Why am I attracted to men Like these men?


Why am I attracted to men Like these men?1) A Middle Aged Man a whole Generation Older.We had been drinking all night and it was closing time. Our flat was on the outskirts of town, so we decided to hit the kebab shop and grab a taxi home, as it was approaching midnight.We left the pub and there was clearly a storm brewing, as we struggled to the kebab shop at the end of the block. It was pretty packed but eventually we got to the counter and placed our orders, with my friend Cathy batting her eyelids for a discount, but these Asian guys would have wanted a lot more than a pair of false eyelashes, in lieu of a full price, and I did not fancy a Paki cock inside me that night.We gathered our take-a-ways and made for the taxi rank, just as the first downpour started. Now they were really busy as their cabs were being hailed all around and none were immediately free to come and pick us up at the rank.Cathy whittled her time away chatting to the guy who was next in line, she was responding to his cheesy pick up lines and not surprisingly, he was a middle-aged dude, trying it on with a girl easily thirty years his junior and generational age gap that would require a bridge to gap the difference.We all sat in the relative warmth and comfort of the office while the winds and rain outside lulled me into a warm sense of cosiness.I dozed momentarily but was aroused by a cough from the girl manning the operation, and the first thing I saw was Cathy being kissed and groped by her daddy figure.”Fuck”, I thought, “she really must be horny tonight”, and I kept my eyes hooded as not to let either of them I was watching, she was rubbing his cock on the outside of his pants and his tongue was in her mouth.Suddenly and without warning the girl in the back office called out the guys name and told him g his cab was outside.Cathy suggested we share, drop him off and then continue to our place, the girl in the office said it was fine by her as all the cabs were busy and soon we were on our way, myself seated in the passenger seat and Cathy and her daddy, in the back seat eating each other.By then I was slightly confused and a tad jealous, she was getting all the attention from a man, and I could feel myself warming to the idea of having sex before going to sleep.We were slowing down when I realised it was at our place, “We are going off first then”, I said out loud, and Cathy retorted, “John is coming up to share a kebab”?”Kebab, my arse”, I thought, “pussy more likely”, and I paid the taxi his fare. I went into the kitchen and put the Kebabs into the microwave to reheat, poured a couple of glasses of red wine and asked John if he would prefer a beer, there was no reply.I went to the living room and it was empty. I turned in the hallway and saw Cathy’s bedroom door was closed over, tip toed down and heard her moaning and the bed creaking, “Fucking hell, she really had it bad”, I thought, and went back into the kitchen and ate part of my kebab before going to bed and falling asleep.I got up early and went to the toilet to pee. I always slept nude and walked around as such, so it was no surprise I did as normal, forgetting we had a guest and when I flushed I soon remembered, he was sitting naked having a deep throated blow-job from Cathy, staring at my naked body.My phone was on charge right by where they were having fun, “I need to get my phone”, I said, warming to the fact he was looking at me with intent, and i moved closer, Cathy was oblivious, the sounds of her slurping all over his dick was evident, as he held her hair either side of her head, working her mouth on his cock.I was willing to bet he must have felt like Bull, staring at my trimmed pussy, small breasts and rubbery nipples, while my friend continued to pleasure him with her wet mouth.I was reluctant to go, like I said, I was warming to the sex, the sound and the smell of his cock, and when he reached out and touched my naked thigh with his fingertips, he urged me to come closer. Cathy at that moment stopped sucking and pulled off his cock, “Have a shot”, she slurred, her eyes heavy and her voice sounding strange.She was evidently way out of it. “You been taking something”, I queried, I had seen her really pissed before, but this looked and sounded different.John laughed as his hand found my arse, “She’s been sucking on these little beauts”, he said in a mock Aussie accent, and he handed me a small plastic envelope with two yellow pills in it.”What are they”, I queried, I had never known Cathy to pop pills before?”They loosen you up for a bit of good anal”, he said, feeling me up good, his finger finding my puckered anus as he mentioned anal sex with Cathy.I flashed angrily as he pushed my backdoor button for entry, “Well you ain’t fucking my bum”, I retorted, as I realised Cathy was struggling to her feet, and as such caused myself to stumble on top of him and he just encircled my upper body with his strong arms and started to kiss and lick me.I was lying across him as he sat on the chair, his grip was vice like and as we struggled, I finished on top of him feeling his cock lying between our porno hikaye stomachs, and then, without warning, Cathy grabbed my ankles and pulled them apart, and down over his legs, now between mine.I protested but it was useless, Cathy had fished his erection out from between us and was now busy pushing it up my pussy, aided with her tongue, she was licking me for the first time, as he was licking and lapping like a puppy dog on my naked breast and erect nipple, and then it was happening, he was fucking me and Cathy was egging him on to go harder and faster, all the time burying her face into our working lubricated sex organs and to make matters worse, I was starting to orgasm, it had been a while since my last fucking and this guys cock did not help my resistance.Before to long, I was reduced to a collapsed wreck, totally fucked and seeded. Thank god i was on the pill, but secretly, I really got off on that fuck, not to mention my clandestine pleasure of having Cathy blow me, and what’s better, she seemed to like doing it.2) An Abusive Blackmailing BoyfriendI was no different when I started sleeping with my boyfriend. I found myself drifting away from my girlfriends and becoming more isolated.We travelled and went places, and took photos. It was a bit of fun getting my kit off to show myself in public, in transport and shopping malls, pubs and men’s toilets, a schoolgirl’s fantasy shot, being naked between a pair of men’s urinals and having sex listening to man pissing and coughing.Either was he had a collection over the year, and once he let me look over them, I sensed something was not right, they were all me and he had them hidden from deletion.One night we had a blazing row, we were arguing a lot now and I think we both realised our time was ending and I walked away.Three months later I started seeing another boy and we were really taking it easy and not pushing the envelope, when I found out he had been dating my cousin, and I warned her about him, but she accused me of being jealous.I had been to the pub with another girlfriend when he came in with my cousin and they sat on the other side of the pub, out of sight.My instinct was just to leave, but there was very little else to do in our small town, this was it, so I told myself, “Fuck it, let them leave”, and got on drinking.I went down to use the toilet and went in and as I was about to close the door, he pushed in and forced me to sit down on the pan. “WTF”, I cried out, shocked and angry, as he towered over me, looking down holding his phone up, “Remember these”, he hissed?I looked and felt instant shame, at the images of myself being so slutty and degrading, as he flicked mercilessly through them.I sat in silence, feeling the frustration of fear and not being able to fight back, he had me over the barrel, “I will fucking put all of these online you fucking bitch”, he hissed, I knew my cousin must have told him of my warning and sat with my head bowed in abject surrender.”Look up” he ordered me, some girls had just came into the toilet and were obviously doing their makeup. I looked up to feel his cock brush my face, “Suck it”, he whispered, “or”, he hinted, waving his phone. I opened my mouth and let him inside, and slowly the old feelings were back in full swing as I sucked on him as he listened to all the females outside oblivious his cock was being pleasured in my mouth and I was about to swallow a load, they were taking about trying to get for themselves.My mind was a blank as I blew him. I felt cheap and disgusted with myself, it was too easy for him to have me as he dictated, and so on until he blew into the back of my throat.I sat quietly as he wiped his cock with toilet paper and tucked himself away from view and waited until the last of the girls left.”Do you knew where I was before I came down here looking for you”, he asked me, full of contempt?I shook my head, “I was fucking your cousins arse”, he spat at me, and I felt my stomach wretch at the thought of her dinner waste, now digesting in my stomach.His smile was pure evil, and there was something powerfully arousing about being so sexually helpless, in the face of your master. I must confess to end this little tale, he still calls me and I still go to where he tells me and do what it is that makes him turn me on. I just don’t know why it is like that, or why I enjoy doing it.3) My Mother’s Boyfriend, my daddy substituteI was living my mother and no father, to speak about as they divorced a long time ago. She had a new boyfriend who was younger than she was, a guy who was a scientist, or he studied science or something like that, but I liked him, because he treated me like an adult while my mother took d**gs and alcohol and was a real bitch to him, when she got stoned.Maybe I am being hard on her, because the divorce had made her protective of her space, maybe that’s why Adam, her boyfriend, never got close enough for them to get married.One night I had taken a bath, I knew I was due my monthlies I could feel it coming on, just before the bleeding started I got so fucking horny and would walk around in one of Adam’s t-shirts, seks hikayeleri over my nude body.I liked his shirts, they were cool and there was nothing sexual about us, up until that point, he was just a stable male influence on me, when I needed a man to look at me and advise, like a father would, but up until then, he was just nice to have around.I came down from my room and wandered into the living room where Adam was sitting on the large settee with mother smoking and stretched out with her legs on his lap. She had her eyes closed as Adam drank a beer from a can, the weird smell from the smoke told me she was high on weed, and I watched with interest as her hand hung with the cigarette dangling precariously between her fingers, I was expecting her to drop it, as she looked really stoned.I planked myself down next to Adam and it caused mother to stir and sigh loudly, “I need to get to bed”, she stated, getting up somewhat unsteadily on her feet, as she made her way out and suddenly, I was alone with Adam and I looked into his face and he just smiled and shook his head, accepting mother’s problem of abuse and non committal attitude in their relationship.I often felt like asking him why, but never did, he just always seemed to be there like a steadying force for better.I lent into him and put my head on his shoulder, it felt nice, as his scent and heat from his body were intoxicating. His acceptance of me made me feel comfortable and he lifted his arm over my head and came to rest on my shoulder, before I realised his hand covered my breast, and as I became aware it was there, I could feel my nipple hardening and I guessed he could feel it too, and it just made it worse, not worse that was painful or anything like that, just worse because it felt natural and I began to fantasise about Adam and me.I placed my hand on top of his hand and pressed down on it, squashing my breast, as I toyed with his fingers, with the slightest of touches, imperceptible but my heart raced, as I realised how much I was enjoying being touched like this.I went to bed and masturbated then dreamed of Adam and in the morning, my bed sheet was wet, I was sexually aroused and Adam was now on my radar, of sexual objects.Three weeks later as I sat watching TV Adam arrived to take mother out, but she had been moping around and had on impulse decided not to go out, that pissed Adam off, and she saw that, so on impulse she suggested he take me to the pub and introduce me to getting out in the world.Adan looked at me, “Do you want to go”, he asked?The pub was bigger than I imagined on the inside, but it not so busy as we sat way back away from the bar in the darkness, suddenly I could feel those feeling creep over me as he drank his beer I wondered if he thought about me and touching me like he did last week.I was just drinking coke but I could feel that special feeling people have when you just know there is something there, he was the man with the experience, so I trusted him to be easy with me as we teased around.At one point we got a little physical, a little light slapping and pushing, and then I bit down on his hand, as he lifted his beer and asked me what I was doing. “I’m hurting you”, I replied, seeing my teeth marks on his skin, “I did not feel that”, he retorted as he lifted his beer again so I grabbed his hand again, as out eyes met, and there was a seriousness in his look as I pushed his finger into my mouth and felt it rest on my tongue, at the back of my mouth and I closed my lips and teeth, only gently biting down on his finger, I rolled my tongue and pursed my lips as I simulated a girlish blowjob.We sat with our eyes locked as I worked his finger in and out of my mouth. I was fucking serious, I had given a blowjob and finished up with a mouthful of cum, so I knew what was happening.He put his beer down, his face was deadly straight and stern, “You’re giving me a hard-on”, he said thickly, my mother’s boyfriend was telling me, her fifteen year old daughter, I was giving his cock a hard-on.I pursed my lips and withdrew his finger from my mouth slowly, “That’s what you get when you fuck with me”, I said, I could hear my voice sounded different, as I held his hand in front of my mouth and I smiled to soften the rising tension between us.”Jesus”, he said, “you keep doing that I’ll cum in my pants”, he continued and brought me mouth to his finger tip and licked it with my tongue, our eyes never leaving each other.”Fuck me”. I said it, where it came from I don’t know but I said it because I wanted it to happen, and I got up and moved to the seat alongside him and put my hand down onto his crotch and squeezed his large bump, “Fuck me now”, I repeated, lifting my leg over his knee, I was in heat, ripe for penetration, my mother’s lover and now I wanted my pussy to be his, compare me to mother, as my fingers really gripped him hard and my eyes begged him.We left the pub and got into his truck, where I tried to give him a blowjob, but he wanted to take me back to his place and lick me all over like a piece of sugar candy, I wanted to be his little ‘candy-assed girl.’The erotik hikayeler following week I was doing the laundry with my mother and we were in the washroom, she was happy and fooling around, dancing to the music and being jocular, then suddenly and out of the blue, she asked me about the night down the pub with Adam.She had a box of wine and had been drinking from it along with doing some coke, so she was in a very lovey dovey mood, she was on a high, as she hugged m and I could feel her nudity under her dressing gown as she pressed hard against me.”Was he gently with you”, she asked, and I went cold, as my mind raced, she did not appear angry as she probed, “Did it hurt when he put his big cock inside you”?I did not know how to respond, and I guess she saw that in me, and she laughed out loud, “It’s OK darling”, she comforted me, “We planned it” and I felt I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, “I told him to fuck you really good, so you know what to do”, she continued as I turned and ran for the door, “You will thank me for it later”, I heard her shout after me, I surrendered my virginity to my mother’s boyfriend and she had planned it all along, I felt cheated and really small and c***dish and angry.I came home late that evening, to find Adam and mother in bed and the living room full of empty bottle and pills, they both would be high and out cold. I went to bed and started to doze off.My room light came on and my naked mother stood by the foot of my bed. I had never seen her naked like this before and I just stared, my mother was beautiful and her body was enviable, “Come”, she said as I propped myself up with my elbows, and she walked around the bed and pulled my duvet from my body, I too was naked, and she reached for my hand, “Come”, she said pulling me to get up, “Adam’s here, and we both need you in my bed”.I walked into her bedroom, which was bathed in a red light and Adam was lying naked and with an erection that looked big and angry, as mother pushed me towards him, “He is ours for fun”, she said as I felt my body against his, I wanted him, and all my resistance was melting as Adam seemed to gather me up and lie an top of me, my legs open as he felt down between our bodies and pushed his cock inside my wetness.Mother was smoking as she lay alongside us, and I could feel her breasts on my own as she lent in and kissed Adam, “Fuck her slowly”, she said and Adam raised his ass and powered down into me, causing me to gasp as he opened me up.”Deeper, go deeper”, my mother urged him, and my ankles were being pulled up over Adam’s back until they lay alongside my head, “Fuck”, I gasped, I never felt a man go so deep and mother echoed my sentiment, “There, that’s it, nice and deep, faster”.I could not believe what was happening, the sex was brilliant and I did not want it to stop, Adam was being good, following mothers directions, he humped and pumped and then I realised he was on the verge of cumming, his cock was swelling and the little noises he was making changed to grunts, and mother saw and heard it too.”I am not on the pill” I shouted to them both, as I panicked and felt myself tighten around his pistoning cock, moving faster as mother held my ankles, “Fill her up”, she ordered Adam and he released into me, spurting his seed and filling my pussy, until he lay exhausted on top of me, crushing down.”Don’t move” she barked at Adam, as I felt him go flaccid inside my pussy. Mother turned to her bed side cabinet, “Your turn darling”, she said and I heard the buzzing before I felt it, she placed it on my clitoris and started to move it around, ordering Adam to move around with his cock inside me, “Your turn baby, cum for mummy” she said over and over and as weird as it felt and sounded, I was cumming and moved with Adam who was stiffening inside my small vagina, and moving again, with a grim determination and then suddenly I just exploded as both played with my yielding genitals.”Filling your pussy with cum is only half the battle, you need to pull it inside you to get pregnant”, she said after we separated and lay in her bed with Adam between us.”I don’t want to get pregnant mother”, I protested, but she was way past listening, “I had you at fifteen”, she retorted, and I think you two should get married”.Adam agreed, “I’ll marry your daughter”, he said and I lay there staring at the reddish hue on the ceiling, as mother and Adam started to make out and I watched as her hand with its long fingers encircled his cock and started tugging on it, “Lick daddy’s balls darling”, she ordered me and I crawled down his body and placed me lips and mouth on his testicles, feeling mothers hand on the back of my head, pushing me into his crotch. She opened her legs and her musky scent reached me as I licked and listened to her moans, “Where did Adam get all the fucking energy from”?Hello, Frida here. I hope you have enjoyed my little group of stories fresh from the mind of a genuine girl. I masturbate like you guys do and I think a lot about sex, but not like you men do but what girls like to think about and what it is that sexually turns us on.As usual, if you like what I write, please add a small comment and tell me what it is you like. I like to chat with men and hear what they like to say.In advance and lots of love, Frida.

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