Wife Training


Wife TrainingWife TrainingIt started with an email, as it usually does. My postings on the Internetdescribes me as a ‘slut trainer’, and I get frequent queries as to what thatinvolves. The queries are usually from husbands, or Doms that cannot administerproper training themselves, for whatever reason. I explain that I achieve mygoals through bondage and discipline, including, but not limited to, whips,leather straps, paddles, canes, clamps, breast and vaginal punishment andpunishment enemas. Many times I never hear back from them, but occasionally, asin this case, they wish to continue the correspondence.This was a husband, and apparently he had started a bdsm relationship withhis wife a few months before. They discovered that she was a submissive atheart, and he wanted her to be totally subservient, but he didn’t know how to goabout it. I explained to him that I wasn’t an advice columnist, but if he wishedto put her in my care, I could produce the results he wanted.He wanted to know how long it would take, and how much it cost. I explainedthat it depended on the individual, that some women had more mental baggage thanothers, and that needed to be dealt with, but a minimum of two weeks forstarters, and possibly on-going instruction in the future. I told him that myservices didn’t require cash, that my reward was in the final outcome. I said Idid it because I enjoyed doing it, that I was retired, and could devote myself24/7 to her training. I told him that the time frame was totally up to him, butit had to be within the next two months, as I had a delivery coming from theEast Coast then. He told me that he was definitely interested.We discovered that they lived about two hours away from me, so the deliverywouldn’t pose a problem. I told him to send me nude pictures of his wife, frontand back, including the face, and a detailed bio, to include any and allexposure she’d had to bdsm, and her sexual history.He wrote back a few days later. His wife’s name was Anna. She was 20 yearsold, 5’4″ and 110 lbs., 36D, 22, 33. They had been married for six months. She’dhad one previous sexual relationship with a boyfriend, and he, her husband, wasonly the second man she had ever been with. They had started with blindfold sex,and graduated to her being tied up and spanked. He said she loved oral and anal,especially after a spanking, and that he had used a belt on her a few times.That was about the extent of it.He said, if I approved, he would deliver her on the upcoming weekend, onlythree days away. She had made arrangements to totally free up her schedule forthe two weeks after that. She sounded perfect, and I almost dreaded opening thepictures; I’ve had some real pigs try and enlist my services. I was pleasantlysurprised; she was beautiful.She stood, facing the camera, legs about two feet apart, her hands at hersides. She had big, full breasts, with large, brown aureolas, and she had largenipples, that stood out nicely. Her pubic hair had been waxed or shaved, and herslit had big, pouty lips. She had long, brown hair, almost to her waist, and inthe next picture, a rear shot, she had her hair pulled to the side, and I couldsee she had a beautiful, heart-shaped ass. I told him to bring her to me.I sent him a final email on Friday, with directions to my house, andinstructions for her presentation. I wanted her naked under a cape or coat,something that opened in the front, and her hair tied back. I wanted her wriststied behind her back, and black high heels on her feet. I told him I lived inthe country and was completely out of view from neighbors, so her exit from thecar would not be a problem.The car pulled in the driveway at about noon on Saturday. I watched from awindow as he walked around to open the passenger door and helped her out. Herhigh heels slid to the ground and the front of her naked body was exposed, herhands tied behind her back. I could see a cape tied around her neck and it fellin place as she stood up, and her legs flashed through the opening as theyapproached the house. I opened the door and he gave me a nervous smile as theyentered. I saw them glance quickly around the room. My whole house was equippedfor ensuring the compliance of females, and there was a spanking horse and alow, cuffed equipped, table in the room. One wall was festooned with whips andstraps, hanging from wooden pegs. Canes of various sizes leaned against thewall, and a long counter top held cuffs and clamps, dildoes and plugs, tubes oflubricant and candles. Ropes hung, dangling from pulleys on the wooden beamceiling.”Stand here,” I said to her, indicating a spot in the center of the room.”First rule,” I said to her. “You will keep your eyes and head downward. Youare not to look up at me unless I tell you to. “Is that clear?” She quicklynodded her head. I had a ball gag in my hand and walked up behind her.”Open your mouth,” I said. She opened and I jockeyed the ball into her mouth,forcing her jaws open, and I buckled it around her head. Next came a blindfold.Then I opened up a thin, steel collar, interset with metal rings, and wrapped itaround her neck, fastening it with a small padlock..”Now, then,” I addressed her husband. He proffered his hand but I ignored it.”You may stay only until I have completed my inspection. Then you must leaveher. But, just to re-iterate, her two weeks will be a rigorous time for her.There are no safewords, and she will have no choice but to comply. Do you stillwish to leave her with me?” He nodded his head.”And Anna, do you still wish to stay?” She nodded quickly.”Very well,” I said. “I have printed out a statement to that affect, if youwould please sign it,” I said to him, indicating a paper and a pen on the table.He glanced it over and signed it. “Now, I will inspect her,” I said. I pulled her cape back, tucking it underher arm pits. I hefted her breasts in my hands, as if weighing them. She startedto breath heavily through her nose. Then her nipples; they were already erectand I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger, pinching them, causing her tomoan slightly. She jumped slightly when she felt my finger at her slit- it wascompletely smooth.”Hold still and spread your legs,” I said. She widened her stance, and Iteased the length of her slit with a forefinger. She was wet. I slid my fingerinto her, and she was hot, and tight. She moaned and pushed against my hand.”You are not to cum without permission, slut, or you will be horsewhipped.” Icontinued probing her wet, silky channel.”Hands and knees, slut,” I said, “head on the floor, ass up, knees spread.”She awkwardly got to her knees, her hands still behind her back, and managed toget her forehead to the floor. I lifted her cape up and d****d it over her back,her perfect ass exposed.”Spread your knees wider,” I said, taking in the view of her smooth, hairlessass crack. I snapped a rubber glove on and picked up a tube of lubricant,liberally greasing up the middle finger.”Do not move,” I warned her. I rotated my finger around her anus, greasingthe hole, and slid into her ass. There was a slight ‘mmmmph’ from behind the gagas I slowly finger-fucked the tight hole.”I felt a turd up in there, Anna,” I avcilar escort said, withdrawing from her ass. “We willdeal with that soon.” I loved doing these inspections in front of the husbands,as it left no doubt in their minds that their wife’s body had been surrenderedto me. When I looked at him, he had an erection.I nodded toward the door, indicating it was time for him to go.”I will keep you informed of her progress, ” I told him. ” I totallydiscourage any communication between you and her unless it is a dire emergency.It is paramount that she be taught to open herself, with you completely out ofthe picture.” He stopped at the door and turned back to the room.”Goodbye, Anna,” he said. “I love you, baby.” There was no response from hiskneeling wife.”Well, goodbye then,” he said, and he walked to his car and drove away. Iwalked back to my kneeling charge and helped her to her feet. I removed her capeand admired her nakedness. I untied her wrists and buckled leather cuffs onthem, as well as her ankles, and I removed her shoes. I snapped her wrist cuffstogether behind her, and attached a leash to her collar. I removed herblindfold, and tugged on the leash and she followed me down the hallway to thebathroom. My bathroom was huge, and I had picked up a stainless steel autopsytable, complete with drain, and it was the center of attention..I uncuffed the girl’s wrists and told her to crawl up on the table on herhands and knees. I knew she saw the enema apparatus hanging above the table, aswell as more punishment tools, and she trembled slightly as she took herposition. I strapped her wrists and ankles to the edges of the table, and filleda double- enema bag with warm, soapy water. The double-bardex was veryefficient at giving forced enemas, because it had two bulbs that could beinflated, one inside and one outside the body. I lubed up the probe and slowlypushed the first deflated bulb into her ass, and I could hear sounds of protestfrom behind the gag.”You are to remain still, and quiet, unless I instruct you otherwise.” Istarted to inflate the inner bulb, and again she protested.”You have earned your first punishment, Anna,” I told her. I inflated bothbulbs and retrieved a paddle from the wall. “I’m going to paddle you until youagree to hold still, and be quiet.” I went right to work, smacking her ass andthighs with the paddle, harder and faster, harder and faster, the enema hoseswaying. I could hear her screaming behind the gag, and I knew that thispaddling had already gone beyond anything she had ever recieved before. When Istopped, her ass was beet-red and swollen. I could hear her trying to breathe,snot blowing out of her nose.”I am going to remove your gag, Anna, but only to hear you say one thing. Youwill say,’I will be quiet and I will be still, Master.’ If you do not say it, thenthe gag goes back in and the paddling continues.” I unbuckled the gag and priedthe ball from her mouth. She was sobbing and trying to catch her breath. I gaveher a minute to compose herself, and I admired her red ass cheeks with thehose protruding between them.”I…will…be quiet,” she sobbed for a second and continued, “and..I …willbe still, Master.””Good girl,” I told her. “Now maybe we can continue without the gag…that’sup to you.”I opened the valve on the bag, and she moaned as she began to fill, and shetensed as she began to cramp. I stopped and restarted, over and over, until shehad taken a good portion of two quarts. I made her hold it for about 8 minuteswhile I rubbed her rumbling belly and pulled and twisted her nipples. When shefinally broke out in a sweat I knew it was time.The table was equipped with water jets on the sides, and a short hose, and Iturned them all on. I deflated the bulbs and the whole stinking, soapy mess shotout of her, the water jets directing it down the drain. Her guts spasmed for along time, and I hosed off her buttocks and the backs of her legs. Then Irefilled the bag and refilled her, making her take 2 1/2 quarts, and then againwith three quarts. I washed her down with a soft brush and soapy water.I led her back into the main room, and made her hold her ass spread for mewhile I inserted a large, greased butt plug into her. It was tight, and she hadsome trouble taking it, but I was finally able to force the flared plug past heranal ring. I told her that I had two more that were bigger, and she would becomefamiliar with them, too. I strapped her to a St. Andrews cross on the wall, andI bound her breasts with some soft, cotton rope; tightly, up against her chest.She moaned as the pressure built in her bulging breasts.”Moans are okay, and screams are okay, but that is all I want to hear fromyou.” She looked at me pleadingly.”I told you not to look at me,” I said. “That deserves another punishment,Anna. That’s two punishments already, and you just got here.” She lowered herhead and whimpered. I fondled and squeezed her swollen breasts, pinching andtwisting her nipples until they protruded enough to get clothespins on them. Iput two more clothespins of each of her cunt lips, and tied them to her thighswith string, splaying her open nicely. Then I circled her purple, bulgingbreasts with more clothespins, ten on each one, then another ten down the softskin of each inner thigh. I picked up my riding crop and slapped a pin off ofher breast, and she screamed as the biting clamp was snapped off. Then one offthe other side, back and forth, methodically snapping them off with the tip ofthe crop. Then her thighs, the pins leaving wicked, red marks where they hadbeen pinched to her flesh. She was blubbering and crying. I took the handle ofthe crop and slid it through her splayed slit, back to front, causing her tomoan deeply, and I saw her moisten and her clit stand erect.I undressed and stood in front of her, the head of my erect cock pushingdirectly at the center of her splayed slit, her soft, wet folds just barelyencircling my cock. I untied her breasts, and she screamed at the horrible painof blood flowing back into them, and I thrust my cock up into her, and she criedout and orgasmed. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, mauling them as Iheld my cock fully up in her. I started to fuck her.”Cum, Anna,” I said, and I felt her spasm on my cock and I ejaculated in herhot cunt. I untied her and made her kneel with her head on the floor, her wristcuffs attached to her ankle cuffs, and a spreader bar between her legs. I couldsee my cum oozing from her slit and I put a towel under her as the long stringsdripped from her. The butt plug made a nice contrast to her red ass cheeks.I went in the kitchen and made myself some dinner, a nice steak, some riceand gravy. I opened a bottle of good wine and drank about half of it. I sc****dsome rice and gravy into a dog bowl and cut up the leftover steak into smallpieces. I carried the bowl out to her.”Lift your head,” I told her. I put the bowl under her face.”You have three minutes to eat,” I said. She took a tentative bite, thenbegan to eat ravenously, her face smashed down in the food..”This is what you are,” I told her. “A dog, meant to serve at your Master’sfeet and do his bidding. şirinevler escort If you please me, I will feed you what I eat. If youdon’t, you will eat dog food. You will communicate with me in two ways, barkingand whining. One bark for yes, Master, two barks for no, Master. If you need topiss, you will rub your head on my leg and whine. You will also whine and grovelfor my cock, or if I desire you for ass worship.” I gave her a bowel of waterand watched her lap it up.I had a big doggie bed next to my recliner and I had her curl up in it, herwrist cuffs attached to her collar and her ankle cuffs snapped together. Iwatched TV and sipped my wine. I could lean over and reach her ass, and I wouldoccasionally tug on her butt plug or finger her slit, keeping her wet andaroused. After an hour or so, I told her that I needed to piss and I helped herup between my knees.”Take my cock in your mouth,” I said, “and don’t suck it, just hold it. I amgoing to feed you this a little at a time, until you can hold it all down. Idon’t want you puking on my carpet.” I released a small amount of piss, and hereyes widened, and she swallowed it, and she didn’t gag.”Whine like a doggie if you can take more,” I said. She whined and I refilledher mouth, and she swallowed, and I saw her stomach heave.”Good doggie,” I said, rubbing her head,” that’s enough for now.” Shereleased my cock and rubbed my leg with her head, whining. I uncuffed her handsand released her ankles. I put a leash on her and made her crawl to the backdoor, and out onto the grass. She lifted her leg and pissed for a long time. Iloved the sight of the piss streaming out of her, the plug still firmly lodgedin her ass, and I led her back into the house.I had another doggie bed next to my bed, and I had her curl up in it. Therewas an eye-bolt in the floor with a short piece of chain, and I padlocked it toher collar, and attached her wrist cuffs to the collar as well. I grabbed thebase of the butt plug, and she moaned loudly as I pulled the big flair out ofher. She whined in appreciation. I covered her up with a blanket and got in mybed. I was pleased; she did excellent for her first day.Her whining woke me up in the morning, and I led her outside to piss. Theninto the bathroom and onto the enema table.”On your back,” I told her. I tied her knees back, exposing her ass and slit.She whimpered as the deflated bulb went in, and moaned as I inflated the bulbs.I gave her the first two bags quickly, then again refilled it. I didn’t let thewater flow just yet. I picked up a short, stiff leather spanker and began towork her inner thighs with it, working up to her slit and back down until shewas glowing red and crying. Then I fingered her slit, and she was wet andsteaming hot. Then I rubbed her excited clitoris, and when she orgasmed Ireleased the water, and she cried out, thrusting her hips at my finger while shecame again, her guts filling with three quarts of water. When I deflated thebulbs, her water started to gush out, but I was ready with her butt plug andforced it into her, stopping the flow. I cleaned her off and made her crawl tothe main room, her guts sloshing.I got her kneeling upright, and she looked pregnant with the load of liquidin her guts. She would wince occasionally, and I knew she was veryuncomfortable. I put my cock in her mouth and slowly fed her mouthfuls of piss,and she moaned between swallows, her mind completely engrossed with her need torelease the enema. She took my whole bladder, a mouthful at a time. I attachedher cuffs to her collar and paddled her. Her beautiful, tight ass had recoveredcompletely from her paddling the day before, and I laid the paddle on her hotand fast while she knelt there, her colon and intestines bulging full of enemawater, and her belly full of my hot piss. I put my cock in her mouth again.”Suck,” I said. She sucked, her body wracked with sobs. I held her prettyface in my hands and pumped into her mouth, face-fucking her, holding my cock inher throat, shutting off her air while I ejaculated down her throat.”Good doggie,” I told her. “This is what you are for,” I said, as she kneltthere, panting, her belly swollen, her ass glowing red. “To be filled with waterand piss if it pleases me, to be whipped if it pleases me, and to take cocks andcum into your holes. You’re a cum dump and a whore, Anna, do you understand?”She barked onceI got her back into the bathroom and up on the table on her hands and knees.When I pulled the plug she exploded, and her guts convulsed over and over, andit took ten minutes for her to completely drain. I stood her in the shower, andshampooed her hair and soaped her entire body, inspecting her as I went. She hadbruises on her breasts and thighs where the clothespins had been, and a red ass,but that was all. I ran a razor over her crotch and inspected her ass crack forhairs, and I plucked the few that I found.Back in the living room I re-inserted her butt plug and tied her over thespanking horse. I hung weighted clamps from her nipples and labia, stretchingthem downwards. I flogged her back, raising a series of welts, but I was carefulnot to break the skin, but she still screamed. I strapped a harness around herwaist and fastened a large, vibrating dildo to it, shoving it up her cunt andtightening the harness, holding it tightly up in her. I pulled her clamped andweighted labia to the sides, straddling the harness strap. I turned the vibratoron, and I used a riding crop on the backs of her legs and her paddled ass. Iknew it was a matter of time before the vibrator made her cum, and when shetensed and cried out, I gave her two vicious cuts to her ass while she orgasmed.I turned the vibrator off and untied her, and made her crawl to her doggiebowl, the plugs still in her, the weights still attached. The strap of theharness was directly up the middle of her slit, and her weighted labia bulgedaround the strap, and the weights banged together as she crawled. I cuffed herhands behind her back and scooped some cold oatmeal into the bowl. The weightshanging from her nipples clanged against the bowl as she ate and drank. I askedher if she had to piss and she whined, so I led her outside. I unbuckled theharness and pulled the dildo from her cunt. I made her hold it in her mouth asshe lifted her leg to pee, and the clamps and weights held her cunt lips opendelightfully. We stayed outside in the grass. I took the dildo from her mouth,but left the butt plug in and the weights and clamps on. I made her suck me,slobbering on my cock for about 20 minutes.”Are you ready to clean my ass?” I asked her. She raised her head long enoughto bark once. I stood and turned around and she did her best to get her tongueinto my hole. I held my cheeks apart to give her better access, her tonguelicking and slurping at my ass.”On your back,” I told her, and she managed to get down, laying on her cuffedhands. I squatted over her mouth, and now she could get her tongue into my holenicely. She actually started to moan, worming her tongue deeply into me. Icalled her an ass-licking slut, and I rocked back and forth, smearing myspit-slickened asshole across her taksim escort face and mouth. When I stopped moving, hertongue went back to work. I kept her at it for an hour or so. I got her on herknees and cuffed her hands in front of her so she could support herself, and Ipushed her down onto all fours, slowly pulling the plug from her ass. I strolledinto the house for some lubricant. I stood in front of her, greasing my cock.”Are you an ass-fucking whore, Anna?” I asked. She barked and I smiled,taking up position behind her. I grabbed the weights dangling from her nipplesand pulled them back towards me, stretching her nipples taut and causing her togasp. Her ass and back were hot, and I could feel the heat rising from her as Iput my cock to her well-lubricated and stretched hole. I sank into her assslowly, relishing the hot, greased tightness. Even after having the butt plug inher she was very tight. I gave her a long, thorough ass-fucking, crouched on myhaunches as I fucked deep into her, pulling on her nipple clamps.I didn’t play with her cunt. I didn’t want her cum, I wanted her to feel likean ass-fucked slut, a tight greasy hole for a man’s cock to shoot it’s sperminto. She moaned as I pushed deeply into her, my balls pressing against her hot,paddled ass. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her tightly to me, my cumspurting deep in her guts.”This is why you’ll be enemaed every day, slut. To prepare you to take cocksin your ass.” She barked. I pulled out of her and reinserted the butt plug. Iknelt in front of her.”Anytime a man pulls his cock from your whore body, you are to clean it.” Sheopened her mouth and I inserted my half-erect cock, and she sucked and lickedthe grease and slime until I was clean. She crawled back into the house and Iremoved her clamps and weights, and had her lay on the whipping table on herback. I pulled her knees back and spread them, securing them to the table. Ipicked up the crop and saw the fear in her eyes. I started just under her bellybutton, stinging snaps of the crop across her lower belly, and another series alittle lower, just above her slit.. Then directly alongside her slit, hard snapsthat caused her to scream.”You know where the next ones are going, don’t you?” I asked. Her mouth movedand I thought she was going to speak. “Not a word,” I warned her, “or we startover. Do you understand?” She gave a weak, pathetic bark, and I brought the cropdown directly in the center of her slit. I saw her eyes roll back in her head asthe insane pain registered, and I hit her again. She was blubbering now,straining against her bonds, and I gave her the third cut, her labia beginningto swell now. I let her rest for a moment, then stood next to her head, strokingher slit with the crop.”I want to give you one more, Anna,” I said to her. I fingered her wet cuntand I toyed with her until her clit was protruding from the top of the slit.”One more, right here, ” I said, rubbing her clit. I bent down and kissed hermouth and she responded hungrily, sucking and moaning on my mouth.”But I want you to want it, Anna, and if you do, I want you to bark.” Tearswelled up in her eyes, and she closed them tight.”Arf,” she said in a barely audible voice, bracing for the blow.”That was a pathetic bark, Anna,” I said. “Try it again.””Aaarf,” she wailed.”Not good enough,” I told her.”AAARF,” she screamed, and I brought the crop down hard on her clit. Shetensed and her mouth went into a silent ‘O’, and she raised her ass off thetable.”Cum, Anna, ” I said, and I watched her cunt spasm, and she frantically triedto move her hips, and she orgasmed, her cunt now wet, the lips swollen and red.”It is so delicious to see a woman cum from having her cunt cropped,” I toldher. “You have just taken a big step toward your future life”. I could see thatshe was on the verge of another orgasm, and her clit was throbbing and red.”Would you like another?” I asked her. She barked and I snapped the crop downagain and watched, transfixed as she orgasmed again. I was a little worked upmyself, so I got up on the table and knelt between her thighs, my cock erect.Her beaten cunt and clit were so sensitive that just a touch from my cock madeher cry out. I forced my cock past her swollen labia and into her wet cunt, andshe was in an almost constant state of orgasm while I fucked her. I pulled outbefore I came and shot my cum up on her belly and tits, just for fun. I made herclean me, then I left her tied up.”You truly are a whore, Anna, and a pain slut, too. Being able to cum frombeing beaten is a gift, and it will definitely make your beatings more enjoyablefor you. I see many orgasms in your future.” I smiled at her, and she lookedterrified.”I think I’ll go write your husband and give him a progress report. You’reapproaching the end of your second day, and I think your progress is excellent.”I went and got my digital camera and snapped a few shots to send to her husband.That evening I let her eat without being restrained in any way, although shestill wore the cuffs. Her slit was so swollen that she had a hard time crawling,but I still made her crawl outside to piss.When I pulled the plug out of her ass that night, she whined and rubbed hercheek on my hand. I told her that she would get a bigger plug tomorrow.By the end of the first week we had almost settled into a routine. Enemas inthe morning followed by ass stretching, piss drinking and ass cleaning. The restof the day I spent torturing her, needles in her tits and labia, tit paddling,ass whipping, and usually a crop to her clit to make her cum. On Saturday nightI let her have a glass of wine, sitting on the floor, unfettered.”Congratulations,” I told her. “You have made it through the first week.Starting tomorrow, we pick up the pace a little.” I could see her eyes cloudover in dismay. “All of the things we are doing now we will continue to do, withone exception…you will not be tied. You will do them willingly and withouthesitation. And, there will be other men.” She was silent. “Do you understand?”She barked and I put her to bed.It was a joy to see her take her enemas and her whippings without being tied.I loved to make her hold her cunt lips open for her daily crop to the clit, andshe could orgasm quickly now, usually on the first blow.I brought various friends in during the next week, and I watched for anysigns of hesitation on her part as she took these men in her mouth, cunt or ass.I saw none. She dropped on her knees if they wished to whip her, and held hercunt or ass spread for the crop, no matter who was wielding it. I finally gotthe largest butt plug into her, and she was now a very comfortable ass-fuck, andmy friends and I delighted in thrusting in her ass during, or just after, a paininduced orgasm.I finally wrote to her husband and told him she was ready. Just before hisarrival, I whipped Anna, as severe a whipping as she’d had at my hands. I wantedto send her home with my marks on her. I had a friend over and we double-fuckedher so her husband could find semen in her holes. She drank the piss from bothof us, and she was ready to go home.When her husband arrived, I d****d the cape over her naked, welted body andput her in her husband’s care. As she was walking out the door, I asked her,”Would you care to come back and visit sometime, Anna?” She looked me rightin the eyes and smiled.”Arf,” she barked.I settled down with a glass of wine and congratulated myself on a job welldone.

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