A Look at Maturity – Part 1


Greg has been going through a rough time, especially since his wife Diane left. Greg and Diane married five years after high school, and he had completed his three years in the Army. Life was rough right from the start, Diane was in and out of psychiatric hospitals even before they married. Greg found out that Diane had been sexually abused by her father. He thought that his love for Diane would help them overcome the trauma.When Diane was first out of the hospital she slept constantly because of the medications. When the meds were finally reduced, she became more productive, and the house started to look like a home. Curtains went up, furniture was placed to appeal to the eye.Even with Diane’s meds being decreased the one part of their marriage did not change that was the sex. Diane hated and would rather throw up than give Greg a blow job, even the taste of his precum made her gag. She was not crazy about Greg eating her pussy either, but it was better than giving him a blow job. Intercourse was either missionary, doggy, or maybe cowgirl, nothing else was acceptable and he better damn well make it quick.With all these restrictions it is a wonder that Diane became pregnant three times. The first time she was pregnant they had a beautiful daughter, Gretchen, the next two pregnancies ended in miscarriages. Diane could not seem to get pregnant again. Then she had her hysterectomy and things changed again. Now Diane slept in another room away from Greg, she did not want to be touched.Greg did not like the new arrangement, but his sense of his vows kept him from looking elsewhere. He loved Diane and felt it was his duty to remain by her side.Diane liked the new arrangement and took advantage of Greg’s sense of responsibility. She loved Greg’s caring for her, providing her with a nice home, and being good for her life. Her duties were taking care of the house, cooking meals, going to church, and supporting Greg at his social functions. But the best part for Diane was she no longer had to perform those wifely duties of having sex with her husband. But he better damn well keep his dick in his pants and not be out cheating.Diane met Christine online and they became friends. Christine did not live close to her and Greg. She was more than halfway across the country, but that did not matter, they enjoyed each other’s company online.Besides Diane’s diagnosis of Bi-Polar, she was now diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. This brought Ankara escort an end to Diane’s driving after almost causing two accidents during one twenty-four-hour period. Greg now had to pick up the duties as Diane’s chauffeur and the shopping. Greg did not mind shopping, it got him out of the house and away from Diane and her criticism of him and their life. When the pandemic hit life started to go to hell in a handbasket rather quickly.One day, while Greg was chauffeuring Gretchen around since she did not drive, Diane wrote to Christine and was bitching about Greg and how he was no longer paying attention to her. Christine took that to mean that Greg was abusing her. She advised Diane that she needed to leave before Greg became violent. Call the police, she said. Leave, get out of there, she advised. He will only get worse, she pressed on.Diane read this and started to believe that Greg would become more and more violent. Little things would irritate Diane and she would provoke an angry comment or cause Greg to throw up his hands, walk out and slam the door.Christine would take these incidents and convince Diane that Greg was a violent man, and he should be locked up for his abusive language and actions.In the middle of spring, while Greg was out, Diane decided that she wanted to move because she could not live with him any longer. When he walked in the door would be the best time to spring her decision on him and whatever he said, she would badger him with the lies she was being fed from Christine.Greg realized that he was not going to win this argument, backed off, and told Diane that if that was what she wanted then that is what she would get. He looked at several retirement communities that he thought they could afford for her. Diane had other ideas, every time Greg mentioned one it was no, she did not like that one or that other one. Greg finally got tired of the whole mess and told Diane this is how much we can afford and find a place of her own.Within a week Diane found her new home and signed the rental agreement and she was to move out by the end of the month. One evening while Greg was in his bedroom, Diane came in, being all lovey-dovey. Greg asked her, “Is this what you want?”“Yes, I cannot live with you any longer,” she told him.Greg looked Diane directly in the eye and asked her, “What is it that makes it that you cannot live here with me any longer?”Her words became Ankara escort bayan hard with a defiant look, and she spat, “Because you are an abusive son-of-a-bitch, that’s why.”“That’s why you came in here all lovey-dovey and telling me how much you love me and will miss me? That does not make any sense Diane, it makes no sense at all. I will tell you right now that if you continue with this move, do not EVER think about moving back, because it will never happen,” he said with finality.Turning on her heel she left the room and spat, “Fine if that’s how you feel.”Knowing how this could escalate ever higher, Greg sat down on the bed and tried to find where it all went wrong. Was it her mental illness or Parkinson’s? No, he realized that it went back much further than that, it started when she had the miscarriages and the hysterectomy. Little by little she became more and more distant. First sleeping in separate rooms, the lack of touch, and the bad moods, especially after she started to email Christine.Greg decided that he needed to know where these thoughts were coming from. He went to their joint email account and found many emails from someone named Christine that Diane had placed in a separate folder thinking Greg would never find them. Greg was shocked at the venom that this woman had for him. She had never met Greg or Diane, she had only meet Diane online, and she was giving her advice to call the cops and to get out of there before he turned violent.Diane moved, and their relationship did not improve much during the several months before Greg filed for divorce. Because of Diane’s medical condition, it was decided, during mediation, that he would change his position to separation, but she had to give up much of what she was demanding.Now Greg was free, except he could not marry. That was alright, he was seventy-three, and who needs to get married again anyway. He went online and found a couple of senior dating sites. Dating sites are tricky he found, from site to site it was hard to find someone close to where he lived and in the correct age group, he knew he would not date someone close to his daughter’s age. He found that when he tried to contact a potential dating partner, he would not get a response, but if he waited, someone would contact him.One night his tablet pinged letting him know that there was a notification from one of the dating sites that he had a message. Escort Ankara Clicking on the notification, he found he had a message from a lady a year older. But hey when you are in your seventies what difference does a year or two make.Opening the message, he found a widow looking for a friend to chat with. Since he was not having any prospects on his own, he sent back a reply. Shortly there was another message.“Hey, Greg, nice to meet you. I saw your picture and wondered if you would like to chat for a while?” signed Paula.Looking over her profile he figured that he needed to take a chance. “Hey Paula, thank you for looking at my profile, I hope that you liked what you saw. I certainly liked your profile and I hope we can get to know each other.”We continued chatting to get to know each other about our jobs over the years. How many children and grandchildren? After chatting for several weeks Greg and Paula decided to meet for lunch. Greg arrived a few minutes early and Paula was a few minutes late. Over the years, Greg learned patience when waiting for his wife or a client. Not everyone had his sense of being on time. They choose to go to lunch shortly after the noon rush, finding a table that looked as if they could have a bit of privacy, they settled in.Upon sitting down the waitress asked if they wanted something to drink and both ordered Iced Tea. Paula ordered a fish and chips platter and Greg the chef’s salad for lunch.While waiting they began to learn more about each other. They talked about which schools they went to. Paula had been a teacher before she retired as was her late husband. After retirement, they build a nice getaway home in Mexico where they spent about six months out of the year. Her husband had passed away a couple of years ago, and she had survived a bout of colon cancer.Greg told her about his stint in the army, his career as a Carpenter, and after nine-eleven how he worked as a medical claims specialist and then as an insurance broker. As they talked, he was evaluating Paula and she was looking at him.Paula was 5”3”, she was slim about 115 pounds, with silver-grey hair, and brown eyes. She wore a floral button-up blouse, tailored pants, and a pair of comfortable flats. Nothing flashy but dressed to be noticed.Greg stood 5’6”, his body was toned showing he kept himself in shape, his hair was salt and pepper, that set off his blue eyes, he wore a light-yellow dress shirt open at the neck, dark dress slacks, and dress shoes.Soon their lunches arrived and as they ate each continued to look and evaluate the other. The restaurant was not overly busy, so they continued to sit and talk for three hours. After which they made a dinner date for Friday evening. Greg would pick up Paula at 7:00.

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