Whitewash High Ch.14


Whitewash High Ch.14
Suzy slipped back into the apartment at the crack of dawn. As expected, her mother was already servicing customers even this early in the day. No note on the table, no angry message, nothing to show any motherly care or concern. The Mulatto girl needed to pick up some books from her room in order to study for a test. Mistah Cracka-man’s words penetrated her thick skull just a little. Gale also had a heart to heart with her last night.

Feeling cared for was weird to Suzy. She had friends, Sammy specifically, but that was friendship. It was hard to explain but feeling like someone older, someone who is supposed to be responsible actually fulfilling their duty, melted a little of the ice inside her heart and soul.

Without a word, she slipped out unseen to meet up with Sammy on the street corner. Sammy was unique because she was the brains of the operation, one of the few girls in the school that had book smarts. The plain girl’s boyfriend also helped in that department too.

“Hey, Suzy!” a voice called out, waving from down the street.

Suzy had stayed up late to girltalk with Gale but she didn’t think she was that tired. Rubbing her eyes, she felt as if she were dreaming as her friend came into closer view. ‘Plain’ was no longer a correct adjective for Sammy. Designer shoes, clothes, even a new hairstyle and the most expensive makeup on the market. Sammy looked like a million dollars.

“What happened to you?” Suzy asked, stunned.

“My new boyfriend took me out on a date yesterday. He wanted me looking good before we went back to his place.”

“You didn’t tell me he was loaded, Sammy.”

“He is Asian, of course he is loaded. Parents are big time accountants. This was pocket change to him,” she giggled.

“Yeah, but what did he want?”

“Nothing I wasn’t already willing to give for free,” Sammy winked.

The brain’s new look was a stark contrast to her earlier, plain, poor motif. Suzy was poor but Sammy was poor even for a ghetto. Most of the time she wore raggedy clothes that smelled as if they were never washed for a month, and never any makeup. Every cent was saved to just buy an apple, anything to stave off starvation.

“You’re really into him, eh?” Suzy asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be? He is cute, smart, and rich.”

“So are some of the d**g dealers.”

“You know what I mean, Suze. Besides, he treats me like an angel. He never complained about my smelly clothes once when we were together.”

“Is he packing?” Suzy asked, curious.

“Why does it matter?”

“I’m curious. I’ve never met an Asian guy. You know the stereotype.”

“If we’re going by stereotype myths then you should be more concerned about Mistah Cracka-man not measuring up to the d**g dealers.”

“Fine, I take it back.”

“It doesn’t matter anyways, Suze. If all I cared about was the cock size of a guy, I’d never leave this shitty ghetto because I’d have the mentality of an ape. I’d be a stupid whore like your mom. Look what she threw away for some myth. Easy street down the toilet for believing the porn hype.”

“Don’t remind me…” Suzy lamented.

“I’m sorry, Suzy. I didn’t mean it that way.”

“No, I know what you meant. That is why you’re the brains, Samantha. You’re always thinking long-term.”

“I made his dreams come true last night. If he wasn’t already smitten with jungle fever, he’ll be showering me with affection now.”

“What was it like?” Suzy asked, hesitantly.

“Awkward at first but we just laughed it off. We got a groove going after a while. It felt good, Suze. I can understand why some of our girls just want to suck cock all day long.”

“I’m happy for you, Sammy.”



“Yes, you are. I know you too well, Suze. Don’t worry, Mr. Cracka-man will be your Romeo. Oh, Mr. Cracka-man, please be gentle. My tiny body can’t handle your three foot cock,” Sammy joked.

“His cock isn’t that huge. No cock is that huge.”

“Lighten up, girlfriend. Just tell him you love him.”

Suzy shook her head girlishly, embarrassed.

“No way, what if he says no?”

“Then you move on.”

“Are you sure you’re not some Vulcan thing? Always so fucking analytical.”

“That’s what you pay me the big bucks for.”


“No, no, no, you’ve got to put your butt into it as you lift her up,” Michelle yelled out. “You’re going to drop her and kill both of you.”

Michelle was shouting through a megaphone on the soccer field. Some of the girls had shown up for practice, trying their best to do basic movements that should have been taught to them in Jr. high school.

“Stop, stop, just stop,” she exhaled, frustrated. “You guys are weak. It looks like the little progress we made during tryouts evaporated. Everyone get down and give me twenty,” she said.

“Why do we have to do push-ups? We’re not football players,” one girl bemoaned.

“I ain’t looking like no guy,” another said defiantly.

“Unless you’re sticking needles in your ass, you don’t have to worry about that. Now everyone drop and do them with me,” Michelle ordered.

Reluctantly, they got down on their knees and assumed the position. Michelle had to wear a tight t-shirt or else her large tits would pop out and show lots of cleavage from the movements.

“Ten…easy…You’re seriously rubbing your arms, girls?”

Michelle shook her head. It was shameful. She could do more push-ups solo than the entire squad combined, and it was not like push-ups are that hard to begin with.

“Mrs. Jackson, mind if we take half the field for tryouts?” Nik asked.

He had a group of students behind him, some eager and some looking like they had better places to be.

“Sure, we might not even be leaving this area if they can’t reach twenty…Stop making doe eyes at the boys! Give me another ten!”

Michelle went back to yelling at the girls through the bullhorn as Nik took the group to the opposite side. He could hear the lewd comments they made about the girls, with one or two directed at Mrs. Jackson. Inside, Nik chuckled that he was the only one who knew they had a better chance fucking a porcupine than her.

“Alright guys, spread out and start stretching. Thank you for bringing the whiteboard, William,” he said to one of the teens.

It was a rowdy group, and Nik held no illusions that even in the sporting realm he was still the enemy at this school. But they all knew that he took no shit from anyone. Three beatings dished out proved that.

“Alright, this is the circuit we’ll be doing first. This is a public school program so if you show up and work your best, I won’t cut you. You’ll get playing time somehow, I’ll make sure of it. When you’re doing laps around the field, leave the girls alone. I don’t want to get an earful from Mrs. Jackson, telling me how you were throwing lewd comments at them. Save it for after practice. Trust me, she’ll kick your ass worse than me.”

A few of the boys gulped. Even before Nik arrived, Michelle had a reputation for being a ballbuster. More than one girl quit the cheerleading team, complaining of how psycho Mrs. Jackson’s training and expectations were.

Nik looked on as the boys did their circuit training, taking quick glances at Michelle when the moment was clear. They hid their relationship well. Valerie stumbling upon them was the splash of water that cooled them down enough to not fuck like rabbits on school property again. Still, his cock stirred each time he saw her hot body on display from afar.

Seeing her glistening ebony skin, her feminine muscles flex in the hot sunlight, only made him hope the seconds ticked faster. He wanted to paint her white again, her and Valerie. A lot of people would call him a racist because of all the verbal slurs he uses towards the girls during their sexual escapades and his background in hardcore, interracial porn. Truly, he wasn’t a racist, no more than an actor is a racist for portraying one in a movie, and no more than a person lusts to assault women in real life because his girlfriend asks to be slapped and choked during sex. All it was to him was a kinky lifestyle and if they said to him tomorrow to stop with the slurs, and they stopped calling him Massa, he’d not bat an eye.

What Nik was feeling after many years was love. A deep scar ran across his heart that never healed, only covered with vengeance. It was crazy how life threw him a quartet of beauties lusting after him. Lust was beginning to turn to love for him.

“Alright team, break up into pairs and start passing to each other. I want to see your basic skills to see what I have to work with,” he said as the students were tired, cranky, and out-of-shape.

Michelle could be heard from afar through the megaphone. She was making his training session seem like a cakewalk. Her tone was commanding, drill sergeant in demeanor, and for a split second it made him laugh that others would not in their wildest dreams think of her as the submissive, ‘please use me more, Massa’ type. But just like how some mega-rich CEOs are submissive in their sex life, those with power in their work lives just want to find someone to trust to let them relax in their personal life.

“That is absolutely pathetic! We’re not even going to get a score at this rate, girls. You’re bumbling around like a bunch of apes.”

“Mrs. Jackson gets scary when she is angry,” one of the soccer players said within earshot of Nik.

“Do you remember when she broke the k**’s wrist last year?” another said.

“Sure did, was sitting right next to him. I could feel the air cut by the ruler as she cracked his wrist.”

“I feel sorry for the girls on that team. None of them are back from last year. They all graduated.”

“What happened to cause Mrs. Jackson to break someone’s wrist?” Nik asked the student.

“Oh, uh, sorry Mr. Knight,” the first k** said, afraid. “We didn’t mean no disrespect.”

“Pussy, just tell him. What does he care? His body count is higher…Someone tried to sneak a peek at her panties in class,” the second k** said. “He took the ruler off the desk and tried lifting her skirt up with it.”

“Sounds like a stupid way to look at a woman’s panties,” Nik said, amused.

“I didn’t say he was smart, uh, sir.”

“Now who is the pussy,” the first k** said.

“Shut up! Anyways, she felt the ruler, took it from his hands and cracked his wrist with it. He was howling like a bitch. The last principal didn’t care to discipline anyone and considered the matter closed. He sure didn’t do that again.”

Nik had his own legal drama to deal with that would soon create a massive headache. He was due in court next month to testify at three trials. The white man got into education, not law enforcement.

“Teesha! Stop eyeing up the boys. No one is going to fuck you if you look like you came out of a buffet. I don’t want your gut hanging out of your uniform. Give me three laps around the track!” everyone heard Michelle scream through the megaphone.

“I’d hate to be her husband. He must get the peg treatment,” the first k** said.

“Nah, whips for sure.”

The last couple of comments made the white teacher chuckle. Maybe in an alternate dimension it was true, but she was definitely not the pegging type with him, unless her ass getting gaped counted.

As Teesha labored running around the field, embarrassed to be in such horrible condition in front of all the boys, some of the boys threw insults her way.

“Hey, shut up!” Nik said on his own megaphone. “I don’t want to hear that crap from any of you. Some of you aren’t in any better shape, so unless you want to join her for three more laps of your own, quit it and focus.”

Now the cheerleaders gossiped amongst themselves during their physical training, hearing Mr. Knight yelling at the boys.

“Why do you think he is here, anyways? Ain’t nothing but trouble since the cracker arrived,” one said with disdain.

“School wasn’t much better without him,” a second commented. “Still a shithole of a school.”

“He is probably gay,” a third mentioned.

“Why do you figure that?” number two asked.

“What is a white guy doing at a ghetto school unless he is surfing for prime meat? All those fights are just lover spats.”

“Are you stupid?” number two said. “You think he is trying to score with the black boys here? Him? He dwarfs every guy here.”

“Oh, and if I’m so stupid how do you know his cock is so big. You been fucking him without telling us?” number three retorted.

“I heard it.”

“From who?”

“Someone, I don’t remember. Heard it in the caf. Someone saw a peak of him after school in the shower. Hung like a horse, and thick as an arm.”

“Yeah, right, dream on. Crackers have small cocks. Don’t you watch porn?” number one said, dismissively.

“Porn ain’t real. Are you that dense? You need to get your head out of the gutter.”

“I know what I’d like to get my head into,” the third girl said, causing them all to giggle.

“If you’ve got time to chatter, you’ve got time for sit-ups!” Mrs. Jackson yelled at the squad.

“Those two should be married,” number one quipped before getting into the sit-up position.

“Taylor! Stop lollygagging. Just because you’re on the opposite side of the field doesn’t mean I’ve gone blind!” the girls could hear Mr. Knight yell.

An hour later the practice had finished. Both squads were tired from the grueling workout. Some were unhappy with the verbal assaults, others tried to use it to motivate themselves. Not every student in the school was a hopeless cause. For every Jimmy Jack, there was another student who saw sport as their way out of the hood. Book smart they might not be, but they were intelligent enough to know kicking a ball was a better career than dodging bullets.

Mr. Knight walked over to conference with Mrs. Jackson as the students mingled and walked off to the locker rooms.

“Sounds like a tight ship you run over here, Mrs. Jackson. I could learn a lot from how you handle them,” he joked.

“I’m sure I could give you a pointer or two if you asked nicely,” she smirked, winking playfully.

“I’ve got the updated travel schedule in my office. When you’re done packing things up, I’ll give it to you.”

“Sure, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes,” she said happily.

Nik walked off to his classroom office. Leaving the door unlocked, Nik began to strip. There were no windows for anyone to peak through, and none of the students ever came after school to see him. Casually, he walked into his personal shower room to get cleaned up. A few minutes later, with soap suds in his hair and eyes closed, he heard the shower door creak open and close again.

“You know Valerie is going to kill us if she catches us again like this,” Michelle said, stroking Nik’s horse hung cock. “Even worse if one of the students find out.”

Michelle licked her lips, admiring her Massa’s hard body. He was muscular but streamlined. Abs rolled down his stomach with indents big enough for her to rub needy fingers over. She felt she could stroke his abs for hours and orgasm only from the feeling of the hard stomach muscle pressed against her hand.

“I won’t tell her if you won’t,” Nik teased, finally getting the soap out of his eyes.

“Oh, don’t worry, Massa. I’m going to rat on the both of us to her. I know it’ll make her jealous, and the more jealous she gets the more wanton of a whore she becomes. We both know you love watching us make out. It gets your white cock hard to see a couple of ebony beauties kissing each other, doesn’t it?”

“I think you know the answer to that, Michelle. You can feel it against your thigh right now.”

Nik didn’t make a move, instead enjoying the worship that Michelle gave. The warm water made her muscles glisten. Feminine but hard, the black teacher’s body was built to handle the pounding her Massa dished out. It was a conduit to funnel all the lust the man had.

“Hubby has another meeting tonight. I want to fuck you in my bed. I want you to give me a real honeymoon there,” she purred.

“You know if we keep this up we’re going to get caught for sure,” Nik said, half-heartedly wanting to be the voice of reason.

“I don’t give a fuck, Massa. We both know we want to be caught, all of us. I hate living a lie. Your collar is the only thing keeping me from shouting to the world I’m a white-owned Negress. I want the looks, the stares, the jealousy and hate of everyone as they see me holding your hand. Fuck, it turns me on so much thinking about that day, Massa.”

The entire discussion, Michelle kept stroking off Nik’s cock. They were slow, methodical strokes. Her lips hovered over his lips, only inching forward as they spoke. She put on her seductive charms, teasing all his senses as he had done so many times to her.

The black teacher was not a Dominatrix in the traditional leather and whip sense. She wanted to be the one bent over and used. But that did not mean she couldn’t, or wouldn’t, seduce a man. It was a woman’s job to be seductive, to show off feminine strength. Nothing got a cock harder, a man more wanton, and a night more passionate than a seductive start. When a person is made to feel wanted, they give a lot more in return.

Michelle took a book of mental notes when they were in the hospital the first time, seeing how Dr. Rai put the charm on her Massa. Jealously first frothed forward but it was also a stern warning. Every person has an inner need to feel wanted, not just loved but wanted sexually. The scene was a splash of cold water that her Massa could ditch her if someone else made him feel more wanted.

But Michelle also pitied all the women who failed to live up to Massa’s standard. As she stroked him off, seeing the wanton need in his eyes for her, it made her feel happy. His hands m*****ed her body, felt every hidden corner, reciprocated every ounce of passion. It was magical. They kissed, arms wrapped around each other in the shower, letting the water cascade against their bodies as their tangled form cried out in lust.

Back pushed against the wall, legs lifted up high in the sky, Nik shoved his fat cock into Michelle’s cunt. It was the perfect sheath for his sword. The moment he pierced the vale, her eyes rolled back in delight. Both arms slung around his neck as the black teacher hung on.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…Massa, keep pounding me with your fat cock. Use me. Use me, stud. Fill me up. I’m your good Negress, aren’t I? Tell me I am. Tell me Oreo Girl makes you feel wonderful when you use her body,” she gasped out between thrusts.

If this were a hentai, every stroke would have made the hearts in her eyes grow bigger and bigger. Every stroke sent shockwaves of pleasure through each synapse. All Michelle could do in the position was stare into his eyes and put on the best, lewdest face possible to keep him turned on. It was easy because she did not need to pretend to enjoy their sexcapades. Keeping him hard meant longer, better fucks.

Using her strength, she pulled herself forward to clasp onto him tight, like a blanket, giving a new position to be fucked in. Drool escaped her lips, but Nik never noticed it splash his body with all the shower water spraying them.

“You’re never going to leave me, Michelle. You’re my bitch, my black bitch. Just like you wanted, I own you now. And as your owner I’m going to do everything in my power to keep you safe,” he grunted into her ear.

It was not the most lewd comment to counter with but the entire situation with his harem and the incidents at school had given him nightmares of a time long past. He did not want to lose out on happiness again, didn’t want it taken from him as before. The man wanted her to know, then and there, this was not a game.

Suddenly, Nik slowed down. Each thrust shoved inside her slower, more sensually as he kissed her tenderly. He started to open up his heart, moving the gauge from merciless dominant towards tender lover. The switch caught Michelle off-guard, although appreciated. Their lips brushed each other softly, letting them call out to each other in wanton need. Every inch could be felt going inside her pussy as his powerful arms held her aloft in dominance and security.

They were a swirl as their ivory and ebony skin intertwined and intermingled together. Anyone watching the former lewd display would be able to feel the aire around the couple change.

“Please, Nik, fuck me softly,” she said with panted breath. “Do me softly. Hold me,” she asked.

Both of her hands caressed his handsome face, stroking his granite jawline as they stared into each other’s eyes. Nik did as she asked, letting each moment feel like sensual bliss. No hard pounding, no bitch breaking, just a feeling of making love under the warm water of the shower.

The switch of emotions made the pair edge instantly with each other. They could see the pleasure in their eyes, see how it affected them. Their relationship was changing. They both knew it the other day but didn’t put it into an emotional response until now.

When Nik was in the hospital, both knew that was their fork in the road. Michelle had a choice. All the girls had a choice to make as Nik remained u*********s in the bed. They could leave or stay. Just being a bitch, a fucktoy, would not work anymore. Life was going to get dangerous. People put a contract out on the man. Being with him would mean they would be a target if they were found out. Lust would have said to leave, to accept the best was over and to depart while the going was good. Love had a different answer.

But deep down Michelle wanted to be caught. Just as she said earlier, she was tired of the games. They were smart to keep everything a secret but she was tired of all the lies and deceit within herself. That is why she let her Massa make love to her. Not hardcore sex filled with taboo slurs to get an ahegao level hentai orgasm, but an emotional bond.

So when Nik came inside her, flooding her womb with powerful sperm, she fiercely looked into his eyes so he could look inside her soul. Without words she told him she’d stay with him, through good and bad, the safe days and the dangerous days. Even if someone opened the shower door right now and saw them together, there would be no shame or contemplation. Just a smile that she was with her man.


Suzy walked into the gym. It was large, lavish, and high class. Just stepping foot in there made the Mulatto girl feel like she jumped up a couple tax brackets. She walked directly there after school was over. Sammy had another date with the boyfriend and Mistah Cracka-man had a practice to run. All through his class she stayed quiet, only making a comment here or there to keep up appearances.

“I see you took my offer,” Gale said, rubbing a towel over her hair.

Suzy gulped at Gale’s body. It looked sculpted out of ivory and diamonds. Feminine muscles stretched along the small frame in perfect proportion. Last night, Suzy didn’t get a chance to see underneath Gale’s clothing. The woman went to bed later than her. Now, in a sports bra and too tight shorts, the teenager got a sense there was more to the Chinagirl than met the eye.

“I had nothing better to do,” she said.

“Sure you didn’t. Alright, follow me.”

Suzy huffed and walked with Gale to the girl’s changing room. Above the door was the phrase ‘Dreams Are Made, Not Given.’

“Nice quote. I didn’t think you were the corny type,” Suzy commented, dismissively.

“I only speak the truth, Miss Mulatto. Your locker is number 69.”


“I thought so. Put on your gear and meet me downstairs. Your training will begin immediately.”

“So why are you doing this again?” Suzy asked.

“Cause I feel like it. Don’t know. I just see a little of me in you when I was your age. Maybe if I had some guidance, I wouldn’t have turned out like the crazy everyone thinks I am.”

Gale shrugged and skipped off.

“Whack job. Chinagirl is loony toons. Totally loony toons,” Suzy commented as she stripped.

Inside the locker was a tight top and shorts. Nothing too revealing, just a standard gym outfit. Still, Suzy got a little self-conscious putting it on. She wasn’t fat or out-of-shape looking but she didn’t think she was a beauty queen either. Just a normal girl.

“Maybe he’ll pay more attention to me if I show him I’m like Gale,” she whispered, tugging on the top. “If he can be friends with Chinagirl, he can be friends with me too, can’t he?”

Walking down to the large gym area, it was filled with everything a gym rat or professional could hope for. Dumbbells of all sizes, every machine in existence, and pictures of models all over the walls. Proudly on display, almost like a shrine, was a cabinet of trophies in the center of the gym. They looked glamorous and prestigious. Atop of them was a picture of Gale, smiling, her body toned and tanned to competition perfection. Each muscle fibre flexed, showing off the pinnacle of human dedication and physical achievement.

“If you want to look like that, Suzy, it’ll take a lot of hard work.”

“I ain’t afraid of hard work, Chinagirl,” Suzy retorted.

“Come on, understudy, I’ll start you off with the basics,” Gale told her in a commanding tone.

“I’m not your understudy.”

“Oh yes you are. Do you know how much I charge for personal training sessions? You should be grateful, Suzy. That isn’t arrogance that is a fact. Look in the cabinet again. I’m the best at what I do.”

Suzy crossed her arms in a prissy manner, looking away, before reluctantly nodding her head.

“Fine, I’m your understudy.”

“Good, now sit down here on the mat and follow my lead.”

For the next hour, Gale put Suzy through the paces of an intense physical workout. While she looked thin, there was no muscle or conditioning. The girl hit the wall within the first ten minutes, and the fumes ran dry long before the finish line. Weights, cardio, stretching, the whole nine yards. By the end of it, she was sweating like she sprung a thousand leaks and could barely move her muscles. Gale, on the other hand, still had a happy bounce in her step. Compared to Suzy there was limitless stamina coursing through her veins and muscles.

“Has anyone said you look like a man?” Suzy said.

“The mean girls act doesn’t work on me, Miss Mulatto. I’m an eleven on the hot scale and we both know it. I give the boys whiplash as I walk down the street.”

Suzy huffed again. Gale was a tougher nut to crack. The attitude wasn’t working. Most of the girls at school would get pissed or extremely self-conscious if such a comment was made towards them. Gale remained cool, calm, collected. Every insult or taunt sidestepped or deflected.

It wasn’t that Suzy was ungrateful for the help, it was a natural defence mechanism. Some would call it an excuse but it helped her survive an abusive mother and home environment. A normal person with a normal life would see an act of kindness as just that, kindness. Suzy saw it as a plot. What would she owe the person? Nothing was given freely. There were always strings. This was why she always pushed people to the extreme, wanting to push them away immediately and prove she was right not to trust them. Some would say it was a self-fulfilling prophecy. She called it safety.

“Come again tomorrow, same time, and I’ll keep training you, Suzy,” Gale said as she sprayed water on her face.

Gale owned the gym so there was no one to tell her not to break the rules. Off she went to chat with another Asian woman that entered the area. A large dragon tattoo popped out of the woman’s back. It looked marvelous but also expensive. A lot of classmates had ink, both good and bad designs, so Suzy had a bit of an amateur eye. The colors were etched in with precision and it was a single, solid picture. No pictures upon pictures, or different designs mixed together. One complete portrait.

The woman was just as fit as Gale but while Gale came off as burnt, this woman had an aire of danger to her. Suzy didn’t have an amateur eye when it came to that. Maybe it was an innocent tattoo, or maybe there was more to it, the girl didn’t know or care at that moment. With tired, cranky muscles, she went off to shower and go home for the night.

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