27 Beech Street


Many years ago when I was in my late teens and at college, I had the dubious pleasure in trying to locate some cheap digs for myself. As this was well before the days of the cell phones that every student now seems to carry, finding the right type of accommodation involved an extremely technical process of wandering around on foot and ringing doorbells! I had been traipsing around for days in the blistering heat of the mid-summer sunshine and getting nowhere. All the decent rooms had already been taken, and the ones that were left were either way too expensive, or so horrible that I would not have been able to sleep for nightmares.

Sitting in the student bar early one evening after another unsuccessful day’s searching, I was joined by my friend, Frank. We exchanged the usual grunted greeting in that monosyllable language that only other teenagers seem to be able to understand. Frank asked why I looked so miserable, and I explained about my accommodation problem.

“Have you tried Beech Street yet?” He asked

“Shit, I dunno, I been everywhere, man!” I replied into my almost flat beer.

“I heard that there’s a pretty nice room going there. Number 27 I think. You should check it out.”

Well, I didn’t really feel like doing anything that evening apart from getting well and truly loaded, but nonetheless, I knew I had to go look.

7.30pm, saw me standing outside a large three story house and, thinking how impressive it looked, I quickly rang the bell. The door was answered by a middle aged woman with bleached blonde hair and a large chest. After introducing myself and stating the reason why I was there, the woman shocked the hell out of me by saying that the room was still available. Mrs. Phillips or Gwen, as she insisted on being called, led me up the steep stairs to the top floor. I couldn’t believe it. The room was huge. Tastefully furnished with a single bed against one wall, plenty of closet space and a good sized desk with drawers under the window. My elation faded as I realised that there was no way that I would ever be able to afford the rent. Gwen noticed my head drop.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like the room?”

“Oh god no! It’s wonderful.” I replied quickly. “But I know it’s gonna be way too much money for me.”

“Well, you look like a nice boy. I like you already. What if we said a hundred a month, could you afford that?”

I didn’t know what to say. I’d been looking at tiny rooms in war zone neighbourhoods that were more expensive than that!

“Wow! That would be great!” I cried excitedly “I can’t wait to move in!”

The deal was struck with a shaking of hands and me watching Gwen’s chest jiggle as she moved. I had to stop myself looking quickly. I had always preferred the more ‘mature’ woman, but I sure wasn’t going to blow the chance of this room by letting her see me checking out her nice big tits!

Two weeks had passed and I was thoroughly enjoying my new found accommodation. It was such a treat to have the privacy of my own space after weeks of crashing on other peoples floors. Gwen had really taken me in. She was kind and friendly, a little mumsy, I suppose, but I still found her full figure and heaving bosom really sexy all the same. I had met Mr. Phillips once or twice in the hall. He was much older than his wife. Gwen laughed and said that I was unlikely to see much of him as he was for ever sat in front of the TV! Although the house was large, there only appeared to be one bathroom. This was located Escort Esenyurt on the floor below mine where Gwen and her husband had their bedroom.

I remember the day well. I had just finished a full day of classes and had played an hour of basketball. I was tired, but I knew that I had to complete an assignment that was due the following day. Deciding to take a shower at home, I jumped on my bike and cycled the short distance to Beech Street. With my gym bag in my hand I slowly trudged the two flights of stairs to the top floor and let myself into my room. I grabbed a towel from the closet and, taking off my shirt and shoes, sauntered back down the stairs to the bathroom. As I got to the foot of the stairs and turned the corner, I bumped straight into the ample figure of Gwen as she was coming out of the bathroom. We were both surprised at the collision, and each took a step back apologising to the other. I tried to say more but the words were stuck in my throat. I could not take my eyes off the woman in front of me. Gwen had wrapped a towel around herself, above the chest as women tend to do, but in the collision, it had slipped down a little and her large, pendulous left breast was now completely exposed. I gawked for several seconds, feeling a rising tension building in my loins. I expected her to say something or at least make a dash for her bedroom, but all the sexy woman did was to smile sweetly at me and slowly tuck her beautiful tit back under the towel. As she casually and unhurriedly made her way to her room, I was left standing in the hallway with a massive erection.

The thoughts raced through my mind as I let the warm shower run over my body. What the hell was all that about? I thought. The picture of that superb breast haunted my mind for ages. It had been a good few months since I got laid last and I knew that I wanted my landlady now more than any teenage babe.

Sitting back at my desk and wearing only a pair of running shorts, I opened my lap-top and tried to concentrate on my due assignment but it was near impossible to focus myself. My head was filled with visions of large breasts swinging invitingly in front of my face. I was just about to give up and use my hand to relieve the tension in my balls, when I heard a light tapping on the door.

“Are you decent?” I heard Gwen’s voice inquire.

Frustrated and thinking that my masturbation session would have to wait until later, I called out that I was more or less dressed and for her to come on in.

“Look. I just thought I should say sorry for startling you earlier.” She said. “It’s just that you’re such a quiet tenant, I sometimes forget that you are here at all!”

I murmured something about it being my fault really as Gwen walked up behind me and looked at my computer. She was wearing a full length pink robe and smelled sweet and fragrant after her bath.

“What are you working on?” she asked. Her body was only inches behind me and I could feel the warm glow from her skin.

“It’s just an assignment for my science class. It’s a real drag and for some reason I don’t seem to be able to concentrate.”

“Let me see.” she said as she bent closer to the small screen. Her proximity was driving me crazy. My cock strained painfully in my shorts and I felt a bolt of lightening hit me as she placed her hands on my shoulders as she stood behind me.

“Oh. You’re all tense.” she said as she felt my shoulders tense under her touch. “You must be working Etiler escort too hard. You know what they say about all work and no play!”

Again, I mumbled something about playing basketball, but neither of us were really listening. Her lips were only inches from my ear now as I stared insistently at the blank screen, her hands began to massage my shoulders.

“As I obviously can’t help with your assignment, let me see if I can help get rid of some of this tension” She whispered into my ear.

My eyes closed as she began to manipulate my tired muscles. My mind kept screaming that it wasn’t the tension in my shoulders that needed the most relief, but I kept silent for fear of her stopping. She was really good. I could feel the stress falling away as I reacted to her fingers. At some point, I must have let a soft moan escape my lips because she suddenly stopped her gentle massage and turned me around in my swivel chair to face her.

I looked up into her kind face. Was I mistaken, or could I see a heated flush there?

“You know, I didn’t mind you seeing me earlier…..like that….er…my..breasts. It was kinda nice…like a compliment, you know? I didn’t think that my body was attractive to men anymore.”

“Oh no!…You have a lovely body!” I blurted out without thinking. There. I had said it. Said what I had been thinking since the first time I saw her. She was still standing directly in front of my chair. She looked surprised.

“Really? Do you really like my figure?”

Again the words stuck in my throat as I nodded my assent. My penis was practically bursting inside my shorts now.

“Would you like to see them again?” she said demurely

I seemed to be nodding constantly now. Did I want to see them again? I would have happily died to get the merest glimpse!

Loosening the toweling belt around her waist, Gwen shrugged her shoulders and let the robe slip down her arms. My mouth felt dry as the Sahara as I watched the huge heavy globes of her breasts come into view.

There was an electricity in the air, sexual tension that you could cut with a knife. No words needed to be spoken as she let the robe continue its graceful descent from her womanly body. I stared open mouthed. She was indeed beautiful. Her full breasts were capped with delicious pink nipples that stiffened visibly before my eyes. Her hips were nicely flared and her tummy was still flat and smooth. Between her long legs, my gaze settled on a nicely trimmed bush. I could clearly see her pouting labia protrude from between the neat curls. Once again though, my eyes returned to the wonderful sight of her voluptuous breasts.

Gwen knelt down on the floor between my legs, cupping her large mammaries, one in each hand.

“Touch them for me, Davey, please, they are so sensitive.”

I needed no second invitation. My hands reached out and began slowly stroking the exquisite smoothness of her giant chest. At the time I had little idea about sizes, but looking back I would guess they must have been at least 42DD. The flesh felt warm and inviting. I stroked the down slope and cupped them underneath, replacing her hands with mine. I jiggled them playfully feeling their impressive weight and gently squeezed the long, turgid nipples. Gwen cried out in pleasure so I squeezed a little more, a little harder. All the while her eyes were closed and she was murmuring how much she liked my touch and how horny she was feeling. If I had little Eyüp escort bayan experience of bra size, then my experience of the female orgasm was virtually non existent.

As I manipulated her tits and nipples, I heard a low growling moan start from somewhere deep inside her. No girl that I had ever been with had been able to cum from just having her boobs felt up, but I now realised, that was exactly what was happening to Gwen. The moan became higher in pitch. Her body began to shake and tremble visibly and I felt her nipples tighten under my touch. She threw her head back and screamed as she climaxed, her body convulsing again and again as the orgasm ripped through her.

As the climax eventually subsided, Gwen opened her eyes. I could see that she was looking directly at my crotch. With all the excitement, I had all but forgotten my own state of passion, and was a little embarrassed by the damp patch that my pre cum had left on my shorts.

“Can I see you now?” she asked in an impish sort of voice.

My shorts were down around my ankles in a flash as my solid 7″ erection slapped back against my abdomen

“Mmmmm that looks so tasty!” she whispered as she took my penis in her hands.

I didn’t think it possible, but as she guided my cock head towards her open mouth, I seemed to swell even further, the blood pounding in my temples as well as in my shaft. I cried out loud as I felt her warm, wet mouth envelop my glans and slide me fully into her mouth. She tugged my balls gently as she began a sensual up and down motion with her head, wrapping her tongue around my cock head and even allowing me to enter her throat. I knew that I would not be able to hold out for long, and told her so with a croaking dry voice. Reluctantly, I felt my solid meat slip from between her lips. She looked me straight in the eyes.

“Would you like to cum between my tits?” she asked in a sexy voice, winking at me seductively.

The look on my face was all the answer she needed as she shuffled on her knees closer in between my legs. With cool fingers she guided my throbbing prick towards her cleavage. I thought I would cum right there when I felt my sensitive cock slide between her hot breasts. I closed my eyes and reveled in the sensations as she used her hands to bunch her ample tit-flesh around my shaft and started massaging my tool with it slowly. I think I managed to stay in control for about twenty seconds before I completely lost it!

Lifting my butt from the chair I gripped her shoulders with my hands and began furiously thrusting myself into her warm cleavage. I could feel the tingling return to my balls. A team of wild horses could not have stopped me now! I thrust between the massive orbs of flesh feeling the semen charging full steam up and out of my cock. When my release came it was fast and plentiful. We both cried out; me in passion and her in surprise, as the first jet exploded out and hit her on the chin. I kept cumming and cumming, coating her breasts with my thick semen and watching it trickle deliciously down her naked torso. As I softened between her breasts, she used her fingers to pick up some of my cum and licked it off lustily with her delicate pink tongue.

“Ohhhh, I feel like such a whore! So slutty and nasty. I love it!” she said with a wicked grin. So, that’s the story of how I first got to fuck my landlady.

I knew then, that Gwen and I would share many more intimate moments before I left college for good. Perhaps, one day, I might share them with you!

– The End –

* * * * *

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