Young couple, part 1


Young couple, part 1My name is Sara and I want to tell you what happened couple years ago. I’m 21 years old, 5feet 3 inches in height and 110 pounds in weight. I have C-cup sized tits and as I’m quite small framed, my tits look even larger than they are. Men have always loved my small firm body, big tits and of course my long blond hair. My husband is 24 years old and in every way an average guy. Don’t get me wrong, I love him of course, but sometimes I need to have something more.Three years ago before we married, we won a trip to Turkey in a local lottery and it sounded great from the details we were given. We got our tickets and other papers in readiness for the trip. Two weeks in the Turkish sun, while back home the weather was snowy and cold, so a vacation in warm place sounded like heaven to me.It took only five hours flying time to get to Turkey. The Airport was a busy place full of people going in different directions, so it took a while to get our luggage and find our way out of there. We took a taxi ride to our hotel which was very nice and very modern. There was a very large Swimming pool area at the back of the hotel with lots of places where we could lay in the sun, while inside there was a very nice looking restaurant and bar.Still, the main thing for me was the shopping. There were lots of little shops that offered almost everything for the tourists to enjoy. The first couple of days went fast for us and the people there were really friendly. At least to me as I was a young, slim framed blond girl so every guy was hitting on me. One place was special though. One little shop that sold everything you could need. I loved their selection of clothes. The shopkeeper was an older guy, maybe 50-60 years old but slim and fit looking. The whole shop seemed to be open and there were several ways in and out. There were other customers also, but old man insisted on serving us, while his assistant took care of the other customers.I was interested in local Turkish clothes and he was happy to show me lots and lots of them. John stood near me and tried to get me to go and see other places, but I insisted on staying here. The shopkeeper continued showing me more Turkish clothes and I wanted to try on a couple of shirts. The shopkeeper was helping me, and it felt like he was all over me as his hands touched me everywhere. It felt really exciting for me as I have always been interested in older guys and the shopkeeper was old enough to be my grandfather. Still he seemed to be very strong and in good shape from what I could see.John saw how the shopkeeper’s hands were touching my body more often than it should have been and he wanted to put a stop to the situation, but he didn’t. He knew my feelings and that from time to time I wanted a little bit of fun, so he let it go. The shopkeeper continued showing me more clothes and I tried several shirts on. His hands were often on my shoulders, neck, waist and a couple times on my tits. I saw from the mirror that John had sat down on a settee and the shopkeeper’s assistant had offered him some local tea.The shopkeeper brought out some more clothes and said that I must try these on, he said he had a little fitting-room in the back. I told John that I was going to try these clothes on in the fitting-room and he nodded to me. He was OK with it all and was pleased that I was so excited. I had one of shopkeeper’s shirts on and it really felt nice. He carried more clothes with him as he directed canlı bahis me to his fitting-room, and of course he came in there too to make sure that I would wear the clothes in the right way.John sat on the settee in the front part of that shop and I was in fitting-room at the rear with the old shopkeeper, who now was all over me and helping me to take off my own clothes. I hesitated at first, but he persuaded me to do what he asked. He helped me remove the shirt that I was trying on and also my tight top under the shirt. I felt his hands on my back and he praised me on my lovely body, my nice white and so smooth skin. I must have been blushing as he gave me lots of compliments about my small feminine frame and my large tits. I was so distracted by his words that I let him remove my jeans and panties. I was now fully naked in that fitting-room with him and he could easily see my shaved pussy.I was so nervous, but excited about whole situation as his hands roamed all over my naked body. I wanted to ask John to help me, but no words came out of my mouth. The shopkeeper noticed that I was under his spell and pressed me against the wall. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my thighs and he was telling me what a lovely young rose I was. To him I was a goddess and he praised my lovely body with deep dark whispers, as he kept me between him and the wall.He slid my hand under his robes and I found his rock hard cock. It was long and so hard that I wouldn’t have believed it belonged to an old man like him if I hadn’t touched it myself. His scent was strong and his hands were moving on my naked body which made me shiver with lust. I rubbed his cock slowly and I was really hooked on the feeling. He whispered into my ear that he would give the clothes to me for free if I could do a little a favour for him. I could hear other customers who were outside the fitting-room but the shopkeeper’s assistant kept the place running, while the owner of the shop was with me.I don’t know what came over me, but I nodded as his fingers rubbed my clit slowly. I trembled from the pleasure and felt how wet my pussy was. He had made me want to be fucked by him and he definitely had a really long, thick and hard penis. I moaned a little bit as his fingers moved on my clit and he kissed me passionately. I was completely under his spell and he started to pull me to the back door that was behind a tapestry. I didn’t think that much about it as I followed him fully naked, and we ended up in little yard that had a high wall around it. He directed me into another house behind the shop and I was so horny, that I wanted to fuck him and I would do it almost anywhere.I ended up in the room, where I saw 4 men sitting and smoking their water pipes. I tried to cover myself from their eyes, but the shopkeeper came behind me and dragged me between the older guys. They all were older than the shopkeeper and dressed only in robes. The shopkeeper kissed me in front of the others and he told me that they were his brothers. It almost made me flee from there, but the shopkeeper’s stern voice made me obey his commands. I had fallen into his trap and now he was going to have some fun with me.He told me to get on all fours on the floor and I obeyed. He stayed behind me and I felt his fingers on my pussy again.He certainly knew where to rub me to get me to purr, and soon I was again ready to be fucked by him or his brothers. I stayed on my hands and knees as he removed his robes. bahis siteleri The other men just sat watching my fully naked body in front of them, my big heavy tits hanging downwards, my slim framed body nicely arched and my white butt up in the air, just for the shopkeeper, who didn’t waste any time after that. He rammed his long thick cock deep into my dripping pussy and I moaned loudly as his cock penetrated me fully. He kept me in place with a tight grip on my waist and his shaft went so deep into me, that I trembled with fear, pain and of course, extreme pleasure.His long cock was stretching my pussy with every thrust, and it felt so dirty and exciting to me. I was fucked by a stranger in front of other strangers and I enjoyed being his slut. He grunted heavily as he fucked me with strong thrusts and made me scream with pleasure, as orgasms ripped through my body. My whole young body trembled forcefully as he kept fucking me like a maniac. I was only 18 years old at the time and he was at about 55, or maybe even 60 years old, but he had the stamina of a bull. His hands were moving all over my body and I felt like he owned me. His hands kept their firm grip from my waist as he fucked me even harder. At first his long cock hurt me as he rammed it so hard into me, that the head of his cock bottomed out in my vagina. His arms were strong and he pulled me by my hips against his hips as he forced me to take his cock completely deep inside my body. It felt so crazy that an old man like him, was fucking me like a younger man and he knew just how to make me want to have him fuck me more. My tits were hanging downwards and they moved along with our fast paced fucking rhythm. He pulled my head backwards by my hair and slapped my arse several times. He shouted at me in his own language while using my body for his own pleasure. From time to time he reached for my tits and mauled them with his strong hands. It felt like a really unreal situation for me. This old slim man fucking me like a young sex maniac and I had never been as well fucked as this before. I panted heavily as he finally turned me on my back and continued to fuck my brains out with his long shaft.I lay there on the carpet, the shopkeeper between my legs, my arms around his neck and my long white legs were up high so he could penetrate me fully. I moaned, groaned and panted like a whore under him while he used my pussy with fierce stokes. Again, I hadn’t been fucked with such fierceness before and it just blew my mind. I got several orgasms from that fuck and I just loved being fucked by him. I was being fucked by a real Alfa male. He knew how to fuck me and he didn’t ask any permission from me to use my body as he wanted. My body was covered with mine and his sweat, he licked and bit my nipples several times and I had forgotten his brothers who sat around us. The shopkeeper took me like an a****l and he groaned loudly, as his hard cock went so deep into me that it made me moan like never before. I groaned, moaned and screamed as shopkeeper filled my young pussy with his hard cock and I was completely his property now.I was panting really heavily, when he rammed his cock deep into my well used cunt with few last deep thrusts and then I felt his warm liquid flood deep in my womb. He was uploading his semen deep into my pussy and I trembled from the orgasm that I got from that feeling when the old shopkeeper was cumming deep into my cunt. It was such a dirty and shameful güvenilir bahis deed for me, to cheat on my own boyfriend like this, but I didn’t think about it at that moment. It still felt really dirty and exciting and I felt like a whore and loved the feeling, so I got another orgasm just from him shooting his sperm into me.He got up and I just lay there, heavily panting, cum leaking from my pussy and my body covered with our sweat. He told me to get up and start to serve his brothers. He sat down next to his brothers and chatted with them using their language. As I got up, I noticed that rest of the men had removed their robes and they sat there completely naked. They were truly brothers as every man had a long thick cock. I had to suck and let them fuck me one by one. They told me what to do and I had to do it, although I did it willingly. They had the same stamina that their ”youngest” brother had and I had to fuck them all. One man wanted me to ride on his cock while he licked my tits. I did like he wanted and my thighs were at breaking point after that. I barely could stand after serving that brother just with riding on his cock. I have to admit that his cock was also big enough to make me have orgasms several times and he enjoyed having this young tourist slut riding on his cock and shoving her big tits in his face.Those cocks made me crazy and I really got so many orgasms within my time at their hands, that I lost count early on.The old horny brothers used my body as their sex toy and they even took me in a 3-in-1 position. I had to take their old, but hard cocks into my used pussy, butt and mouth at the same time. They held me easily in place and took what they wanted. I couldn’t even think about fighting back from that situation, even if I had wanted to, which I didn’t. I got fucked by them hard and fast and they made me moan like a common whore. I guess that’s what I was to them, just another tourist whore for them to fuck roughly as they came deep in all my holes. They pumped their loads several times into my pussy, a couple times into my butt and also in my mouth. I don’t know what kind of food they eat, as they were in better shape than much younger guys and gave me a really hard incredible ride.After they were all satisfied they put their robes on again. The older brothers left the room and I was still lying on the carpet, cum soaked, sweaty and extremely well used. The shopkeeper helped me into a tiny shower and he washed me clean. Of course he loved to play with my tits in there and he wanted to have one last quickie before letting me go.Water ran down over my face, to my tits, belly, pussy and legs, while shopkeeper fucked my ass one last time. I panted and tried to stay up as my knees were shaking. He was sex crazy and his stamina wasn’t from this world. As my legs gave up, I had to finish him with my mouth and sucked his cock hard to make him cum into my mouth. He groaned and his strong arms kept my head on his cock. I was so tired at that point that I was fully under his influence and was his personal sex toy.A couple moments later he came again, and shot a smaller load into my mouth. After that he was pleased and satisfied and helped me to clean up. Then he gave me the clothes that I liked and helped me back to the shop. John was still waiting for me there and I guess he was kind of pissed, but it melted away when he saw me. He didn’t yell at me or the shopkeeper, he just helped me out of there and back to our hotel. Later on I told him what happened and he was just as excited about it as I had been at that time and was pleased that I had enjoyed myself, but to me that was a onetime offer and I didn’t visit the shop again.

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