Subject: WWE Getting It On I don’t know the sexual oreintation of any of the wwe stars used in this story.and if you are younger than 18 you should not be here so please exit now. Without further or do here is the story. WWE Getting It On While sitting the office of mr. Vince I noticed all the things around me. Looking in the desk of the parties with him MVP and kori kingston. ” so bursa evi olan escort you think you can run raw” for this week huh yes. as I look at him okay John u got it not a greater way but to have the champ run the show. Well I guess. I will be on my way John said “wait I need for you talk to kofi and MVP ok. Sure John wanted to see the two hottes blAck altıparmak escort men In the wwe. Knowing that MVP was packing he knew that a dick big like that was hard Rockne by MVP working with a 12 meaty dick he tracked him down. After finding the hot stud he then told him after the match get kofi and come to his lockeroom .After John had just got done bursa merkez escort with hus match he met up. When john got to his lockeroom he locked the door and said I have to take ashower.” cool said kofi and MVP while walking he notice that the men never showered do you guys want to shower look sweaty. MVP said yea I hate being stank and kofi did two. The men got undress and headed to the shower while in the shower they started to stare at each other in complete lust John eyes grew big looking at MVP dick smiling and started to rub on the dick head. John started to speak about the issue so kofi massaged his 7 inches while unhard so john moved here give I canvfeerl sex

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