A Cougar At Large


I married the love of my life soon after graduating High School almost twenty years ago. Joseph and I had a wonderful life, until his life was tragically cut short by a fatal motorcycle accident three years ago, Joseph was a great provider, investing our money well and leaving me a sizable fortune when he died at the tender age of 35. I’d never have to work a day for the rest of my life, living the life of luxury, unfortunately alone.

Joseph and I had a fantastic sex life, he was a wonderful lover. We never had children, we just never seemed to have the time for a family. We never considered sex outside our marriage as we were perfect for each other in every way. He was a thoughtful lover, always pleasing me with his sensuous touch, satisfying me with his hungry appetite for sex and great cock. I miss him so much. We were both virgins when we met in High School. He was still the only man I had ever been with, even three years after his death. My vibrator had become my best friend and I was actually thinking about dating again.

I’m a very sexual woman, still in the prime of my life at 38 years old. I don’t claim to be a perfect 10 but I still get plenty of looks from men, especially young men. Most people say I look ten years younger than my actual age, I try. I work out every single day, it helps pass the time and keeps my mind off the loss of my husband.

I’m fairly tall at 5 feet 9 inches and weigh a solid 125 pounds. I’m a natural blond, yes everywhere, and maintain silky smooth skin. I’m one of those older women who can pull off having long hair. I wear it mostly straight, sometimes pulling it back into a pony tail. My eyes are blue and most people think I’m attractive, I’ve actually been nicknamed “Barbie” by my girlfriends. My husband thought my tits were perfect, so I never saw the need to have them enhanced though I would have liked them larger. They’re 36C’s, very firm with small nipples. My nipples are always hard, regardless of temperature or lack of stimulation. My husband loved seeing me not wearing a bra, he loved when other men looked at me.

I like to go bra-less once in a while, just to get the attention of the young guys at the grocery store. It’s nice to see I can still get attention from men, especially the young ones. I have to admit I like how it makes me feel to have men stare at my tits. It’s been a long, lonely three years not having intimacy.

It isn’t that I haven’t had a few chances to date or “hook-up” lately, I’d just feel guilty about it. But, my frustration is getting to me and my vibrator is getting too much use these days.

It was a hot, summer day so I thought I’d pack a bag and go to the beach for the day, all by myself. I did this often, bringing my Kindle along just to read, relax and soak up the sun. I usually wore a fairly conservative bathing suit, always a one piece, I mean I am 38 and don’t want to look ridiculous. For some reason on this day I decided to wear a string bikini, after all, I worked damn hard to keep this body in perfect shape. I had a few bikinis I’d wear around the house, in the backyard, but I never wore one in public.

I chose a little white bikini with very little material, but covering enough of my body as not to feel too self conscious. It was by no means conservative though, my hard nipples were very well defined and very little of my breasts were covered. My bikini bottom was very tiny as well, barely covering my ass.

I packed a bag, including my Kindle, sunscreen, I-Pod, towels and a blanket, just the essentials. It was fairly late by the time I decided to go to the beach, I didn’t actually arrive until almost 2PM. There were a lot of people on the beach but I searched for a section with no kids and few people. I found a nice little spot and set up as far away from other people as possible.

I spread out my blanket and unpacked my bag, looking around to make sure nobody was looking at me as I disrobed, quickly lying down on my blanket wearing only my bikini. I have to admit, I was very nervous wearing so little in public for the first time since my husband’s death.

I guess I was just being paranoid, nobody even glanced my way. I settled in, soaking up the sun as I read. Ah, the sun and the sound of the waves were so relaxing.

I was right in the middle of reading a steamy love story as my mind wandered, the chapter I was reading was very intimate, describing a sexual encounter in detail. I could feel my heart race and my breathing quicken as my chest heaved in excitement.

I took a deep breath, looking away momentarily from my Kindle to notice two very young men setting up nearby, just a few feet away. Luckily, they couldn’t see my eyes through my dark sunglasses as I intently watched them. They appeared to be college aged men, probably both in their early twenties. Both were tanned, toned and handsome, I couldn’t keep myself from stealing glances their way. They were checking me out as well, exchanging looks, they weren’t being as discrete about it though.

“Wow, Escort check out the sexy lady,” I overheard one of the men say to his friend. “Damn, nice cougar.”

“Shhh, she’ll hear you, I see her.”

My heart raced even faster as I imagined these two young men taking interest in me, I’m sure I was blushing at the thought. I tried to not think about how turned on I was getting watching these two admire me, they were staring at me as I pretended to be engrossed in my book.

“Damn, I wonder if she’s married,” one of the men said to the other.

“I don’t think she’s with anyone. She’s the hottest thing on the beach,” said the other. “Nice fucking body!”

I continued to listen closely, getting more excited by the minute. I tried to act as if I couldn’t hear them. One man was lying on his stomach, his tight ass outlined nicely in his suit, the other was lying on his back. He filled out his suit nicely with a big bulge forming at his crotch. Either he was hung like a horse or he was getting an erection, either way, he had my interest. The young man with the bulge kept adjusting his cock as if he were presenting it for my viewing pleasure.

As I said before, I hadn’t had sex in three years so I was definitely ready for at least a little flirting. This seemed like a perfect opportunity, I was breathing hard with excitement. I couldn’t believe these two young studs would show any interest in a woman my age. I glanced toward them and smiled, letting them know I was aware of their presence. I couldn’t keep from glancing at their sexy, young bodies.

The young man lying on his back continued adjusting cock, even tucking his shorts under in such a way I swear I could see the head of his cock poking out.

The man on his stomach smiled back and nudged his friend, whispering something to him.

“Hi there beautiful. Are you all by yourself?” one asked, the man lying on his back.

“Me?” I asked sheepishly.

“Of course you, you’re the most beautiful woman on the beach.”

“Thank you, but your sunglasses must be clouded,” I answered sarcastically.

“I see perfectly clear and love what I’m seeing,” he answered.

“Thank you, yes, I’m all alone. I kind of like what I’m seeing as well.”

“What’s a beautiful woman like you doing all alone? I’m sure someone is coming to meet you,” he said.

“No, I’m a widow. I lost my husband three years ago,”

“I’m so sorry, we won’t bother you.”

“You’re no bother. I appreciate the compliment, it’s been a long time,” I said.

“A long time since what?”

“Never mind.”

I was surprised as they both got up and joined me, sitting on my blanket.

“Do you mind if we visit without having to shout at you?”

“I suppose company would be nice,” I answered. “My name is Janice.”

We all three sat on my blanket, talking, laughing and flirting for the next few hours. I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having with these two college guys. I felt like I was a kid again and was very aware of the sexual energy growing as our conversations became more and more sexually oriented. Their eyes were all over me as mine were them, I definitely liked them, they were very nice and very sexy. I found myself initiating the flirting as they were very well mannered.

Their names were Dave and Steve, both college students entering their senior years. They were best friends, both were twenty two years old. I didn’t ask, but was sure both were athletes, each man’s body glistened in the sun, muscles rippling from their young, rugged bodies. I couldn’t keep from checking out Dave’s huge bulge, my attention hadn’t gone unnoticed.

We were all within reaching distance of each other as we all took turns touching each other innocently as we spoke on different topics, a brush of the hand on a knee here, a touch of the shoulder there. The sexual energy was incredible, I was sure they were both as interested in me as I was them. I was really interested in Dave and was wondering if they only operated as a team.

“So, where are your girlfriends?” I asked.

“We’re both single and between relationships at the moment,” answered Dave.

“Too busy for a girlfriend right now with sports and our senior year coming up,” added Steve.

“If I were in college, I’d date either one of you,” I said flirtatiously, taking a real chance of embarrassing myself. “I wish I was younger.”

“Hell, I’d date you now. You’re incredibly beautiful and sexy,” said Dave.

“Hey, that’s my line,” added Steve.

“You’re both just being nice to an old lady,” I said.

“Old? You can’t be more than twenty five,” Dave said.

“Yeah, right. Add thirteen years to that,” I admitted.

“No way, you’d pass for one of our girlfriends,” said Steve. “You’re a hell of a lot sexier than any girl in our school!”

“I wish I was one of your girlfriends. You have no idea what it’s like to be all alone,” I said. “Like I said before, it’s been a long time…..”

Dave moved closer, Escort Bayan placing his hand on my knee. Steve followed closely, his hand resting on my back. I was beginning to get a little uncomfortable, but turned on. I looked around and noticed we were almost the last ones left on the beach and checked my watch. It was already 7PM and cooling down.

“Somewhere you have to be?” asked Dave. “We don’t want to make you late for anything.”

“No, just wondering what time it is. I have nothing I’d rather be doing right now and surely nobody I’d rather be with…”

“We’d love to keep you company for a while,” Dave said as his hand moved to my thigh. “You’re so beautiful and sweet.”

I could feel my excitement grow as my breath quickened again, unable to contain my level of arousal. My chest was heaving as they both stared at my breasts. I noticed Dave’s bulge growing as his hand continued sliding up my thigh.

“Are we making you nervous? Say the word, and we’ll leave you alone. I think I can speak for both of us in saying that we’d love to spend some time with you,” Dave said as he leaned in to kiss me.

I met his lips with mine, feeling his hot breath as his tongue slightly grazed my lips. I kissed him back, feeling his sexual energy as our kiss became passionate. Damn, this kid could kiss. Our tongues met each others, as I felt Steve’s hand slide onto my breast.

I broke from his kiss, afraid of taking things too far in public. Both men were now caressing me, Dave’s fingers tracing over my pussy and Steve’s massaging my breast. I had to break this up.

“Guys, I’m not sure about this. It’s been a long time,” I panted.

“We have a place just a short walk from here,” Steve said.

“Let’s go,” I said before I had a chance to think about it. “You two play nice though.”

We quickly packed up and scurried down the beach together, the few people left on the beach were staring at us. Maybe I was just being paranoid again.

“You can follow us in your car or we’ll bring you back to your car if you like,”Dave said, as we reached the parking lot.

“I’ll follow you,” I said.

I got into my car and waited for Dave and Steve to lead the way. I almost chickened out and went home but followed them for just a few minutes to their place. They had a nice little place rented on the beach, just a minute or so from where we met. I couldn’t make up my mind if I was doing the right thing or not.

I pulled into the driveway behind them and sat for a moment, debating whether or not to go through with this as they approached my car door. I opened the door and stepped out as Dave met me with an embrace.

This kiss was even more passionate than the first, Steve moved in behind me, kissing my neck as his hands cupped my breasts, his fingers circling my nipples.

“Let’s go inside boys,” I said, actually panting.

I noticed both men were sporting growing erections as we walked into their small beach house. As the door closed behind us, Dave kissed me again, his hands now on my ass. I reached toward his growing bulge, outlining his big cock with my palm. I reached for Steve with my other hand, feeling for his erection as well. They were both already hard and ready for action.

Steve then took my face into his hands as he kissed me passionately, Dave untied my bikini top, removed it and exposed my tits, his lips were on my nipple instantly, licking and sucking it as he squeezed my other tit hungrily now.

As Dave sucked and caressed my tits and Steve continued his passionate embrace, I reached into Dave’s shorts, grasping his throbbing erection. Fuck, he had a big cock, it must have been the size of a cucumber, I could actually feel the large veins in his cock as it jerked in response to my touch. It was a huge, throbbing young cock.

Without warning, I dropped to my knees, hungry to suck his it. Both men stood in front of me as I yanked both of their suits down, exposing two beautiful, stiff cocks standing at attention. Dave’s cock was much larger than Steve’s, it must have been ten inches long, but Steve’s was just as impressive. His cock was at least seven inches long and fat, already seeping with excitement.

I traced the head of Dave’s cock with my tongue as I grasped Steve’s cock with my hand, firmly stroking him as I plunged onto Dave’s. I could hardly fit his huge shaft into my mouth, stretching my lips around it as I devoured it. I had one hand under Dave’s balls, the other stroking Steve’s cock, smearing his moisture with my thumb over the head.

I released Dave’s cock as it literally popped from my mouth. I eagerly went for Steve, plunging down on his cock, driving it into my mouth hungrily until the head was in my throat. I gagged but held my ground, milking him as my nose pushed into his pubic hair. I could taste his salty discharge, longing for his seed.

“Fuck, I’ll cum too fast,” Steve said as I buried his cock in my throat, using the muscles in my throat to milk the head of his Bayan Escort cock. I continued stroking Dave as he sucked my tits. Dave removed my bikini bottom as his mouth released my breast. Then I felt his hot breath on my pussy. He was lying on his back, his tongue tracing my labia as I continued my assault on Steve’s cock, sensing his building orgasm.

Dave’s tongue entered me, darting in and out as I felt my first orgasm build. I had to pause from sucking Steve’s cock in fear of biting him as I started to cum. My hands reached for his head, driving him deep inside me as I shook, quivering, letting myself go as I came hard on his face. Dave licked and sucked my pussy until I finished cumming, relaxing again enough to inhale Steve’s cock.

“Let’s go to the couch,” Dave said.

I stood and moved toward the couch.

“Lie down on the couch Steve,” I said.

He did so quickly, his cock bouncing as I leaned over and took him into my mouth again. Dave’s hands were now gripping my hips as I felt him position his huge cock at the entrance to my pussy. He slipped the head into me without warning, stretching me as I arched.

“Ahhhh, fuckkkk,” I grunted, my mouth releasing Steve’s cock again.

“You’re so fucking big, ahhhh,” I moaned as he slid into me. “Feels so fucking good.”

Luckily my pussy was already wet. His cock felt so big, so good, so fucking hot as it slid into me. I could feel him throb and twitch as my muscles contracted around his huge shaft. I felt like he was squeezing it into me, my pussy tightly gripping his girth, strangling his shaft.

“Ah, you’re so fucking tight. Fuck, your pussy is so hot,”Dave grunted as he pushed further into me. “Your pussy is like a virgin’s!”

I had all of him in me and could concentrate on Steve, kind of… I wanted to taste his cum, it had been years and I yearned for the salty, milky taste of a man. I plunged onto his cock, grasping his balls as I milked him. I slid up and down his shaft, fondling his balls as I plunged his cock into my throat. His cock was coated with my saliva and fluid of his own, his salty discharge just kept oozing from his cock.

“Oh Fuck, I’m gonna cum already,”moaned Steve as his fingers tangled in my hair, forcing me to take all of his cock.

I felt his cock swell as he pushed my head down. His cum building and exploding up his swollen shaft, splashing my throat with his hot, sticky milk. I swallowed greedily as his cock swelled again, shooting a forceful eruption into my throat, gagging me as I hungrily gulped. I was hungry for more, stuffing the head of his cock deeper, contracting my throat muscles around it, begging for another load as he awarded my efforts with more.

Steve complied, his cock swelled, jerked and exploded again, splashing his gooey, hot milk against the back of my throat. He tasted so good, so salty and creamy. I had missed this so much, needed this. His creamy cum coated my mouth and throat, oozing from the corners of my mouth. This guy came so much!

Dave was excited by witnessing Steve’s eruption into my mouth as he pounded me from behind, his big balls slapping my pussy as I shuddered in orgasm. I’m not sure if Dave or Steve made me cum, but I lost control, releasing Steve’s cock as it fell from my mouth, still swelling and shooting cum onto my face, oozing over my chin and neck, slithering down my my chest.

“Oh my God!!!! I’m cummminnngggg!! I screamed as Dave slammed me with his massive cock, cum continued splashing my face from Steve’s cock as I stroked him. Dave gripped me tightly, readying himself for his eruption as his cock swelled. I milked the remaining semen from Steve’s shaft as Dave’s cock swelled and jerked violently. His cock was exploding, splashing into my pussy!

“I’m fucking cumming!” Dave grunted and growled as he ground his huge cock into me.

His huge shaft swelled inside me, his cock almost tearing me as it jerked and splashed my cunt with a giant load of semen. Dave pushed so hard, hitting something deep inside me, a place nobody had ever touched, sending me into an earth shaking orgasm. I almost blacked out, I saw spots as he held me tight. I collapsed onto Steve as Dave unloaded into me, pounding me with his huge mast. His ejaculations were so forceful I could feel his cum explode inside me. The inside of my thighs were slick with his hot, sticky cum as he continued pumping me full, his semen oozing out as he pumped in and out.

“Fuck,” Dave grunted as his pace slowed.

He pushed forward a few more times, almost jerking into me as his eruption ceased. I moved forward as his cock popped from my pussy, his cum flowing down my thighs, coating them with our juices. I quickly turned around and grabbed Dave’s still semi erect cock, licking his shaft, milking the last remaining drops of semen from his shaft, sucking hid final offering of spunk from the head of his cock. We all three then collapsed onto the couch, nobody saying a word, all out of breath.

We sat silent for a few minutes until I just had to say something.

“Guys, thank you. I needed that more than you’ll ever know. You were perfect, just fucking perfect.”

“We hope you’ll come back and see us again. You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had,” Dave said.

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