Worth The Wait


After my sexy Russian wife’s life changing experience with her cousin’s boyfriend Charlie, we had better sex and more regular sex but she would often say she wanted to try Charlie’s big hard cock again but without a condom. “I’d love to feel that huge cock flesh stroking inside me and all that creamy spunk exploding inside me,” she would say often when we were in the throes of passion or playing out fantasies.

“Should we invite him up here for a threesome. I’d find it really horny watching him fuck you, darling, especially cumming inside you.” She was on the pill and we’d got used to having sex without condoms.

She texted him that evening, telling him how much we wanted him in our bed and giving him an open invitation. we weren’t sure if he would accept as my presence may be a bit off putting.

However, he texted back within 5 minutes proposing Saturday evening and intimating that he couldn’t wait to make love to my gorgeous wife again.

We met him at the railway station and then went for a drink, to relax and so that Charlie and I could get to know each other. we got on well, Charlie sat at the opposite side of the table to us. it was a warm summer evening and my wife wore a short black skirt and a fine see through blouse. when Charlie went to the toilet, we started snogging and I caressed her thigh under the table. “I’m getting so horny, darling,” she whispered in my ear.

“We’ll go back to the flat soon, sweetheart and then you can have your wicked way with both of us.” She smiled coquettishly, practically trembling with excitement.

When I went to the toilet, Charlie sat next to my wife and stroked her thigh under the table. “Touch my pussy, darling. I’m so wet,” she whispered in his ear. He pushed his hand up her thigh and slipped it into her knickers, tenderly stroking her soaking wet pussy. She moved her hand down to his crotch and found he was already rampantly hard.

When I came back we went back to the car in a hurry. It was about 15 minutes back to our flat and my wife got in the back with Charlie. I watched them in the mirror and immediately she started kissing passionately, her eyes half closed as I watched Charlie snogging her hard. He knew what she liked and he unbuttoned her blouse and fondled her lovely 32D breasts, making her moan softly. Her hands were down in his crotch, unbuckling his belt and undoing his flies. Charlie had pulled one breast out of her bra and I watched him sucking on her pert deep brown nipple and then he gasped as I saw my wife’s arm working. She had her hand in his boxer shorts, wrapped around his lovely cock wanking him. We were within 5 minutes of home and when I looked in the mirror her head had disappeared and she’d already taken his cock in her mouth, sucking him wantonly as he stroked her long brown hair and caressed her body.

When we arrived, she reluctantly took Charlie’s cock out of her mouth and they straightened their clothes up, before we went up to the flat. when we got in, she took him through to the living room whilst I got us some drinks.

When escort tanıtımları I took them through I couldn’t believe my eyes. Charlie was sat there, his jeans, boxer shorts and socks already removed, his legs slightly parted and my sexy wife with her skirt hitched up sat on his reasonably hairy right thigh, rubbing herself on him. They were licking their tongues together and my wife had her right hand wrapped round the biggest, stiffest cock I’d ever seen, gently wanking it. I realized the drinks were currently superfluous and put them aside. As I came in she seemed to start wanking him harder and I’d never seen such desire in her eyes as she pushed her tongue deep into his mouth.

I got on my knees and moved behind her as she released his cock to unbutton his shirt. I stroked her lovely long hair aside and kissed the back of her neck, making her moan softly. I unbuttoned her blouse, button by button, stopping in between buttons to fondle her pert 26 year old breasts. It was so erotic watching my wife masturbating her lover. I removed her blouse and started kissing her back, running my lips and tongue over her tanned, soft, smooth, flawless, skin, kneading her tits all the time. I unclipped her bra and pulled it off. She’d been snogging Charlie all the time but now she offered him her left breast and he held it and then lowered his head to take it in his mouth

“Take your clothes off darling. I want to see you naked,” she said in her lovely Russian accent. She watched me attentively, still stroking Charlie’s cock as I pulled my shirt off, hurriedly pulled my trousers and socks off and then more teasingly pulled my boxer shorts off, my 6 and a half inches of rampantly stiff cock springing out. She took me in her other hand and expertly wanked me before taking me between her soft lips and sucking my cock.

After a couple of minutes she got down on her knees in front of Charlie and I watched as she wrapped her lips around his huge glans and moved her head up and down his cock, taking as much as she could in her mouth but still leaving a lot of thick shaft which she had to lick from time to time.

I was kissing and licking down my wife’s beautiful back, my hands fondling her perfect peachy bum cheeks. She was trembling with excitement with that amazing cock in her wet mouth. I slipped my hand into her skimpy knickers. I’d never felt her so hot, wet and gaping and I trailed my fingers along her sopping slit, coating my fingertips with her sweet cunt juice and trailing it over her sensitive clit and into her thick brown bush before slipping 2 fingers into her soaking, sticky twat.

As I slid my fingers in and out she started moaning heavily, holding Charlie’s cock and licking all along his cock and hairy balls. I must have kissed every little bit of her bum and inner thighs as I finger fucked my wife. I pulled them out and sucked the sweet and musky fanny cream off my fingers. I was so desperate to get my tongue inside her, so I pulled her knickers gaziantep escort tanıtımları off, pulled her thighs further apart and ran my tongue along her delicious cunt, lapping at her clit and then sucking her engorged fanny lips before holding her open and thrusting my tongue deep inside her. She was moaning like a bitch on heat now

“Let’s take her to bed and fuck her now,” I said to Charlie. I removed her skirt so we were all completely naked.

“Lay on your back and spread your legs, darling. I want to watch Charlie fucking you.”

“Have you got a condom?” he asked stroking his big cock.

“She wants to feel the throbbing flesh of your cock and then all your spunk shooting into her vagina walls.”

“Oh please just fuck me now,” she begged and I knelt next to her head so my cock was virtually in her face and she licked it as we watched Charlie guide his cock to the entrance of my wife’s cunt and her intensity as his thick glans slid between her welcoming vulva and then the intensity on her face and the load moaning and whimpering as her big lover filled my wife’s delicious cunt. She took his whole length as he thrust in balls deep. Her knees were in the air to allow Charlie even deeper access to her cunt. The squelching noise of her wet pussy was sensational as he started to fuck her harder and harder.

She just looked amazing, her amazing curvy tanned body spread-eagled, never looking more satisfied as her lover’s big cock fucked her beautifully. She wanked my cock as she was being fucked.

The headboard started to bang against the wall as Charlie shagged her harder and deeper.

She had dropped into a valley of no return now, her breathing deeper and louder still. “Just fuck me please, fuck me as hard as you can, just fuck my pussy with your hard cock,” she kept repeating as she held his tight arse. I started kissing and we French kissed passionately as Charlie fucked her.

Then as I felt her building up to her orgasm I pulled away and caressed her breasts.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” she repeated as she wrapped her legs around him. He groaned hard and started cumming in my wife’s pussy. “Oh, yes please Charlie, just fill me with your spunk.” Then she came hard clamping her pussy lips around his thick cock. She pulled Charlie to her to snog him as her orgasm subsided and when she let go he pulled out of my wife, leaving her soaking wet, gaping and spunk dribbling out of her lovely pussy.

“Come and make love to me darling,” she said to me, so I moved between her thighs and my cock easily slipped into her well fucked pussy, pushing Charlie’s spunk back deep into her belly. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and we kissed hard as I thrust in and out of her. “Thank you, darling. I love you so much. Make love to me,” she groaned as I fucked her more and more urgently, grinding my pubis onto her sensitive clitoris and then it was too much and I flooded her vagina with loads more semen.

I went to get the drinks gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları but when I came back they were 69ing. She was on all fours over him, wanking, licking and sucking his cock and balls again as Charlie fondled my wife’s arse cheeks and kissing them as he watched the spunk dribble out of her pussy. I pushed a couple of fingers up her sticky cunt pulling out globules of spunk before offering them to her mouth to suck. She licked and sucked it off my fingers and then I pushed my tongue into her cunt, lapping up the sweet, salty mixture into my mouth and then French kissing her with the love cream.

“Oh, darling, I just wanted his cock again.”

“That’s okay, just enjoy it,” I replied and she took him back in her mouth as he licked her cunt. I started to lick her bum, gradually circling in towards her anus. I held her cheeks apart and licked at her tight, brown puckered arsehole.

“Oh, that’s nice. Stick your finger in my arse,” she gasped. Her arsehole slightly opened with arousal as Charlie licked her clit. There was enough saliva now so I pushed a finger against her tightness and opened up her sphincter and slid my finger into her rectum. It was a wonderful feeling, so hot and tight. I liked around her opened hole and then pulled it out and got some lube from the drawer. Before smearing her with lube, I licked her again, trying to penetrate her beautiful tanned arse with my tongue. Then I squirted lots of lube on and my finger slid deep and easy, so then I pushed 2 up her arse.

All this had made me hard again and my wife noticed. “Come here, darling. I want to suck your cock.” I knelt in front of her, one knee either side of Charlie’s leg and she sucked me really hard again as I squirted even more lube on her arsehole and once 2 fingers slid in and out easily I tried a third.

“Your cock’s so hard again darling. Do you want to fuck me up the arse,” in her sexy accent. I positioned myself so my balls and arse weren’t too close to Charlie’s face. I put more lube on my cock and rolling my foreskin right back I pushed my glans against her arsehole. Charlie held her bum cheeks open for me. She moaned deeply as my glans slid into her rectum and I gently pushed my whole length in. Charlie was very aroused now watching his lover’s arse being fucked. I held her slim waist, thrusting into her for 3 or 4 minutes.

“Do you want to try that big cock up your arse, darling?”

“Oh, I’d fucking love it in my arse but it’s so big.”

“Let’s use plenty of lube.”

So Charlie lay on his back and my wife smeared his huge erection with lube whilst I worked more into her arse. She looked so beautiful, squatting over him, with his big cock in her hand, guiding it to her anus. She grimaced slightly as his bulbous glans stretched her open and she whimpered. I held her as she sat down onto him, feeling his huge glans pushing deep into her rectum. She started to gently fuck on it and I kissed her passionately and pushing her back slightly so she supported herself with her own hands, I slid my cock into her wet, hairy pussy. It was so tight and I could feel Charlie’s hard cock through the thin wall. As we worked a good rhythm, my gorgeous wife intensified again and came hard. I pulled out and wanked all over her, spraying her breasts, neck and face with semen.

Charlie started thrusting harder and he came in my wife’s wonderful arse, holding her as he sprayed into her.

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