Alli Rae

WIFE WANTS TO WATCHIt was several months after my encounter with Jake that my husband Jim and I were relaxing while watching some television one evening when a passionate love scene was burning up the screen! I glanced over at Jim and noticed him viewing the action with that intent look he gets when his mind is fantasizing. I don’t remember what movie was on, but it had several erotic love scenes in it though it wasn’t a porno. I knew that it would just be a matter of time before Jim suggested I meet another guy. This time however, I intended to bring up the subject first and tell him of my fantasy!The next evening when Jim came home from work, I had dinner ready and greeted him with a kiss. Sitting down to eat I noticed that gleam in his eye and before he could say a word I smiled across the table at him and said “Honey, I would like to watch you fuck another woman!” Jim’s draw dropped and looked at me in disbelief. “Say what?” He asked.”I would like to watch you with another woman,” I told him. “It’s something I have fantasized about.””What a minute,” Jim protested. “I’m the voyeur, remember?” “I’m the one who gets into watching you.””Being with another woman would do nothing for me.” He went on to explain.”Oh, come on sweetie, you’re not going to tell me that you haven’t fantasized about fucking some strange pussy?” I protested with a grin. “Say for instance, Betsy?” I teased.”Betsy?” Jim looked confused.”Yes, Betsy and Hal, remember meeting them and going up to their cabin?” “Yea, I remember that.” Jim acknowledged.”Well, I told you about Hal wanting to walk thru the woods behind me while I held my dress up around my waist just so he could watch my ass jiggle as I walked.” I explained.”Yes, I remember you telling me that.” “Can’t say as I blame him for that!” Jim giggled.”Well, what I didn’t tell you was that while walking in the woods we came upon you and Betsy!” Jim’s face blushed slightly, “Sure you did.” He answered in disbelief.”No, honestly” I then described the scene. “You and Betsy were under a big tree lying on a blanket.” “When Hal and I came up on you, we were probably just thirty or so yards away and you two were sitting and laughing there until you starting kissing.” “Hal and I were behind a fallen tree and just watched quietly for a while.””You then began to feel her big tits thru her blouse before she took it off.” “She did have some nice big titties, I remember that!” I giggled.”You then squeezed and played with them while you two kissed.” “About that time, Hal was kissing me and squeezing my tits as well.” “When I looked over at you the next time, Betsy was on her knees leaning down and sucking your hard cock.””You then reached over her and pulled her skirt up before I saw your hand find her pussy and start to finger it.” “Hal kept me busy for the next few minutes but I heard some slight moaning and looking back, saw you on top of Betsy, her legs raised up behind your arms and your cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.”Jim listened intently before responding, “Well, I guess you were there and watching.” “You wouldn’t have known all that if you hadn’t seen it.””You’re right and you can’t tell me that you weren’t enjoying what you were doing!” “The way you were pounding Betsy’s hot little pussy I knew you were having fun.”Jim then asked, “Did it turn you on, did you enjoy watching?””It got me hot alright, and it really got Hal hot!” “While watching you two getting it on, Hal had me on my stomach across that fallen tree trunk fucking me from behind so we could both watch you two.” “I’m surprised you didn’t hear us moaning and groaning though I know you guys were making some pretty loud noise yourself!””I had such an intense orgasm squirting my juice all over Hal’s big cock and had to bite my lip and keep my mouth covered to keep from crying out!” “Hal must have unloaded a quart of hot jizm up my cunt because when he finally pulled his cock out, it felt like at least that much poured back out on the ground!” “I know we left a big puddle of his sperm in that thicket we were in.””So, are you saying that you want to contact Hal and Betsy to see if they might want to get together again?” Jim quizzed. “That was my thought,” I admitted. “But, this time we all stay together.” “You can watch me with Hal and I can watch you and Betsy.” “Deal?” I smiled offering Jim my hand to shake.Jim looked at me with a grin before taking my hand, “Okay then, deal.” “Be right back.” With that Jim took off to the bedroom and brought back a piece of paper.”Here” he said handing me the paper. It had Hal and Betsy’s phone number on it. “Give them a call.””You want me to call?” I asked. “Why don’t you call them?””I’ld rather hear you talk to them” Jim said handing me the telephone.I dialed the number and was thankful that Betsy answered. “Hi Betsy” I greeted the person at the other end. “This is Darla and….” Before I could say another word Betsy was all gracious and friendly telling me that her and Hal had also been thinking about calling us for the past couple weeks but had trouble getting up the nerve!Betsy and I carried on a cordial conversation for a while before I finally asked if they would like to get together. She was bubbling with excitement and couldn’t accept our invitation fast enough. Putting my hand over the receiver I whispered to Jim, “Yes, they want to meet.” “When and where?”Jim suggested the following weekend and to let them pick the place.”Jim says next weekend and for you guys to pick the place.” I relayed to Betsy.I agreed and saying our goodbyes, hung up the phone. “They’ve invited us back up to their cabin and want us there early enough to grill some steaks and eat with them.” I informed Jim.I put on my wicked smile for Jim before teasing “Between you and me, I think Betsy has the hots for this!” Upon saying that I grabbed Jim’s cock thru his jeans and gave it a squeeze.Jim giggled and then teased me, “Between you and me, I think Hal wants to watch that nice ass of yours jiggle while you walk in front of him again!”We both laughed and not saying much more on the issue, resigned ourselves to our daily routines until that Saturday finally rolled around. We got ready and left for the two or so hour drive to Hal and Betsy’s cabin in the woods.We arrived around 3:00PM and were warmly greeted by the two friends. I gave Hal a hug, Betsy doing the same to Jim. We carried our bag into the house and went out on the deck overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Hal already had the grill fired up and the steaks ready to put on.Betsy hadn’t changed much with the exception of having her hair cut a little shorter since the first time we had met. She still had that nice figure, a pair of big firm tits on her 5’4″ frame and those large green eyes sparkled. Hal was his usual self, warm and friendly. He was 6’3″ tall his reddish-brown hair just a little longer than he had it before but it looked good on him.”Guys, beer and wine coolers over there” Hal instructed pointing to a big cooler on the corner of the deck. “Oh, you remembered I enjoy wine coolers” I said smiling.”Sure did” Hal said. “Please guys, make yourselves at home.”Jim took out a beer, handed me a wine cooler and we all sat around the deck sipped our drinks and talked while the steaks cooked.The steaks finally were done and we sat down to eat our meal while continuing or conversations. Hal was the first one to break the ice so to speak when he came right out and asked, “What did you guys have in mind?” Jim and I looked at each other but before we could answer Hal said “Did you want to do like before, I mean Betsy and Jim do their thing, and Darla and me do ours?”Jim spoke up, “Well, we kind of thought this time we would all stay together.” “We were thinking same room and that it might be fun to watch each other, were hoping you guys might want to try it too.” Jim concluded waiting for a response.Hal and Betsy both beamed and agreed whole heartedly with our request. “Great!” Hal laughed. “To be honest, we were hoping for that ourselves.” “So, now that we’ve cleared that up, lets all get comfortable and enjoy the evening.”After finishing our dinner Betsy asked if I would like to freshen up and led me to their bedroom with adjoining bath. I had taken a nice hot bath before leaning home so just brushed my teeth after eating as usual. I made a quick makeup and hair check before joining Betsy in the bedroom.Betsy was slightly blushing when she asked “What kind of clothes does Jim like to see a woman dressed in?” “I mean what do you think I should wear?”I giggled before answering, “Sweetie, the sluttier the better!” Betsy looked a little confused, “Seriously, he likes me in garters, hose and heels.” “I think he would want you to start with bra and panties as well.” “What about Hal?” I asked in return. “Oh, he would probably prefer you totally naked while walking around the house! “But, yes, he too enjoys seeing a woman in garters, hose and heels; though I think he would prefer no panties!” We both laughed at that.I pulled the sexy clothing I had brought for the evening out of my bag and Betsy and I proceeded to dress for the men. I marveled at her hour-glass figure as she pulled silk stockings up her legs fastening them to her black garter belt. Her ass was slightly bigger than mine but looked firm and I almost embarrassed myself for thinking that this was the first time in my life that I ever had the urge to reach out and grab another woman by the ass just to see what if felt like!Shaking my head I continued dressing in my garters and hose. Taking Betsy’s advise, I left off panties and bra. I pulled on a long dress made of thin material which I hoped would cling to my ass so Hal could watch it as I walked. I pulled my heels on and was ready. Betsy wore garters, hose, thong panties and bra, all black. She pulled on a dress also, though hers was much shorter but also made of a think material. Pulling on her heels we made a final check in the mirror and went back out to join the guys.”Were in the world have you two been?” Hal yelled as he laughed. “Then noticing our total change in clothing he gave a wolf whistle before complimenting us, “Wow, it was worth the wait!” I walked over to Hal and put my arms around him whispering “Do you like it?” Then pulling away, stood in front of him with hands on hips and spun around a time or two letting him take in the scenery.”Oh God yes!” He hissed. “You look very sexy.”Betsy and Jim just stood there looking at us as if waiting for some type of signal. I turned to Hal and wrapped my arms around his neck again giving him a kiss.Betsy must have taken it as her signal because she slowly walked over to Jim and put her arms around his neck. I heard her whisper to Jim, “And what about you, do you like me like this?” Jim backed away and looked her up and down before a big grin spread across his face and nodding his head approvingly assured Betsy that she looked great.Now that the formalities were over we all settled down to some serious necking and groping. Hal wasted no time in reaching down behind me, pulling up my dress and started squeezing my ass while his tongue explored the inside of my mouth.My back was toward Betsy and Jim and I felt their eyes on us. I reached down between Hal and myself to lay my hand on the already hard bulge in Hal’s pants.He moaned into my mouth as I gave the shaft a squeeze before slowly rubbing my hand up and down its length. Pulling his mouth from mine, Hal let go of my ass and took one tit in each hand to squeeze and knead. I took the opportunity to look over at Jim and Betsy to find Jim’s hands all over her ass rubbing and squeezing the big round orbs as she ground her crotch into his. Their mouths were glued together in a hot kiss; I could see their tongues working in each other’s mouth. Hal feeling that I had no bra on, pulled on strap of my dress off my shoulder exposing one of my tits for him to squeeze and leaning down, took an erect nipple in his mouth to suck on.I pulled the other strap off letting the top of my dress fall down around my waist. Hal then took the other tit in his hand and began to suck one then the other while squeezing them.I was still watching Jim and Betsy in their passionate embrace. All of a sudden Betsy jerked her short dress up and squatting down, started undoing Jim’s pants. She got the zipper down, unhooked the belt and jerked them down around his ankles. Jim wears no underwear so his big hard cock sprang out right in Betsy’s face. She quickly grabbed the thick member and began to jerk on it before leaning forward to pull it into her mouth.From the way Betsy’s jaws were puckered in, I could tell she was giving my husband a good hard blow job. She had one hand wrapped around the shaft pumping away while her head bobbed back and forth on the big purple head. She appeared to be an expert cock sucker!Not wanting to neglect Hal, I started fumbling at his jeans first getting the zipper down and undoing his belt before letting them fall. He quickly jerked them completely off, removing his shorts as well. I immediately grabbed his blood engorged cock and started pumping on it.I pulled my dress up with one hand before squatting down like Betsy to give Hal a good cock sucking also. Now Jim could see me sucking Hal’s cock while getting his own sucked. I would glance over at him now and then catching him watch us as well.After a few minutes, Hal pulled me to my feet and leading me to the sofa, sat down pulling me down on top of him. I sat in his lap, my feet dangling off the side as he kissed me while letting his hand begin to feel the wetness between my legs. It wasn’t long till he was fingering my hot cunt while sucking my nipples again.Jim’s hands were on Betsy’s head as he pumped his cock into her waiting mouth and I thought he was going to cum already. He eased up and pulling her to her feet, led her over to a big chair opposite us in the big den. He sat down and Betsy straddled him and slowly eased herself down over Jim’s rock hard dick. Jim reached behind and jerked her dress up around her waist with one hand, while pulling the thong out of her crack with the other before she sank down on his waiting cock.I watched the big purplish knob of my husband’s hard cock sink up into the folds of Betsy’s pussy which must have been dripping wet because she eased herself down the shaft of Jim’s pole with ease. Her ass finally came to rest in his lap; she wriggled it around a time or two before slowly starting to ride up and down on it.She began to moan softly while riding Jim’s cock, her up and down rhythm became faster and more intense, her ass bouncing and jiggling in his lap. She was obviously enjoying the pleasure his thick cock was giving her. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck as she bucked up and down.I saw Jim peek over her shoulder at us. I stood up long enough to slip out of my dress before straddling Hal’s lap and guiding his erect dick into my pussy, sank down its shaft to begin a slow rhythmic fucking of my own. I knew Jim enjoyed watching my ass bounce as well so I hoped his enjoyment was twice as much!Since I was facing away from the two lovers across the room, I couldn’t watch Betsy fuck my husband so I whispered in Hal’s ear “Do you like watching my husband fuck your wife?” I was slowly riding his cock now, stopping every few seconds and wriggling my ass around in his lap, feeling his cock fill my stretched pussy.”UH-HUH!” Hal mumbled back, his eyes fixed on his wife’s ass sliding up and down Jim’s big pole. “I want to watch” I whispered, “I want to watch while you fuck me.”Hal immediately nudged me off and leading me around behind the sofa, gently pushed me over, my stomach resting on the back. I braced myself resting my hands on the seat. Hal had no trouble shoving his hard dick back up my sopping wet hole and started fucking me with long, slow strokes.I watched as Betsy was really riding Jim’s cock hard now. Jim’s hands were squeezing the cheeks of her ass as I watched his dick bury itself up her hole each time she flopped down on his lap. She was beginning to moan louder, şanlıurfa escort her fucking became harder and more violent as she impaled herself time and again on the hard cock ravaging her tight little cunt.My eyes were riveted on Jim’s juice covered cock sliding in and out of Betsy’s tight, stretched little pussy but the pleasure I was receiving from Hal’s slow powerful strokes started to overwhelm me and I found myself tightly shutting my eyes enjoying the sensations.I could hear myself begin to moan and urge Hal to “Oh yea Baby, fuck me, fuck that pussy!” I involuntarily began wriggling and bucking my ass on the big meat that was beginning to slam into me even harder. I guessed Hal had been watching his wife wantonly fuck my husband’s hard cock. The sight was exciting him to the brink of orgasm.Betsy’s groaning became even louder as she neared her orgasm and I opened my eyes long enough to see her flopping her ass down on Jim’s cock and yelling each time her ass bounced in his lap until she let out a long, drawn out yell, then screaming that she was “Cuuuuuummmmiiiinnnnnggggg!” She jerked and shook violently as her pussy constricted and contracted around my husband’s thick cock. Each time she moved another orgasm rocked her body with pleasure, the squealing and yelling was evident of that.Hearing and seeing his wife experience such a climax was all it took to send Hal over the edge. He was fucking me faster and faster, his grip tightening around my waist each time he shoved his cock in to the hilt. Groaning and moaning he rammed his cock in with so much force he almost knocked me over the back of the sofa while pulling back on my waist pinning my ass to his stomach while I felt his hot, thick spunk splash against the inner walls of my wide open cunt. Hal groaned and squeezed my waist tightly as he unloaded his seed deep up inside my pussy grunting out loud each time another stream of juice spewed out the hole in the head of his pulsing, twitching cock.The sensation of Hal’s thick juice splattering inside my cunt and the image of Jim’s hard cock glistening with Betsy’s cum was enough to get me off as well! Though I knew Hal had just emptied his load in me, I hoped that he could hang on long enough to let me reach my orgasm. “Oh God, I’m cumming baby!” I yelled at Hal. He immediately started fucking me again with short, jabby strokes so that his softening cock would stay buried in my spazming pussy. I shoved my ass back against his stomach and experienced a very pleasurable climax squirting my hot juices all over Hal’s semi-hard dick. I was thankful he was able to hold out long enough to let me finish.Hal let his almost soft cock soak in the sloppy cum filled mess inside my cunt until it slowly plopped out. As soon as the head came out, his white thick spunk began streaming out. Reaching underneath, I cupped my hand over my draining quim to catch the thick liquid. I hurried to the bathroom to clean up.I came back into the room to find Hal sitting on the sofa sipping a beer and watching Jim fucking Betsy from behind. I was so busy cumming that I hadn’t noticed Betsy climb off of Jim’s lap and pulling him to his feet, bend over grabbing each arm of the big chair offering her ass to Jim’s swollen cock.Jim was pounding her pretty hard and fast. He was moaning with each stroke and Betsy grunted each time his balls slapped against her crack until I saw his ass cheeks tense up, his strokes became erratic, a look of almost pain on his face and when he slammed his cock home one last time and held Betsy tight around the waist not letting her move knew he was shooting his load deep up her hole.His body shook and he grunted each time another steam of his hot seed streamed out into Betsy’s cum filled pussy until he had emptied his ball sac of its contents. I walked over behind Jim and reaching underneath between his legs, gently cupped his big balls in my hand and squeezed them to help him empty the last drops of thick seed. He let out a soft moan obviously enjoying the sensation. When he had deposited the last few drops of his load I released my grip on his balls and made my way out to the deck to get another wine cooler. The cool evening breeze felt good against my skin. When I came back into the room Jim was sitting in the chair trying to catch his breath and Betsy had gone to the bathroom to clean up. Hal and Jim were laughing and joking as they sipped their beers. I stood out on the deck for a few minutes cooling off and enjoying the scenery below. The sun was starting to set and the view was spectacular.Stepping back into the den I passed Betsy who was on her way out to grab herself another cooler. We smiled at each other in passing; Betsy had taken her dress off and was wearing only her garters, hose and heels. Deciding to join her, I slipped my dress off before joining Hal on the sofa.Upon coming back into the den with her wine cooler Betsy walked over to Jim and sat down on his lap, her legs dangling over the side of the big chair. She wrapped one arm around Jim’s shoulder and sipped her drink. Sitting beside Hal on the sofa I scooted over close to him and he immediately put an arm around my shoulder and rubbed his way down to my tits. I reached out and took his flaccid cock in one hand while continuing to hold my drink with the other.I squeezed and manipulated the soft cock in my hand feeling it grow in my hand. We talked and laughed while fondling each other. I noticed Jim’s hand between Betsy’s legs gently rubbing her furry little pussy. Betsy sat her bottle on the little end table beside the chair and started rubbing Jim’s chest at the same time pulling his head down to kiss him.I continued playing with Hal’s cock which had become almost fully erect again. He was still rubbing my tits and gently pinching my erect nipples. Betsy pulled her mouth off of Jim’s and leaning back against the arm of the chair threw one leg over the back beside his head leaving the other one dangling over the edge. She was spread wide open allowing Jim full access to her cum soaked hole. He began rubbing harder and I could see a couple fingers spreading the lips of her wet cunt before disappearing up her horny snatch. Her ass was wriggling around in his lap as he finger fucked her.The sight of his wife being lewdly fingered by another man plus my manipulations had Hal’s cock rock hard again. He sat his drink down and taking mine from my hand, sat it down and pulled me to him gluing his mouth to mine in a long passionate kiss. I kept my grip on his hard cock while we kissed. I heard Betsy moan softly as Jim’s fingers were bringing her pleasure. Hal pulled his mouth off mine and standing up pulled me up as well and led me over to the small dinette table. Turning me around I took the hint and slid up onto the edge of the table. Hal had other ideas and gently nudged me whispering for me to lay back.I lay back with my ass at the edge. He pulled my feet up so that they were resting on the edge as well. Pulling a chair up between my legs, Hal sat down and I felt his hot breath on the lips of my pussy. I then felt his tongue slowly slide up the length of my crack. He began to lick around my hole before pushing it up as far as he could. He kept licking and sucking my cunt until his tongue found my clit. I tensed and moaned when his mouth clamped around it, gently sucking. He knew he had found my glory spot! He licked and sucked it unmercifully; my ass shook and twitched as I could feel my orgasm building.My eyes shut tight I had forgotten all about Jim and Betsy being totally engulfed in the pleasure Hal was giving me eating my cum lubed pussy. He obviously didn’t mind the taste of his own jizm as he kept up his steady licking and sucking of my cunt.All of a sudden without warning, a mind shattering orgasm numbed my brain. My body became a mass of nerve endings as the pleasure that shook me was so intense. Though I was screaming in pleasure it must have sounded as if I were in extreme pain! I held the back of Hal’s head as tight as I could while undulating my ass up and down against his face. When it seemed that I was finally coming down, Hal would flick his tongue out holding it against my clit which would send me into another round of heaving orgasm.Finally my little clit became too sensitive to touch and had to push Hal away. I lay there jerking and wheezing trying to catch my breath. When at last I opened my eyes, Hal was staring at me with a big grin “Feel good?” He teased.”OH God yes!” Was about all I could manage to get out still breathing heavy. I glanced over at Jim to find him slouched down in the chair, his legs spread and Betsy kneeling between them her head bobbing up and down on his hard dick. She was sucking his cock while squeezing his balls. His head was thrown back on the chair and I knew he was enjoying himself as well.I regained enough strength to straighten up and slowly slide off the edge of the table. From the flushed look on Hal’s face I knew he was in need of shooting another load! He was still sitting in the chair; taking my hand he turned me around with my back facing him. I knew what he had in mind so lining his cock up with my pussy, squatted down on it. I flopped down on his hard dick sliding it all the way up my gooey cunt with ease. I had just squirted a generous amount of natural lubricant which made my hole slick and ready to be fucked.Hal gripped the cheeks of my jiggling ass and I leaned forward resting my hands on his knees as I rode his cock.In this position I could watch Betsy suck my husband’s cock which was a very stimulating sight. Betsy was an expert cock sucker and I could tell she was having an effect on Jim by the look of lust on his face. I saw her jaws sink in and knew she was sucking his cock hard taking as much of it in her mouth as possible.Hal was enjoying the ride I was giving him, his moaning was proof of that while rubbing and squeezing my ass. I slid up and down his hard pole while watching my husband having his big cock sucked by Hal’s sexy wife.After a few more minutes of cock sucking Betsy pulled her mouth off of Jim’s cock and getting to her feet, pulled Jim up and led him over to the sofa. She flopped down on her back throwing one leg over the back while lifting the other one up offering her hot little honey pot to Jim’s raging hard-on.Jim crawled on and easily slid his saliva covered dick all the way up Betsy’s cunt till his balls rested on her crack. Betsy threw her other leg over his shoulder and he began pumping that horny pussy. Jim had his legs spread just enough for me to see his cock filling Betsy’s pussy. He was pumping away and she began to moan softly.The erotic sight was getting me hot and I began to fuck Hal a little more aggressively now. I reached underneath between his legs and cupped his balls with one hand while bouncing up and down on his cock.All of a sudden I stopped and slowly slid up the shaft of Hal’s hard dick and got off. I grabbed his hand and pulling him to his feet, led him over to the sofa. I wanted to get a close-up view of Jim fucking Betsy!I got on my knees in front of the sofa with my stomach laying on it, my head just inches away from Jim’s pumping cock. Hal rubbed my ass a few times before sliding his cock back up my wet hole to start fucking me from behind.I watched my husband’s slimy cock sliding in and out of Betsy’s stretched hole. Each time he pulled out to slam it home again, I noticed his cock was covered in a bubbly mixture of his cum and her pussy juice. It was dribbling down her crack as he fucked her. Hal was pumping my dripping wet pussy with slow deliberate strokes while I was concentrating on the action going on right in my face. I got the urge to reach up and cup Jim’s big gently swaying balls while he was fucking Betsy. His body tensed and he let out a small groan when he felt my fingers gently squeeze his nuts.The sensation must felt good to him because he began to pump harder. Then I got a little braver and when he pulled out I released his balls and wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock. Ramming it up Betsy’s hole before I knew what happened I suddenly felt something I had never felt before, another woman’s pussy!To my astonishment, instead of releasing my tight grip on Jim’s slimy cock, I held on feeling Betsy’s hot, furry little cunt each time Jim rammed it in. Hal must have been watching me because his strokes became harder his moaning louder as he was really slamming his cock up my cunt now.All four us were moaning and grunting in pure a****listic pleasure now, two men’s cocks slamming into two women’s hot, horny cunts in an orgy of sex! Betsy began to shake and undulate her body in convulsive jerks as she was obviously the first to cum. She was squealing and yelling for Jim to “Fuck me, Oh God fuck me hard!”I let go of my grip on Jim’s cock so he could sink it up poor Betsy’s quivering hole balls deep and make her cum which she did. Her legs were thrashing about, her ass jerking up off of the sofa to meet Jim’s downward thrust as he sank his dick as deep up her cunt as he could making her scream with orgasmic lust. Then her entire body stiffened as she let out one last loud scream before sinking down into the sofa, her orgasm subsiding.Jim was the next to blow his load as he began to grunt each time he rammed his thick pole up Betsy’s already soaked pussy his strokes hard and powerful. I again grabbed his big ball sac squeezing his bloated nuts until he let out a long low groan and I could feel the seed emptying into Betsy’s waiting cunt. She wrapped her legs around his side pinning him to her as he spewed his spunk inside her. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down kissing him as he finished pumping his cum into her.I kept squeezing, milking the juice out of his sac until he finally went limp, and collapsing on top of Betsy for a few minutes before I watched him slowly ease his cock out of her cum filled pussy. The thick liquid ran out of Betsy’s stretched and reddened pussy lips down her crack puddling up between her legs.She just lay there after Jim had gotten up watching intently as Hal was hammering me from behind and I felt him tense up, yell, grunt and felt his hot jizm start spurting out splattering against the walls of my womb. He was pulling my ass back against his stomach, holding me still while he emptied his thick load into my thoroughly fucked pussy.He wheezed and groaned for a few more minutes before slowly letting his semi hard cock slide out of my gooey cunt. As soon as the head popped out I reached underneath to let his cum drain into my hand as I excused myself to the bathroom. Betsy, regaining her composure, jumped up and went into the bathroom with me to clean up also.We giggled and laughed while washing up. Betsy said “Honey, I hope you won’t take offense but your husband is a great fuck!”No, that didn’t bother me and I returned the compliment, “Well, yes he is and Hal is not so bad either!” I assured her. We finally cleaned and freshened up. Going back into the den we found the two guys sitting, sipping their beer and talking. Betsy and I had only garters hose and heels on as we paraded around the room knowing the men enjoyed watching our asses swaying and jiggling as we walked.Betsy went out on the deck and brought us both back another wine cooler which was ice cold and tasted great. We both sat at the small dinette table joining the conversation.Hal looked at Darla, “Honey, Jim has agreed that you two are going to spend the night here, in fact the entire weekend with us.” I glanced at Jim and he grinned back, “Yea, I told Hal that I will call tomorrow and let them know I won’t be back to work until Tuesday morning.” “Sound okay with you?”Glad that we weren’t making the long drive home that evening I heartily agreed. Leaning across the table toward Betsy I whispered, “I think our two horny husbands haven’t had enough yet!”Betsy laughed and nodded her head, “I think you’re right,” then looked at Jim to give him a sexy wink.We all then settled into some conversation while sipping our drinks to let the anticipation build wondering what the two men hand in mind next!

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