A Diplomatic Affair


                 The Trials and Tribulations of One who Serves The Crown

                                                A tale by Ivor Sukwell


Chapter the Third


Sir Henry was in a Condition of much Delight at the Arrival of the Alluring Carlos and his Parent, the Ambassador of Spain.

The boy was clad in the same manner of clothing as before, but for this Occasion he had made a Choice of shades of red, from palest Pink of his Lace to deepest Vermillion for his velvet Breeches, that, as they had before, clung to his lower body as a second skin.

Sir Henry noted every Shade, and how they blended, much as the Colours on the Petals of a Rose may blend, and greatly Sir Henry thought how they became the Boy and how deeply he had Desire to pick that Rose.

The Father”s Apparel Sir Henry noted not at all, and indeed scarce had Chance to do so had he been Inclined, for hardly had that Worthy Gentleman descended from his Coach than a Messenger came with request that the Ambassador return with all haste to London.

The Degree of Devastation and Disappointment Sir Henry then experienced may only be Imagined,  and Doubtless he would have Plunged into the deepest Melancholy had not the Ambassador at once made request to lay an Imposition of some Magnitude upon him.

“Carlos has set much on Viewing your Gardens, Sir Henry,” the Ambassador said, “And much will he be Grieved if he may not do so. Could it be that you will Consent to his Staying here till I return? A week, perhaps, surely no more than that.”

“No objection, Sir,” Sir Henry replied, “But is it proper that he be here Unsupervised by you?”

“I think none may object to the Propriety,” the Ambassador  declared, Dismissing on the Instant the seeming Concern for the Reputation of his Son, though it were for his own Reputation that Sir Henry was Concerned, it being Whispered often that he was Felt to have some Considerable Affection for Boys, “Have I not brought him here Myself and made Beg of you that he be Allowed to stay? You are a Gentleman, sir, and will Concern yourself that no Harm may come to him.”

“Please, sir,” the Delightful Boy Pleaded, “Such Opportunity may not come my Way again.”

Nor would such come again to Sir Henry, and that Knight called for his Servant, James, to take the Boy”s trunk to the room prepared for him and bid hasty Farewell to the departing Parent.

That he should have unhindered Access to the now Desirable Boy, and that for a length of Time of at least a Week, were more by far than had even entered the Dreams of Sir Henry and so Greatly was he Aroused by that, he bid his Servant, James, to attend him as soon as he had seen to the Comfort of the Boy, who was sure to be in need of Rest following the Exhaustion of his Journey.


“Baint my cock ataköy escort `ee do be wishing `ee did be sucking,” that James remarked as his Member was enclosed by the Needy Mouth of Sir Henry, “Nor do it be Wiltshire seed `ee do have a wish to eat.” This he said with no Sign of Reproof, he having great Liking that his Member should be used in such a Fashion and thought it but the Natural Way of things that Sir Henry, having great Desire for one that was not presently Available, should make Use of one that was.

“Think you not he is a most Desirable Boy?” Sir Henry questioned, pausing for a while in his Oral Administrations that he may do so, “Do you not also find some Wish that you should taste his Flavours?”

“Begging pardon, Sir,” James replied with a large smile, “But I do be thinking more of the ploughing of his furrow.”

“That also,” Sir Henry confirmed, “But as he is not a Country Boy but one of great Estate, I fear that Soil must remain Untilled.”

“He do be a boy, sir,” James shrugged “And what boy do there be if he be not a Puritan, that do have no wish within him that he do be put to the plough? It do be a natural thing, sir, that boys do wish to be ploughed. Do not our garden boys be always eager for `ee to plant them with your seed?”

“And to feed me theirs,” Sir Henry grinned, “But they are Country Boys, not Boys of Court as is that Desirable Carlos.”

“Be he of court or country, still do he be a boy, and being boy he do have a cock in some need of sucking and a furrow that do need be ploughed.”

“Much I have Wish it were so,” Sir Henry sighed and returned then to his most pleasant Labour, and thought of Spanish Seed as he consumed instead more Seed of Wiltshire.


James, being a good and Faithful Servant, considered it to be his Duty to contrive some Means by which the Spanish Boy his master had such great Desire for, should find his Way to Sir Henry”s Bed, and, as that Boy had expressed Wish to become acquainted with the Gardens, James presented him with a Room that had View of those, and then did he Speak with the Boys who worked them.

“Master do be having a wish to plough thic Spanish boy,” he told them, “And it do be our job to make it so. Weather do be warm enough, so all will work with no shirt upon them, so when that boy do be looking from his window he will see our gardens do be decorated with more than flowers. And when you do be all sweaty from your labours and do have wish to bathe some in the lake as you do be allowed by Sir Henry to do, then that you do do with not a single stitch upon you, and take all care that if Sir Henry and the boy do chance to be walking there, as I will take some care they do be doing so, then nothing do you make attempt to hide, but let all be seen, and if some cocks do be hard then `twill, I do trust, bring about some swelling of the boy.”

That they should Present themselves in such a Way to bring merter escort about the Ploughing of a Boy of Birth amused greatly those Garden Boys, and amongst themselves they Contrived to expand some on their Instructions, and concluded which amongst them should be Viewed soft and which hard, and which should have a Member partly concealed by the Hand of another as though they had no Knowledge of their harmless Sport being Observed.

So it was that on the morrow upon waking, the Delightful Carlos viewed from his Window a Garden full of flowering Bushes and Shrubs; he Viewed also a dozen shirtless Boys Labouring there, and those supple Bodies uncovered to the Waist brought him to a Hardness he was Obliged to deal with, and whilst he did so he gave much Thought to the Portion of those Boys that was still Covered and had great Wish that it were not so and that those Boys should work Uncovered fully.

He wondered some if Sir Henry had Acquaintancy with those Bodies when Uncovered fully, he being most Aware of the Glances that Knight bestowed on him in supposed Secret, and Determined to Dress himself this Day in such a Manner as may be like to Attract more such Glances, or perhaps as he was now Unaccompanied by his Father, Looks of a more open Sort.

A great Bank of Celandine may be viewed from his Window, and as the pale Pink and White of those Flowers seemed so Delicate and set against the Green of their Leaves most likely to Entice, he found himself a Shirt of a near matching Shade, and some Knee Breeches that would serve as the Green of Leaves, though these were not of the tightness of his other Breeches, but were bagged somewhat so as to Conceal the slender Curve of his Thigh, though not so much as to Hide from Inquisitive Sight the Fact that he were a Boy.

His Shirt he wore Unbuttoned to the Breast and with no Lace to cover the Softness of his Throat, and no Stockings to cover his lower Leg, but with just Slippers only on his Feet and no other Garment but for Shirt and Breeches, he did present himself to Break his Night long Fast.

Sir Henry was Entranced by the Sight he saw, and not Alone by the Colours the Boy had chosen, which Appeared to Sir Henry to be so Like to Celandine in the pale Pink of his Shirt and the Whiteness of the Skin that was exposed, and it was to that Whiteness that his Eye was most Drawn, for never had any save the Face of the Alluring Boy presented itself to his Admiring Gaze.

Yet more was there yet to see, Sir Henry noting in an instant that the Boy was Unstockinged, and below the Knee his Leg proper could be seen, and that Leg, Sir Henry at once determined, had not a Hair upon it. That a Boy could reach to Fifteen Years and have no Hair upon the lower Leg, could mean only that the Thigh above were of a most Wonderful Smoothness, and though Sir Henry had but recently Risen from his Bed, and that only after he had Ploughed his Servant, James, as was his bahçeşehir escort Morning Habit, still did the Knight find he rose again from a great Desire to ride this Spanish Colt and take him for a Gallop across his Fields of his Bed.

That Sir Henry had Looked upon the Boy for longer than was Mannered and Proper was a thing he was of a Sudden conscious of, but to his deep Relief no Sign of Disapproval appeared on Alluring Boy”s Face, but rather did his Black Eyes seem to Twinkle with that Amusement that Sir Henry believed he had before Noticed.

“Sir,” the Delightful Boy spoke, and to Sir Henry the Sound was as Melodious as the Singing of a Skylark, “I Humbly crave your Pardon for Appearing before you Undressed as I am in such a Rustic Manner, but my Ambition is to View your Gardens and the Clothing of the Court I felt not Suitable for such Perambulation.”

“Nor would it be,” Sir Henry summoned gallantry to reply, “And may I be Permitted to Observe that you are most Wonderfully Attired, and indeed, put me to some Shame in my own House that I should I be Wearing a Morning Coat lest should I Offend your Sensibilities.”

“I pray you, shed your Coat, Sir, that we may Walk together in our shirts alone,” the now Delectable Carlos made Request, “Perhaps as Friends and not as Guardian and Ward.”

“Such would Please me greatly,” Sir Henry declared, “And if we walk as Friends, may we not also Speak as Friends, and Forget for a short While the Formality of our Talk?”

“If that is your Wish then it is my Wish also, and from now forwards I am but to be named, Carlos.”

                            “And I am Henry,” the Knight pronounced, “No titles between Friends.”

“I fear I find that not Appropriate, Sir,” the Delectable Boy replied with most Commendable Modesty, “I am Guest in your House and but a Boy also, and `Sir” will come easier to my Tongue than `Henry”, so if it Offend you not, I will name you `Sir”, but do so in the Manner of a Friend.”

All, it Seemed to Sir Henry, was Said with such Innocence and Lack of Guile that he could be no other than Enchanted, and found a Wish to be Ever in the Company of that Delightful Boy.

“If it do be the young Sir”s wish to be a taking of the air and do be walking in the gardens, might you forgo the breaking of your fast here, and do be taking instead a picnic I will have laid for you by the lake?” James, who was Present to serve the Morning food, enquired of Sir Henry, Attempting as he did so by Contortions of his Face, to Indicate to his Master that here was Opportunity to make Acquaintance of the Boy in a far more Rural manner.

James had no Understanding of the French that was Spoken, Wiltshire being the only Language he knew the words of, but of the Secret and Silent Language of Boys he had great Understanding, and by the Manner of his Undress and the extent of Uncovered Skin to be seen, James had no Doubts that here was a Boy most Eager to be put to the Plough.

Courteously Sir Henry put his Servant”s words into French, and on hearing them, the Desirable Boy clapped his hands together with Delight and made a Smile so large that it Seemed to Sir Henry the Sun had risen in the Breakfast Room.


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