt over her head. There she stood, naked full frontal, gorgeous body and probably 35+ years experience or so versus this 18 year old teenager. She lay down on her back and told me to come and lie closely next to her. She took my hand and guided it slowly towards her pussy. I felt her softly trimmed pubic hair. I had touched the pussy of one of my girlfriends before but little did I know how it really had to be done. So she teached me. Our fingers strangled while she rubbed her clit, spreading her lips… then suddenly she pushed 2 of my fingers inside …. Oh man, she was so wet and warm. My cock was hard pushing against her thigh while she pushed my fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. First 2 fingers, then 3, then 4 … in and out …. “Keep going”, she said “oh yes Alex, just like that, finger my pussy” Meanwhile she rubbed her clit and with her other hand she pushed one of her breasts towards my mouth … “Suck my nipple please” It did not take long before she started to sigh and moan and I felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter while her muscles were contracting. She started to shake and scream … when I felt my hand covered with warm pussy fluid …… Exhausted … “So Alex, this is how you should make a girl come”, and she smiled. “Your turn now” She pushed me down on my back and she came and sat across my legs, rubbing her wet pussy over my thighs. Her breasts and nipples were swollen and when I started caressing them, she started to stroke my cock, pulling it up and down, gently rolling my balls in her hand, constantly changing the rythem, making me almost cum … and then holding back. I was ready to explode when she instructed me to stand up and she kneeled in front of me, still jerking my teenage cock. With one arm she pushed her breasts together while the other hand kept pulling my hard cock ….. I could not hold any longer and she finally finished it off … releasing my cum over her soft tits and hard nipples. I could not stop shaking. OMG !!!!! She looked up, her tits covered with cum and she put her lips around my cock to clean the head with her tongue. “Time for a shower”, she said, and she put her lips on mine and gave me a French kiss so I could taste my own cum on her tongue.

So we showered and went to bed, both completely naked. It must have been 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. She fell asleep immediately while I was reliving what just happened. Here I was, a 18 year old teenager, naked, in bed with a gorgeous 50 year old lady, also naked. I was fantasizing about what might happen in the morning and also fell asleep.

All of a sudden we were awakened by the door bell, we both sat straight up in bed, it was only 08h00 in the morning. “Shit”, she said, “the gardeners are already here, you have to get dressed Alex” She put on that same nightshirt and went to open the door. I could imagine those guys looks when she stood in front of them like that. Meanwhile I got dressed. I saw her talking to the gardeners on the back patio, still wearing nothing but that nightshirt. She came inside, put on a long coat over that nightshirt and said: “I’ll take you tot he busstop, ok Alex?” We went outisde to get into her car, I saw the gardeners wandering who I was. What was such a young boy doing at the home of an attractive divorced single lady like her?

She dropped me at the busstop, kissed me on the cheek and waved me goodby. When I was on the bus heading back home, I imagined what a wonderful day may be comming for those gardeners … She didn’t look like she was planning on getting all dressed up shortly ….

I am 43 now, but I will never forget this evening. I still enjoy reliving it. I have seen her a few times later on in my life, but it never happened again, unfortunately.

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