A Lesson in More Things Than Music


I check my phone. 12:30. Time to meet Cassie for lunch.

I look at myself in the mirror, making sure my hair is falling nicely and that my makeup still looks good. I’m not usually this nervous about meeting friends for lunch, especially girls, but Cassie is not an ordinary girl.

She’s a gorgeous redhead, and is in the color guard with me. She’s one of the first people I met at the university I attend, and I got to know her….intimately…at band camp.

I blush as I think about the memory. Alcohol…sexually repressed band kids…a cute trombone player named Dan who took my virginity…and then Cassie, who joined in on the fun while Dan watched. Cassie gave me a few mind-blowing orgasms, as I had already been receptive to sexual feelings because of Dan. She fingered me, kissed me, fucked me. It was amazing. It was delicious. She’s got amazing boobs that you just want to bury your face into. I never thought I could think about a girl this way, but then again, before college I had never been with anyone of any gender or sex. Now, I want to experiment with all of them.

Since I lost my virginity quickly to Dan and then Cassie, a week has passed. I have now finished my first week of college, and Cassie invited me to lunch so I could discuss my week with her. However, not having kissed anyone in a week…I am hoping this lunch could turn into something more.

I look at my phone again. 12:35. Fuck. I’m getting late. I text Cassie that I’m on my way, shove my phone in my pocket, and leave my dorm room.

I make my way across campus, stopping when I get to the dining hall. I see a blue jacket (one of our school’s colors), and curly red hair blowing in the wind. Cassie.

I walk up to her. “Hi, Cassie.” I say shyly.

She turns around to me. “Jessica, hi!” She hugs me. “How has your week been going? I haven’t gotten a chance to ask, how have you been liking marching band?”

Although I see her and Dan in band, there are over 200 people, so I haven’t really talked to her yet.

“Good,” I say. “It’s been overwhelming, but good. I like all my gen ed courses so far, and I like the courses for my major-“

“What’s your major again?” Cassie asks, heading into the dining hall.

“Psychology,” I answer. “I just really enjoy music. In addition to marching band, I’m in the concert band. I play flute.”

“You do? That’s awesome.” Cassie smiles, as she hands her ID card to the dining hall clerk and then proceeding Üsküdar Escort through to the main room.

“Yeah,” I answer, doing the same. “I love music. I’ve tried out violin, piano, and percussion, but those just weren’t for me. I love flute, and I love dance. So joining color guard was just kind of a no-brainer.”

“That’s great.” Cassie loads some food onto her tray, and gets a drink. “I don’t play any instruments but I wish I did.”

“You could learn. You can obviously count and know some basic music skills, because of color guard.” I fill my glass with orange juice, and we head back to the table.

“I don’t know,” Cassie says, fiddling with a piece of her hair. “It’s just so tricky.”

“I could teach you.” I say, suddenly. She looks up at me. Was it that obvious that I would enjoy spending time with her? I grab my orange juice, and swallow quickly. “I mean, if you want, uh, I could teach you something. Like, uh, flute.”

“That would be great.” She spoons some pasta into her mouth. “When can you teach me?”

“Uh, are you free after lunch?”

“Of course.” She smiles, her dimples showing. Her blue eyes are sparkling. “Do you want to take me over to the music building to give me a lesson?”

“Uh, sure. Yeah, my flute is there. That sounds good.”


After lunch, we make our way over to the music building. I open my locker, get my flute, and we head to a practice room. I unpack my backpack, grab some sheet music, and get settled.

“Okay,” I say, putting my fingers on the keys, and holding the flute in the air. “This is a B flat.”

“B flat, got it.” She smiles.

“Next in the scale, a C.” My voice sounds steady, but I am shaking being this close to Cassie.


“Then, uh, D,” I say, glancing down at her probably-D sized breasts.

“Where are you looking, Jessie?” she laughs.

“Uh, nowhere.” I mutter.

“Are you looking at me?” she says coyly. “You know, I’ve thought about being with you again too…and we are alone in this practice room…plus practically no one comes in here on Friday afternoons.”

“Yes, I was looking at you…and yeah, no one comes in here…” I say slowly, lowering my flute onto my lap and adjusting my shirt. “What do you want to do?”

“How about you finish teaching me about the flute quickly, and then we’ll see what we want to do?”

“Okay,” I say quickly. “This is an E flat, this is an F, this Üsküdar Escort Bayan is a G-“

“A G?” she raises her eyebrows. “So…you know how to correctly finger a G?”

“Yes,” I say, playing along. “I know lots of different fingerings…and tonguing. I can tongue quickly, slowly… I can finger and tongue. I know how to tongue a hole, I know how to-“

Cassie leans over and kisses me, wrapping her hands around my face. “Oh my god, shut up, just finger and tongue my hole, not your flute!”

“Okay,” I say, setting my flute on top of the nearby piano. “Take off your clothes first.”

“Help me with it,” She giggles.

She pulls off her tight, white shirt and then unhooks her bra. Her perky tits pop out and her skin looks so creamy and delicious. I lean over and put my mouth around her light pink nipple.

I start sucking and I hear Cassie moaning softly. I lick her nipple for a couple of minutes, then move over to do the other one. While I’m sucking on her left breast, I’m continuing to play with the right one.

“Stop, stop,” Cassie says softly. “Kiss me…anywhere. My nipples feel too overstimulated…”

“Okay,” I say and proceed to kiss her on her down her stomach before I get to her pants. I push her onto the chair and she giggles, her red hair tumbling around her shoulders. “Take off your pants.” I order.

She unbuttons her jeans and wriggles out of them.

I run my hands up and down her perfect creamy white legs, and then slip my hands around the waistband of her white underwear. I pull them down too, and expose her glorious pussy covered in a light dusting of red hair.

“I can do this,” I think to myself. But while Cassie went down on me, I haven’t really done anything to her yet.

“You look confused, Jessie.”

“I am,” I admit. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Here,” she says. “I’ll guide you. Get on your knees.” I kneel down. “Okay, now, lick my clit, and play with it. You can put some fingers in me. Do what I did to you, what you’d like done to you, what you’d like to do- oh my god!”

I start licking her clit roughly, and playing with the light red hair covering her crotch. I lick her like she’s a lollipop in my favorite flavor, and start to run my finger around her opening. She presses my head further into her crotch, moaning the whole time. I gently insert my finger into her, running it in circular motions still. I then add a few more Escort Üsküdar fingers, and start finger-fucking her with three of my fingers.

“Jess!” she screams out. “This is amazing, you are amazing!”

I smile into her vagina. “You like this?”

“YES! Keep going.”

I start making “come hither” motions in her vagina, knowing I’ll hit her g spot.

I start flicking her bean, instead of sucking on it, and continue the assault on her g-spot. I switch to licker her inner lips, and kissing her up and down her thighs.

“Oh-oh my god!” Cassie screams, and her hands fist in my hair. I feel her muscles contracting around my hand, and I lick up all the juices that she’s creating. I start licking up and down her folds, but she stops me.

“I’m so sensitive, hold on,” she pants. “Give me a second, now it’s time for me to teach you a lesson. Get ready.”

“Okay,” I strip off my shirt and my bra. I then pull down my pants, and my underwear.

“Oh, Jessie, you’re so good.” She gets up and kisses me.

I know she can taste herself on my lips, and it’s so hot. I wrap an arm around her, bringing her closer to me, and start touching myself with my other hand.

“That’s my job,” she laughs. “Sit down.” I sit, and she pushes my legs apart.

“Are you ready for your lesson about fingering a G?”

“Of course,” I almost scream. I’m so excited. She lowers her head between my legs and starts licking me. I start pinching my nipples and rubbing my hands over my body. Her tongue feels fantastic.

I know I’m wet, and she starts shoving her finger into me quickly and roughly.

We’re both fully naked, in a practice room that has a small window and no lock, in school, and she’s gorgeous. It just makes this whole thing better.

She adds another finger, and continues to lick and suck on my clitoris, my outer lips, my inner lips.

I throw my head back, because she feels fantastic.

After a few minutes of her tongue on me, I feel my orgasm coming and my toes clench as I shout Cassie’s name.

“That was so fast!” Cassie says, laughing. “Let’s try for two.” She starts massaging my vagina anew and licking just the tip of my sensitive clit.

“Oh my god, oh Cassie!” I shout, my eyes closed.

I suddenly feel a rush of cold air and hear a small click. I open my eyes and see Dan standing in the doorway with his friend Derek, who also plays trombone.

“What is this?” Dan says, laughing. “You know this is a school, right? And there are no locks? You kinky little girls, we should all have some fun.”

“Okay, close the door.” Cassie beckons them in. “If that’s okay with Jessie, that is.”

Everyone turns to look at me.

“Sure.” I say. “The more the merrier.”

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