I am on my way to SFO airport to pick up my in-laws. They are already waiting at the curbside outside of the arrival terminal.

When I arrived, it’s only my MiL, maybe my father-in-law is using the restroom. I got out of my car to assist my MIL and to place their luggage inside the trunk of my car.

When I approached her to hug her, she kisses me, which leads to us French kissing.

Me: Wait, Mom. Dad might see us.

Delia: I am the only one, I told them not to tell you, I want to surprise you. That’s why we are not going home until Sunday or Monday. We have a reservation at The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa, until Sunday, but I might extend.

Me: I need to go home first and pick up some personal items that I need.

Delia: Your wife told me that your travel bag is in the trunk of your car. So let’s go, I am fucking horny. My vagina is wet since I left Oahu.

Perfect timing is 9 am, not much traffic crossing the Golden Gate Bridge to Sonoma.

Delia: Son, Mommy wants to have brunch at Sausalito. Because all I want to do is to fuck as long as I want when we arrive in our room.

Me: I love that, Mommy, I missed you.

When we arrived at the hotel driveway, A lady in a suit opened the door for my MIL, and they kiss each other on the cheeks then they hug.

Delia: Elsa, this is my boyfriend, Orly,

Elsa: Nice to meet you, do all you two need to go to the room are all in the trunk?

Me: Yes

Valet: Sir, please let me have your car key,

Elsa: Please both of you follow me to the bungalow, where both of you will stay. Delia on behalf of the board members, want me to give their regards and wish you a pleasant and wonderful time while your here. Also as usual the Chef wants to know what you want. The limousine is available the whole time of your stay 24/7. As usual dial 1111 for all your needs.

Delia: Send my regards to them too, especially to your Mom. Thank you for always taking care of me & kocaeli escort my guest.

I can’t believe how rich my in-laws. Now I know why all her daughters can say” no” to her.

The bungalow is great it has its private swimming pool, Jacuzzi & spa.

Me: You’re rich, why don’t buy a private jet plane or rent one.

Delia: There is no need, I always travel first class.

Then she kisses me on my lips at the same time she is undressing me. Our hands are touching & rubbing sensitive parts of our bodies as we talk about how we enjoy each other sexually. I was surprised she wears a bra & panty usually when we are going to have sex, she doesn’t wear one.

Delia: I missed you so much, I never felt like this to anyone, I want you to slowly undress me, unwrap me like a surprise gift.

Me: I hope your daughter’s breast will look like this when they reach your age right now.

Delia: They will, it’s in our genes, the breast & body of my mom looks the same as mine until she died at the age of 85 years old.

Me: Just by looking at your breast gives me a hard-on, I remember them the first time we met at your husband’s office, when you hug me, you intentionally rub your breast on me. Then when you left your husband’s office, he told me that he thinks you and I will have no issue because she never saw you hug any man that works for him, except females. That’s why the first time I fucked your daughter, now my wife, I always ask myself if your breast looks like yours.

Delia: I want your penis inside my vagina, fuck me now.

I laid her on her back on top of the bed, then lay on top of her body, facing her, she grabs my penis and rubs the tip of my penis head on her clitoris, she moans as she is doing it.

She continued rubbing the tip of my penis head on her clitoris, until she has sufficient vaginal lubrication, she inserts my penis inside her vagina.

. I slowly thrust my penis in & out of her vagina kocaeli escort bayan but:

Delia: Please do it faster & harder, I want to feel your warm sperm inside my vagina, I been longing for it.

I thrust my penis in & out of her vagina as fast & as hard that I can. Her vagina’s tightness makes me cum quickly since I never fuck anybody for a couple of days I fired a lot of my sperm inside her vagina.

Delia: Please don’t move, I am enjoying this moment. It’s been months since the last time I have sperm inside my vagina.

We were in that position for how long I don’t know. We fell asleep. We never realized that we are both tired. It’s about 5 pm when we both wake-up, she got up from the bed and she brews us a coffee.

We drink our cup of freshly brewed coffee, naked, on the patio by our private swimming fool. We shared a joint and a cigarette.

Delia: After this, let’s clean ourselves and get ready, I want to drive around in our limousine.

Me: Any specific place you want to go.

Delia: Maybe downtown San Francisco. I don’t know, take me anywhere.

Delia, call the hotel services and have our limousine ready in 45 minutes to an hour. We shower at the same time, I loved rubbing soap all over her body, especially on her breast. After we showers.

Delia:: Wear your Hawaiian shorts that have velcro fly zippers, don’t wear underwear but bring a semi-formal to wear in case we need it. Place it inside my valet bag.

Me: I will bring a coat, long sleeves polo shirt & slacks pants & leather shoes.

Our Limousine driver is about the same age as my MIL. They know each other.

Delia: Danny, how are you? I thought you retire.

Danny: I only drive to those VIP’s like you.

Delia: Danny this is my boyfriend, Orly. Danny is also the father of Elsa.

Me: Nice to meet you, Danny.

Danny: Mam Delia, Sir Orly, where are we going?

Delia: To downtown San Francisco. escort kocaeli I am closing the partition window now Danny, I will use the intercom if I want something. Thank you.

After she closed the partition window.

Delia: This is exciting, I never experience having sex in a limousine. Have you experience having sex in a limousine, son? Me: Never

She removes my t-shirt and my short pants, then she undressed. She grabs my penis and rubs the tip of my penis head on her nipples. She raises the volume of the car stereo, enough for us to hear each other.

Me: Ohhh!! that feels good. I want to lick & eat your vagina, Mommy, I missed it.

Delia: You do! You missed my vagina, son? What else did you missed?

Me: I missed sucking your nipples, I missed fucking you in your ass, Mommy.

Delia: Do what you want to your, Mommy, I am yours and only yours forever. I love you. son.

I lie down on my back on top of the table, Then she lies on top of me with our knees straddling out head. She starts circling the tip of her tongue on my penis head, then she inserts it inside her mouth and deep throats me, I lick & suck her clitoris while my two fingers penetrating her vagina.

Both of us is moaning, we are about to reach our climax. Our accumulated erotic tension is about to explode, finally, we both let it go at the same time, her vaginal

the juice tastes sweet.

Then she sits on top of my lap butt facing me, then she grabs my penis, brings her butt high above my lap and inserts just my penis head inside her she slowly brings her butt down to have my penis in..

She leans on the table for leverage, then, she moves her body to have her butt goes up & down my penis. One of my hands are massaging her breast and my other hand’s finger is rubbing her clitoris.

She control the depth and pace of her thrusts. I can feel her vagina is squirting fluid in between my legs.

I can feel that I am going to reach my orgasm, so I grab her hips and I can thrust my penis faster & harder inside her ass.

Me: Mommy, I am coming, Ahhhh!!

Delia: Your sperm feels warm inside my ass, SHIT!! You make me feel good, more than good. That’s why I never objected when my daughter Didi told me she will marry you.

to be continued…

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