A desperate woman


It was again one of the best moments of the day. I was in the toilet holding my cock with one hand and my mom’s used panties with my other. I was smelling them as I was jerking. Her odour was very strong and made me very excited. Lost in my own passion, I didn’t mention her coming in. “Sor…WOWWWWW….What are you doing there son?” she asked me after the first shock, her eyes still wide open. The best defence is to attack. “How does it look like to you mom?” I asked “I’m jerking off” I answered fast without bothering to stop stroking my cock. “I can see that son. What I don’t get is why do you hold my panties” “To get “inspiration”. I need to fantasize of something while jerking off. Now would you please do me the favour to get out and let me cum in peace or are you interested to watch me till the end?” My mother didn’t say anything. She just left and I kept on doing my job, till I finished. As soon as I returned to my room, I heard her knocking the door. She came in and looked at me. “Can I have a few words with you?” she asked calmly “Sure mom! I’m all ears” “I really didn’t like what I saw there” she said very seriously “What exactly was that you didn’t like? that I jerked off, that I was smelling your used panties or both?” “Everything!   it is not right! I’m your mother; you can’t jerk off and think of me! You should find another woman to “inspire” you. Don’t you have a girlfriend?” I looked at her. For a while I was silent and then I told her. “Mom ,I’m going to tell you something and I want you to listen to me very carefully ,please.” My mother nodded. “I tried to get girlfriends but haven’t worked so far. All the girls seem to be completely stupid Escort esat and of no interest to me. So, I gave up. I have been dreaming about you for a long time and I keep on jerking off many times everyday, smelling your panties. I don’t believe that I’m doing anything wrong, since I’m not asking anything from you. I’m telling you honestly that I find you very sexy and I would be very glad to be your lover, still I’m not asking you to accept that. I have been doing this for many years now and you didn’t know till today. So, pretend that you don’t know anything and just let me do what I want in peace. I don’t bother anyone, so don’t bother either if you are not interested. All I’m asking for is to find your used panties in the basket, in the bathroom” I told her very seriously. “But son……I’m your mom!” she protested “Does this mean that you are not a woman?” “I’m not sexy either…not even pretty!” she tried to tell me “This may be your personal opinion, but my opinion happens to be totally different! I find you extremely sexy and very pretty. I’m sorry if my father can’t appreciate that, I really am! Just please let things be the way they are. OK?” My mother put her head down and said “I guess there’s nothing I can do about it!” she lifted her head up again and added “OK son, keep on jerking off and dreaming of me if you like!” and she left my room.  Every single word that I had said to her was right. My mom was a woman of 42yo,a bit short and round, with nice tits and a juicy ass. My father was neglecting her for many years. He would find excuses to stay away from home till late. At least two weekends (and very often three) every month he was spending away from home, on business trips or with his friends for fishing, etimesgut escort hunting or playing golf. My mom didn’t say anything about it, having got used to it, after so many years. Since the day I was born she was devoted to me. I was her only kid and she really adored me. In the age of 19,I was working as a salesman, selling things through internet. I had the chance to be at home all day long. Even though I could have left from my parents’ house, I didn’t do so cause my mother asked me to be with her and keep her company. Of course I also wanted to be close to her, for obvious reasons.  I was suspecting that my father had a love affair but I had no proof of it. My mom was never talking about that and she even avoided any kind of conversation having to do with it. Many times I was mentioning to her about him and his bad way of treating her, but my mother always stopped me. I knew that she was missing sex though. Our bedrooms were next to each other and I had heard her many nights playing with her vibrator. I couldn’t know if she was going to be hot and wild in bed. All I knew was that she was deprived of sex. This was the reason why I started to talk to her like that. There was no point anymore to hide my feelings and my desire to have her. It didn’t work that day, but I had made a hint at least. It was a start. The most difficult job was made and I had something positive to count on: my mom didn’t complain about my desire to fantasize of her as I jerked off. Soon I realized another encouraging thing. She didn’t mention anything to my father about that event.  We didn’t say anything about that again. I kept on jerking off as I used to do, almost 5 times everyday. It was about two months later, one Friday noon , when my mother came to my room, etlik escort bayan asking permission to clean it. I decided to give it another try. “Sure mom, please do come in” I said to her “I hope I don’t bother you if I watch something I want, in internet” She said that I didn’t and started to do her job. When she came to dust my desk she gave a glance to the computer. She stopped and looked at it more carefully. I pretended that I didn’t pay attention to her. “What is that son?” she asked finally “It’s a site where men send photos of women. People can watch and give grades to them” I answered with my eyes on the screen all the time. “But this woman….I mean……she looks…..normal!” my mom said a bit mixed I turned to look at her “Of course she looks normal mom! What did you expect to see, a monster?” “No, no…I mean that she doesn’t look like…..a model” “I told you mom. Ordinary people send their women’s photos there. It is full of normal women, just like you. In fact this is the reason why I try to check it. I want to see if there is a woman that looks like you a bit. I don’t care about models. I like REAL women, not the results of medical surgeries!” I said laughing “So…did you manage to….umm….find anyone?” “OK I can show you if you are interested…..”I said and I started to show her different women, making comments about them and their bodies, comparing them to her. My mom got very interested and soon she had a chair, sitting next to me and watching the screen too. She really got surprised that some women were brave enough to send photos(since, according to her opinion, they didn’t look sexy at all),she made comments about others and she liked the fact that people were giving grades and were also commentating the “models”. She said that this was very interesting and asked me if anyone could send photos just like that. I explained her that it was possible and added: “Perhaps you should do it too mom!” “ME???????!!!!!!!!!!” my mother looked at me surprised.

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