18 Year Old’s First Squirting Orgasm


18 Year Old’s First Squirting OrgasmRecently through my endeavors of helping women have squirting orgasms I was contacted by a sweet little 18 year old girl. Her first message to me read: “Your post stood out to me. Squirting? whats that?” I proceeded to explain to her the basics of what a squirting orgasm was. “WOW! that sounds incredible!” she responded in her next e-mail. “So I take it you have never experienced a squirting orgasm before?” I wrote back. “Definitely not! I didn’t even know women could do that.” Instantly I found myself wishing that we hadn’t met in this way. That me and her would have somehow wound up in the bedroom with her still ignorant of the entire notion of squirting. I pictured the stunned look on her face as the ejaculate sloshed out of her and all over the bed. “Honestly.” She said. “I’v only had an orgasm a few times. My boyfriend and I have sex all the time and it feels great but i rarely have an orgasm.” “Even when you take care of yourself.” I asked astonished by this notion. “I do yes. But I rarely do that because I live at home and its really hard to keep quite.” I was instantly aroused! It’s hard to keep quite? I couldn’t help but think of her moaning and screaming as I brought her to repetitive orgasmic bliss. could it be possible that this girl has only had enough orgasms to count on both her hands? I soon began to feel that this might be too good to be true. Was someone trying to screw with me? Why would a girl risk going behind her boyfriends back and be considering being fingered by a guy nearly 10 years older then her? I had too cut to the chase before I got taken for a ride with this any longer. ” So you think you might be interested?” I asked with hesitation hoping I didn’t jump the gun. ” I get out of class at 12:30.” she replied. ” That will work. But I can’t host.” ” well obviously I can’t.” She said in return. I sat and pondered the dilemma. When I saw another e-mail pop up.” Look I’m nervous but really would like to give this a try. I drive an SUV and I know a secluded spot. no one ever goes back there especially in the winter.” I agreed and at noon I left the house with a towel and a bottle of KY in my pocket. I had never been so hesitant going into an appointment before. I kept thinking of driving back to this spot and getting mugged at gun point. The humiliation I would feel just because I fell for it. I never went to meet someone with knowing so little. After only having such a short conversation with them. How could I be so stupid!? I thought. However, as I drove I pictured her sitting at the back of her college lecture hall sending me the e-mails with a smirk on her face and I kept driving. When I arrived I saw the car she described she would be driving in. As I pulled around i caught my first glimpse of her standing by the drivers side door looking down at her phone. Immediately I noticed that she was very short. Couldn’t have been much over 5 foot. She had long curly red hair just past her shoulders and an adorable smile that I caught when she looked up to see me. I got out of my car and approached her. “whats up?” I exclaimed. ” Nothing much just got out of class.” ” oh yeah? What do you study?” I asked her. ” Well…I’m actually still in High School.” She pulled out the high school ID that was tucked inside her sweatshirt and showed it to me. türbanlı gaziantep escort ” I have two periods off at the end of the day.” She responded. My nerves began to get to me. Still in high school? Should this feel wrong? She is still very much her parents daughter. What if she lied about her age. ” are you sure you are 18″ I asked with hesitation. she laughed and said. “Yes! don’t worry. Im a senior. I turned 18 four months ago.” She opened the drivers rear door and climbed inside. I stood by the door still in a bit of shock over the recent revelation.” come on. you can get in.” she said to me. I got in and shut the door behind me. She turned towards me perked up and straiten her arms hands folded in front of her on the seat. ” So! shall we get started?” she said to me not waiting for an answer. She proceeded to begin to unbutton her pants as she made small talk to ease the silence. As I watched her pants slide down to the floor of the car all my worries began to melt away. She left her little purple panties on. Then she pulled off her sweatshirt and t shirt in one movement revealing her tight flawless body before me. Underneath she wasn’t wearing a bra. As her arms came back down to rest her perky C cups revealed themselves in all their beauty. I was floored by her body. I hadn’t seen anything so amazing since my high school girlfriend. I leaned over and our lips met. Starting with slow deep kisses and then picking up the pace. As our tongues played in each others mouths she moaned softly. Things were getting heavy quickly so i laid her down on the bench seat. I moved away from her lips and onto her neck lightly sucking, nibbling, and kissing it. ” ohhhh. oh god. oh god. ohhh fffffffffffuck.” she moaned. I proceded to suck on her nipples which made her breathing grow even heavier. I pulled and pinched her opposite nipple with my free hand making her squawk and giggle in enjoyment. Then I slowly moved my hand down between her legs and she immediately spread them wide to greet it. She was already soaking wet and fully aroused. I pulled my head up from her breast and looked her in the eyes. They were wide in anticipation.” how many guys have you been with sweetie?” I asked her. She held up two fingers. “Thats including my boyfriend now.” I then slid one of my fingers into her wet slit. She gasped, eyes closed, and her back slightly arched. She was so incredibly tight I was worried I would never get two fingers in her at once. Holding my finger inside of her I went in to kiss her again. I slowly began to stroke the upper wall of her pussy with my one finger. The juices of her natural wetness sloshed with the movement of my finger making an audible sound. She was now moaning loudly and seemingly uncontrollably. Her hips moved with the movement of my finger. I pulled my finger out bringing all her wetness with it and rubbed it on her clit. She was now taking a series of short little breaths that slowly transformed into louder moans. Then I pushed my index and middle fingers inside of her and hooked them up just pressing against her now very pronounced G spot. This sent her into a loud shriek of a scream. I was astonished at how easily aroused she was. How every little thing I did to her seemed to resonate through her entire body. I could tell türbanlı gaziantep escort bayan that she had never been touched like this before. None of the guys her own age knew exactly how to please a woman. Where to touch, where to lick, and where to kiss to arouse her entire body in this way. Maybe it was the situation that had her so extremely turned on. An older man, old enough to be one of her younger age teachers, had two of his fingers inside of her while she laid naked in the backseat of her car. She probably fantasized about one of them regularly and this was the closest thing she could come to that fantasy coming true. Whatever it was she was going absolutely nuts! squealing, screaming, and squirming all over the leather interior as I lightly stroked her G spot with my fingers in a come hither motion. “Does that feel good.” I asked her in a soft voice. “Oh god yes!” she replied loudly between her moans and deep breaths It was time for me to make her squirt, although I was hesitant. I was enjoying playing with her body so much and feared that she would have one powerful orgasm and it would be done. I knew that some of my clients were like that. Just one huge squirting orgasm then they were too sensitive to be touched any more. Then I realized something. I had forgotten the towel in my car! However it was too late to stop now and go get it. Her seats were going to get soaked! I switched my fingers so now I had my middle and ring fingers inside of her. I got down on my knees on the floor of her car besides her. I began to move my hand up and down quickening the pace. I immediately could hear the heavy slosh inside of her building up. ” Oh my god” She said sitting up slightly ” Oh wow. Oh wow!” She exclaimed while she looked down at my hand moving against her pussy at a rapid pace.”Fuck.” she screamed before throwing herself back and letting out a long loud squeal like i’v never heard before. Her squirt was starting to slosh out of her as she laid with her head thrown back, back arched high, and belting out her loud constant squeal. Then her body went tense and she went silent. Her legs went strait out and I fought to keep my hand moving between her rightly gripped legs. her squirt was now flying upwards. All over her tight body and the seats of her car. She franticly grabbed me, pulling herself up by my shirt. I wrapped my other arm around her holding her close to me. I quickly pulled my fingers out of her and I felt her whole body go limp and legs ease back open. She gasped for a breath of air before I took my open palm and rubbed it furiously over the outside of her soaking wet pussy. Again she let out a loud squeal with her face planted into my chest. I could feel her nails digging into my back as her entire body began to quiver and shake. I could hear her squirt continue to spray out of her in little spurts onto the leather seat. Then I stopped and pulled my hand away from her soaking wet pussy and wrapped both my arms around her tight. I held her while to gasped and wimped softly, body still shaking from the powerful orgasmic experience. After a while her body started to relax. ” That was amazing!” She said head still on my chest She picked her head up and looked into my eyes shaking her head back and forth ” I’v… i’v never.” türbanlı escort gaziantep “sshhhhh. just relax.” I said to her laying her back down on the seat. She laid there in front of me with her eyes shut. I took a moment just to enjoy her fully pleasured body laying before me and rubbed my hands up and down her squirt covered skin. However I had to see if she could handle more. So I took my hand and slid it back between her legs and immediately she spread them open for me and began to moan as I rubbed her pussy. I was pleased to see she seemed to be ready for more. I leaned down towards her and began to kiss her. “You want more?” I asked between kisses She nodded her head and smiled “yes please.” She said in a sexy whisper that drove me wild. I grabbed my lube and made sure she was plenty lubricated before slipping my fingers back into her ready to make her squirt right away again. This time I leaned my opposite arm against her body holding her down. I wanted to make sure she had to lay there and take all I could give her and not get away from me when it started to get to be too much. With that hand I held her leg open wide making sure I kept full access. Her breathing was now heavy in anticipation. I could tell she knew this time exactly what was coming. I began to move my hand up and down and the slosh began again. Her body immediately reacted to the pleasure. She slid all over her squirt soaked leather seats as the squirt built up inside of her before squirting out of her all over the place again. I had to fight hard to keep her down while i aggressively moved my fingers up in down pounding her G spot. She was squealing so loud it hurt my ears. If I hiker or biker was to stroll by they would have thought someone was being murdered inside of that SUV. I loved it though. She had my cock rock hard just from the sounds of her incredible pleasure. She asked for more and more is what I gave her. No more breaks to let her relax and catch her breath now. No more holding her while she came down for the orgasmic high. I was on a mission to squirt her out. Make her squirt out every little ounce of ejaculate from her beautiful young pussy. I repeatedly pounded her with my fingers pulling them out to rub her wet pussy and rest my arm for a second. Each time building her up to another incredible squirting orgasm. I could see it in her face that this was an incredible bliss for her. One like she could never have imagined experiencing. She was now speaking in slurs. Bursting out in unrecognizable words I could’t understand between her screams and gasps for air. After repeatedly finger fucking her G spot and rubbing her pussy for a total of 5 squirting orgasms I stopped. I could tell she had not another orgasm left in her body and I was starting to feel the fatigue in my arm. I sat back up on the seat and relaxed as I watched her lay there. Her body spent from the most orgasmic experience of her life.” Holy Fuck!” she said holding her hands to her face covering her eyes She started to giggle a bit. ” Wow! where did you learn to do that?” I just laughed and said. ” did you enjoy that?” ” ahhhh yeah.” She said in a sarcastic voice. ” That was seriously incredible. Thank you so much!” ” I’m glad you enjoyed it. You were fun to watch.” I replied. After I headed on my way I drove back home and sat down on my computer to find an e-mail from her. Again she thanked me and said she would be thinking about this afternoon for a long time. We have since made plans for a follow up meeting that we are both waiting for in anticipation. Nothing will match the excitement of her first time squirting for the both of us but i’m sure it will still be a very enjoyable experience. Signed, Doctor Squirt

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