“A” Cup

Brother Sister

I am Elizabeth. At age 18 and a few days, I began to notice my breasts finally growing. I was trying on swimsuits at ‘The Skin Shop’ on the beach walkway. I had lived within walking distance of the beach all of my eighteen years and admired both men and women who were fit and shapely.As I grew up, I assumed someday I would be all curvy and feminine as most of those on the beach seemed to be. My pubic hair started to grow when I was much younger, but by my last birthday, it seemed that I was going to have a curvy figure everywhere except my breasts.The store was empty as it was first thing in the morning; ten o’clock when I left the house. I had looked through all of the bikinis, and the other more scanty two-piece suits all up and down the beach walkway the last few days. I decided I would have to get another one-piece because I did not have any breasts visible on my chest. This tiny boutique shop had the patterns and colors I thought I wanted. I needed a new suit since my old one had worn through in one spot. I had picked a one-piece to try on, and when I took it to the clerk, he looked me up and down.Don, according to his name tag and as gay as a parade, told me, “Girl, with hips and legs like yours, you would be surprised if you tried some of the bikinis. You will esat escort bayan amaze yourself at how sexy your flat chest will seem compared to all of those cows out there.”I laughed and said, “It will be a cold day in hell when I flaunt my missing tits.”He said, “Missing? Oh no, watch this.”Don reached over, grabbed a finger full of T-shirt, and twisted and pinched my left nipple.”Ouch!”He didn’t hesitate to point out that my nipple had grown stiff and stuck out very noticeably.”Look. The beauty arises from her slumber. She is looking aroused. Are you aroused, yet?” She was asked.I was alarmed at his touch and stepped back. Then I realized I could feel a new excitement all through my body after he seemingly tried to twist my nipple completely off my chest. I noticed that the right nipple had aroused itself equally as hard and as long as the left one.The excitement was present in both nipples, and I could feel the connecting tissues, nerves, or whatever those sensations travel on inside my body, zinging, and awakening to his touch. I thought, ‘I wonder if he is right?’He ushered me into a fitting booth, which had a hanging shower curtain across the opening. He slipped the curtain closed as he entered the fitting booth with me.”Pull Escort etimesgut that T-shirt off, and let me measure you for a top. I will show you what you have, that is so titillating.”Then he laughed at his joke.I hesitated.Don said, “Come on, Elizabeth! We are going to light up the beach. You are so special to see. An absence of breasts in the perfect top will go completely unseen by most men watching the women parading on the beach. They are going to see your hips, then your butt, and legs. If you have the matching top, they will think your nipples are at least a size A cup, more probably a  C or a DD cup. The distraction of your transparent bottoms is the magic.He started to lift my T-shirt, so I pulled it off.Don laughed politely, saying, “Ho! Ditch that unnecessary bra. It has to be ancient. Is it one of the first ones you ever bought? I will take you to Victoria’s and get a sexy one that you will like to have under a T-shirt, not something like this ugly little piece.”He took my brassiere off and dropped it in the wastebasket. He stared at me.”Hey! This is a mistake.” I reach for the bra, but he put his hands out, and this time, he grabbed both of my nipples and twisted. I had an orgasm immediately, causing me to etlik escort shiver and shake a little.Noticing, he said, “See, they are so beautiful. Their beauty brings to mind the necessity for babies to nurse on them, as well as men and women. Have you ever had anyone suckle your nipples?””No, of course not.””Let me show you.”With that, he lifts his T-shirt to reveal a beautiful light pink satin T-shirt brassiere that looked as though it was supporting or at least covering C cup breasts. He easily slid the bra up over his flat chest and nipples. He twisted his nipples as he had done to me.”Here, Elizabeth, suck and lick this.” He lifted his man-tit toward me as though I would suckle his nipple.When I did not, he said, “Well, I guess this is the way to show you what I am talking about then.”He sat on the bench in the booth, put his arms around my hips, and pulled me to him. He latched his mouth onto my right nipple, which was now as hard as a rock. The result was that for the first time the thought I was pretty appeared in my brain, ever!My opinion about my body changed forever in that rough and invasive touching and suckling of my nipple. I was, at first, struggling to free myself. Then I realized how it felt enjoyable. I was suddenly holding Don’s head against my chest because I wanted him never to stop.He stopped of his own accord, and said, “I have warmed you up, I see.” We were both looking down at my crotch. I saw that I had pushed my pubic bone against him, and was grinding on him. I was smearing my dampness on his bare upper leg as I sat on his lap.

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