You Got the Part!


Coming up with the rent every month was becoming more of a challenge. I was a on again off again actor/waiter. My tips were good but I had to supplement them with acting gigs and odd jobs. This was the price to pay for freedom. I had a one bedroom apartment that ran me 1500 a month. I was avoiding taking on a roommate at all cost. I loved my privacy.

A friend told me a new theater group was forming and they were starting a production soon. It wasn’t a paying gig but I never shied away from becoming a better actor. I sent the director an email with my résumé and expressed my interest to join up. He responded with the info to come and audition for their first production.

I arrived at the theater at 6 pm. There were a few people standing and sitting around. I asked one of the guys for Greg the director he pointed me down front. In front of the stage was Greg talking to a young woman. I excused myself and introduced my self.

“Excuse me Greg hi I am Aaron.”

“Good to meet you Aaron, did you receive the lines I emailed you? We can get right into it.”

“Sure lets do it I said excitingly.”

My character’s name was Simon. I went through the lines with one of the cast members. I really thought I did a great job. Greg seemed to be deliberating with who I assumed to be his assistant director before he told me to have a seat and he’d be with me shortly. Shortly was an hour and a half later when everyone was either gone or in the lobby saying their goodbyes.

“So, Aaron I really think your a good actor and I have something in mind for you.”

“Ok that is really good.”

“Well how do you feel about wearing women’s clothing?”

“Beg your pardon.”

“Yes, the part of Riley is a much bigger part than that of Simon. Riley is the crossdressing neighbor of our two main characters. He/she has a lot of lines.”

I thought about it. Dressing up didn’t really bother me. A lot of successful actors have done it, it just caught me by surprise. Greg went on to explain that I didn’t have a hard face and that I could really bring life to the part. Depending on how rehearsals went he could even do some re-writes to expand the part. I didn’t know if I should be offended because he thought I looked a little feminine but I decided that I wasn’t.

“I will take the part.”

“That’s great welcome to the cast” Greg said excited.

He gave me a copy of the script and told me to see Jess our costume/makeup artist before I left. I went backstage and found Jess organizing costumes and other things.

“Hi, istanbul travesti Jess I am Aaron good to meet you.”

“Hi Aaron, likewise what can I do for you?”

“Greg asked me to see you before I left.”

“What part ya got.”

“I have Riley.”

“Whoaaa! Good man” she said as she laughed.”

She measured me with the tape measure she had around her neck then asked me my shoe size. She handed me a wardrobe bag and a bag with two shoe boxes.

“If you have never worn high heels before I suggest you practice everyday at home. Don’t worry about the makeup I will handle that before you hit the stage. I also have your stage wigs here but I will give you a practice wig for home. Every thing else you need is in the bag. Glad to have you aboard.”

“Thanks.” That was all I could muster at this very moment. I was still processing what I was about to get myself into. I said goodbyes to everyone and headed home. I stopped and picked up dinner some tacos from the Taco Bell value menu and went home. Once I got in I flipped on the Tv and began eating. Was it to late for me to bail out? That certainly wouldn’t make me a better actor. I decided to man up and embrace the part of Riley the crossdresser.

I opened the bag she gave me and in it was two dresses a black one and a red one. On the hanger with the red dress was a wide patent belt and a similar styles black leather one with the black dress. There were a few pair of pantyhose along with a smaller bag. Inside the smaller bag was a all in one body briefer padded in the hip and butt area along with bra and panties and to gel like breast that could be attached with the adhesive included. This was going to be a chore.

I was clearly out of my element I had been a straight guy all my life. The next day at a script read I pulled Jess to the side.

“Jess, you have a minute?”

“Sure, Aaron what’s up?”

“We’ll I am having issues with the wardrobe and could really use some help. It’s something I had never done before.”

“I understand, I’ll tell you what. How about I come to your place and we can put everything together. I will even bring my makeup so you can see what you will look like on stage.”

“Sure that would be great.”

After we finished up Jess and I headed back to my place. She told me to undress I took my clothes off. I was standing there in my boxers.

“C’mon chief lose the man panties.”

I laughed hard though I was so nervous. Jess was an attractive white girl 5’5″ anadolu yakası travestileri curvy with long brown hair and eyes. I took off my boxers and displayed my 8″ semi erect cock. I considered myself average especially for a black guy.

“Ok, someones happy to see me.” Jess joked. She made me laugh which made me less nervous.

“We are going to start with that guy.” Jess pulled out what look like a roll of wide medical tape. She took my now fully erect cock and tucked and taped it back and out of site. It felt so strange. She popped the tags off and handed me the panties. I put them on they felt so smooth.

“Next time we will be shaving those legs Mr.”

She then help me into the sheer black pantyhose and the padded body briefer which gave me a shape. Before she pulled the straps to the briefer up on my shoulders she attached the breast using the adhesive put the bra on me and pulled the briefer straps up. She slid the dress over my head and pulled it down it was much more form fitting than I thought. She zipped me up and told me to have a seat. Sitting down was a chore I couldn’t even open my legs because of the tightness of the dress.

The finishing touches were the wig and the makeup. She was truly an artist as she applied all types of foundations eye makeup lashes and lip gloss. When she handed me the mirror I didn’t recognize myself. I looked good to be a man in drag. I certainly was what they referred to as passable. Last but not least she handed me a pair of 5 inch heels out of the box. They were black leather. I slipped them on each foot an true to stand this was going to be a challenge.

She spent the next 3 hours showing me mannerisms how to sit and walk. I was still shaky but I was improving.

“By first dress rehearsal you will be running in those heels, with reactive of course.”

“Now I see why women come home and rush to get out of them.”

Jess laughed ,”But they make you and all us women look sexy though.”

Looking in the full length mirror I had to agree. Jess helped me get out of my costume. After stepping out of the body briefer Jess push me back against the wall. She pulled down the pantyhose and panties enough to untape my now sore from being hard so long penis.

She massaged it until the soreness was an afterthought. She sank down to her knees and took my erection slowly into her warm mouth. It felt so good I was so turned on. My back was on the wall opposite the full length mirror. istanbul travesti I was admiring myself still in full makeup, wig, bra, breast forms, panties, pantyhose and heels. I looked hot enough that I would fuck me. She was now deep throating me as I moaned and continued to admire my new character in the mirror. She pulled her mouth as I clumsily exploded onto her face. I had to stabilize myself from falling over in my heels.

That whole week I was Riley at home whenever I could. At the time of the dress walk through I was so ready. I got to the theater early to do hair and makeup. I got dressed and was ready for the stage. I saw the director Greg back stage before we started.

“”Who’s this have we met miss?” he laughed.

“It’s Ms/mr. Riley ready to hit the stage.”

“You definitely are Ms..” he said but this time not laughing as he looked me up and down. I chalked it up as assessing my wardrobe as a director and hoping he wasn’t sizing me up. I was wrong of course. As he walked away he patted me on the backside and said break a leg. However his pat ended with more of a squeeze of my backside in this short tight dress that fell mid thigh. I looked around but everyone was busy off in their own worlds.

The rehearsal went well i undressed and went home to relax. There was a knock at the door I was hoping it was Jess it wasn’t. It was director Greg.

“What’s up, Greg.”

“I wanted to go over a few script changes of that’s ok I want to give Riley a more prominent role.”

I was happy but uncomfortable at the same time. He asked me to go and change into Riley so he could be the full effect. I knew I was headed down a bad road. It took me about 35 minutes to transform into Riley. I went and sat down on the couch next to him and crossed my legs. We began going through the new lines as I could watch his eyes drift up and down my pantyhosed legs and thighs. I knew this was a recipe for disaster.

He came at me in the middle of me reading a line. In seconds I was pinned under him with his tongues parting my glossed lips and invading my mouth. Why wasn’t I stopping him? I wasn’t gay. I had never desired a man. Riley made me feel so sexy and attractive.

We switched positions. I now straddled him with my dress hiked up. His strong hands squeezed my ass and hips. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his rock hard 7 inches. I kept telling myself I am not gay I am Riley. I took it into my virgin mouth. Slowly taking on enough not to trigger a gag reflex. He moaned while slightly tugging my wig. After 15 minutes and finding a rhythm he exploded into my mouth. He did whatever he wanted to Riley for the rest of the evening. I followed every command. I never knew I had a submissive side before but I loved taking orders from him. I loved hearing my stilettos on the hardwood floor scurrying to get him things from the kitchen and serving him.

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