You are in my hands, bitch

You are in my hands, bitch
I come in and watch you waiting for me in the darkness.
But you are warm and safe, although you are totally naked.
Your delicate wrists are bound in leather straps and secured to the link in the wall above the bed.
Your nice eyes are covered in a soft dark cloth. Now you hear me as I move around the room, passing close to your soft body; as I get ready everything for what is coming now…

You feel the sudden quick brush of my skin along yours as I touch smoothly your firm abdomen, making you shiver in anticipation.
I reach up and pinch your nipples sharply, making you moan softly. I see you biting your lip as my grip get more firm and I twist that hard nipples ever so slowly; making you arch your back.

Letting go suddenly, I tap your lips with my finger.
Then I whisper onto your ear that you are a beautiful slut bitch… Taking a few deep breaths, you calm yourself as you smile softly. Once again your nipples get rock hard between my fingers.
My hand now feels your sweet body; invades your pussy lips, touches your round buttocks, feels your hard thighs…

I tap your ankles, signaling for you to open them. Spreading them wide, you are now fully exposed to me; naked, bound, blindfolded, panting and wet… so very wet…
Your shaven mound is shining with moisture and I love it…

You feel my fingers skim up the inside of your thighs. They gather the wetness that has coated them. I feel you are so wet…

I touch your engorged clitoris and smile as you have a slight whimper. Then with no warning, there is a sharp slap against your soft pussy entrance. You cry out as your thighs try to close.

Roughly pushing back apart, I place them back where I want it.
After several more stinging slaps against your pussy; you finally know that I love to feel your sweet mound very wet and warm.

I lean close; close enough that you feel my hot breath on your cheek. My teeth catch your earlobe and I lick it for my pleasure.

Swallowing, you clear your throat. With a moan, you try to say anything; but I cover your lips with my hand and you can utter just unintelligible words…

My lips are against your ear, as my hand still rests on your tingling wet pussy…. You are my bitch and you know it…

You struggle to even formulate the words to tell me what you want.
I think you are ashamed…

I spank your pussy again three times in rapid succession making you squirm. Gasping, you leak more of your slick sweet juices all over my hand, your thighs and the floor.
I ask you if that is what my dirty girl wants…
And now you keep very quiet…

Then I touch your mound again and you moan breathlessly. Panting, you enjoy your entire body feeling strung as tight as a violin string.

Stroking across your clit, I slip my finger inside your wet cunt.
Then I order you to open your mouth and suck my finger clean.
You eagerly comply. You are my loving bitch…

Now sucking my finger straight into your mouth, loving your taste.

You note my strong hand slapping against your wetness again. Your breath quickens fast, as your clitoris throbs and your pussy swells. Suddenly I stop.

I order you to roll over; as I slowly drag my finger out of your mouth. After that I push at your hip to get you moving.

You climb on top of the bed and roll over onto your stomach.
I slap your soft round ass cheeks as you move quick.
Alternating between cheeks, I swat until you feel them start to tingle constantly.

Now you are breathing fast, my little slut. I watch your bottom swaying slightly from side to side in anticipation of each slap.

Little cries and moans escape your lips with each contact.
Now my spanks are slowing, becoming more firm. They leave the imprint of my fingers with every stroke.
Starting to quiver, you draw your knees up closer to your body. You brace your forehead on your bound wrists. Pressing your lips tightly together, you strive to muffle your cries.

Again I suddenly stop and slide my fingers back down your crack to your wet dripping hole. Slipping two fingers deep inside you, I make you cry out a long moan…

Your tight cunt clamps down on my fingers. The abrupt fullness of your pussy almost pushes you over the edge.

I ask you if my sweet bitch is ready for me and you nod a quick yes.
Then I grab firmly your soft hips and press the tip of my hard strap-on dick against your wet hole. Teasingly, I push myself deep inside, filling you up and making you start to shiver a bit.

You ask me to cum; as your body rocks back against mine.
I feel my own pussy wet; as I start to penetrate your innocent girl’s cunt with that piece of lubed rubber.
You pull yourself almost off and then slam against me; until my thick rubber dick’s all the way back in; deep into your soft cunt.

I hold your round boobs, as you frantically fuck me back. Then I reach around, flicking my firm fingers over your engorged clit.

Suddenly you explode into a wild orgasm, pushing my nice rubber dick deep inside of you. Cum squirts from you out all over the bed in a huge gushing puddle as your body shivers and convulses.

You scream out like a bitch in heat, while hearing me laugh behind you. But something cold and creamy hits your tight rear entrance.
It is pushed and rubbed into your anal walls by my fingers.
And suddenly you feel the rubber dick head pushing against your very tight sphincter.

With a low moan, you signal your desire to relax.
But all of a sudden, I am in your tiny ass.
It just feels so fucking fantastic… the hot tight muscle of your asshole clinging to that rubber dick, as I still try to go deeper…

My hands are tugging you back into each thrust.
I whisper in your ear when you are going to cum for me, babe…
I query while speeding up my thrusts. Then you nod your head. Moaning and shivering I feel you starting to cum…
Yes, baby, you are my sweet slut bitch now…cum for me…

We both fell forward; the rubber duck still fully buried in your sweet tight anus. I collapse down on the bed, panting loudly, feeling my own intense orgasm running through my body.
Then I rip off your blindfold and pull you close to kiss passionately.

We both stand there naked and sweaty, kissing each other.

Then I take the flogger and you smile to me…

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