A Friendly Facial


All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without permission from the author. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people is strictly coincidental. If you aren’t at least 18 years of age, don’t read this… blah, blah, blah.


She had red hair. It was obviously a dye-job. Most likely to hide the natural grey that I’m sure was there. Her figure was voluptuous. A few extra pounds here and there, but in all the right places. She was my next-door neighbor at work. She was a schoolteacher. I’m a teacher. The thing about being a guy in a female-dominated profession is this: you are surrounded by women.

Women of all sorts; for every over-the-hill battleaxe, there is a young, nubile, just-out-of-college hottie who thinks nothing of wearing close fitting sweaters or short skirts. There are also the slightly older ones, who’ve aged well and know how to leverage their charms to their best advantage. This would describe my neighbor. I’ll call her Julia. She had shoulder length red hair. She had impressive breasts, probably D-cup and a lovely heart-shaped ass. She had a slight paunch… but I don’t know of many grandmothers who don’t. She calls herself a ‘sexy’ grandmother in conversation and I’m not about to argue with her about that. Julia was about my height, 5’6″. I’ll be the first to admit to being a bit on the short side. It’s never bothered me. I figure average height for an American male is about 5’8″ or 5’9″… average dick length is 6 or 61/2 inches. If I had to choose one or the other to be short-changed on, take a little off the top, thank you very much!

Julia and I have a number of things in common, despite our nearly fifteen-year age gap. I’m just past 30 and she’s nearing 50. We both teach, are both on our second marriages, both have kids, with her youngest being the same age as my oldest. We also both enjoy flirting with each other.

She and I connected almost on day one of the school year and became fast friends ever since. I’d enjoy watching her walk past me to her room and compliment her attire. She’d smile and demurely say ‘thank you’, only to later surprise me with some outrageous joke. I think she enjoyed the attention I gave her more than anything. She was one of those cosmetics salespeople for a national brand. It was going to be her ticket to early retirement. She’d once told me she made more from her sales than her salary.

One day, I noticed a note on the door of the teacher’s lounge offering free facials at Julia’s home for the ladies of the faculty. I decided to give her a hard time about her discrimination.

“Hey,” I said, next time I saw her walking by me “You look nice.” She really did. It wasn’t often she wore heels with a short skirt and a silk blouse.

“Thanks. I had a meeting with a big client after school today, but they canceled.”

“Oh, sorry. I’ve got a bone to pick with you… what’s with the free facials for the ‘women’ of the faculty? I may get the idea you don’t like me any more.”

She smiled. “Ha, ha. I do give facials to ‘gentlemen’ customers, but to be honest, besides you, there isn’t any guy here I’d be comfortable with taking to my house.”

My dick stirred at the mention of Julia taking me home with her. I decided to see where this went.

“So? You’re not comfortable giving me a facial?”

She play punched me on the arm. “No silly. I don’t have a problem giving you a facial. My concerns about you run much deeper.”

“Ouch. I’m hurt.” I looked at her, giving her my best puppy-dog look.

She appeared to think for a moment and then said, “Since my appointment cancelled, I could ‘do you’ after school… if you’re actually interested.”

I enthusiastically nodded my interest and a few hours later, found myself pulling into her driveway. I was sporting half a hard-on as I climbed out of my car. I kept having visions of Julia and me frolicking on her couch or carpet. I shamelessly stared at her ass as she unlocked her front door and led me inside. I made a mental note that I didn’t see any panty lines, so I wondered if that meant thong and stockings or hose and no panties? She led me into the kitchen and sat me at a straight-backed chair.

“Wait here while I get the stuff.” Her heels clacked away on the tile floor. I busied myself looking around her kitchen and den. Hmmm. I could bend her over that counter there and fuck her from behind… I could sit her on that island and eat her pussy… I could…

“Hey, earth to Johnny!”

I snapped my head around and found myself staring at her lovely breasts. She’d taken off her heels and had padded back into the kitchen with two handfuls of bottles and jars. At this distance, I noticed her blouse was actually just a bit sheer and that her bra was lace.

She laughed, noticing my gaze. “A perfect example of why I don’t usually do this for guys.”

“Sorry. Escort You kind of surprised me.” I began to blush. I also began to stiffen.

“Don’t apologize.” She went to the sink and drew a bowl of warm water. “It’s not your fault your eyes are at the same level as my tits.”

I gave her a close look at her mentioning ‘tits’. She was smiling with a twinkle in her eye. Obviously she was in a playful mood. In all our flirting at school, we’d kept the banter ‘clean’… No overtly sexual comments our innuendos. This was a noticeable shift in the tone of our friendship. My dick was now fully hard. I hoped she didn’t need me to stand up anytime soon, unless of course it was to strip and molest me.

She came back over and began to wash my face. She stood at arms length bending over slightly at the waist. This afforded me a nice view of her lace clad breasts.

“Eyes closed” she said and began to soap my forehead.

“You just don’t want me staring at your tits.”

She swept the soapy cloth across my chin in time to catch my open mouth. “Mouth too.”

I began to sputter upon tasting soap. She giggled. “You are an uncooperative customer. Hold still while I get you something to drink.”

I risked a peek just to see her ass sway to the fridge and was rewarded with a stinging in my eye.


She began wiping the soap off my face and then held a glass to my lips. Orange juice. I reached up to hold the glass, only to have my hand lightly slapped.

“Hands down. That’s a rule for male customers.”

“oh really? You get soap in my eyes and mouth, and only now bother to tell me that there are rules?!”

She again wiped my eyes with the clean, wet rag and while I was momentarily sightless, I felt warm lips pressed to mine.

“I hope you now feel properly compensated for your earlier discomfort.”

“I don’t know about ‘proper’…”

She put a finger to my lips, silencing me. “Hush. We’ll talk about this soon enough. I’m now going 6o give you a mask. It’ll harden, then have to be washed off. You’ll have to sit still and not talk for about 15 minutes.”

“What will you be doing?” I asked hopefully.

“Nothing with you, naughty boy. I’ve got customer phone calls to make.” She then unscrewed the cap on a tube of gunk. Instead of bending at the waist, she stepped to either side of my thighs and straddled me.

“Eyes and mouth closed this time. I’m not kidding… You wouldn’t like the taste.”

When I complied with both of her requests, I again felt her lips on mine. This time I had a bit of a warning and was able to slip my tongue between her parted lips. She lingered there for a few moments sighing softly. Then she began to apply my mask. At the touch of the cold cream to my face, my hands instinctively came up and encountered her thighs. When she didn’t comment, I lightly began running my hands up and down, from her knees to her hips. Too quickly she finished and extracted herself from my exploring grasp.

“Remember, be still. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.”

I didn’t hear her feet on the tile, but soon afterward heard her in the next room making calls. Many thoughts went through my head as I waited. Mostly I was wondering what was going to happen. I was painfully aware of my erection and every few minutes had to give it a squeeze and readjust my position.

Most of her phone calls were to customers, but one caught my attention. She phoned her husband.

“Hey honey. It was okay…my appointment cancelled. No, it’s okay. I brought a teacher home for a facial. Will you get the kids and get them dinner? Great. I’ll see you then.” I Noticed she didn’t specify a ‘guy’ teacher.

While I was still pondering the possibilities, I felt her breath in my ear. “You seem to be a bit uncomfortable there. I hope you have somebody to help you take care of that once I’m finished with you.”

She again straddled my thighs and began washing my mask off. My hands again found her thighs, but I started low and ran them up, inside her skirt. When my palms reached her stocking tops and my forearms began to push her hem up I paused, lightly tracing circles with my fingertips. When she’d freed my mouth, I voiced my concerns.

“Someone at home…when you finish with me? How about you finishing me?”

Julia cleaned the last of my mask off and sat on my lap, effectively trapping my hands between her skirt and thighs. She put aside her washcloth and bowl and sighed heavily.

“Johnny, I’m sorry. I haven’t been fair to you. I think you’re really sexy…” she said as she ran her hands down my shoulders to my chest. “and you’re so much fun flirting with…” she took a deep breath, which did nice things to her breasts not inches from my face.

“Look. I’m married. You’re married. We work next door to each other. Us getting involved would be a bad idea all around. As Escort Bayan much as I want to… I’m not fucking you.”

I gave her thighs a squeeze and ground her down a bit on my bulging crotch. I opted for a ‘nice guy’ approach, despite my raging hard-on and worsening case of blue balls.

“Yes, we’re both married and I appreciate you telling me your position on us ‘getting involved’. However, I’d like to point out your current position, which is right now on top of my hard cock… Which you yourself are responsible for.”

She leaned forward a gave me a hard fierce kiss, then quickly got off my lap.

“I know, I know. I’m terrible. Please don’t hate me.” She busied herself getting a bottle of lotion open and began spreading it between her palms. “This lotion will moisturize you skin and help your pores.” she said without looking up.

When she finally did look at my pitiful expression, she stamped her foot. “Don’t look at me that way! I know I made you horny! I am too! But we can’t have sex.”

I nodded and held my arms out to her. She came to me and again sat, straddling my seated thighs. My hands guided her down and I deliberately hiked up her skirt. Her garters and stockings were now in plain view, as were her lace panties. She began rubbing the lotion on my face.

“Who said anything about sex?” I asked in a quiet voice, my fingers inching their way up her garters to her panties.

Julia paused in massaging my face. “What do you mean?”

I barked out a brief laugh. “Sexy Lady, at this point, I just want to cum. Sure I’d like to bend you over this table and give you the reaming you deserve, but I do respect your wishes, despite how you’re treating me and ‘Mr. Happy’ here.” I said, nodding to my crotch.

“Well, I’d hate for Mr. Happy to go home unhappy. Why don’t you just pull him out and finish him off… I’ve even got some quality lotion I’d be willing to share.”

Again I nodded, indicating my agreement, but I had other goals in mind. I pushed her back a bit on my thighs and spread my legs slightly. In doing so, I further pushed her skirt up. This allowed me better access to my straining cock. It also gave me unrestricted access to her lace panties, a damp spot clearly visible.

I unzipped my khakis and awkwardly fished my hard 6 and a half inches out of my boxer’s fly.

“Oh, my.” Julia’s breath caught at the sight of my manhood, a bead of pre-cum was leaking from the head.

“Weren’t you going to finish my face?” I asked pulling my ball sack free of my fly and giving ‘Mr. Happy’ a few quick strokes. Surrounded by my open fly and squeezed out and up, my cock look quite impressive. Julia’s eyes were riveted. She touched her top lip with the tip of her tongue. Gotcha. We may not fuck… but I was sure going to try my damnedest to cum somewhere other than in my own hand.

Reluctantly, Julia met my eyes and then blushed. “Right. Finish your face.” She quickly lowered her gaze again, but had resumed massaging lotion into my face.

I stroked my cock half a dozen times, then stopped, allowing him to bob free, twitching slightly with each pulse of my heart.

“What is it?” Julia asked, confused by the halt to my gratification and her show.

“I just remembered something my mother taught me… ladies first.” With that, I quickly reached forward to her vulnerable pussy and snaked a finger behind its lace barrier. I deftly pulled it aside and ran a fingertip through her moist lips and found her clit.

“Nooooo.” She moaned, then grunted an unladylike “Uhhhgg!” as I flicked her love button. She seized my face in her hands and glared at me eye-to-eye. “We CAN’T do this. I told you no SEX.”

“And I asked you, ‘who said anything about sex?’ I’m just going to wind you up a bit… sort of return the favor.” With that, I slipped my two middle fingers into her sopping pussy and began to rhythmically finger fuck her.

Over the years, I’ve developed something of a talent for ‘manual stimulation’ of the fairer sex. I’ve yet to meet a woman that I couldn’t bring to orgasm by fingering her G-Spot. Julia was no different. She immediately dropped her hands from my head to my shoulders to better brace herself.

“You bastard. You bastard. You bastard.” She began to rant as I slowly worked her into a frenzy. By the time her orgasm crested, her cries were incoherent and my hand was a blur, rocking her whole body as her vaginal muscles rippled around my fingers. I reached up with my free hand and caught the back of her neck dragging her still straining body into a kiss. Once our lips touched, she hungrily attacked my tongue and tonsils. I slowed, then stilled my fingers, pulling them from her pussy with a wet slurp. I then began to stroke her labia and rub her clit, causing her to softly mew into my mouth. While she was thus distracted, I busied my left hand with the task of unbuttoning Bayan Escort her blouse.

“Enough. Uncle. Please.” She begged, pushing my hand away, thumb now no longer able to leisurely circle her engorged clitoris. Her shirt now hung open. Her lace clad breasts invitingly close. Now that I had two hands free, I set about unclasping her bra.

“Hey, wait a minute.” She protested, but to late. As soon as her glorious globes with their firm nipples came into view, I leaned in for a nibble and a suck. Julia quietly moaned her approval. After a few minutes of this entertainment, I sat back and surveyed her flushed, disheveled appearance.

“So Sexy Lady, what about ‘Mr. Happy’?” I asked.

She smiled weakly and reached down, her cool hands encircling my still firm and twitching member. She leaned forward, resting her head on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. “You can’t fuck me. As much as I’d love to feel Mr. Happy” she said, giving him a squeeze for emphasis, “inside me, I can’t let you. Otherwise, I’ll give you anything you want.”

“Well in that case, how about you push together these beautiful tits of yours and make Mr. Happy happy that way?” No sooner had I made the suggestion, than Julia was on her knees between my spread legs, pinching her nipples and mashing her succulent tits together to form a tunnel for my cock. She worked them up and down a few times, but it became obvious that we needed more lubrication. Holding the base of my cock with one hand, I guided her mouth down on it with the other. I knew it was dangerously close to her definition of ‘sex’, but I also knew she wouldn’t deny me my release and I also knew that I really wasn’t in the mood to take no for an answer.

Very slowly, reluctantly, she took my cock into her warm, wet mouth. I kept my hand on her head, urging her forward until her lips were at the root of my cock and its head was nudging the back of her throat. Once in that position, she seemed to lose all her reservations. She began to suck and push me further into her throat. I took my hands from her head and my cock to allow her room to work. She cupped my full balls with one hand and circled the base of my cock with the other. She would pull me all the way out, nipping and licking the head, then swallowing it all the way down, with her nose in my pubic hair. She’d pause, sucking hard on just the tip while she pumped the shaft with her fist, her other hand pulling at my fondling my balls and rubbing just forward of my sphincter.

The whole idea of a tit-fuck was lost to both of us. She was determined to suck me off and I was doing my best to oblige her. As I felt my orgasm approaching, her changing techniques began to distract me. I stood up, taking her head in my hands. She adjusted her position and allowed me to take more control. I slowly sank my prick into her mouth, feeling my head enter her throat. Julia swallowed and began to moan something. I pulled out, a string of saliva still linking my dick and her mouth.

“Do it. Fuck my mouth. Cum for me like I did for you.” She said, her voice all husky with desire. Never one to disappoint a lady, I again plunged my cock into her mouth. For the next minute or so, I ravaged her mouth and throat, my hands holding her head, by dick pumping away down her gullet. She sucked and moaned and breathed when she was able. At some point, I noticed that she was frigging her clit during all this. Talented lady. When I could finally bear no more, I quickly pulled back from that delightful prison and came with a roar, my cock firmly gripped by my fist. I short stroked near half a dozen times, firing as many jets of white cum on her face and into her open mouth.

With a groan, I collapsed back in the chair. She sagged a bit, still breathing hard from my having just recently restricted her airflow. She gave me a triumphant smile and began to wipe up the globs of cum on her face that missed her mouth, sucking the remains her fingers. I smiled back. “That… was awesome.”

“Yah, well… That also will never happen again.” She looked down at her clothing in disarray. “See if I ever offer you a facial again.” She looked up and gave me a sheepish smile. “You need to get out of here. Not a word of this to anybody.”

I chuckled. “Do I look stupid? I know when to keep my mouth shut. Actually, my problem is not knowing when to open it.” I gave her very wet crotch a meaningful look.

“Behave!” Julia said, slapping me on the knee.

“I am behaving… badly! But seriously, I’m glad this happened. We didn’t break the rules. Mostly. We just bent the hell out of them. But… there are things I wish we had done.”

Julia stood up and pulled me to my feet. She gave me a long lingering kiss. “No. No more, not again. This wasn’t right. But I guess it’s something I can live with. It’ll be a nice memory and dirty little secret to fantasize about.”

I tucked in and zipped up. Then I gave her a hug. “Well, you know where I work if you need any more practice on male clients. See you tomorrow.” With that I let myself out.

Nothing has happened yet, but it does make a dirty little fantasy.

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