576 Shadow Oak Drive – Part 2


As Molly drove down the highway, I sat in the passenger seat. Although I had always had a feminine side, I was experiencing all kinds of new emotions and feelings that I hadn’t felt before when dressed. I don’t know exactly what brought it out. Maybe it was the love and support of Molly. Maybe it was seeing myself truly dolled-up for the first time, seeing my own cleavage, having my manhood taped and pushed back. Whatever it was, for the first time in my life I felt more girl than man. Molly put her hand on my exposed leg and gently stroked. “I absolutely love how smooth you are right now,” she said. “Yeah, me too.” I laughed. She slowly inched her hand under my skirt until it pressed against the bump where my cock would have been, had it not been taped back. Again, my excitement was different than ever before. With my manhood tucked away, I didn’t get hard, but the warm and tingling feeling returned and ran electric pulses through my veins. “Do you remember these panties?” she said as she ran her fingers up and down the lace. “I do. These were that pair I rang up for you when we first met. What was that, about six months ago?” “Good memory, babe!” She took her hand out from under my skirt and gave my pushed-together breasts a little pinch. “You are so fucking hot tonight, Sarah. I can’t wait to get to this party.” “So what is this thing again? Is it just some hang out for girls and their crossdressing boyfriends?” I asked. She laughed. “Yeah, sort of. There’s going to be other people there too. It’s going to be fun. Don’t worry so much.” Another fifteen minutes of driving and we were there. There was a gate at the entrance of the drive with large bronzed letters reading 576 Shadow Oak. Molly pulled up to a buzzer-box and pressed a button. “State your business,” came a voice from the other end of the line. Molly looked back at me and winked. “Two girls here for the party.” Without a response from the box, we heard a loud click and the gate swung open. We pulled up to the entrance where a dozen or so other cars were parked. She turned off the ignition and grabbed her purse. “Here, Sarah. Put on this lip gloss before we go in. I want those lips to be sexy.” I took the gloss from her hand and applied it to my lips. I gave myself one more long look in the mirror, and an immense feeling of joy overcame me. “Molly, thank you so much for this! I can’t tell you how good it feels to be out with you all dressed up and ready for fun!” I was so happy that my eyes started to tear up. “Don’t thank me yet, Sarah-doll. And don’t cry, sweetheart. You’ll ruin your makeup! Hopefully this thing turns out to be fun.” We exited the car and the sound of our heels clicking on the concrete echoed off the large, red-brick house. Molly knocked on the front door. It almost immediately swung open. An incredibly good looking man stood in the entry. He had the body of a basketball player, tall, lean, and toned muscles. He was wearing a pair of tightly tailored twill pants and a slim-fit button down shirt with a blue-yellow floral pattern. He had an olive skin tone and dark hair. His dark brown eyes were mesmerizing. As he spoke, his voice was deep and smooth. “My oh my. Two beautiful strangers at my door.” His eyes started on Molly and quickly turned to me, looking me up and down. I could feel the blood rushing to my face in shy embarrassment. I could see lust in his eyes. Strangely, it felt very good to be admired in this way. “Hi, I’m Molly. This is my boy– uh, girlfriend, Sarah.” “Ah, Molly. The woman I’ve Escort ankara been corresponding with online. And you, Sarah,” he said as his eyes locked on mine, “you are more gorgeous than I imagined. I am Noah, by the way,” he explained as he grabbed my hand and brought it to his mouth for a gentle kiss. Strange. I felt that same excited feeling as when Molly had been stroking my leg starting to bubble up. Was I attracted to this man? If so, this was another first feeling. I had never found another man to be attractive before, but something about letting Sarah out in public was bringing out all sorts of new feelings. I noticed Molly watching me intently as I tried to make my blush fade. “Follow me ladies. You are the last to arrive. Why don’t you mingle with the other guests before we start with a game to get to know one another.” Molly reached back and grabbed my hand, showing me the way into the home behind Noah’s lead. “Forgive me, but I have some setting up to do. Feel free to start a conversation with anyone. We are all very accommodating here,” Noah explained as he began making his way down a long hallway. “Let’s get a drink,” said Molly. I followed her into a kitchen where there seemed to be about a dozen people gathered. We found a bottle of wine and two glasses. She pulled the cork and pulled two over-sized helpings, which we immediately guzzled down trying to calm our nerves. She poured another glass for each of us, and we began to survey the room. Just then, a tall, curvaceous woman approached us. “I love your dress,” the woman said to Molly. She then turned to me and gave me an up-and-down with her eyes. “And you, my dear, look absolutely stunning.” “Why, thank you!” I beamed. “My name is Molly,” my love introduced, “and this Sarah. It’s her first time out of the house all dressed up.” I instantly felt self conscious with my secret exposed, but this was soon laid to rest. “Oh my God,” exclaimed the woman, “How wonderful! Darling, you are too damn cute! I never would have thought you were hiding a little secret between your legs. Don’t worry, though. I am too. You just have to meet my boyfriend, Jason.” She motioned to a man sitting on the couch, “Jason, come over here. You have to meet Molly and Sarah.” Jason, who was not as handsome as Noah, looked like a construction worker type. He had a certain workman’s strength about him. His salt and pepper goatee and crew cut gave him a rugged look. I paused for a second and realized that I was comparing the looks of these two men in a way I never had before, like I was almost sizing them up. “Hi, ladies. My name’s Jason. I take it you’ve already met my Joani.” Jason was clearly enamored with Joani. He gave her ass a big slap as he said her name. “Jason, save that for later,” she laughed. “Well, he’s not going to win a modelling contract, but he has got a big cock and that’s good for something.” Joani looked at me, “you know what I mean, Sarah?” “Oh, I’ve never, uh, y’know,” I stammered along. “Get the fuck out of here!” Joani yelled, which attracted the attention of just about everyone in the room. I could feel all of their eyes and ears attuned in my direction. I was dangerously close to grabbing Molly and getting the hell out of there. Joani continued, “You mean to tell me that a hot little CD like you has never been taken by a man before? Well, darling, let me tell you, it’s really the only way to know the true feeling of being a woman. You simply must try it!” The eyes of the room were upon Balgat escort me, and I suddenly noticed that there were several men whose gazes had turned predatory and filled with lust. I squeezed Molly’s hand tightly with nervous strength. She spoke up and did the talking for me. “We’re both sort of new to this. She’s only been dressing for a little while. This is actually her first time out of the house!” Joani took my hands into hers and gave me a very reassured look. “Sarah, you are going to be the talk of this party, for sure. There’s four other girls here like us but, believe me, they’ve been around the block!” she chuckled. “Let me assure you, you are home. You won’t feel any judgement here. If anything, the men in this room will want nothing more to be your first. Consider yourself Queen of the Evening. And, let me know if you ever get uncomfortable and we can sneak away for a little gurl talk, okay?” “Thanks, Joani. I’ll do that. Molly, can we talk alone for a minute?” “Sure, babe.” Molly and I made our way to a bathroom, and I shut the door behind us. “Well, that was uncomfortable,” I said, “Did you see all those guys out there staring at me like a piece of meat?” Molly laughed, “Welcome to womanhood!” Something about the way she said it piqued my curiosity, but I continued speaking. “So now we are just going to go out there and get to know all these people with me full-well knowing that the guys I’m going to talk with want to fuck me? What am I supposed to with that?” Molly gave me a knowing glance and embraced me with long hug and a passionate kiss. “Use it, Sarah. Let their attention make you feel sexy. Flirt a little bit. See how fun it can be.” “Am I to understand you want me to flirt with other guys?” “Why not? You’re one helluva sexy girl right now. You might as well enjoy it. I’ll tell you what, why don’t we flirt together a little bit?” I felt a ping of jealousy, but also of excitement at the prospect of flirting. That electric sensation began pulsing in my skirt. I decided to let go of the jealousy and embrace the evening. “What sort of game was that guy Noah talking about?” “Oh, the game,” she paused thinking. “I think they do sort of like sexy, adult sort of games.” “What is that supposed to mean?” “I don’t really know, babe. Just relax. Remember, if you ever want to go, just let me know.” She opened the door and started walking out. I was frozen with a million thought rushing through my mind. “You coming?” I looked in her eyes and knew that I could trust her, so I followed her back out to the kitchen. She walked right up to a man standing with a martini glass in his hand. “Do you know where I can get one of those?” she asked him. I could sense immediately she was flirting. She looked back at me and winked, letting me know full-well what she was doing. “Yeah, let me make you one.” The man gathered the vodka and shaker and began whipping up a cocktail. They sat there making small talk as I watched my girlfriend bat her lashes and twist her hair around her finger. She kept leaning into him and laughing too hard at his jokes, grabbing his arm with each new laugh. She kept glancing back at me with an encouraging look. I stood just behind her afraid to venture off on my own. After a minute or two of trying to swallow my jealousy as this man flirted back, another couple approached me. I could clearly tell that the girl was a crossdresser like myself, but wasn’t as put together as me. She must not have a Molly. The man she was with was Batıkent escort bayan sizing me up as he approached. He was cute. I was still surprised that I was seeing men this way. “Hi. Sarah, is it?” she said, “My name is Erica and this is my boyfriend Matt.” Matt looked like a computer gamer, mid-thirties and relatively fit. He was wearing a loose fitting cardigan over a deep v-neck t-shirt. He wore thick, black glasses and skinny jeans cuffed above his ankles. As I looked at him I noticed the outline of his cock in his tight jeans. My heart-beat quickened. “You look lovely tonight, Sarah.” said Matt. Erica came close to me and took my arm in hers. “You are the talk of the party, girl. I can’t believe a fox like you hasn’t been with a man. Haven’t you ever wanted to?” “Well, honestly, I haven’t thought about it much.” “But you aren’t opposed to it, are you?” Matt chimed in with a grin. “Um, well. I don’t know. If it was the right moment, I guess. I think I would have to see if something came up organically.” As I spoke the words, I saw Molly looking at me. She was ten feet away and heard every word. I spoke with Matt and Erica for a little while longer about my dressing and about my relationship with Molly. Then, I saw Molly walk over with a tall, 6’6″ African American gentlemen in a business suit. “Sarah, this is Derek. I was just talking with him, and he was telling me how much he likes basketball. That’s your favorite sport! Why don’t you two get to know each other while I get you some drinks.” Before leaving, Molly leaned in and whispered into my ear. “He thinks your hot. ‘Definitely fuckable’ is what he called you. Why don’t you practice flirting a little bit?” My cheeks flushed as she gave me a little kiss-peck on the cheek and wiggled her way back passed her martini friend. I watched his eyes as he stared at my girlfriends bouncing ass as she walked away. My jealousy returned, and I decided that I would try to make her jealous back. I began flirting with Derek using all the same moves I had seen Molly just use. I was twirling my hair, giggling, and making sure to lean into him. I saw her watching me and she began to flirt back with her man. It was as if we were in some sort of cock-teasing competition. I was laying it on thick with Derek when I got a surprise. He put is hand around my waist and dropped it until it was cupping my ass. He gave me a firm squeeze and pulled me into him. I could feel a semi-hard erection underneath his trousers pressing against my stomach. That warm, electric feeling started racing; I felt a bit dizzy. I looked over at Molly to gauge her reaction and, to my surprise, she gave me an air kiss and a little nod. Just then, Derek took his hand from ass and put it under my chin, tilting my head up as his lips made their way to mine. I kept my eyes open for a moment and saw an enormous smile form on Molly’s face, so I closed my eyes. At first the kiss started soft and closed mouth, but then he applied a little more pressure and slipped his tongue in. My head began swimming. His tongue danced on mine. He pulled away, and I immediately felt the pain of his withdrawal. I wanted more. Opening my eyes again, I saw everyone in the room looking in my direction in anticipation. They wanted to see how I reacted. My glowing smile, as I leaned back in for one more kiss, let them know. Derek met me for one more and everyone in the room returned to their previous conversation. Just as Derek’s lips left mine, Molly came back over and stood between us. She leaned in and took Derek’s place sticking her tongue in my mouth and running her hands over my body. “See, babe. Isn’t flirting so much fun?” “I never knew how much!” I exclaimed. As Molly and I embraced, Noah reemerged. He smiled as he walked by Molly, and I moved to the center of the living room.

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