A Birthday I’ll Remember Ch. 02


As it continued to snow on Sue and me in my hot tub, I started slowly pumping my big, stiff rod in and out of her warm, slick cunt. Before too much time passed, I heard Steve arrive back from the liquor store, and quietly shut his car door. “I’m going to get us a shot of whiskey, Sue. Besides, I need to cool my love muscle down some, so I can prolong our pleasure. Be right back.”

I gave Steve a quick ‘WAIT’ signal, to allow me to get a drink poured for Sue. I came back, gave Steve the high sign, and he quietly climbed into the hot tub. Steve and I grinned at each other, as he mounted Sue for the first time. His main man Fred [Steve’s dick] slowly entered Sue’s love chamber.

Sue started moaning “Faster. Faster.” as Steve rhythmically long-stroked his dick into her hot, slick pussy.

I boldly stepped in front of Sue, where her upper body lay over the edge of the hot tub. I rubbed my dick head against her lips and said, “While Steve is enjoying your pussy, Sue, how about giving me a birthday blow-job?”

Sue opened her eyes, and quickly figured that we had changed dicks in the middle of the screw. I continued rubbing the big, ugly, circumcised head of Zeke [my dick] back and forth on her lips, and she soon opened her mouth and let the mushroom cap Sex hikaye of my big prick slip inside her mouth for the first time ever. Steve and I high-fived, and were grinning like village idiots as we both neared climax using different orifices of Sue’s female body.

I soon heard Steve hiss out the standard mantra for a guy who is coming: “Ohhhh. YESSS!!” as he rammed his powerful love-rod into Sue’s twat, pumping a load of his seed deep into her belly. We both fervently hoped that none of those little fuckers would take root, but that thought wasn’t nearly strong enough to cause either of us to cease participation in this fuck-fest. After all, we were both healthy, young male animals, and we were on a bitch in heat … our male instincts demanded that we service and try to breed her. A few strokes later I thrust my pulsing tool far into Sue’s throat and filled her mouth with my hot spunk.

Steve and I both dismounted, pulling our spent peckers from Sue’s body. We immediately praised her, telling her how great she was. We opened more champagne. Steve and I each lit another cigar. Sue excused herself, saying she wanted to use the bathroom to take care of some ‘girl things’.

Eventually Sue returned to my backyard spa. We Sex hikayeleri soaked a while longer, and Steve and I both played with and sucked on Sue’s tits. When I went to finger her pussy, I discovered Steve’s hand was already there.

Finally I said “I think I’m about water logged. We’re all way too drunk to drive, so you both better spend the night. What I feel like now is a nice session with you, Sue, in my bed. While Steve enjoys his cigar, he could get a fire going in the fireplace. I’ll bet, Sue, that after I fill your pussy with my jizm, Steve will probably be ready for another turn in the saddle.”

Sue said, “I can handle that.”

“Deal me in,” added Steve.

Steve worked on the fire and enjoyed his cigar, while I enjoyed a lengthy dick-massage in Sue’s hot love-box. Eventually I shot a huge wad up into Sue’s womb, and felt as if my now very tender pecker was probably spent for the night.

I switched places with Steve … while I enjoyed a cigar, the fire, and some whisky, he enjoyed using Sue’s female body a second time. I listened to them rutting like animals in the bedroom. Although my cock felt sated and tender, and my balls felt drained, I still felt sort of buzzed and horny.

When Steve Ensest hikayeler eventually emerged from the bedroom, we sat around naked, smoking, drinking, and talking in low voices about how much we had enjoyed using Sue’s body in her role as ‘Communal Love Slut’.

Steve finally said “I want to drain my nuts one more time. I know I could go back in the bedroom, and even though Sue is sleeping I could mount up and fuck her brains out, but I’ve got a real hankering for a blow job. Do you think she’d go for that?”

I thought about what I wanted to say for a second and told myself: “GO FOR IT!” So I said to Steve, “You know, buddy, I’ve always been real fascinated with the human penis, and am glad as hell I have one. How about I put a lip-lock on that monster of yours, and I’ll drain that load out of your balls for you?”

“You want to give me a blow job?” Steve asked.

“Yep. I do,” I replied.

“I can cum in your mouth and you’ll swallow?”

“That’s what I want,” I replied.

Soooo . . . my birthday sex-fest ended with me orally servicing Steve’s big, ugly tool, as only another male can. I told Steve “It’s instinctive. A guy knows what makes his dick feel good, so he knows how to do it on someone else’s dick. He just naturally knows what to do.”

Steve came like a fire hose in my mouth, even though it was his third load of the night. I went in and slept with Sue, while Steve slept on the couch.

The next morning came all too quickly. We were all tired, sore, sexually drained, and hung over. It was a birthday I’ll never forget.

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