Whipped into submission

Whipped into submission
A woman stood in the centre of the room, her hands clasped together and tears rolling softly down her face as she waited, her bare feet shuffling nervously on the cold tile floor. In front of her, two palace guards eyed her appreciatively, the elder of the pair already imagining what she would look like naked and picturing how her buttocks would redden under the lash and anticipating the noises she would make as the oiled leather connected with her flesh. This was the best part of his job. Others went out into the towns and countryside to source these women for the Premier’s enjoyment, but it was his role to prepare the females for their visit to the bedchamber, his job to make sure that those chosen understood the price of disobedience before they even set eyes on the man himself. He’d been doing this now for years and could read women like the palace horsemen knew their mares. This one seemed a beaut; attractive, middle-aged – probably with a couple of k**s at home – but shy, scared and way out of her depth. She’d give in easily, but they’d give her the whole treatment just to be sure. And because His Excellency would want to see that deep shade of red covering her backside when he instructed her to turn around and grasp her ankles…

It was time to get things moving. “What’s your name?”, the senior of the guards demanded suddenly, watching with satisfaction as the woman jumped with fear.

“Tanja”, the woman whispered as she choked back her tears. “I shouldn’t be here,” she thought, “this can’t be happening”.

“And do you know why you’re here, Tanja?” he asked as he stepped toward her and gently ran his index finger across her cheek? “Do you know what we want from you?”

She knew, of course she knew. The stories of women getting picked up from their homes, shops or simply as they walked down the street were legendary. Seemingly everyone knew someone that knew someone that it had happened to, but it wasn’t supposed to happen to you. In a city with a population of nearly three million people sat in a country of nearly ten times that, the possibility that it would touch you personally was simply too remote to consider. But yet her she was; alone with these uniformed men in an anonymous, sterile room somewhere in the palace, about to be subjected to god knows what. “No,” she whimpered, starring at her feet, not able to admit the truth out loud.

The guard grinned and cupped her chin, raising her face and forcing her to make eye contact. “Because you’ve been selected to meet the Premier,” he smirked. Letting go of her chin he moved his hand to her lower back. “You’re going to make him a very happy boy”. His hand slid lower, his fingers walking themselves down her spine until his palm rested on her buttocks, leaving her in no doubt as to his meaning. “Any woman would love to have this opportunity. You should be grateful”.

As the man’s hand squeezed her ass possessively, Tanja let out a sob, all hope that she’d be brought here for another reason dashed. She was here to whore, to give her body to a man she’d never met, and she was being given no choice, no say. The tears were really flowing now, and images of her husband flashed before her as she realised that she would be forced to lay with another man for the first time in her life and before she did so she wouldn’t even get the chance to explain to her husband, explain that she didn’t want this, tell him that she wouldn’t…

– “Remove your clothes”. The harsh command cut through her thoughts like a knife, paralysing her completely. The guard had moved across the room to perch on the end of a desk next to his colleague, “Strip,” he continued, “or my friend here”, he nodded to the younger officer, “will remove them for you. There’s a chair by the door, fold everything and place them there”.

Her first thought was to flee, but she knew that she wouldn’t even make it to the door before they caught her, and she was scared to death of what they might do to her if she did. She also knew in her heart that pleading with them would be futile. She could see in their eyes that they would not release her, that they were enjoying her torment even. Fighting back further tears, she gave in and slowly, reluctantly, reached for the top button on her blouse and pushed it through the hole, exposing a tiny bit of herself to their gaze. Breathing hard, she moved her fingers down her chest, nervously unbuttoning herself one by one until the garment hung lose and she had to grasp the ends to maintain her modesty and keep it from flapping open. Looking up at her captors again and seeing no sympathy, she steeled herself and shrugged it off her shoulders completely to reveal the cheap, functional black bra she wore underneath. Folding it neatly and resting it on the chair as instructed, Tanja hesitated again before reaching behind her and slowly lowering the zip on the back of her skirt.

The two guards looked on as the woman hesitantly eased the fabric of her skirt down past her hips and then simply let the material slide down her legs until it pooled at her feet. Timidly stepping out of it, she scooped down to pick it and methodically folded it several times, trying to delay the inevitable with that little act of normalcy, until finally placing in on top of her blouse. She turned back toward them and made a small, timid gesture with her hands to indicate that she’d done what they’d asked while trying to cover herself as best as possible from their gaze. Clad in only her underwear, Tanja squirmed nervously as both men drank in the view before them, their eyes roaming continually over her firm body, full breasts, and narrow waist, before returning to admire the apex of her thighs, envisioning the acts that she would be performing for their ruler later than evening.

“And the rest,” the superior told her harshly. “Take it all off. You won’t be needing them for a while.”

Gasping, realising now that she would have to get completely naked for these men, Tanja undid the clasp at the back of her bra, and then briefly hugged to the cups to her breasts before pulling the them free of her body, baring her breasts. Cringing with shame as she felt the cool air on her bare chest, she dropped the bra on the chair. Pausing momentarily, she drew in a breath, braced herself, and then hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and drew them down and off her legs. Hands shaking, she placed them on top of the rest of her clothing and faced her captors once more, her right arm across her chest protectively, the left hiding her womanhood from their view.

Lifting himself off the desk, the elder jailor strode toward the frightened woman and gently gripped her left wrist before slowing drawing it away from her sex. Addressing his partner: “Second drawer down you’ll find the wrist restraints. Bring me a couple, please”.

The younger man rummaged in the draw before finding a matching pair. As he approached Tanja, his colleague held each of the woman’s wrists in turn to allow him to slip them on easily before fastening them securely. Staring at the restraints in shock, Tanja flexed her wrists, testing the feel of them even as the leader of the two men locked them together with a short chain in front of her. Grasping the chain, he tugged gently, satisfying himself that they were locked tightly as the woman was pulled off balance and stumbled forward.

“Come with me, Tanja,” the guard said. “We’re about to have some fun and get you ready to meet the Premier”. Leading her by her restraints, he guided the woman to a long, padded bar that ran the length of one of the walls but was set several feet out. About four inches thick and wrapped in rough leather, the bar was level with Tanja’s waist and she was forced to bend over it awkwardly as her captor walked around to the other side and attached the chain between her cuffs to one of numerous carabiners just above waist height that lined the walls. The hook on the wall was far enough away that Tanja’s arms were pulled quite taught, but she was able to alleviate some of the pressure by shuffling her feet and occasionally rising onto the tips of her toes. The position of the bar at her waist also meant that her naked ass stuck out invitingly and unprotected, while her breasts swung freely below her. As she fidgeted in her bondage, Tanja offered no resistance as she felt similar ankle restraints being fastened around her ankles and loosely secured to eye bolts on the floor.

Having fully restrained the woman, the senior guard walked back into the centre of the room and spoke to his colleague. “As I told you earlier, the Premier likes their buttocks warmed before they go in. Says that a thorough spanking makes them more compliant and eager to please. Hence the position she’s in now. You’ll find that often my colleagues will add a spreader bar to the ankles to prevent any possible movement, but I’ve kept her chains a little loose as personally I like to watch them dance as I warm them up. Pass me the paddle”.

Tanja gasped as she listened in increasing horror and disbelief to the conversation behind her. That they’d stolen her from the street to act as a sexual plaything for a man she didn’t know but privately detested was sickening enough, but now they meant to beat her first? “Please don’t hurt me,” she begged and pulled frantically against her restraints. “Please, I will do what you ask you don’t need to…”

The guard interrupted her by smacking her lightly with the paddle. It was a gentle tap, designed to get her attention more than inflict pain, but he took enjoyment from the sound it made as it connected with her ass and the way it made his victim tense with uncertainty. Striking again, he built up a quick rhythm, not beating her hard, but alternating where the blows landed, making sure that he connected with every inch of her behind, once in a while striking her sensitive upper thighs also just to – literally – keep her on her toes.

Tanja managed to cope with the pain as the first few blows landed, feeling more upset about the whole degrading situation than the pain itself. As the pace started to build though, she felt the force of the blows increase as well, and she let out a few involuntary whimpers, shuffling her feet also to try and escape the relentless blows that were warming her skin.

When the guard’s arm started to tire, he broke rhythm, pausing for a second before raising the implement higher and without warning swinging with much more force, wrenching a cry of pain from the bound girl as the wood connected. Resuming the softer rhythmic beating, he every so often included a harder blow, keeping his victim guessing as to what was coming. In front of him, her reddening ass was dancing nicely as she tried to escape the blows, and her discomfort was becoming much more apparent as she gritted her teeth between cries of pain.

The guard continued the swift spanking until he was satisfied that all the meaty flesh of her ass had turned a pleasing rosy shade of red. Delivering one last forceful blow across the centre of her buttocks that made the woman cry out in pain, the guard walked away and exchanged the paddle for a leather strap.

Strolling casually back to his victim, he showed her the implement before walking back to his position behind and off to the side of her. “That was just to get your attention,” he told her nonchalantly. “Now we start.”

When he’d walked away from her, Tanja had thought her ordeal was over. Her buttocks were throbbing, but the ache was light and manageable. When she saw him brandish the leather strap though and realised that he meant to continue with that she started to beg, desperate to avoid a further beating. “Please don’t hit me with that,” she began. “Please I…,” she continued pleading even as she heard the swoosh of the implement behind her but was cut short when a loud crack cut through the room and she felt the sharp sting of the strap connect with her buttocks for the first time. Gasping with the impact, she took a deep breath even as she heard the tell-tale sound of the implement being swung for a second time and it landed again with a biting snap into her delicate flesh.

The spanking hurt, a lot more than the paddle, but Tanja hung her head, sobbing, more in reaction to the shame and humiliation than in pain. As the leather implement landed for a third time, she shuffled her feet, gently testing the restraints locked around her ankles as she tried to sooth the fire spreading across her backside.

Behind her, the guards observed appreciatively as the already rosy complexion of their captive’s skin began to darken after each blow from the strap. She’d had several now and was becoming noticeable more uncomfortable with each stroke; the leather sending her to her toes each time it struck and drawing increasingly vocal whimpers from her pretty mouth. As the guard swung again, he put more force into it, noticing with satisfaction how the meat of her ass depressed as it absorbed the impact of the wide leather and relishing the first real scream of pain that it wrought from his victim.

“Now we’re getting into it, lovely,” the guard said, pausing as he placed his hand on her lower back, resting just above her buttocks. “You’re really going to start to sing for me soon”. His hand trailed down as he spoke until he cupped one of her cheeks, feeling the gentle warmth of her increasingly reddening skin. “We’re going to get you good and ready to meet the man”, he said, giving her backside a tender pat with his palm before stepping back, swapping implements again, and swinging a second, heavier strap back down on her tender skin.

Tanja felt the man’s hand rub her ass, and her feet pulled against their restraints in rebellion against the intimate act, her hands balling into fists above her head in frustration at the indignity. Her head was getting heavy and her neck was starting to ache from the lack of support. As the hand disappeared from her behind, Tanja closed her eyes and let her head hang, trying to seek some relief for her tiring muscles, only to have it snap back up and her eyes fly open with shock as a loud crack coincided with a searing pain unlike anything she’d felt before. An involuntary scream was wrenched from her body, and as she adjusted to the shock of the blow, an intense heat radiated through her buttocks and stars momentarily clouded her vision as she tried to cope with the dull throb that had already replaced the initial brutal sting.

As the leather connected with the meat of her buttocks, the men watched entranced as the shockwaves rippled across her skin and her body jerked with the shock of the impact. Even before her scream had died, they could see the appearance of a darker red trail marking where the wide tanned leather had bit into its victim. Giving her nearly no time to recover, the guard swung the instrument again, hard, forcing the woman to her toes and her hips to press deep into the padding at her waist. Watching as the flesh of her ass absorbed the cruel blow, her tormentor waited until her second scream had died and she was left gasping for breath before taking aim and delivering the next blow across the meat of both buttocks.

“Stop, please stop,” Tanja whispered as she fought to regain her composure. “Please, you don’t need to…” Again, her pleas for mercy were interrupted by the sound of leather striking flesh and she jerked in her bonds as a harsh, fresh pain added to her suffering; all four chains that tethered her snapping taught as her body fought against the restraints. “Stop,” she screamed, her voice betraying the anger she felt at her situation. “Just stop, stop!” she continued, her wrists wrapped around the chains connected to their restraints as she tried to pull herself off the wall and away from the horrible bar that kept her so exposed for this beating. “Stop! Let me go, I…” The heavy strap landed again, wrapping itself cruelly around her tender flesh and both men heard the tell-tale crack in the woman’s voice she broke, her sentence dying in her throat as she sagged in her bondage, accepting her fate.

Pausing to let the moment sink in, the guard watched as Tanja breathed deeply, trying to control the pain in her backside through willpower alone, her thighs visibly shaking from the vigorous strapping. Still brandishing the strap, he spoke slowly and decisively, “You will receive eight more strokes. You will count each one and thank me after each one. You will call me sir when you thank me. Do you understand?”

“Do you understand?”, the man repeated when he received no answer, emphasising the question by bringing the strap down heavily across his victim’s buttocks.

“Yes,” Tanja screamed as the leather bit into her flesh again. “Yes, sir,” she sobbed, realising in time to address him as instructed. “Yes, sir, I understand.

“Good. Do remember to count as, if you forget we will start from the beginning,” he said, gently caressing her ass with the firm leather. Adjusting his grip slightly, he lifted the strap, gently tapped her with it to give her warning, and then swung with force.

“One,” Tanja hissed through gritted teeth as the pain drove the air from her lungs and her hips were driven into the bar at her waist by the blow, “One, sir. Thank you, sir,” she gasped.

The guard paused, again rubbed the strap into her buttocks before delivering the second strike, the sound of the impact echoing loudly in the small room. “Two, sir, thank you, sir”, Tanja screamed as the vicious implement struck her anew, her backside feeling like it was on burning as a deep throbbing pain relentlessly following each stinging blow. “Three, sir, thank you,” she shrieked as the next blow landed, a mantra quickly repeated as three more blows followed in quick succession.

After the sixth strike the guard hesitated again, listening to the ragged breathing of the bound woman and watching her bruised buttocks continue to quiver despite the respite. “Two more,” he told her, “prepare yourself.” And then he swung again, bringing the implement down hard across her unprotected skin.

“Seven,” Tanja screamed at the wall, adding a “thank you, sir,” through grated teeth as she steeled herself for the final lash. Behind her, the guard paused again, making her wait for the concluding strike, deliberately extending her suffering. Finally, and without warning, he delivered the blow, swinging with force and aiming for the meat of her buttocks.

Tanja’s whole body tensed as she waited for the final stroke, but she still wasn’t prepared for the fresh dose of pain it brought when it landed. She heard the crack of the leather a split second before what felt like a thousand bee stings bite into her already battered behind. The fresh misery wrought a new scream of agony and it was only several seconds later she realised she’d been holding her breath and allowed herself to breath in. Letting her head droop and her limbs relax as she slumped in her bonds, she remembered just in time to count the blow. “Eight, sir, thank you, sir,” she whispered.

Putting the strap down, the guard admired the sight before him. The woman remained locked in her position over the bar, her long legs held open just enough that her body held no secrets and her buttocks presented to him invitingly. From her mid-thighs down, her legs still sported the same pale tan that her backside had been not long earlier, but as the eyes wandered higher the skin colour changed dramatically, with a deep red giving way to more angry, bruised skin that outlined the several deep welts cut into her behind.

“As you can see, our guest now fully understands what the price of disobedience will be,” the elder guard addressed his colleague. “I don’t think she’ll cause any trouble,” he continued. “Will you sweetheart?”, he added rhetorically?

“I can see that,” the younger man replied stepping forward for the first time. “I don’t think this bitch is likely to run like to run the risk of being sent back here with us for another round. She’ll probably jump him as soon as she gets in the same room just to show him how enthusiastic she can be.” As he spoke, the junior guard gingerly reached out to touch her discoloured buttocks, making contact with Tanja for the first time and enjoying the feeling of her wince as he did so. Getting bolder, he pressed his palm firmly against one of her globes, marvelling at the warmth of the skin, and ran his other hand over her naked back, relishing his in the complete power her held over the bound woman. Gently, gripping her shoulder with his free hand, the guard slowly moved his hips forward until he felt his arousal gently press into the cleft of her buttocks, just his trousers standing between him and the attractive woman before him.

“Don’t.” The command cut sharply across the room and the younger man jumped away immediately at the rebuke. “The Premiere has standing orders that they are not to be touched before they’re taken up to him,” he explained, softening his tone while the younger man attempted to subtly adjust himself to try and hide the evidence of his excitement. “She’s off limits until he’s finished with her,” he continued, “but you should be able to have your turn in a day or two.”

The younger man looked up in confusion. “You mean she’ll stay here afterwards?”, he asked.

“Of course,” he replied. “We don’t send them back until the physical evidence of their stay has disappeared a bit”, he said, nodding at the damage wrought by the paddle and straps. “They would know not to talk anyway, but this way there are less questions.”

“So right now, there are… how many women?”, he asked.

“About eleven or so, but a couple will be leaving soon,” he replied. “This one,” he gestured to Tanja, will help bring the number up again when she’s sent back down. And the good thing is that they’re all nice and docile. They know that any disobedience will result in their being brought back in here and as they’re generally terrified of starting the process again they typically do what you ask of them. Even stuff they wouldn’t do at home,” he winked. “We normally keep them for a month or so, so by the time they leave they know most of us pretty well. Come,” he said, waving his colleague toward the door, “let’s go and find you a nice lady friend for tonight and then tomorrow you can continue where you left off with this one.”

“What about her now,” he asked? “We just leave her here?”

“Yep, someone else will be along to take up her upstairs in an hour or so”, he replied. “We find that leaving them alone with the pain for a while helps them focus. Anyway, let’s go,” he said. “I think I know a certain brunette you might like to meet…”

The two guards stepped into the corridor, the door slowly muting the sound of a woman gently sobbing as it swung shut behind them.

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