A Mage’s Son


“KEVIN!” Jane cried out, her eyes streaming.The heat from the flames was getting nearer, but her bonds were too tight for her make any progress on escape. The pounding noise on the other side of the thick steel door had become deafeningly loud. Someone was coming for her, but she couldn’t imagine how anyone could get through that door in time.She coughed as the smoke grew ever thicker, and her thoughts went back to Kevin. Just twelve hours ago they had been so happy.* * * *The morning light was peaking in between the blinds when Jane woke up. She stretched and turned over. There was Kevin, lying next to her, staring at her.”Morning,” she said sleepily, “how long have you been awake?””About half an hour,” he replied, still staring at her.”… And you’ve just been watching me sleep this whole time?” she asked, with a raised eyebrow.”I love watching you sleep,” he replied. “Well, I just love looking at you in general,” he added, looking down at her exposed breasts.Jane realized that she was naked. She instinctively started to cover herself up, but stopped, lifted up the sheets, and said, “Well, look fast because I have to go to work.””I do everything fast, remember?” he said slyly.Jane knew exactly what he meant. Kevin had an unusual power.When they first met, it was a typical university dorm relationship. It only took them a few weeks to become a couple. Time takes on a different meaning when you live so closely together; dating for a week in residence is like dating for months in the real world. They had met, spent time together, and eventually she had kissed him.As they grew closer, they became sexual, and Kevin revealed himself to be a wizard with his fingers and tongue. But he was always standoffish when she tried to please him back, and obstinately refused to remove his pants. Jane thought he must be shy or embarrassed, and tried to make him feel more comfortable, but it was a real blocker for him. Finally, one night he explained the situation.”Okay… you see… the thing is… well… I have a… a… tattoo,” Kevin stammered nervously.Jane wore her best ‘seriously, that’s all?’ expression, but Kevin still seemed nervous.”Well, the tattoo is actually… well… it’s on my penis.” He paused. “… And it glows.”Jane looked at him blankly. She wasn’t sure if he was joking, or if she should make a joke, or what. But Kevin’s cheeks were flushed, and he was staring at the floor in all seriousness.”It really doesn’t matter,” she reassured him, “and besides, now I won’t lose my way. You have a built-in nightlight.”She had meant to be supportive, but she had wound up making a joke after all.Not knowing how else to reassure him, she put her hand on his cheek and kissed him. Then she kissed him harder and put her tongue in his mouth.After a few deep kisses, she removed her shirt and bra, and pushed his head between her breasts. He loved playing with her breasts, so she knew it would calm him down.While Kevin squeezed her breasts and sucked on her nipples, she slowly felt her way down to his waist. She could feel him resisting still, but she pushed her chest on him until at last she managed to unbutton his pants.Kevin froze and looked up at her nervously.”Don’t worry,” she said softly as she finally pulled down his pants and boxers.As promised, there was the tattoo. His erection made it easier to Ankara escort see. Ranging from the base of his penis, all the way up to the tip, were strange circles and lines interwoven into an incredibly intricate pattern. The whole design emitted a dull green light.”It’s beautiful,” Jane gasped, and she meant it.As the evening progressed, she fondled and stroked her boyfriend gently until he finally succumbed to her touch. One could say that she simply gave her boyfriend a hand job, but it was much more personal than that.Jane expected to hear some funny or embarrassing story about how he got such a tattoo, probably involving lots of alcohol, but Kevin continued to be touchy about the subject. So she decided to not to press him about it, but instead concocted a plan to prove that she was really didn’t mind.The following Saturday evening started with a fancy meal at a local restaurant. Jane had tied up her hair, and was wearing a criminally tight black dress. She was going to be the prettiest thing in town that night, and she was going to make sure that Kevin knew it.Everyone they passed on their way back to the dorms, turned to stare at her. No one, including Kevin, was in any doubt about her plans for the evening. Even so, Kevin was still showing some small signs of reluctance, which caused Jane to wonder once more why that tattoo bothered him so much.She led him back her dorm room and sat him down on her bed. The bedside lamp was lit, but the room was otherwise dark. She walked to the foot of the bed, turned to face him, and started unzipping her slinky dress.”Look Jane…” Kevin started, but Jane immediately hushed him.”Don’t tell me that you’re embarrassed by a little thing like having a glowing green drawing on your body?” she whispered.Then she let her dress drop to the floor and was delighted by his reaction. He laughed. He laughed long and hard, all signs of tension or nervousness completely drained away in that moment. Jane stood there, in the semi-darkness, grinning to herself, wearing nothing but black lingerie and the drawing of an arrow, pointing from her navel to her pelvis, in luminescent green body paint.After that night, there was no more embarrassment, but it still took nearly a year before Kevin finally gave her the whole story.”Look, I’m not supposed to talk about this. Not with anyone. Not ever. But I love you, and it kills me to keep secrets from you. I know that I can trust you, but I’ve been told not to talk about this for so long, you understand, that it’s hard for me to do it,” Kevin rambled, clearly agitated.Jane looked at him curiously.”Okay. This is going to sound crazy, but please just listen. You know my… uh… tattoo?” Kevin started.”Oh, you mean Beacon Hill?” Jane replied, but instantly regretted it. This was apparently not the time for lighthouse jokes.Kevin continued trepidatiously, “Well, it’s not actually a tattoo at all. It a magic crest.”The air seemed to stand still with these words. Jane had no idea if she should laugh or not. It was clearly a joke, but Kevin’s serious expression stopped her words. Apparently, it didn’t stop the incredulous look on her face.”I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out,” Kevin added quickly. “Okay. My father was a mage. Hold on, just listen. Suspend your disbelief just for a minute, Ankara escort bayan and let me tell you a story. “There are magic users in this world. But magic is hard and can’t be perfected in just one generation. So a mage passes on his research to his child to carry on the work. But they are super secretive about it. There are these long, multi-generational feuds between mage families, so the work is kept hidden.””So, you’re a wizard Harry,” Jane said, before she could to stop herself.”I know it sounds crazy, but let me finish,” Kevin continued. “My father was a mage, as I said. I think that I also told you that he disappeared mysteriously when I was ten. About a month before he disappeared, he came to me and explained that he was a magic user, and that he needed to pass on his research to me. He seemed really desperate about it, like he knew something was about to happen to him.”Over the next few weeks, he showed me the basics of magic, but I didn’t really have enough time to train properly. It takes years of work to be able to control it. Even if he didn’t have time to teach me everything, he didn’t want sixteen generations of research to just be lost.”I couldn’t even read the results of this research at the time. I still can’t. It just looks like a drawing to me, but that’s the magic crest. It represents hundreds of years of research, and is extremely valuable to the right people.”Kevin smirked slightly as he continued, “I didn’t understand what he meant at the time, but he said that he needed the crest to remain hidden, and that he apologized to my future wife. He picked a place to put the crest where I couldn’t lose it, but where it wouldn’t be seen without my consent.”There’s a reason why the tattoo glows. It’s because it’s not a tattoo at all, it was placed there by my father using a procedure that I don’t even remember.”There was a deep silence. Neither of them knew what to say next.Finally Kevin exclaimed, “Oh! Right. I haven’t shown you yet. I can use it a little.”With these words he stood up and moved, nearly instantly, to the other side of the room. He was so fast that he was barely even a blur to Jane’s eyes.”It’s speed magic,” he explained unnecessarily.Jane took a few seconds to compose her thoughts. “So… you’re a mage,” she started.”A mage’s son, really, not a real mage,” he corrected.”And you can move really fast, but don’t want the bad guys to find out,” she finished.”Essentially,” he confirmed, seeming emboldened by her understanding.Jane paused for another few seconds. “So, you are like a superhero. I think I’ve heard about someone like this from a comic book. X-Team or something like that.”She saw Kevin smile slightly at this. She clearly got it wrong, but it didn’t seem like he was going to muddy the conversation by correcting her.”No. I don’t go around zooming into crime scenes to disarm criminals,” Kevin explained, “I’d probably just get shot if I tried, or discovered by a real mage. I’m certainly not a hero. If anything, this is coward’s magic. Apparently, there are lots of powerful mages out there who would want to steal it, but all I would do is use it to run away.”All of these remembrances passed through Jane’s head in an instant while she held up the sheet, giving Kevin a full view of her body. She glanced down into the Escort Ankara bed, and she could see by the light of Kevin’s crest that he was already at full attention. She doubted that he had simply been “watching” her while she slept.Kevin seemed to follow her gaze, and when she looked back up at his face, he raised his eyebrows at her. Jane gave a small sigh, looked at her alarm clock, and said, “Troublemaker. Fifteen minutes. Then I really have to go to work.”* * * *They had been together for years, so Kevin was fully confident that he could get the job done in under fifteen minutes. There was no need to rush.He reached over and put his hand on the sunbeam lying on her cheek. After a moment, he moved his hand behind her ear and started gently scratching the back of her head. Jane closed her eyes in response.Kevin slid his arm underneath her, wrapping it around her waist, and pulled her close to him. With one hand cradling her head and the other holding her tightly, he kissed all down the side of neck. They had both just woken up, so he thought it best to not kiss on the lips.He loosened his grip, allowing her to fall onto her back, where she stretched sinuously, pulling the sheets down to her waist with her knees. He propped himself up onto his elbow while his other hand slid from her head down to her breast. His fingernails brushed by her nipple which instantly hardened at the attention. He moved his head over and licked her erect nipple, causing Jane to let out a little squeak. Kevin’s hand continued its journey down her abdomen to her hips. He felt Jane’s legs spread a little bit apart in anticipation, as she grabbed his head and pulled it onto her breasts. He gently teased her nipples with his tongue while his hand moved down and caressed her inner thigh.Jane seemed to grow impatient, and she pressed her legs together, forcing his hand to move from her thigh to her vulva. Kevin could feel that she was already quite wet as he gently spread open her lips and ran his finger up to her clitoris. Jane gave a sharp intake of breath at this, then her strength seemed to leave her as he started to gently rub circles around the little nub.Her breathing seemed to synchronize with the rhythm of his fingers; each exhale becoming a little bit louder as he rubbed ever faster. He could feel her rocking her hips, pushing her pelvis towards his hand, trying to get closer to his touch.”You know,” Jane started to say between quick breaths, “the other day, my girlfriends were chatting about vibrators. It was all I could do to not tell them all about what I have at home.”Kevin smiled. Jane clearly knew his tricks. In fact, she was the one who originally suggested them. He concentrated, and channeled his magic into his left hand. His fingers started to move at an impossible speed, as fast as any toy her friends might have. Jane reacted instantly with a moan.He vibrated her clitoris from side to side, then in circles, then pressing and releasing. With the each change, Jane gave a small cry. Her hips were gyrating as she lifted them up into the air.”Fair warning,” Jane managed to mutter. Kevin knew that to mean that she was close to finished, so he slowed down his pace. Her hips returned to the bed, and she exhaled as if she hadn’t taken a breath in minutes. There was only enough time to give her a single orgasm this morning, so he let her come down a little bit by caressing her softly while she caught her breath.After a few seconds of calm, he suddenly moved onto his knees, spread her legs apart, and dove his tongue right into her slit. Taken off guard, Jane gave another quick intake of breath.

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