Young “big balled” man


Young “big balled” man
44EE-36-45 mature, all natural, blonde, blue-eyed wife visited an adult nude campsite we use. She was suppose to visit with her good friend, but she couldn’t make it, however, my wife decided to visit it by herself as a mini-break.

She arrived, set up camp and decided to catch some rays by the beach. She stripped and just stood there enjoying the warmth of the sun against her naked body, loved it! Grabbed a large beach towel and off she went to the beach. Set her towel down just under a tree a bit, little sun yet just enough shade, perfect balance.

As she lied there reading a book she couldn’t help but notice many other mature ladies had really let themselves go, she’s very self-conscience about her body. Doesn’t like how even though she works hard to maintain as healthy and as fit body as possible age does creep up on her body. Her large and ample breasts’ veins show more than when she was younger, there’s no perkiness to them, they hang straight down and readily flop all over with the slightest move. I tell her us guys love that about a mature woman’s breasts! She thinks we’re crazy, but admits when she walks at the nude adult campsite many men can’t resist admiring her breasts! Then there’s the extra couple of pounds on each side of her buttocks, belly juggles a little when she walks, but she does the best she can.

She’s totally relaxed, enjoys the breeze against her naked body, smells the trees and fresh air. Decides to walk into the lake, enjoys the cool clean water. As she’s floating on her back she looks at the nude men lying on the beach. Not too impressed with most, big bellies, small penis and testicles, but she’s just there to enjoy and relax for the weekend.

She came out of the water, leaned back to pull her long blonde hair back. She loves how this accentuates her large breasts with beads of water running down them. She stood up and noticed one man had an immediate erection as his wife/girlfriend wasn’t too pleased. Wife smiled and walked up toward the tree line then across to her towel.

She sat down, took a sip of water, then looked to her left. There was a handsome young man lying about 30 yards away. He had a hat over his head, his left leg was bent as his left foot was against his right knee. She thought “there was something about him”, then tried to ignore him and read her book a bit while eating a few cherries. She looked over to him again, then a second and third time. Curiosity was driving her crazy.

She stood up with her book and casually walked towards the young man. She was quiet, discreetly looked around, nobody was watching her. As she passed this young man her eyes moved to get a good look. Wow, he had the biggest ball sack with two huge testicles in them. Big veins were easily visible, she loves big veins in a man’s genitals. Her heart fluttered a bit, took a couple of quiet deep breaths. Walked past, went to the washroom, it was empty, she looked into the mirror, her face was flushed, heart pumping. She thought “I have to get another look at his manhood. He’s one handsome and very well endowed young man”.

She exited the washroom, walked by him again, his hat still covered his head. She wondered “is he secretly looking?” This gave her goosebumps down her arms. She stopped in front on him only ten feet in front on him, she stared and was fixated at his lions. His ball sack must have been at least 6 inches in length with 2 enormous testicles. She could hear her heart as if it was pounding in her ears, her breathing picked up. She walked away before he could hear her.

She lied down on her beach towel. Couldn’t relax, thought “he’s too young for me. I’m a mature woman, everything flops on me”. She couldn’t resist taking glances his way. She had to stand and walk by him again. She stopped in front of him, breathing picked up noticeably, she walk away. Thought “this is nuts, I noticed his nice six pack abs, so why would he be interested in a floppy woman like me?” Then she walked back passing him again, her whole body became warm just looking at his manhood.

She lied down on her towel, put a smaller towel over her eyes and forehead. Thought “relax, take deep breaths”. She did relax, then faintly heard someone a few feet in front of her. She could peak under the towel over her eyes. It was the “big balled” young man, he had stopped and was inspecting her genital region. She has very big pussy lips, hang down 2 inches, they’re lush, thick, lots of extra skin, her clit head is large hidden under its hood.

As she lay there she noticed his penis was semi-erect at about a 45 degree again pointing down, its shaft was standard size, couple of big veins, its head was huge. She noticed the large lip where its head and shaft met. He walked around, lifted one leg up on a stump pretending to rub his leg. She knew why he lifted his leg, it allowed his very low hanging ball sack to flop all over the place. It hung down a good 6 inches, biggest she’s ever seen. As it swung from side to side she could feel her lions get hot and wet. He walked around in front of her, then went back to his towel.

She noticed her chest was heaving up and down, she was definitely excited. She got up and walked by this young man. She walked slowly, tucked in her belly and puffed out her chest to give him a really good look. She noticed his penis head engorged with blood, was enormous. She thought “you go girl! Floppy belly, floppy breasts and all!”

She visited the washroom, had to catch her breath. Came out and decided to go for a swim, needed to cool down. As she swam she thought “could this young man be turned on by me? I’m probably old enough to be his mom.” As she exited the water she thought “got to be bold, just go over there, no fear”.

She walked briskly over to him, he was pretending (her guess) to not notice by having his hat ‘kind of’ covering his face and eyes. She stood over him with her genitals above his genitals with water dripping off of her mature body onto his. He looked up at her, his penis spoke for him as it came to a full erection, all 9 inches with its enormous head so engorged with blood she thought it might explode.

He then looked at her large pussy lips, then the beads of water rolling down her ample breasts, then at her sexy and seductive smile. She then said “have we been playing a game of cat and mouse with each other?” He replied “you’re so gorgeous, never seen a woman like you before”. She laughed, stood back a couple more feet, said “look at my belly, it jiggles” (as she quickly moved her right palm up and down over her belly), she turned sideways, squeezed the side of her butt cheeks highlighting the extra two inches of fat there, asked him “you like that?” Then she bent over, moved her top around making her 44EE breasts flop all over the place, then said to him “no perkiness here, just old and floppy. So you like my body now?”

He said he loved her body, was one of a kind. She knelt between his legs fixated on his low hanging ball sack and enormous testicles. She asked if she could hold them. He gladly gave her permission. As she placed her left hand behind them, she quickly became afraid and looked into his eyes and asked “how old are you”. He replied 18 and 4 months. She breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed.

As she gently felt the exact size of each testicle and commented to him how beautiful they were he asked her “how old are you?” She contemplated telling him the truth but decided it might scare him, so she told him she was 43. He was impressed she could look so good for 43 (if only he knew her real age he’d be even more impressed). She asked him “so 18 and 4 months. What date in April?” He replied “April 27”. As she kept feeling and inspecting his testicles she thought to herself “that makes me a whopping 40 years, 4 months and 4 days older than him. Should I tell him my real age?”

She next complimented him on his enormous lip separating his penis shaft from its head. She ran her fingers around this lip, he grinned with approval.

Next he offered to give her a massage. She lied down on her stomach, he started on her back, butt, legs and feet. Was very good with his pressure. She turned over. She coached him on how to massage a woman’s genital area, she found this somewhat strange, he didn’t seem to know much. She stopped him just before she had an orgasm, was breathing heavily. Next he lied down beside her, she started to tickle him. Good, he’s ticklish. She kissed him a bit, again she noticed his inexperience, but enjoyed teaching him. She told him to hang on. She rose, went to retrieve her beach towel, brought it over and laid it next to his.

She lied down beside him, they rolled back and forth over the 2 towels, tickling each other, kissing and teasing one another. Both enjoyed this very much. This went on for probably 20 minutes.

Next he stopped moving as his penis head was pushing against her vaginal opening. She looked seductively into his eyes, turned her head sideways in a sexy grin. He looked nervous, just then his penis head “popped” into her vagina. He went “oops, sorry, I didn’t mean that”. She told him “its fine, in fact, it felt great with his extra large penis lip”. She told him to do that several times over. So he did. She instructed him how to use his large penis head lip to tease her vaginal opening sides, just inserting the head, moving it in and out, up and down.

She instructed him to slide his penis head up and down between her pussy lips, took a while, but he got the knack. Then his penis flung straight forward towards her face, she laughed hysterically as a big gob of mucous landed on her chest. He asked “what’s that?” She replied “mucous. Look at your penis head, there’s two more big gobs of mucous right at the where the shaft and head of your penis are”. He asked “where’s that coming from?” She looked puzzled again, he doesn’t seem to know a woman’s anatomy.

She told him “when a woman is ovulating, her mucous comes out of her vagina to allow a man’s sperm to swim up through her cervix into her uterus then into her fallopian tubes to fertilize her eggs.” He then said “so you could get pregnant? Do you want to get pregnant?” She nodded no, he then said “he’ll get his condoms”. She held his face in her hands, said “look I don’t want to get pregnant, but you’re rushing things, let’s play around some more”.

He moved his penis head between her pussy lips, slid in and out of her vagina. She breathed heavily, had an orgasm. Next he was completely inside her. She said “you’re big, can feel your penis head pushing against my cervix”. He stayed still, they kissed. Next he was in a hurry said “I have to pull out, I’m going to explode. Don’t want to get you pregnant. Let me get my condoms”. He pulled out. She told him, “don’t worry about your condoms, let’s go for a swim”.

Off they went, her belly, hips, breasts flopping all over as they ran to the water’s edge and his penis was fixated straight up pointing to the sun. Wife smiled looking at his erect manhood knowing only a young man could have such an erection.

They played around in the water, teased each other. As they started to walk out of the water she asked him what’s his favourite love making position? He said “I don’t know, never done it before”. Wife stopped, stared at him and asked “are you a virgin?” He replied “yes”. She then said “that changes everything”. He looked puzzled, she held his hand as they walked to their towels. Both lied down facing each other.

She then said “you being a virgin changes everything. As a virgin there’s no way I’d want you to wear a condom. Any mature woman will always take a virgin’s first sperm deposits”. But he said “you might get pregnant”. She replied “that’s okay, small price to receive your first sperm deposit. Old woman like me is thrilled to receive it. And by the way my young ‘big balled’ lover, NO pulling out. You deposit every last sperm of yours deep inside my fertile womb”.

As they started to make love, once he was inside he couldn’t last long. He was on top, moved his head above hers, bit his lip and started to unload. He pumped and pumped and pumped, wife laughed and asked him “do you have a hollow leg?” He looked down at her, said “what the? Why would you ask that?” She replied “you’re pumping a gallon of sperm inside me. Thought maybe you stored a gallon of sperm in one of your legs”. He finally stopped, pulled his penis out of her and started making love to her again, he could only last a few pumps, he pushed deep inside her and started pumping more sperm inside”. She said “see, you’re giving me more, sure you don’t have a hollow leg?”

Once he was finished he said “why don’t I pull out, you can squat and maybe most of my sperm will fall out so you don’t get pregnant”. She said “no way. Let’s do this. You rest your legs on top of my legs. Take hold of my hands (after their hands and fingers were entwined with one another, she moved their arms out above and over to the sides of her head, making his body weight rest on her body) then they kissed for 10 minutes. Slow and sensual as his sperm swam up into her uterus and fallopian tubes in search of her waiting eggs.

They started to talk after kissing for 10 minutes, she told him she’s delivered 8 babies. He looked shocked, “you’ve been pregnant 8 times?” “No” she replied, as she’s had 4 pairs of paternal twins. Then she let slip the age of our oldest daughter pair. He didn’t miss what she said. He said “wait a minute. You just said your oldest pair of twin daughters are 36. So how can you be 43? It doesn’t work”. She replied “you’re right. I was afraid to tell you my real age, so here it goes; I’m 58. In fact, with you being born on April 27 I’m exactly 40 years, 4 months and 4 days older than you. Does that scare you I’m so much older?” “No” he replied, then continued “wow, I didn’t know a woman could possibly get pregnant at 58! You keep yourself in incredible shape, you’re absolutely gorgeous!”

Next he asked about her 8 c***dren. Then if she has any grandc***dren? She said “yes, I have 5 grandc***dren with 3 more on the way over the next 3 months”. He then asked about how old her youngest c***dren are, when she informed him they are 24 he spontaneously said “wow, so I’m 6 years younger than your youngest and you are willing to have my babies?”

She next asked him “can you still stay hard?” He said “don’t know, but I hope so”. They made love another 90 minutes, he made 3 more sperm deposits. He was sweating profusely as his sweat was dripping onto her face, she felt his back, it was soaked with sweat. She reached over and opened a water bottle, poured it over the back of his head, over his back while using her nails to rub his back and down between his butt cheeks running down over his big balls.

She wanted him to stay the weekend, he couldn’t. They exchanged contact information, she said don’t call me for 12 weeks, if I feel I’m pregnant I’ll visit my doctor in about 10 weeks. He agreed then left.

At 8 weeks her jeans wouldn’t do up. At 10 weeks she had to buy some maternity clothes. Visited the doctor, another set of twins. He called at 12 weeks, she gave him the good news. He was concerned if she wanted the babies, she was certain about that. She assured him she’s rich so doesn’t want any money, just the gift of carrying and having his babies. She invited him to the house. They arranged for him to come when she was 18 weeks into her pregnancy.

She told him to come for the weekend as no one would be home. He pulled up, exited his car, she called out for him to just walk in. She waited at the top of the stairs, stark naked. He entered the house, she walked down the stairs, swaying back and forth. He liked the show. She stopped in front of him a couple of steps up from him, instructed him where to place his hands as one baby was kicking. He loved the feeling! She stood sideways highlighting her massive pregnant belly, then asked “so, you still find me sexy? When you knocked me up I was 44EE-36-45, I’m now 46EE-49-47. So, do you like what you see?”

He pulled her down to his stair. They kissed, he couldn’t remove his hand off of her belly, loved the feeling of his babies inside. She took his hand, told him “take me to the pond out back and make love to me. You have to be gentle, don’t lie on top on my belly, and gentler with your thrusts, but otherwise we should be fine. Remember I’m huge for just over 4 months as I’m carrying twins and will be 59 when I give birth to your 2 babies”.

The advantage of living in a secluded large country property! They made love for 2 hours, lost count of how many sperm deposits he made. They came out in the middle of the night, another round of love making. He made love to her in all kinds of positions, her choice, but hey, no complaints from him.

She delivered two healthy babies, boy and a girl. Mom and babies were fine.

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