A Bad Beginning to a Great Ending part 2


A Bad Benning to a Great End part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 I suggest you do. It’s a good read and hard for me to compress into a brief summary.

Katty woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon. Bob wasn’t laying beside her anymore. Now a white bag that read “Lil Diner” Bob was just setting it down as she looked up. Standing at the bedside dressed in his usually shorts and a green shirt. He was setting the bag down talking in a hushed town, while holding a gatorade in the other.

Bob: I thought you might want food and drink, incase you had a hangover.

Katty: Thanks, and thanks for letting me sleep in here last night. It was freezing in my room. I left the window open before we left, I guess.

Katty grabbed the drink and sipped it as she pulled all the bacon in the bag out. She grabbed the bacon and balled it up to eat it in a few bites. She got up from bed and followed Bob out of the room to the kitchen.

Katty: So I’m off today. What you got to do today?

Bob: Just going to haul a couple things onto the truck and take it down to the scrap yard for a little extra cash. I’m off today too. If you want you can come with.

Katty: No thanks. That’s to much work. I’m just gonna watch TV in my undies again.

She said while putting the bag in the fridge.

Bob chugged a cup of water and headed to the door.

Bob: Don’t have too much fun. And don’t watch my shows without me.

Katty just sat there turning the tv on. As soon as Bob shut the door behind him Katty got up and ran to the bathroom. She started to strip down to take a shower. Running the water from the faucet for a minute to feel the temperature. When it was just above room temp she pulled the turning the shower head on. She stepped into the shower and washed her self off. She scrubbed her vagina very slowly, cause of the bruises. Katty finished and stepped out of the tub. Turning it off before she shut the sliding door. When she turned around she sat down on the toilet seat, pointing her body at the mirror in front of her hanging on the bathroom door. The shower to her right. She spread her legs wide enough to inspect her pussy. She hadn’t looked at it yet since last night. As she moved her lips to see if it hurt. It felt sore but not too bad. After that she opened up her pussy so she could see a little into it. As she did she saw cum slide out. She ran her finger across it and brought it up to see.

Katty: Fuck. I still have cum in me.

Katty sat back on the toilet and started to try and work the cum out of her womb with her muscles. She felt a little come out but not much. After a couple of minutes she was starting to get turned on. She couldn’t help her hand slowly drifting to her clit. She started spinning it in circles around her finger.

Katty: Mmm. This will get me to relax.

Katty said this while moving her other hand down to her pussy lips working a finger in and moving it around to Escort try to get cum out. She didn’t feel much so she started to rub her clit harder. As she did she put another finger in moving her hand in and out with random jerking motions out of pleasure and pain .She got her fingers in far enough to touch her cervix. She slowly prodded it with her finger tips. Tracing the edge of it, trying to relax it. Katty started to climax at this point. When she did she felt her cervix twitch letting a little more cum out. She moved her hand from her clit and pinched her breast as hard as she could trying to make her cum longer. Then she felt her cervix open wide. At least a full cup of cum came pouring out over her fingers into the toilet bowl. She kept working her finger through it, in and out of her as fast as she could. She felt the climax come to peak and stopped moving her hands while closing her eyes. When she opened them she looked down. Her hand was covered in clumped up cum. She got up to open the sliding door about to take another shower. As she reached for the door she smelled the cum and suddenly brought it up to her tongue. She lapped at it like a dog drinking water, coating the inside of her mouth.

Katty moaned as she sat back down on the toilet. Her hand drifting to her clit to go again.

When Bob got back he found Katty sleeping on the couch, having fallen asleep to the tv. He didn’t bother her. Bob went into Katty’s room to grab a pillow and blanket for her. He found the extra ones she had in her closet, closing it behind him as he started to walk out. As he did, he saw that her laptop was left on. Bob reached over to shut it, stopping as he recognized the website she was on. It was a porn sight, sitting on the screen was a paused image of Katty spread eagle with a vibrator in her pussy. Bob knew she was a cam girl sometimes but didn’t know for which site.Bob hit play on the video and stood there watching her. Katty woke up on the couch with the tv still playing the same episode from before she passed out. Katty got up and walked back to her room. She saw her room door open. As she pushed it fully open she saw Bob sitting at her computer chair masterbating to her video. Katty slowly out of her room not trying to alert Bob to her. Katty ran into the living room and started turning the TV up loud enough to hear in her room. A couple seconds later Bob brought back an extra pillow and blanket. Bob was pretty sure she didn’t see or hear him since Katty was sitting in the same position as before.

Bob: oh, I got these for you since you were asleep.

Katty turned around to look at him.

Katty: Thanks but I think I’ll just go to my room it’s getting kinda late. Why are you so sweaty?

Bob: I just got back from the scrap yard took me all day.

Katty got up and walked to her room. Slightly wiggling her hips as she walked, trying to get him to stare at her. Bob went to the bathroom to get a shower. Wanting to wash Escort Bayan all the dirt and sweat off. Bob finished his shower and walked to his room to lie down. He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Bob’s dream was strange at first until he started having a wet dream about the girl he was at the bar with, named Jessica. He was fuckin her in the bar bathroom. It felt so real to him. Bob woke up to the sound of his bed squeaking. He felt a tight wet pussy wrapped around his dick. He looked up to see Katty bouncing up and down on his cock. She had her eyes closed and head pointed to the ceiling, pinching her nipple as she went up and down. Bob sat back and watched as she mashed down and ground her pelvis onto his. Moving back and forth. Bob felt his balls start to tighten. He knew he was about to cum and didn’t know how to get her to stop without letting her know he was awake. As he was about to push her off he heard Katty start talking dirty to herself.

Katty: Yes ,mmmmm, fuck. When I saw you earlier in my room I knew I wanted your cock in me. God, fill me up daddy. I just want you to cum in me. Pleassseee.

When Bob heard her he couldn’t hold back anymore. He grabbed her by the hips, pushing her onto her back as he pounded into her.

Bob: If you wanted me to cum in you all you had to say was please. Now stay still while I pump you full , my little princess.

Katty: Choke me daddy. I want to cum with you. I’m so close. Harder, ram it in harder, daddy.

Bob warped his hands around her neck, cutting off blood flow but not her windpipe. As he pounded into her he heard the slapping of his balls against her pussy lips.

Katty: I’m cumming. Cum with me. Cum for me ,daddy. Fill my pussy up.

Bob slammed into her holding it there while he came, feeling her pussy clamp around him. He started spraying jet after jet of cum. Katty bit down on his neck as she felt his spunk shooting inside her. Katty almost passed out from her orgasim again, as she started to focus again she felt Bob collapse on top of her. Bob was spent. Having masterbated earlier and having cum just now he was pretty tired. Katty felt Bob start to go limp inside her. Katty didn’t want to stop yet. She pushed Bob onto his back without letting him slip out of her. Katty started sliding back and forth, grinding his limp cock into her.

Katty: Daddy, I’m not done yet. Please.

Bob: If you keep that up you’ll get your wish.

Katty: Ehhhhh. Yay!

Katty said in a voice like a little kid. She started going up and down as she felt him start to get hard in her again. Bob leaned up and started sucking on her nipple, pinching the one he wasn’t twirling his tongue with. Bob was nursing on her tit for several minutes. Katty slammed down on his cock, cumming as she did. Bob felt her pussy tighten around his cock. When she threw her head back in ecstasy Bob quickly flipped her over onto all fours. Not removing his dick from her Bayan Escort as he did. Katy was still cumming.

Katty: Mmm, dad-dy. Your… being so rough…. Mmm. Yes….. treat me… like your… little cum dump.

Katty stopping to grunt every time he bottomed out in her. Bob leaned down over her, still pistoning in and out, and started choking her. Whispering in her ear as he, pulling her into a sitting position on his cock by her throat.

Bob: I’m gonna use my little cum dump till you beg me for sleep.

Katty: Mmm. Please don’t cum in my pussy again daddy. I want it in my mouth. Cum in my mouth, please daddy?

Bob: Is my cum dump making demands? Do I have to punish you.

Katty: No daddy. I just want to taste you in my mouth while you still have my pussy juice on your cock.

Bob: If your a good little princess I will let you sucking me off while I try and sleep.

Katty: Okay daddy.

Katty said it like she was pouting. Bob felt himself about to cum.

Bob: Fine princess.

He said as he quickly pulled him off her flipping her face towards his cock. Katty looked at his cock. It was covered in streaks of cum and clear fluid. As she licked her lips she felt Bob grabbed her by the hair and slammed his cock into her mouth. Forcing his way past her lips and down her throat. She tasted his jizz and her cum coating everything in her mouth. It tasted slightly sweet with a slight tinge at the end. When Bob bottomed out he came spurt after spurt down the back of her throat. He held her head against his pelvis, grinding his cock into her. When his climax started to subside he slowly pulled his dick out. Still squirting cum as he pulled back. Katty felt his cum spray against her tonsils and across her tongue as he exited. Leaving only the head on the tip of her tongue. Katty opened her mouth wide to show him what he left for her. Bob looked down and saw a trail of cum leading from the tip of his dick, disappearing behind her teeth, he shot another line of cum, watching it shoot to the back of the throat. Katty closed her lips around his head and sucked on it. She took her hand and jerked his cock off into her mouth as she went.

Bob: Good girl.

He said while slowly sitting back. Letting her follow his dick, Katty not letting it exit her mouth.

Bob: Do you want to go to sleep or keep going?

Took her mouth off his cock just to answer.

Katty: You can try and sleep. I’m gonna keep playing daddy.

Katty let him lie down on his back. When it looked like he was comfortable she started licking his cock from balls to his tip. Circling around his cock till he fell asleep. Katty finally stopped sucking after an hour. Realizing she would get nothing more from his sack. She decided to fall asleep on top of him. As she straddled him she got an idea. Katty grabbed his cock and aimed it up at her pussy’s entrance. She slowly slide down his shaft. Shuddering as she felt his cocks tip pop into her cervix. She quickly laying down fully. She fell asleep like that, her head on his chest and his cock down to the hilt in her womb.

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