A Happily Married Man


Here are the facts. I am a happily married man with a wonderful loving wife. We have good sex, (afterward she often says, “That was good.”). We have two great kids who give us no headaches. I love my job. So in total, I am satisfied with my life. But there is one other thing – I like to get fucked. Let me make that clear. I like a man to ram his big cock up my ass.I don’t want to suck a cock, or even to get my cock sucked. I don’t want to kiss and make love. I don’t want to fuck some guy’s ass. I want to have my ass fucked, pure and simple. I should say in truth that there are a couple of other things though. When I was in college I acquired a nice body. (Previously to that I was a scrawny kid.) Since then I’ve worked my ass off to keep it, so I admit I like it to be admired, in this Kuşadası escort situation to have my stomach kissed, my tits sucked and my armpits licked, (why is that such a turn-on?) and then my asshole rimmed.I have a favorite position, and the only one I use. I like to lie on my back, but not with my legs up in the air or on the guy’s shoulders. I like to spread my legs wide and my sex partner to hold them that way, put his cockhead against my asshole (God, how I wish we could bareback) and slowly and smoothly push it in, and then slowly and smoothly start fucking me and slowly and smoothly increase his speed and force until he is fucking me as fast and hard as he can.I jack my cock with abandon, matching his fury. When he comes I don’t want Kuşadası escort bayan him to pull out and come on my ass or stomach. I want him to dump his load deep in my gut. I’ve often wondered if without a condom you can feel the cum squirting in your chute. But by his body spasms and his cock jerking I can feel him come. It’s great if we come at the same time.When I come I’m in Nirvana. This must be what it’s like to get high on meth. For a few precious seconds I’m out of my mind. I’m in ecstasy. When our hearts calm down and our breathing returns to normal, we uncouple and I clean my cum from my chest and stomach, he peels off the condom and we clean up and get dressed and say so-long till next time, and I’m happy. I don’t do this often, bodrum escort bayan maybe every six or eight weeks.Now that I’ve told you what I like, let me tell you about my sex partners (yes, plural). When I first started to address this overwhelming urge, I tried trolling the bars, but all I found were guys who wanted to get fucked almost as much as I did. I tried want ads (weird results), dating services (everyone lies), chat rooms (also weird… and dangerous) and finally found something called gay-for-pay.Most of these men claim to be straight but in dire need of money. Maybe, but they will do things I don’t think any straight man would do for any amount of money. At least I know I wouldn’t. It’s funny, but none of them ever self-identify as bi-sexual, as I do.After trying a variety of guys I found three I really liked, so when the urge becomes undeniable I will call one and if he isn’t available then I’ll call another. With the three I usually get one.First, Mark. He says he has a steady girlfriend but that he started a business that is in trouble and that’s why he needs the money.

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