A Downtown Empty Lot


I had never been one for those online dating sites. Spam mail and pop-up add were the bane of my internet existence and they were the leading culprits. In addition, I’m still young, just twenty-two at the time and not in any hurry to get married or even necessarily enter a serious relationship. My roommate at the time, however, was a different story. Just graduating with a music education degree and being offered a job in the area, he decided to give it a try. A few weeks later he met a beautiful woman who he has since married. After his continues pushing and prodding for me to give it a try, I gave in and filled out a profile. At this point I should note that the chosen site was not one focused on sex, but rather that of developing relationships. For this reason, I filled the profile out completely honestly (probably a rarity on these sites). I even uploaded a few photos of myself playing the saxophone a local bar.

After completing all this I started to browse the local profiles. Now this site allowed you to “wink” to any of the other profiles for free; so I did this. I sent winks to about ten girls. These were girls that the site recommended I try to make contact with. One girl responded with a “wink” within the next day. Her screen name was Angeleyes. After looking at her profile again, I became extremely intrigued. She said she was 5’1 with an average build. Now I’m not a small guy; I’m 6’3 and have not weighed less then 200 since I was 17. I have, however, always had a thing for short, petit girls. She said she had brown hair and brown eyes. She also stated that she was a history grad student at the local university. Intelligence and the ability to hold a conversation have always been high on my list of requirements for a girl. Naturally, this made me very happy.

So I decided to try the free three-day trial the site was offering. I sent her a brief e-mail through the e-mail system on the site where I included my AIM and MSN addresses (only had three days so I wanted to make sure we could talk more without subscriptions running out). She must have been online at the same time, because the reply came almost instantly in which she provided me with her MSN address. I promptly added her to my contacts and began talking to her.

For the next week we talked about most everything. I found out her name was Liz and our conversations ranged from music to politics to religion, it did not seem to matter. Then on that Friday morning the question came, “What are you looking for in a relationship?” I told her I would tell her if we met. After me suggesting dinner at a local bistro (I had friends playing on the weekend and had not gone to see them in a while), she recommended maybe just coffee first. Now I have never really been one for coffee, but I agree and recommended a little café about three blocks away from where I lived. It turns out it was also in walking distance for her, so we agreed to meet that afternoon.

I got there about five minutes early so I took a seat in one of the booths and began listening to the guitar player that was playing on stage that night. After about fifteen minutes, I began to think I was going to get stood up. I got up to leave and walked outside, when I saw a person who was getting up to leave from one of the outside tables who matched Liz’ description exactly. So I quickly walked up to her and sure enough, it was her. It turns out she had shown up just after I did and was about to leave, thinking she had been stood up as well. It turned out that she new the guitar player inside and did not want to talk to him. She figured she had arrived early enough to see me when I got there so she never bothered to look in the café. Relieved that we had not stood each other up, we sat down at the table she had been sitting at and began talking.

She was exactly as her description stated. She was 5’1 and could not have weighed more the 100 pounds. Her brown hair floated halfway down her back where my eyes continued down to admire the curve in the small of her back that continued to scoop out to a luscious but firm ass barely covered up buy her pink tennis skirt. Losing sight https://bursali.org when she sat down, I noticed her eyes for the first time. She had one of the biggest set of brown eyes I had ever seen, framed by a set of glasses that did nothing but bring you back to her eyes.

As we talked outside on a beautiful early fall day, I began to notice her other features as well. Her high cheek bones provided the perfect frame for her slightly rounded face. Her lips were full, making it difficult to keep conversation as I imagined sucking on the soft, red velvet I hoped they would be. She was wearing, along with her pick tennis skirt, a brown shirt that read, “Brown Eyed Beauty” directly over her firm B-cup breasts.

Apparently I was not the only person admiring this beautiful woman. About an hour into talking, a wino (who, to this day, I can not say was a male or female) came up to me and told me cherish the brown eyed beauty sitting before me. It was on this note we decided to leave a go for a walk. As we walked for the next half hour or so, the sun began to sink below the tree line. As we walked by an empty lot behind a Church of Jesus Christ Science (don’t ask me, I don’t know, that’s just what the sign said) we decided to go lay down in the grass. At this point the sun had completely fallen and the stars began to show in the night sky.

The empty lot had buildings on three sides, one side being that of an apartment building. The fourth side was open to a one way street and a fairly busy bus terminal across, only blocked by a row of medium height shrubs. I laid down on the soft grass and she snuggled up close to me. After a lot of talking that day and the previous week, it was nice just to lay there and not say a word. Her quickening heartbeat, however told me she wanted more, so lifted her chin and kissed her wondrous plump lips for the first time. We both starting aggressively kissing each other, breaking only long enough to taste the other persons neck or lightly bite an ear. This is when I discovered she was not wearing a bra. I had suspected earlier, noticing no signs of one, but had my suspicions confirmed as I ran my hands along her back and side. Shortly after I discovered she was also not wearing any panties when she rolled on top of me and began dry humping me. I reached around to grab her ass and found skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Eager to take hold of the situation, I moved my hand down her ass and began playing with the bottom of her pussy lips from behind. When she felt this she stopped but quickly calmed my fears when she asked, “are you sure you don’t want to go inside?”

I simply responded by spreading her pussy lips to the cool night air. Since we had arrived at the empty lot behind the church, a new front had worked its way in and a storm was about to come upon us. Her moans of pleasure were luckily covered up to anyone but me by the low rolling thunder overhead. Wanting more, I rolled her over and began kissing her neck and down her right arm. Her left hand began to play with her need clit. Wanting the anticipation to build as much as it could; I removed it and placed it on her breast. I whispered in her ear a warning she never forgot again, “only I get to play with that tonight.”

I resumed where I left off kissing down her right arm. When I got to her hand I made the short trip to her flat stomach and pushed her shirt up over her bra-less breasts. The cool night air made the erect immediately. I slowly kissed up her side to her right breast. Even in the light breeze, I could smell the musky scent of her desire. When I reached her right breast, I lightly bit and pulled on her nipple. I licked round nipple and began to suckle her breast like a baby. Her flesh was as smooth as her bottom. As I began to kiss over to her left breast, I could take the salty sweat that had began up perspire in the valley of her breasts. As I began to provide her left breast with the same treatment as I did with her right one, her breathing began to become very heaving and quick. She grabbed my hair with her right hand and put her other hand on my shoulder, digging her nails bursa escort kız through my shirt and into the flesh of my back. Moments later she became very tense and experienced her first orgasm of the night. If it was not for the loud thunder that erupted at the very same moment, I am sure someone would have heard us and called the police.

During her decent down from the orgasm I continued my assault of kisses down her body, this time covering her left side with my soft lips. Her breathing still very labored, I placed my right hand on her belly and gently rubbed the soft skin by her waistline. I began to lightly scratch her left arm with my other fingers giving her goosebumps all the way up her left side. Once again her musky smell attacked my sence of smell and my erection became as hard as I remember it ever being, straining against my boxers and cargo shorts.

At this point the weather brought us both back to our senses as it began to pour. We chose to ignore it as I continued on with my mission. Upon removing her now drenched t-shirt I could not help but admire the wonderful creation God set upon the earth for me to enjoy. This brief moment neglect gave Liz the chance to gain complete control for the first time since entering the empty lot. As she forced kiss after kiss upon me, her little hands began to remove my now blood speckled shirt. While she began to un-buckle my belt, she ran one hand tough my thicket of chest hair starting to lightly bite my shoulder and neck.

This sensation did what I thought was impossible and made now painfully straining cock, grow even larger. Pushing me on my back, I lifted my ass allowing her to remove my shorts and smiley face boxers. She giggled as she saw what I had underneath. Following my own orders, I resisted the temptation to touch my own cock, but soon felt Liz’ little hands struggle to wrap fully around. Soon I felt her warm tongue lick my freshly shaved ball sacked causing my scrotum to tighten and almost make me cum at that very moment. Liz’ seemed to know the sensation very well and tightened her fingers around the base of my cock in order to delay the inevitable as long as possible. When I calmed down enough to where she thought she could continue she began to lick up my eight inch shaft. When she reached the top she circled around the head of my circumcised penis making it plump and turn purple. When she raised her head to perform the same action again, she saw how big I had become and gave a quiet giggly shriek.

As the rain began to lighten to strong mist, she continued with what I did not thing was possible for her small lips and mouth. Taking a deep breath she began to lower her mouth over my cock. Her expert technique kept her teeth from contact with my throbbing shaft. Further and further down she went. Halfway down my cock head felt her tonsils and I was sure she was going to stop there. She continued forcing my dick down her open throat. Shortly after I felt her lips touch the clean shaven base of my cock where she relaxed her jaw slightly and let her teeth finally tough me. She did not rise immediately, however. Instead she stayed in that position doing things with her tongue I did not know humans could do. After just a few seconds I could not hold back any longer. I warned her I was about to cum, but she stayed where she was. With my half my cock down her throat I began to spurt my seed into her. After five good spurts of cum she quickly pulled out while I continued to leak cum from my penis. Forcing the last few drops out, she licked her cum laded hand clean and finished licking my cock clean.

A thunderbolt quickly brought me back to my senses where I found her head on my shoulders with her once again running her hands through my chest hair. I then turned to her and whispered in her ear, “It’s my turn again. Still wearing her pink skirt, I pushed her on her back and began to kiss her right knee. As I began to kiss up her smooth and strong legs, she squeezed and pinched her own breasts, remembering my earlier command. As I kissed closer to the present between her legs, I could once again bursa anal yapan escort smell the musky odor I have been after all night. Wanting to just attack her sweet flower, I resisted and forced the tension to build within her body. As I got to her freshly shaven pussy I continued to take my time.

I spread her legs as far as they would go to give me complete access. I slowly licked around the outside of her wonderful swollen pussy lips, touching them, but just barely. I took my right hand and began to tickle about and inch above her clit. As a slight breeze came through I pulled back so the cool air would brush against her burning pussy. This caused her to raise her hips and begin to moan once again. Knowing the she was about to cum, I brought my attention back to her. I stated to lick at the bottom of her pussy and slowly ran my tongue up her very sweet pussy. I stopped just short of touching her swollen clit in which she responded with a beg between her moans of pleasure, “No, please don’t stop, just a little further.”

Giving Liz her wish, I simultaneously attacked her clit with my lips and placed a finger inside her waiting hole. This sent her over the top as she came over my hand. Not wanting to miss the taste of her flood, I began to rub her clit with my waiting right hand and placed my mouth directly over her leaking hole. Her sweet nectar spilled from her pussy as she experience a second more powerful orgasm. Her fingers, once again digging into my shoulders, once again drawing small amounts of blood that was quickly washed away by a rain that was beginning to increase in intensity again.

This second orgasm seemed to increase her desire for me even more. Without warning she sat up and pushed me on my back. My cock, which had become rock hard again in the preceding moments pressed up against her belly as she climbed on top of me and kissed me more aggressively then ever before. It was at this time that I noticed the rain taking its affect on the ground below. As I ran my hands up and down her back, I felt it was slick with mud. She then sat up, took my cock in her hand and guided it into her waiting pussy.

This is when I realized she was still a virgin. My cock hit resistance and as she pushed herself past the threshold, I saw a brief moment of pain in her eyes. Not wanting to hurt her or cum to soon myself, I allowed her to move at her own pace. She lowered herself to me and whispered, “I’ve pleasured many guys with my mouth, but on this night, I want you to be the first I pleasure with my flower.”

As she sat back up I looked into her big brown eyes once again with a look of caring, love and desire in my eyes. With my approval she slowly started to move up and down on my rock hard cock. After a few minutes of caressing, kissing, pinching, biting and scratching, she whispered in my ear, “I want you to fuck me like I’m the last person you will ever fuck.”

I obeyed. I rolled her on her back where she wrapped arms around me and her legs around my waist. I put my face in her neck and began to slowly stroke my cock in and out of her pussy. Her command of, “fast” prompted me to take her as fast as I could. Moments later a loud thunder blast roared as she once again screamed her screams of desire and came all over my cock, causing me to explode in orgasm myself. For the next minute I began to pump her as stream after stream of cum shot into her pussy and she continued to orgasm over my cock. We laid in the rain, wet grass and mud as we both recovered from our ecstasy. Upon regaining some of our composure, we both came to the conclusion that we were to exhausted to move. With the little amount of clothes we had sprawled about, he cuddled together and covered ourselves, falling asleep in the empty lot.

The next morning the warm morning sun and a police officer woke us up. During our sleep that night, he had lost the clothes that were covering us. The officer handed us both a blanket, took us to the station and sited us both for public nudity. The one-hundred dollar fine we both received was well worth the pleasure from the night before. We both went home that morning. Later that afternoon she came to my place where we watched a movie, talked for hours again and continued our explorations from the night before. We have continued to date ever since. I sit here now, with a ring on my desk and plans for tonight at the bistro I first recommended we have dinner at.

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