A Little Help from a Friend


The Steeple Hampton Tennis Club was ageing gracefully into extinction. Membership was declining year by year as dementia and decay claimed more victims. As a consequence of declining income, the courts and clubhouse were also decaying. Now it had become impossible to find Committee members from the declining ranks of septuagenarians and octogenarians who had populated these positions year after year.

A few brave souls in their sixties, anxious for some gentle recreation and friendship in their retirement, had been rather reluctantly accepted into the Club, but now became essential as they volunteered their energies as Committee Members. At first Brian and Jennifer found themselves relatively isolated by the older Committee members.

Jennifer and Brian had talked about the need for changes to attract and welcome new members. They also recognised the difficulties of making these changes without alienating the oldies.

Approaching this task gently, Jennifer and Brian were slowly gaining trust and beginning to gain acceptance for their sensitive approach. They agreed that a good place to start would be to have a Club website. This would provide match results and rankings online which a majority of members thought would be a worthwhile change. It would also provide a gateway through which to attract new members which the Club badly needed. They also proposed that the Club should apply for funds from the local Council to improve recreational facilities so that the courts and clubhouse could be revitalised. Again all members approved, and momentum began to build.

Brian was an IT specialist, so quickly put together the outline of a website.

‘Hi Jennifer, I’ve put some ideas together for the website and would like to get your response and your own ideas. Could I pop round some time and show you?’

‘Great, how about Wednesday afternoon, say about 2?’

‘Yes, suits me fine. I’ll see you then’.

Brian was one of those people who liked to be helpful and gained satisfaction from benefiting his community. This made him a popular figure in the village.

‘Hi Jennifer!’

‘Hi Brian, come in. I’m really excited about the progress we’re making. I’m sure the website will make a massive difference and that we’ll attract new members. I’d really like to start some tennis classes for children and young people, and this will give us a means for recruiting and keeping in touch with them. I thought we’d have a wine to celebrate how far we’ve come – I’ve really enjoyed working on this with you!’

After a couple of reds they settled to the task of reviewing the website. It was an easy conversation, ideas flowed freely and between them they made many improvements.

‘Wait until we show them this! I’m sure they’ll be impressed!’ exclaimed Jennifer.

‘Yes, it’s looking really good. It should wow them! What a team! We really do work so well together!’

Jennifer stood up and began to cry. Brian looked concerned.

‘Whatever’s the matter?’ Escort

He stood up and put his arm gently around her shoulders.

‘Oh, I know it’s silly, but being on the Committee and working with you has given renewed purpose to my life. I’ve been rather lost and a bit low since Ken and I split up a year ago, and this has really given me a lift.’

Jennifer cried gently on Brian’s shoulder.

‘Thanks for being a good friend and making me feel useful again.’

‘Jennifer, it’s been a real pleasure. I mean that. I’ve come to appreciate your many talents.’

He gave her a little hug.

‘Oh Brian, it’s not just that. You see’, she paused, ‘I really like you’. She looked meaningfully into his eyes.

Brian swallowed.’Jennifer, I like you too and find you attractive, but I’m a happily married man with three grown up children!’

Jennifer kissed him full on the lips. Brian gasped, alarmed by the electric feelings running through his whole body.

‘I do want you’, she whispered. ‘I’ve fancied you for months, and it’s built up and built up, and now I’m just so frustrated – please!’

‘Jennifer, look, I really can’t, much as I really would like to…’

She kissed him firmly again, pressed herself against him and began to tremble.

‘Look, I really can’t make love to you. I’m sure it would be wonderful and I do desire you, but I couldn’t face living with a lie to my wife.’

‘Could you feel me? I’m just so frustrated and need the release?’

Brian looked into her pleading eyes and gave way. Clasping her too him, he felt his erection growing. Jennifer felt it too and became even more excited, thrusting herself against his thigh. Her legs gave way beneath her and she found herself lying on the carpet with her skirt above her knees, breathing heavily.

Brian was soon beside her, kissed her gently, his hand under her skirt, moving to up her bare smooth thigh. Jennifer squirmed and sighed. When his hand reached the top of her leg and made contact with her knickers, Jennifer’s excitement soared and she groaned with pleasure. Her knickers were wet and this, and the warmth of her there, excited Brian wildly. As he stroked her, her legs opened eagerly.

Brian, head swimming and heart racing, pulled off her knickers and began to feel her urgently. She was thrashing and thrusting now as he felt her wet pubes and located her hot and flowering slit. Slowly his fingers began to stroke and explore while Jennifer writhed appreciatively and began to groan.

He found the hard knob of her clitoris and began to circle it. Jennifer emitted little squeaks of pleasure. Brian was very excited himself now and contemplated changing his mind and entering her. His member was a ramrod, its hugely engorged head thrusting past the elastic of his underpants. Jennifer reached for it, but reluctantly he took her hand away. Inserting his fingers gently inside her, he began to thrust them into her.

Jennifer panted wildly and uncontrollably, Escort Bayan her pleasure increasing until she felt herself passing the point of no return. She tensed. ‘Oh, Brian’ she screeched and, with a great thrust at his hand began to come vigorously. She thrusted repeatedly, shouting ecstatically, her vagina pulsating, out of control, and warm relief surged through her hungry body. Stimulated by her excitement, Brian could no longer contain himself and, with a thrust and a yell, ejaculated very hard into his underpants.

They collapsed contentedly into a heap on the floor for a few minutes, slowly recovering.

‘Oh, that was wonderful, what release! I was just so frustrated and wanted it so much. Thank you!’

Brian was in shock. Shocked that he had succumbed, shocked by how excited he had been, and shocked by how much he had enjoyed it.

‘I don’t know what to say. You caught me in a weak moment and I’m sorry and pleased that it happened both at the same time.’

‘And I’m sorry that I was so selfish and put you in the position that I did. It really was unfair, but at the same time I really enjoyed it. You really turned me on and I would have loved to have had you inside me.’

‘And I would have loved that too.’

‘Perhaps we could have another meeting next week and do it properly? But that would really be the end of it then and we’d both have to accept that and get on with our lives. What do you think?’

Brian was silent for a while. ‘Well, it is certainly a very appealing idea, but it would definitely have to be a one off and never again. Are you sure you are OK with that?’

‘I think we’re both agreed on that and will stick to our promise and not hassle the other, or make things difficult in any way. I certainly don’t want to make things difficult for you. I value our friendship and will just treasure the memory. I’ll be very glad we did it and enjoyed the experience. I was always faithful to Ken and would really like to find a new soul mate myself eventually.’

‘This is the only time I’ve ever strayed from the straight and narrow, and I’m sure it will be the last. But like you, I value our friendship and will cherish the memory always. It’s a big thing sharing yourself with someone when you’ve lived a life of monogamy for so many years.’

The following Wednesday Brian arrived at Jennifer’s door as they had agreed. She opened it and smiled shyly.

‘Do come in!’

She was dressed in a silk dressing gown and looked slightly uneasy.

‘Hello, are you OK?’ He smiled.

‘Yes, I’m fine, just a bit tense.’

He took her in his arms and kissed her gently.

‘Are you sure you want this?’

‘Oh yes, I really do. Just seeing you makes me excited. I’ve wanted you all week. I haven’t felt like this for decades.’

‘Yes, I know what you mean. This is one of those moments in life that you know you are going to remember always – like your first time.’

They embraced fondly Bayan Escort and kissed passionately.

‘Why don’t we go somewhere comfortable?’ She took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom. He picked her up, laid her gently on the bed and lay down beside her.

They kissed and nibbled and smiled and sighed.

‘Oh Brian this feels so good and I don’t really want it to end. But my body’s screaming out for you!’

She unbuttoned his shirt and began to massage his nipples. Brian responded by unbuttoning her dressing gown, his heart already beating vigorously. He was surprised to find that she was completely naked underneath and was thrilled by the sight and feel of her breasts. Her nipples were tightly erect and she squirmed gently as he began to circle them with his fingers.

Jennifer moved to undo his trousers and reached into his underpants to feel his very firm erection, sighing appreciatively. Brian gulped and undid the remaining buttons on her dressing gown, exposing Jennifer’s full nakedness. It was the first time that he’d seen a naked woman, other than his wife, so closely in 40 years. He liked what he saw, very much.

‘Oh Jennifer, you are so lovely, I really want you!’ He kissed her hungrily.

They moved to remove their remaining clothing and looked at each other approvingly. By now they were both panting excitedly and could hardly wait. They kissed wildly and clutched at each other’s sex. Jennifer stroked Brian’s throbbing penis, caressed his balls approvingly, and groaned. So did Brian.

He kissed around her bower of bliss while Jennifer swooned. He felt her wet and slippery opening and she began to thrust at him. His fingers found her clit and she gasped wildly, followed by a deep groan of pleasure as his fingers moved into her warm juicy passage.

‘Brian, I want you in me now!’ she screamed.

Brian was shaking now, he couldn’t remember being so excited. He positioned himself between her legs and, hoping that he wouldn’t come too soon, began to insert his heavily engorged head, dripping with pre cum, into her receptive opening. It’s warm, soft, juiciness enveloped him and she sighed and moaned as she gratefully received his full length into her.

‘Oh that feels wonderful, I’m so near…’

‘Me too!’

And with a couple of hungry, mutual thrusts they tensed, both backs arched, both out of control, and exploded in noisy unison into the longest and most exciting orgasm either of them could remember.

The release was overwhelming for both of them. Happy and exhausted, they snuggled up closely and stroked each other tenderly for some while, enjoying their relaxed post coital state.

Jennifer spoke first.

‘Thank you, that really was one of the best afternoon’s of my life! I will always remember how pleasurable it was.’

‘I’m so glad that you enjoyed it so much. It was incredible for me too, I can’t tell you how thrilling I found it. Thank you, you were wonderful in every way.’

They dressed together like an old married couple, Brian pecked her on the cheek and left to continue with his life, as they had agreed. Jennifer smiled contently. Their shared secret was safe, and life for both of them would never be the same.

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