Which Was Who?



Someone had pinched him. He was groggy, but awake.

“Hey, what the fuck is going on? Let me go! Who are you? Hey!”

All Steve could do was lie there. A cloth bag, or something, covered his head. He couldn’t see a thing. His arms and legs were tied, and he was spread-eagled on what felt like a bed. He could bounce his hips up and down, and move his head, but that was all.

“Who the fuck are you? How did you get me here? When I get loose, I’m gonna kill you!”

He rolled and pulled as best he could, but although his bonds were soft they were too strong for him to pull free.



It sounded like somebody was trying not to laugh, and somebody else was trying to keep them quiet. So, he wasn’t alone; and someone thought this was very funny.

Realizing that pulling and tugging wasn’t accomplishing anything, Steve tried to think. They had all been staying at his mom’s house, enjoying the pool over the weekend. The last thing he remembered was watching a DVD in the family room, cuddled up on the couch with his wife, Nancy. Leslie, his older sister, was sitting in a nearby recliner. Mom had brought in drinks for them.

Had he fallen asleep? Maybe—but he’d never slept so soundly that he could be carried around and tied up without knowing it. He’d only had one beer, if he’d even finished that; so he hadn’t been drunk.

“Hey, did you shitheads drug me?” Even as he yelled it out, he realized how ridiculous that was. It would have had to be his mom who did it, put something in his beer, and why the hell would she? Oh….

“Okay, I get it, April Fool. Now untie me!”

He’d been the king of April Fool pranksters, back when he was a teenager, and even in his 20s he still dabbled; but this was way over the line. Not that he hadn’t pulled some doozies, but still….

“All right, whatever it is I did I apologize. Now, please….”

Silence—but he could almost hear his captors smirking. Blustering and whining weren’t going work.

The room smelled like a dozen room fresheners. It was flowery and musky and harsh, all at the same time, like someone had spilled a gallon of cheap perfumes. It might be a woman’s room, but not one he’d want to live in. Maybe they wanted to make sure he couldn’t tell where he was by the smell. If that was the case, he might be somewhere familiar; or it could be part of some torture they had planned.

An icy finger teased his right nipple, then pressed hard on his left. Steve shivered. He was naked: blindfolded, tied to a bed, and naked in a room that smelled like all of his grandmother’s friends put together.

The kırıkkale escort icy finger disappeared, and came back even colder. It traced down his belly and came to a stop on the head of his penis. His dick tried to retract.


Frigid fingers pinched the end of his dick and pulled on it, stretching it to its limit. The cold and the pinching and the pulling were painful. Were they really trying to hurt him? Had he ever fucked things up with a girl so bad that she’d want to pull his dick off? He didn’t think so. Sure, he was a jerk sometimes; but he tried not to hurt anyone.

The cold fingers went away, and his penis sprang back and pulled in on itself. Steve sighed with relief.

Suddenly two very warm fingers started massaging his nipples, one finger on each side. Then a third warm finger inched down his belly and gently caressed his prick. After the cold, they felt almost fiery; but once the shock wore off, it felt nice. The finger touching his dick went slowly around its head, around and around. Like a turtle checking for danger, his prick gradually extended from its folds. It didn’t take long before it was back to its normal flaccid shape, maybe a little more.

All of the fingers withdrew.

From somewhere in the room he heard a soft giggle. Women’s voices whispered. Disoriented by the hood, he couldn’t tell where they were coming from; but they were definitely women.

The whispering stopped, and he felt the unique pleasure of a tongue running up and down his cock. That’s more like it, Steve thought. Sure enough, he started to get an erection; as he did, the tongue gliding the length of his cock was joined by another that was flicking the tip. Two tongues! That was a new experience.


What the hell? There was a zipper in the hood. He couldn’t see out, but someone could see in, because the opening moved so that it was right over his mouth. Lips met his in a soft kiss. The second kiss was harder, more aggressive, and then a third tongue jammed past his lips, searching for his own.

Steve was getting aroused: confused, but aroused. The first tongue was still licking along the length of his penis; the second tongue had been joined by a pair of lips that were sucking him; and the third tongue was playing a serious game of tonsil hockey with his. His dick wasn’t at all concerned with conspiracy theories, it just wanted up; and up it went.

One tongue vanished, and he was now getting a full-on blowjob—and it was a great one. Whoever this was, they had a lot of talent and experience.

The kissing stopped, and the kırıkkale escort bayan mattress bounced as someone (or more than one someone) shifted around. The kissing lips were replaced by the other kind of lips, which ground against his face. Steve knew what was expected. He extended his tongue and began lapping away. Good old 69.

Wait a minute! The clit was near his nose. The angles were all wrong. The pussy lips and the blowjob lips had to belong to two different people! But what had happened to the third woman?

The answer came quickly: two warm, soft breasts began stroking the insides of his thighs. He’d always loved that; how did these women know?

The woman attached to the pussy he was licking came. He heard her panting, and her legs squeezed his head until he thought it would crack like an egg.

Everything stopped, and the women started shifting around again.

“Hey! Hey, don’t stop now! Where are you going?”

Steve’s wet dick had been left bobbing in the air; the pussy was gone from his mouth; and there were no more breasts deliciously tickling his thighs. Steve was almost ready to blow, but was stuck frozen on the edge.

Before he could complain again, a wet vagina swallowed his penis and started bouncing like mad. He came, violently. Whoever was sitting on him tensed and came, too; she must have been unbelievably turned on to cum that quickly, or maybe one of the other women was helping her.

As Steve lay there, gasping for breath, he realized that someone was straddling him. She was standing, and while he couldn’t see what was happening he could hear loud slurping noises coming from above. She, too, came: She lost her balance and fell down onto the bed, her leg across his body and her wet pussy against his side. As she hit, she couldn’t contain a loud “Oof”.

There were now four people in the room gasping for air.

“Can you untie [gasp] me now? Who [gasp] the fu—gluch….” Someone poured something into his mouth. He swallowed and coughed.



Steve was lying face up on the floor in front of the couch. Nancy, Leslie, and his mom were all looking down at him as though he had had a heart attack or something. Their faces showed a mixture of horror and concern.

“Steve, baby, are you all right? Are you hurt?” his mother asked.

“Christ, Steve, what the hell was that?” That from Leslie.

“What was what?”

Nancy, who’d been sitting next to him, said “You started thrashing around, and you almost punched me in the face! Then you started screaming nonsense, and bucking your hips, escort kırıkkale and sticking out your tongue, and then you fell on the floor!”

Mom looked at Steve’s face, and then directed her concerned gaze to his crotch. “I think you should go clean yourself up, Steve.”

Steve followed her eyes and saw a wet stain on his pants. Blushing, he hurried off to change. As he cleaned himself up, he wondered what the hell had happened. How much time had passed? The movie had just started when he “left.”

He hadn’t noticed the time, or at least he didn’t remember. He’d been too busy trying to finger Nancy to orgasm without his mother or sister noticing. Nancy had gotten damned good at keeping a straight face. They’d started playing that game back in grad school, so she’d had plenty of practice.

He could hear the closing theme music coming up the stairs now, so the whole thing couldn’t have taken more than an hour or so.

What he did remember, though, was being naked, blindfolded, and tied to a bed. There’d been some weird kind of orgy with three women; and then he’d been lying on the floor, with everyone gathered around him.

It must have been some crazy kind of wet dream. His dick certainly had goo on it, and he’d stained his pants.

It couldn’t have been real. The only women around were Nancy, Leslie, and his mom. Nancy had given him plenty of blowjobs, but none were as great as the one he’d dreamed about. It was his own dream, though, so of course it was great.

The taste of that pussy on his face was somehow familiar. It reminded him of someone, someone whose body scent he knew; but he was sure he’d never eaten it before, and he couldn’t place it. The stench of the room had been overpowering and confusing.

Those breasts had certainly felt good, really good. They were bigger than Nancy’s, but was there anything unique about them? Not that he could remember.

And there was something familiar about the voice that went “Oof” when she fell on him, but again he couldn’t place it.


Steve had a restless night. He kept reliving that orgy dream over and over, with all kinds of exciting variations. In real life, Nancy was sleeping right next to him; but if ever Nancy weren’t available, he knew he’d have lots of things to fantasize about on dates with Rosy Palm. In fact, even if Nancy were available…. He wondered how adventurous she could be.

After a come-as-you-are, catch-as-catch-can breakfast, Steve headed out to get some steaks to grill up for dinner. He jerked to a halt when he saw a black hood hanging from his car’s mirror. There was a note pinned to it: “April Fool!”

Steve stared at the hood in shock. He looked back toward the house and saw the three women standing there, laughing their asses off.

In spite of himself he started laughing, too. They’d gotten him good! His laughter froze in his throat as a question exploded in his mind:

Which was who?

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