Wife is late getting home


Wife is late getting homeWednesday I got a call at work from my wife Andrea , she said she would be late getting home tonight. I asked her why. She said Keith had called her and he wanted to fuck. I asked her were . She said I don’t know she was meeting him at the church parking lot. I told her to have fun and please don’t wipe herself afterwards. She said you are so gross eating me after another guy has had sex with me. I said what can I say you being a hot wife drives me crazy. After work I stopped by Wendy’s and grabbed myself something to eat and hurried home. At the house I grabbed one of my favorite movies staring Andrea and Tim and popped it in the DVR. As I watched my beautiful wife sucking Tim’shairy cock I ate my grilled chicken sandwich. I once used a hand held counter to count how many strokes Tim did while fucking Andrea that time. 1788 . After it was over I started it again and just as Tim was about to shove his cock into Andrea from batman escort the rear I heard the garage door opening. I jumped up and went into the kitchen to greet her. I opened the door just as she reached for it. Her hair was a mess and she was carrying her pantyhose in one hand. I kissed her cheek and asked her why she wasn’t wearing her hose. She said Keith took forever to cum and she was worried I’d be mad about her being so late so she didn’t take time to put them back on. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom as I explained that I wouldn’t be mad . She saw the TV as we walked through the den and said oh you have been watching Tim and me. I told her it was my favorite . She said is it because he fucked me while I was bent over ? I said well yes and that he fucked you for 1788 strokes. She said my knees almost gave out . Once in our room I turned to around and unfastened her skirt and pulled it down. Then batman escort bayan I pulled her panties down and pushed her down on the bed. I spread her legs and dove in. She was soaked down there and as soon as I sucked her swollen clit in my mouth she grabbed two hands full of hair and pulled me in tight. I could barely breathe as she held me in tightly. After my face was coated in the mixture of her and Keith’s juices I pulled my dick out and stabbed it in her all the way to my balls in a single stroke.I tried to remain still but she was so hot that she rocked her hips causing my dick to work in and out. I said baby your cunt is so loose. She said do you like getting sloppy seconds ? I said I sure do . She reached down and grabbed my balls and said pump your nuts into my cunt. Hearing her talk like that made me start cumming. After I finished she pushed me off of her and she started sucking my very sensitive escort batman dick. I tried to stop her but she kept it up. I was beating the mattress with my fist begging her to stop. She kept it up untill I was hard again and she climbed on me and took my new boner in her ruined pussy. She rocked her hips rapidly as she pinched her own nipples. She said I want to have Tim and Keith fuck me at the same time while I suck your cock. I said that sounds good to me. She had a orgasm and I followed with my own. She fell to my side panting. I said are you serious about taking one of them in your pussy and ass at the same time. She said absolutely, I’ve been wanting my ass fucked for a while. After we showered we went into the den and watched that video one more time. As I was picking something else to watch she picked up her cell and called Tim. She said hubby and I just watched you fuck me silly. Then I heard her said Keith just fucked me tonight. The next thing she said after listening to Tim’s response was I want you and Keith to double me. She giggled and said yes I’m serious. OK she said I will then she hung up. Did he go for it I asked. She said oh yeah he said set it up and let him know. Its going to be this weekend, I let you know how it went.

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