A great lunch

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Ellie called asking if I wanted to have lunch with her at the cafe today,I couldnt wait to go. As I got to the cafe I saw her sitting at a booth, I went to sit down. ‘Hey Ellie’ I said quickly ‘Oh hey thanks for coming’ She said to me.She dropped her fork on the ground underneath the table I got down underneath the table and I inmediently saw her legs spread open and I saw her red thong,I got turned on.I got back up and I asked her if she could take her panties off, she put her hands under the table and pulled her thong off as she passed them to me I smelt them.She walked to the bathroom, şişli escort bayan I quickly followed her I know shes a friend but shes so hot and her ass is sexy. I pushed her against the wall of the bathroom and put my hand up her short mini skirt.I began rubbing her clit softly. ‘Mmm faster!’ she yelled in my ear.So I rub her pussy faster and harder, She pulled her top off and she unclipped her bra as it fell to the ground.I ripped her skirt off and felt her pussy getting very wet.I pulled my jeans and stripped completly naked My cock entered her wet vagina. I mecidiyeköy escort bayan began pumping her.She wrapped her legs around me as I was strong so I could hold her standing up.’Babe im goong to cum Arrrr’ as she orgasmed all her juices flowed onto my cock ‘You dirty slut’ I moaned.I spanked her ass then took my cock out of her she walked into the cubicle and sat down with her legs spread opened as I saw her rubbing her own pussy.’I want to suck your cock’ She moaned so I walked towards her as she grabbed my hard cock and shoved it in her mouth. she sucked escort şişli it harder,’Im going to cum’ I yelled I cummed inside her mouth as she swallowed it.I took her of the toilet seat and told her to kneel down on the floor, she did as I told her to.I slid my cock in her ass.’OH Fuck me in the ass’ she moaned loudly.She was so horny she was drenched. After 5 minutes of fucking her we were both puffed.I layed on the floor and she craweled on top of me and put her pussy on my stomach and rubbed it all on my body.Then she put her pussy on my face I smelt it I moaned, I loved the smell of her pussy.I cleaned her pussy up licked all the juices. ‘This is wrong you’re 49 and im only 17 ‘ she said sadly ‘You enjoyed it didnt you slut?’ I asked her angerly ‘Oh fuck yes but what about your wife?’ She asked me ‘Oh fuck her babe she doesnt give me enough’ I replied.

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