A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part II


A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part IIA Mother’s Helping Hands – Part IIa reality-based fiction by DizzyDThis is part II of an erotic novel. If you haven’t read Part I, you can link it here: http://xhamster.com/user/DizzyD427/posts/297727.htmlIf you have, enjoy Part IIDr. Julie Alexander had gotten up at 3:00 am to see her husband off on his month-long business trip, and after trying unsuccessfully to get a few more hours of sleep, she was now sitting in her office waiting for her first appointment. As she did, the memories of what had happened with Jamie Bradley the day before were still fresh and vivid in her mind, and the sleep she had lost while obsessing over the bizarre events made her glad she only had office hours until noon. She was also glad she had a short day because she was looking forward to having a long lunch with her new friend Charlotte Bradley, Jamie’s mom. It seems that the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the teenage boy’s condition, and the personal nature of his recommended treatment had forged a unique bond and fast friendship between the two women, so they had decided to have a ‘girl’s lunch’ and get to know each other better. Julie had never anticipated a lunch the way she did this one. It was mostly because she wanted to ask Charlotte about how they were dealing with Jamie’s ‘unique’ treatments, but it was also because she had never felt as comfortable with a girlfriend as she did with the Charlotte, and in such a short amount of time. As she checked her watch and saw that it was after nine o’clock, she figured it was late enough to call and confirm their luncheon engagement, and to see how her patient had fared through the night.The beautiful doctor’s heart raced as she dialed the phone, almost as if she was calling to confirm a first date with a man. But she knew the reason for her excitement was the hope that Charlotte might have some juicy details of Jamie’s ‘treatment’ that she might share. But even in her wildest dreams, there was no way she could imagine what had happened at the Bradley home the night before… or what the future held for all of them.Meanwhile at the Bradley house, Charlotte was pouring a second cup of coffee as her mind swirled with her own thoughts of what had happened the previous day. Was it the wine that had lowered her inhibitions, or was it the fact that she had been without a man for so long that caused her curiosity about her son? And why was it that she felt no guilt at all over what had happened? Just then her thoughts were broken by the phone ringing.She checked the caller ID and saw who it was, and then clicked the receiver and cheerfully said, “Hey, good morning Julie!”“Hi Charlotte, I hope I’m not calling too early,” Julie replied, and then she said, “But I have a patient in a few minutes, and I just wanted to make sure we are still on for lunch.” “Absolutely,” Charlotte answered enthusiastically.“Fantastic,” Julie said, and then she added, “And speaking of patients, how did everything go with Jamie last night?”Suddenly Charlotte was tongue-tied. She very nearly told her how she had accidentally given Jamie a video of herself masturbating, and then hid in the shadows and watched him jerk off as he viewed it… and masturbated herself, but she wondered what Julie would think of her… even though it was her who said there should be no boundaries on what a mother should do for her son. So when she spoke, all that came out was, “Well Julie, ummm… everything was, uhhh… good I guess.”Julie immediately sensed her new friend’s hesitance and quickly asked, “Is everything alright Charlotte?”The young mother realized she must sound like a babbling idiot, so instead of sharing too many details, she decided to give her friend the abridged version and said, “Well, I took your advice and gave Jamie some lubricant and an adult DVD that belonged to my ex, and it really seemed to help him relieve his discomfort… in fact, he’s still fast asleep.”Somehow Julie knew that Charlotte was holding something back, but decided to wait until lunch to press for more details. So instead she just said, “Well I’m glad that worked out for him,” and then she added, “I’m sorry I have to rush off now, but I can’t wait for lunch!”“I know, I’m really looking forward to it too… see you at 12:30,” Charlotte answered, and then the two friends said goodbyes and hung up.As soon as the beautiful doctor put down the phone, she closed her eyes and imagined her young patient stroking his teenage cock as he watched the porn movie his mom gave him. She could see his hand sliding up and down his hard cock, the skin slick and wet from the lube. She could imagine the head swelling, and then hearing Jamie grunt as the first bursts of hot white cum rushed through the throbbing shaft and squirted from the tip. Julie’s pussy tingled as she licked her lips, remembering the taste of Jamie’s young sperm from the day before. Then something else popped into her mind… something she hadn’t considered to that point. For the first time she wondered if her own son’s cum would taste as good as Jamie’s had. After all, they were the same age, so would it be the same, or was it just her young patient’s semen that was unique?Almost immediately, other questions began flooding her mind. How big was Tyler’s cock when it was hard? Who did he think about her when he jerked off? Did he ever think of her? Then she tried to conjure up an image of what her son might look like as he masturbated, something he evidently practiced often according to the numerous cum towels she found, and as she did, her pussy trembled.But the image was short lived as just then, the intercom notified her that her first patient had arrived. She cursed under her breath, regretting she didn’t have a few minutes to lock herself in her private bathroom and finger her twitching cunt to a much needed orgasm. Instead, she stood up, put on her white lab coat, and became ‘Dr. Julie Alexander’, the proper and professional family physician.Just as Julie was preparing to see her first patient, Charlotte was going to Jamie’s room to wake him. As she quietly opened the door and stuck her head in, she saw her handsome son lying on his back, still in a deep sleep, with over six inches of hard young cock bobbing above his stomach. She could see it still looked a little red and irritated from the previous day’s activities, and the amount of blood that was trapped inside the organ had the head swollen and purple.‘My poor boy… he must be so frustrated’ Charlotte thought to herself as she quietly walked over to his bed. Carefully she sat down next to him, trying not to wake him. As her beautiful ass rested on the bed, Jamie let out a little snort, but then he sighed loudly and continued his slumber.It had been well over the four hour window that Julie recommended between masturbation sessions, but Charlotte hated to wake her son. She knew that sleep was probably the only time he didn’t have to think about the discomfort his erections were causing… but she also knew that he needed the release. At that moment she made a decision that would change their relationship forever.As her son slept peacefully, Charlotte extended her hand towards his groin, and then gently wrapped her fingers around his hard penis. Jamie’s body twitched for a moment, but then relaxed again. Once she knew he was back in a deep sleep, she began slowly stroking her hand up and down his cock. She couldn’t believe how hot the twitching organ felt in her palm. The shaft was as hard as steel, but the thin layer of silky smooth skin covering his prick glided easily as she manipulated him with her hand.Charlotte knew that the numerous orgasms Jamie had the day before would cause him to last a little while longer… plus the fact that he was sleeping would probably slow the process. Still, she was determined to try and milk her son’s beautiful cock to orgasm without waking him. But just then Jamie let out a soft groan, and as his eyes opened, he said, “M… Mom?”“Shhhh… it’s ok honey, I know how frustrating this whole thing has been, so let me take care of this for you,” Charlotte whispered to her groggy son… never stopping her gentle stroking of his erection.Now Jamie was fully awake, and aware of what was going on. His beautiful mother was masturbating him. Her hand felt so soft and gentle as it stroked him. While the skin on his penis was a little irritated, having his mom give him a hand job was the most amazing thing he had ever felt. As he looked into her green eyes, she gave him a reassuring smile… and he smiled back at her, feeling loved and protected.Charlotte could feel her son’s body start to squirm in response to her manipulation, and that was when she asked, “So honey, did you enjoy the video I gave you last night?”“It was amazing Mom… I can’t believe you gave me a video of you to watch,” Jamie replied through a cracking voice as him mom started stroking his cock a little faster.“Well I have to confess something… I gave that one to you by accident,” and then she added, “I was going to take it back, but when you got so excited that it was me, I decided to let you watch it.”Despite the incredible sensation his mom’s hand was giving him, he suddenly got a puzzled look on his face and said, “How did you know I was excited, I thought you went to bed before I… you know.”Charlotte never stopped stroking him as she said, “Well, that’s another confession I have to make… I hid in the hallway and watched you.”“What… you watched me do it?” Jamie exclaimed, feeling a little confused and embarrassed that his mom had watched him jerk off.Charlotte immediately sensed his discomfort and said, “Don’t be embarrassed honey… I really enjoyed watching you,” and then she thought of something that might put him even more at ease, and maybe even excite him when she said, “And if it makes you feel any better… I masturbated too.”“You masturbated while you watched me?” Jamie exclaimed as his mother’s revelation sent a tingle from his brain to the base of his burgeoning penis.“Yes I did,” Charlotte replied to her shocked and excited son as she continued to jerk his cock. As she increased the speed of her strokes, she noticed her son staring at her chest, and as her eyes followed his she saw why. She was still in her flimsy tee shirt, and as she jerked him, he could see her large, braless tits wobbling underneath the thin material. She smiled when she realized what he was seeing, and said, “Jamie I know your penis must be getting sore from all this masturbating… do you think if I took my shirt off, it might help you ejaculate faster?”Jamie never took his eyes from her chest as he said, “Yes please.”Charlotte released her son’s raging cock for a moment, causing him to groan in disappointment… but only until she pulled the plain white tee shirt over her head and exposed her beautiful breasts to his hungry gaze. As her son stared at her tits in amazement, Charlotte asked, “Well, do they look as good in real life as they do on video?”Jamie nodded and said, “They’re perfect,” as he feasted his eyes on his mother’s breasts. Even though he had seen them on the video the night before, they most definitely looked even more magnificent in person… full and round, and capped by dark pink nipples which were hard and erect. Without thinking, he began reaching towards his mother’s chest, but then realized what he was doing and stopped himself… but only until Charlotte said, “It’s okay honey… you can touch them.”Jamie tentatively reached his hands out, and then whispered, “Oh wow,” as they were filled with his mom’s beautiful tits.Charlotte closed her eyes and let out a soft, “Mmmmm,” as her son began kneading her tender breasts. Jamie could feel his mother’s hard nipples pressing into his palms as he squeezed the two globes of feminine flesh. He was amazed that they could be so soft and so firm at the same time. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he hardly realized his mom had begun stroking his erect penis again. But that changed when he suddenly felt a little stinging pain.When Jamie suddenly winced, his mom said, “Are you alright honey?”“Yeah mom,” he quietly answered, never taking his hands away from her breasts, and then he added, “I guess it’s like you said, I’m just a little sore from all the, you know… masturbating I’ve done.”“I’m sorry Jamie… do you want me to stop,” his mom asked in a sympathetic tone.“Oh god, no mom!” he exclaimed… fearing he had ruined everything.“Okay honey… I won’t stop,” Charlotte quickly replied, and then as she looked around, she asked, “Where’s the lube I gave you last night.”“I left it out in the living room,” Jamie sighed in disappointment, thinking his mother was going to release the wonderful grip she had on his throbbing organ so she could retrieve the lubricant. Instead, Charlotte just smiled at him and said, “Well maybe I don’t need it.” And then she leaned over his lap and let a long stream of saliva leak from her mouth and on to the swollen head of his penis. As she used her hand to spread her spit on his irritated shaft, she asked, “Does that feel better honey?”“A lot better… thanks mom,” Jamie sighed as him mother started gently jacking his swollen dick again.Now Jamie could feel the familiar tingling starting to build in the spot between his balls and the base of his penis as his mother stroked him. The combination of his mom’s hand job, and the fact that he was playing with her incredible breasts was beginning to have the desired effect. But before Charlotte could coax him to orgasm, the spit she was using to lubricate his erection had already dried up.“Mom… it’s starting to sting, can you spit on it again,” Jamie groaned in a disappointed tone.Charlotte looked into her son’s eyes and smiled, and then she whispered, “I think I might have a better idea,” and as Jamie watched, his mother leaned over again, but instead of stopping to spit on his cock, she parted her lips and sucked his swollen organ deep into her mouth.“Oh Mommmmmm,” Jamie groaned as his hard cock was enveloped by a warmth and wetness he couldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams. The once irritated skin felt like it had been healed as Charlotte used her soft tongue to bathe his swollen shaft with her soothing saliva. Then she began slowly bobbing her head up and down as she applied gentle suction to her son’s aching penis.If Jamie hadn’t cum so many times the previous day, he probably wouldn’t have lasted a minute… but because he had, he was able to enjoy the full effect of his mother’s loving blowjob. As she slid her soft lips up and down his shaft, she used her tongue to massage the underside, causing incredible sensations that he had never thought possible. Jamie was still playing with his mom’s tits as she sucked him, causing her to groan, “Mmmmm,” even though her mouth was filled with his hard cock. Then she added a new sensation as she reached between his legs and gently squeezed his balls.“Oh Mom… it feels so good,” Jamie groaned in pleasure as Charlotte’s head moved up and down over and over, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. The increasing pressure at the base of his swollen penis had built to the point where it felt like a soda bottle that had been shaken to build up pressure, and he knew his mom’s soft lips and talented tongue were about to make it burst. Charlotte could also sense that her son was getting ready to cum, and started sucking him in greater earnest. But blowjob protocol was new to Jamie, and he suddenly worried that his mom might not want a mouthful of sperm like he had accidentally given Dr. Alexander, so as he got closer to release he said, “Mom, it’s getting ready to happen.”But instead of pulling away, his mom just moaned an encouraging, “Mmmm hmmm,” as she began bobbing her head faster.Jamie was still worried that his mom hadn’t heard him, and as he felt himself getting ready to cum he groaned, “Mom, I’m serious… I’m really getting ready to shoot.”At that moment Charlotte took her mouth from her son’s bloated cock and quickly said, “I know you are honey… it’s okay,” and then she sucked him back into her hungry mouth.That was all Jamie needed to hear, and as his mom began swirling her tongue around the sensitive glans, he cried out, “Oh jeez Mom… here it cooomes,” and just as Charlotte plunged her mouth down to the base of his rock hard prick, it erupted.“Arrrrgggghhhh,” Jamie cried out as the base of his cock began to convulse wildly, pumping his load into his mom’s waiting mouth. Charlotte could feel her son’s shaft pulsing between her sealed lips as quick bursts of young cum splattered against the roof of her mouth and the back of her throat. The warm liquid coated her tongue and painted her tonsils as she continued to slide her mouth up and down his twitching organ… determined to milk every drop of sweet juice from his balls.Jamie was groaning incoherently as his mom’s soft lips manipulated his jerking shaft, and the pleasure that each involuntary muscle spasm sent rocketing through his body was like nothing he had ever felt. He wasn’t sure if it was because this was his first blowjob, or because it was being delivered by his beautiful mother, but whatever the reason, he was certain that nothing could ever equal the incredible feeling of that moment… and she felt very much the same.Now Jamie was moaning softly, and Charlotte eryaman escort could feel the contractions at the base of her son’s cock beginning to ease. The hard spurts of cum that had filled her mouth had turned to a gentle trickle that coated her tongue with the last of his sweet, salty sperm. And as she savored the taste and texture of her son’s discharge, her first thought was, ‘Oh my God, Julie was right… it is delicious’. When the twitching in Jamie’s shaft stopped completely, Charlotte let his softening prick slip from between her lips, leaving it clean as a whistle. Then as she looked him in the eyes, she swallowed with a gulp… letting the rest of his rich, creamy liquid slide down her throat.With the remainder of Jamie’s orgasm now safely deposited in her stomach, Charlotte smiled at her handsome son and said, “Do you feel better now, honey.”“Jeez mom, yes… thank you,” Jamie groaned as he lay drained and motionless on his bed.Charlotte took Jamie’s hand and pressed it against her naked breasts and said, “I’m glad you liked it, and there is nothing that I won’t do for you honey,” and then she added, “But that was a one-time special treat for you, and it has to stay between us… I hope you understand.”The disappointment on the teenage boy’s face was evident, but as he took a moment to squeeze his mother’s tits one last time he said, “I understand mom.”With that, Charlotte leaned over and kissed him on his forehead, and then she moved down and pressed her lips to his in a short, but tender kiss. As she sat up she looked at him with smile on her face and a small tear of joy in her eye, she whispered, “I love you honey.”“I love you too mom,” Jamie answered back.Charlotte left Jamie’s room, telling herself that what she had done was strictly for the benefit of her only son, but at the same time she felt the intense fire burning deep in her groin… a fire started by the feeling of his hard cock pulsing between her lips as it flooded her mouth with his sweet young cum. As she slipped her hand between her thighs and cupped her smoldering pussy… she licked her lips, still tasting faint remnants of her son’s sperm. She was so aroused that she thought about giving her vibrator a workout, but she had to get ready for her lunch with Julie, so she decided to put her desires on hold… and keeping her sexual tension at a peak would prove to have benefits later that day.Instead, Julie took a shower… once again resisting the urge to finger her aching cunt to orgasm, and then she got dressed for her lunch engagement with her new friend. When she emerged from her bedroom wearing a short white skirt, sleeveless top and heels, Jamie said, “Wow mom, you look so pretty… where are you going?”Charlotte blushed at her son’s compliment and said, “Why thank you kind sir,” and then she added, “I’m sorry honey… I thought I told you I was having lunch with Dr. Alexander today.”“No you didn’t, but that’s awesome mom!” Jamie exclaimed. The truth was that Jamie sometimes felt guilty that his young mom dedicated so much time to him when she could be going out and having fun with friends, or even dating. So the fact that it looked like she was developing a friendship with Dr. Alexander made him very happy… plus he really liked his pretty doctor, so that was a bonus.As Charlotte prepared to depart, Jamie said, “Mom, I just wanted to let you know that I got another erection at about 11:00.”It was about 9:30 when Jamie released his last orgasm into his mom’s talented mouth… meaning it had taken an hour and a half for him to get another erection. As she grabbed her keys and headed to the door, she kissed Jamie on the cheek and said, “Well it looks like it’s taking longer for your erections to come back, just like Dr. Alexander had hoped,” and then she added, “Now just in case I’m not home, if your erection doesn’t go away by 3:00, you need to go ahead and take care of it, okay?”Her young son let out a big sigh and said, “Okay mom… but it was sure a lot more fun when you did it for me this morning.”Charlotte just looked at him with one raised eyebrow and said, “Jamie, I told you that was a one-time thing.” Then she added, “But I left a new DVD next to the lube in the living room to help you… okay.”“Okay mom,” Jamie replied with a disappointed groan, and then Charlotte blew him a kiss and headed off to meet Julie for lunch.When Charlotte arrived at the restaurant, Julie was already waiting for her in the foyer. Both women’s faces lit up when they saw each other, and then they shared a huge hug. As Charlotte held Julie at arm’s length, she looked her over. She was wearing a pair of very stylish jeans that clung to her in all the right places, a cute tank top that showed her toned arms, and heels made her look even more sexy.This was the first time Charlotte had seen the beautiful doctor wearing anything but a knee length skirt and lab coat, and she said, “Julie, you look fabulous.”The fair skinned doctor blushed, and then said, “Thanks… I was just going to tell you the same thing.” It was already obvious how much the two women both liked and admired each other, and after complimenting the other on their appearance, they finally made their way to the host’s podium where they were greeted by Raymond, the Maitre’ d … who took them to their reserved window table. Once seated, Raymond said, “Sparkling water today, Doctor Alexander?”“No Raymond, my office hours are through for the day, so I believe we’re going to have some wine,” she replied, and Charlotte nodded in agreement. Then Julie asked, “Charlotte… is white alright with you?”“Sounds perfect,” she replied.With that, Julie said, “Raymond, you always have great taste, why don’t you just bring us a bottle of something crisp and light that we would enjoy on a beautiful summer afternoon.”As the girls chatted, Raymond returned with a bottle of Pinot Grigio. After pouring the wine, he asked if they were ready to order, but both ladies wanted to enjoy the wine and each other’s company, so they asked him to check back later… and with that, the two new friends were off and running.Over the next hour or so, they shared everything… their education, family background, personal lives, Charlotte’s divorce… and as the wine kept flowing, the conversation got more and more candid. That was when the first bottle of wine ran out. After ordering a second bottle, they also ordered lunch… two of the Bistro’s famous Cobb Salads with their signature dressing, and as they ate, they shared more conversation, and more wine.When they finished their salads, Julie said, “So has Jamie had any problems with his treatment?”“No, he’s handled things pretty well,” Charlotte replied, starting to feel the effects of the wine, and then she added, “But I did take your advice and gave him some lube and an x-rated DVD to help.”Julie was also starting to feel a buzz and she said, “Wow, I’ll bet he loved that… his pretty mother giving him some porn to look at.”Both women laughed out loud, and then Charlotte said, “Speaking of which, I’d better call him and remind him he’s due for a ‘treatment’.”Once again the two women giggled like naughty school girls as Charlotte fished her phone from her purse. She was going to take it outside, but since it was already almost 3:00, and they were the only ones left in the restaurant, she decided to make the call from the table. But before she could dial, Julie stopped her and said, “Hey, do you have any other plans for this afternoon?”“Not really… why,” Charlotte replied.“Well I am having such a nice time that I don’t want this to end,” Julie replied, and then she added, “I have a big beautiful pool in my back yard, and with Clark and Tyler both being away, we can continue our girl’s day with some sun, water, and maybe a margarita or two!”“Oh that sounds perfect,“ Charlotte replied, but then she frowned and said, “But I don’t have a bathing suit, and what would I tell Jamie if I go home to get one?”“Well you can borrow one of my suits, and you can tell Jamie that we decided to go do some shopping,” Julie answered excitedly, and then she added, “And besides, you left him with a porn DVD and some lube, so I’m sure he can occupy himself!”Both women laughed hysterically at Julie’s comment, and then Charlotte called her son. As Julie listened, Charlotte told Jamie that they were going shopping, and that it was time to relieve himself. That was when Jamie said, “Gee mom, I was hoping you might come home and help me.”Julie couldn’t hear what Jamie was saying, and Charlotte didn’t want to raise any questions or suspicions with her friend, so she just said, “Look, I can’t talk about that right now, but I told you this morning that was just a one-time thing honey… okay.” When Julie heard what Charlotte said, her curiosity about what was ‘just one time thing’ peaked… but rather than ask for an explanation right then, she decided to wait until they were sitting by her pool. After Charlotte hung up and they paid the check, the two slightly tipsy friends decided to take a cab the short distance to Julie’s house, and pick up their cars later. As the cab pulled into Julie’s driveway, Charlotte couldn’t help but comment on how beautiful the house was, and after paying the cabbie, the two buzzed women went inside. The house was gorgeous… large but not too large, and beautifully decorated. As Charlotte followed Julie, she saw the family portrait hanging over the fireplace. She had to admit the Alexander family was certainly a good looking one… not that hers wasn’t. Tyler, who was the same age as Jamie, had straight blonde hair and Scandinavian features like his parents, and Charlotte couldn’t help but say, “Well you certainly have two handsome men in your life.”“Thank you Charlotte,” Julie replied to the nice compliment, and then she said that Jamie was also growing into a very handsome young man. In fact, both boys took after their parents, with Jamie sharing his mother’s dark wavy hair and Mediterranean features. After touring the inside, they walked outside to the magnificent in-ground pool. The area was beautifully landscaped, and the entire back yard was surrounded by a ten foot high fence backed with a stand of pine trees that gave the pool complete privacy. Once the tour was done, Julie said, “Now why don’t we go get you a swimsuit and I’ll get the blender going!”Julie led Charlotte to her closet, and as she did she said, “Well you’re a little more full-figured than me, so all of my suits are going to be a little small on you, especially in the boob department,” then she added, “But with the privacy fence nobody can see us anyway.” With that, Julie pulled out a two-piece white suit for Charlotte, and a black one for herself, and then she set off to another room to change. As Charlotte began taking off her clothes, she caught a glimpse of herself in a full length mirror. She really did have to admit that as a woman in her thirties with a teenage son, she still had a great body. She did have more curves than Julie, but they were in all the right places, without a bit of excess fat. As she pulled the bottoms of the white suit on, she noticed that quite a bit of her full round ass cheeks were still exposed, and the small triangle in the front was just enough to hide her smooth pubic mound. Then as she put the top on, she could see an ample amount of cleavage and side boob was still clearly visible. Under no circumstances would she ever wear a suit so revealing in public, but since it was just her and Julie, and the drinks were flowing, she decided what the hell. With that, she tied a matching white cover-up around her waist, slipped on her heels and sauntered downstairs.When she walked into the kitchen, Julie was already changed and setting up the blender. When she saw her new friend she said, “Oh my god Charlotte… you look sensational.”Charlotte checked Julie out in her black two piece with a sarong tied around her waist, leaving her midriff bare, and said, “So do you,” and then she added, “Damn, I would kill for your abs.”Julie laughed and said, “I was just thinking the same about your tits!”“Well I’ll trade my tits for your cute little ass,” Charlotte replied. “You’re crazy, I have a skinny ass, but I would love that junk that’s in your trunk,” Julie said with a giggle. It was obvious that the wine had melted any inhibitions, and as Julie handed Charlotte a margarita, she said, “Typical women, we always want what someone else has… let’s go get some sun.”When they reached the deck, Julie set down her drink and then untied her wrap, and Charlotte saw why her ass looked so incredible under the material… she was wearing a tiny thong. As she ogled her friend’s naked ass, she took a big gulp of the margarita, and then she dropped her own cover up. While her suit wasn’t a thong, it showed almost as much of her derriere as Julie’s did, confirming what the young doctor said… while one was plump and the other more athletic, they both possessed a perfect ass. As the two sat sipping their drinks and enjoying the sun, Charlotte asked, “So how often do you sit out here?”“Whenever I can… I love the sun,” Julie replied, and then she said, “In fact, with this privacy fence, I’ll usually sunbathe topless or even nude when the boys are away.”Charlotte giggled and said, “I thought I noticed an absence of tan lines.” Then she added, “Don’t you ever worry that someone might see you?”Julie took another sip of her drink and then she said, “Well actually there was one incident a couple of years ago, there was a k** down the street… he was about as old as Jamie and Tyler are now, and I caught him peeking at me through a gap in the fence.”“Oh my God… what did you do?” Charlotte asked.“Well, the gap was right over there,” Julie indicated by pointing towards the fence, “And I was sitting here topless when I thought I saw some movement… so I went inside and slipped on a shirt and shorts, and then I sneaked around the back of the fence, and saw it was my young neighbor.”“Wow… so did you call his parents,” Charlotte asked.A gleam came to Julie’s eye as she said, “Well I didn’t really know his parents since all the houses here are quite a ways apart… so I decided to tech him a lesson and have some fun with him at the same time, so I sneaked back into the house and took everything off, and then I came back out in the nude.”“You’re k**ding… you sunbathed nude in front of him,” Charlotte exclaimed, a little surprised at the demure physician’s admission, and then she added, “That’s so naughty… I love it!”The alcohol had really freed them from of inhibitions, and Julie giggled and said, “Well if you think that was naughty, you’ll love this… I got horny knowing he was there that I started touching myself.”“Oh my God, you did not… right in front of him?” Charlotte cried out.“Yep,” Julie replied, and then she realized how kinky the whole thing must have sounded to her new friend and said, “Charlotte, I shouldn’t be telling you this… you must think I’m some kind of freak.”Considering what she had done to her son the night before and that morning, Charlotte thought it might be a little hypocritical to judge someone else, so she quickly said, “Are you k**ding Julie… I think it’s so hot!” Then she eagerly asked, “So then what happened?”Now Julie was even more turned on, and said, “Well, I made sure he had a clear view of where I was sitting, and then I spread my legs as wide as I could and masturbated until I had an incredible orgasm.”“Oh wow… you had an orgasm while he watched,” Charlotte exclaimed as she squeezed her legs together tightly, trying to quell the heat rising in her own crotch, and then she said, “So was that it?”“Oh no… I was just getting started on the sneaky little shit,” Julie replied as she sipped her margarita, and then she said, “After I calmed down, I walked into the house… still naked so he would think I was coming right back, and then I slipped the shorts and tee shirt back on and snuck out of the house and around the back of the fence again… and that’s where I found him, with his dick still in his hand.”“What did he do,” Charlotte asked… her face now flushed and hot, and her pussy tingling.“He was so engrossed in looking through the crack that he never saw me until I was right behind him,” then she said, “I guess he jerked off once while watching me masturbate because there were wet spots splattered on the fence, and judging by some older stains, it wasn’t the first time he had peeped at me.” Now both women were rhythmically pressing their legs together, feeling their pussies trembling as Julie shared her memories of her peeper. That was when Charlotte said, “What did you do to him?”Julie grinned and said, “Well he panicked and froze when he saw me, so just to humiliate the little bastard, I told him that since he had watched me masturbate, it was only fair that he jerk off in front of me. I guess that even though he knew he was in trouble, the thought of jerking off in front of me excited him, and in about ten strokes he was shooting another load all over the fence again. Then when he was done, I told him that I was a doctor, and if I ever caught him peeking at me again, I could have him committed to a mental institution for 20 years as a sex offender. He was so scared that he ran home, and I never saw him again. Then I had the fence fixed, and his family moved a year emek escort later.”“Well you kinky little devil,” Charlotte laughed as she imagined the whole scenario.“Are you sure I didn’t make you uncomfortable with that Char,” Julie asked, then she said, “It’s just that even though we haven’t been friends for that long, I really feel like I can share anything with you.”“Absolutely,” Charlotte said, and then she added, “And like I said, I thought it was hot.”Julie laughed and said, “Well speaking of hot, the fence is fixed and my son won’t be back until late tonight… so do you want to lose these suits and get some real sun?”With the combination of the alcohol and Julie’s story dissolving any modesty, and her secret bi-tendencies raising her desire to see new friend naked, Charlotte said, “Sure, why not?With that, both women began undoing their tops first, throwing them aside before slipping off their bottoms, and leaving them totally nude. Julie was the first to comment when she said, “Seriously Charlotte… your breasts are incredible.”As Charlotte grabbed her breasts she said, “Thanks, but sometimes these things get in the way,” then she added, “And I know yours aren’t as big as mine, but I think you have perfect tits.”Now it was Julie’s turn to blush, and then she joked, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think we were flirting with each other.”Charlotte smiled and said, “Well compliments are just what girlfriends do, but since you trusted me enough to tell me about masturbating in front of your neighbor, it’s only right that I share a secret with you… I do think you are hot, and to quote Katy Perry, ‘I kissed a girl and I liked it’.”“Shut up… you’ve been with a woman?” Julie blurted out.“Yes… but it was way back in college,” Charlotte answered.“So what was it like,” Julie asked enthusiastically.“It was actually pretty incredible… it just seems like women are more gentle and patient than men, and much more sensual,” Charlotte explained.“Was it just the one time,” Julie asked, getting more and more curious… or bi-curious.Charlotte just smiled and said, “One girl, yes… but one time, no. We hooked up a lot, but we dated men at the same time, so I’m not a full-on lesbian… I guess you could say I’m sort of bi.”Hearing about Charlotte being with another sent a warm rush through Julie, and she said, “It suddenly got very hot out here… I think I’m going to take a dip.”As Julie got up from her chair, her legs parted and Charlotte could see the lips of her shaved pussy were swollen and wet. Then she admired her friend’s ass as she walked to the edge of her pool. Then as Julie lowered herself into about 4 feet of water, Charlotte said, “You do have an amazing body Julie.”The young doctor just smiled and said, “Why Mrs. Bradley, are you trying to seduce me?”Charlotte laughed at Julie’s famous movie reference, and then she said, “Would it offend you if I was.”“If anything it would flatter me,” Julie said with a smile, and then she swam to the center of the pool.After she had cooled off a bit, Julie got back out of the water and sat next to Charlotte again. Then after filling their glasses with fresh margaritas she said, “Not to change the subject, but I’d like to talk to you about yesterday and how things are going with Jamie.”“Okay,” Charlotte said before taking another sip of her drink, and then she said, “But before I answer you, I need to ask you a question.” “Sure,” Julie replied, curious to see where Charlotte was going,Charlotte took a deep breath and then asked, “Yesterday you said there were ‘no limits’ as to what you would do for your son… exactly what did you mean by ‘no limits?”“I meant no limits,” Julie said bluntly.Charlotte cocked her head and said, “But what if…”“NO LIMITS,” Julie said in a forceful tone, stopping Charlotte in mid-sentence for emphasis.Now the two beautiful women were feeling the full affects of the wine, the margaritas, their nudity, and the intimate nature of their conversation. They could both feel themselves getting aroused, and the sexual tension was obviously growing. That was when Julie said, “When you told me that you gave Jamie a DVD to watch last night, it sounded like you weren’t telling me everything.”“Well I may not have given you all the details,” Charlotte said, edging closer to full disclosure. Then she said, “But before I go any further, I have one more question… is there really such a thing as ‘doctor/patient confidentiality, and do I have it with you?”Julie smiled and said, “Yes there is, and since your son is my patient, and I believe I gave you a medical consult yesterday regarding the taste of semen, I would say yes you do.” And then she added, “But more important Charlotte, you are my friend, and everything we discuss stays between us… everything.”Charlotte took a deep breath for courage, and as she did, Julie could see her nipples harden as her breasts rose and fell. The young doctor’s own nipples were stiff with excitement, and she could actually feel herself getting wetter as she admired her beautiful friend’s body. She could also sense that Charlotte was about to tell her something very intimate, and she had to fight the urge to slip her hand between her legs and caress her slick pussy lips as she waited for the details.Just as Julie was about to ask her again what she was holding back, Charlotte blurted out, “Last night I accidentally gave Jamie a homemade video of myself that I made for his dad.”“Oh my God, are you serious?” Julie exclaimed.“I knew I shouldn’t have said anything,” Charlotte said, thinking she had repulsed Julie.“No, no, no, it’s fine… you just caught me a little off guard,” Julie said to Charlotte, and then she added, “And besides, I meant it when I said there should be no limits when it comes to helping your son.”Suddenly Charlotte was relieved. She hadn’t misjudged Julie or the depth of their friendship. Now feeling confident, she said, “Yeah, it was in a box with a bunch of unmarked videos, and I just pulled it out and gave it to him.”“So then what happened,” Julie asked, still not certain where this was going.Charlotte just smiled and said, “Well, when I realized what I had given him, I was going to go take it back and get him another one… but when he saw it was me, he got really excited, so I let him watch it.”“So he really got excited because it was you,” Julie said, feeling her pussy beginning to tremble.“Yeah, I guess he’s had fantasies about me,” Charlotte replied, and then she added, “And he’s also had fantasies about you.”“About me… are you sure,” Julie asked, getting more curious and more turned on.“Oh I’m sure,” she replied, and then she added, “Yesterday afternoon, when he went to his room to masturbate, I heard him say both of our names.”For two days Julie had been obsessed with the taste of Jamie Bradley’s sperm, and now here was his gorgeous mother telling her that she had let him watch a sexy video of herself. That, combined with the knowledge that Jamie had fantasized about both of them while he masturbated sent another rush of heat and moisture deep into Julie’s steaming cunt.Charlotte noticed her nude friend squirming on her chaise as she listened to her recalling the previous day’s events, and that was when she asked, “Julie… is this getting you excited?”Julie looked at her and said, “Please don’t think I’m some kind of freak Char… but it really is.” Knowing Julie was getting turned on kicked Charlotte’s own arousal into high gear, so she decided to push the envelope and said, “Well Julie, so you don’t think you’re a freak, I guess I can tell you that while Jamie watched my video and masturbated, I hid in the hallway watching him… and masturbated too.” “Oh God,” Julie moaned as without even thinking, she spread her legs and let her hand slid over her tummy and between her thighs. Then as she began slowly tracing her fingertip up and down her sodden pussy lips she moaned, “Did you watch him cum Charlotte… please tell me you watched him cum.”Both women were on erotic overload, and as Charlotte watched Julie’s middle finger disappear deep inside her own cunt, she leaned over and whispered, “Yes, I watched my son stroke his beautiful cock while I fingered myself… and just as he squirted his thick white juice everywhere, I came.”“Oh fuck Charlotte, this is amazing,” Julie groaned, feeling her orgasm building as she rubbed her clit. Charlotte knew that Julie was probably going to cum soon, but before she had a chance to, she asked, “So now that I’ve shared so many secrets with you, is there anything you want to tell me?”Julie was so sexually overwhelmed that all her inhibitions and filters had disappeared, so as her voice cracked with passion as she said, “Please don’t hate me Char… but since yesterday when Jamie came on my face… all I’ve been able to think about is the taste of his cum… when I licked it from my lips.” “Why would I hate you Julie,” Charlotte crooned as she gently pinched her own nipples, and then she whispered, “Besides, his cum really is delicious.”Suddenly Julie’s eyes opened wide as she asked, “How do you know what your son’s cum tastes like?”That was when Charlotte leaned close to Julie’s ear and whispered, “Well here’s my final secret… Jamie’s penis was so red and sore this morning that I didn’t have the heart to make him masturbate again… so instead I sucked his hard cock until he filled my mouth with sweet young sperm.”“OH FUUUUCK,” Julie screamed as her finger became a blur on her throbbing clit. As she imagined her friend sucking her own son’s prick, she was moving towards orgasm at the speed of light… and just as the first spasms of an earth-shaking climax were about to rip through her body, Charlotte suddenly grabbed her friend’s hand and pulled her fingers from her dripping pussy.“Charlotte what are you doing… I was just about to cum,” Julie cried out as her quivering cunt was left aching and unattended. Charlotte just smiled at her gorgeous blond friend as she kept her hand away from her pussy, and then as she moved between Julie’s wide spread legs, she said, “Why don’t you let me make you cum?”Suddenly a moment of fear swept through Julie, and as she looked deep into Charlotte’s beautiful green eyes she said, “I would love that, but I’m worried that if we go that far it might affect our friendship, and I don’t want to screw that up.”Charlotte could sense that Julie was being overwhelmed by how quickly things were moving between them, and she knew she had to reassure her that everything was fine, so as she used her fingertips to gently brush a few wisps of hair from her friend’s beautiful face she said, “Julie, neither of us are lesbians, we both love men too much… and I can tell you from experience that our friendship will only get stronger as we get closer, so please don’t worry about anything.”The gorgeous young doctor still didn’t say anything, so Charlotte decided to make her move, and with that she leaned forward and kissed her friend. At first Julie stiffened, but soon she relaxed and returned Charlotte’s kiss. Lips massaged and tongues twirled as the two made out. It was the first time in her life that Julie had kissed a woman, and it was the most amazing kiss ever … it was gentle, it was deep, it was sensuous, it was hungry… it was everything a kiss was supposed to be.Charlotte knelt on the same chaise as Julie as they kissed, with her knees planted between her friend’s legs. After kissing her for what felt like a pleasurable hour, Charlotte sat back on her haunches, looked into Julies crystal blue eyes and said, “Now will you please let me lick your pussy?” “Oh God Charlotte… yes pleeease,” Julie moaned as she abandoned any fear or trepidation, and surrendered herself to the sexually persuasive, dark haired beauty. Charlotte gave her bi-virgin friend a reassuring smile, and then lowered her head and sucked one of her hard nipples into her mouth. Julie cried out in a combination of surprise and pleasure as her friend’s tongue teased the tender areola and puckered tip. She gently sucked one, and then the other as Julie’s body began to writhe under her, and her pussy began to flood with a rush of juices.As Charlotte used her lips and tongue to tease Julie’s hard nipples, she reached down and found her pussy wet and waiting. The beautiful blond spread her long, muscular legs wide to give her friend’s hand easy access, and then let out a groan as Charlotte stroked her dripping cunt lips before driving a tapered finger deep inside her hungry pussy.“Ahhhhh,” Julie’s gasped as Charlotte pushed her finger deep inside her tight pussy. She began fucking her finger in and out of Julie’s tight cunt as she lifted her mouth from her hard nipples and pressed it to her friend’s lips again in another long, deep kiss. This time the once demure physician dropped all inhibitions, and devoured Charlotte’s mouth with her own. Once she felt Julie was ready, Charlotte broke their kiss and began sliding down until she was lying between her wide spread legs, with her face only a few inches above her friend’s smooth pubic mound. At first Charlotte watched her own finger as it plunged in and out of Julie’s tight slit, and then as the warm sun beat down on both of them, she lowered her face and took the first lick of her pussy.“Oh Fuuuuck,” Julie groaned as Charlotte’s tongue slid up and down her swollen wet cunt lips. She had had her pussy licked hundreds, even thousands of times, but there was something very different about this. This was the first time another woman had licked her, and just as when they kissed, it felt more gentle and sensual than when a man did it, as if being a woman gave Charlotte the advantage of knowing exactly what she would like… and she was using that advantage to both of their benefits.Julie’s eyes were wide open as she watched her friend’s beautiful face between her legs. She was glad she had the privacy fence to keep the prying eyes of any would-be voyeurs out, because being outside added to the moment, but the truth was she was so aroused by the pussy licking Charlotte was giving her that she didn’t care if the whole world was watching… all she wanted to do was cum.Now Julie reached down and tangled her fingers into Charlotte’s dark, silky hair as the experienced cunnilinguist finally dragged her tongue across her hard clitoris. A shrill gasp emanated from Julie’s throat as her friend began a full-on assault on her throbbing love button. First she massaged the tiny organ with her tongue, then she flicked at it in a vibrating motion, and finally she began swirling around it like a tiny tornado, and that was when Julie groaned, “Oh God… yesssss!”That was what Charlotte wanted to hear, and she now knew she had found the key to her friend’s pleasure. As her hands slid up Julie’s tight body to her firm breasts, she began sweeping her tongue around her clit in a quick, stead motion. Julie’s body writhed between her, and then she squealed as Charlotte’s fingers began teasing and pinching her nipples.Julie’s constant groaning told Charlotte that she had her friend on the way to her first orgasm delivered by another woman, so she pulled one of her hands from her breasts and slid it back between her legs. Then as she increased the speed and pressure of her tongue on her clit, she pushed her long middle finger back into the beautiful doctor’s soaking cunt… and Julie came.“Oh fuck Charlotte… AAAAHHHH,” she screamed as the walls of her cunt went into deep convulsions, sending a tsunami of pussy juice washing over her friend’s talented mouth. Charlotte could taste the sweet, syrupy nectar as it coated her lips and tongue, and covered her chin. She could actually feel Julie’s kegel muscles rapidly contracting over and over again, gripping her finger as it fucked in and out of her pulsating womanhood.Julie’s gasped, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…,” over and over as she came. Her breathing had become so shallow that Charlotte worried she might hyperventilate because of her orgasm. Then the muscles in her body finally began to relax, and the hard contractions started to ease, telling Charlotte her friend’s climax was coming to an end. Then, with one last, long groan, Julie collapsed back onto the chaise… totally spent. Julie lay motionless on the chaise with the bright sun reflecting off of her flawless skin. Her chest rose and fell more slowly as her breathing returned to normal, and that was when Charlotte gently pulled her finger from her pouting pussy, and then licked the remaining juices from the invading digit. When Julie finally opened her eyes, she could see her beautiful friend smiling up at her, with her lips, cheeks and chin glistening with her slippery excretions. She just smiled back at her and softly said, “Oh my God Char, can all women do that as well as you?”Charlotte laughed and said, “Well we do have the advantage of knowing what other women like,” and then she added, “But honestly, I’ve never wanted to give another woman as much pleasure as I wanted to give you, so that helped.”Julie sighed and said, “Well I still love men, but I’m sorry I waited so long to be with a woman… that may have been the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.”“You’re welcome,” Charlotte answered with a smile.Julie smiled back and said, “How about I really thank you by returning the favor.”Charlotte looked up at her friend from between her legs and said, elvankent escort “Julie, I don’t want you to try it for my benefit if you aren’t ready.”Julie looked deep into Charlotte’s eyes and said, “I have never felt closer to, or more comfortable with another woman than I do to you right now, so I’m not only ready, I want to do this for you.”“I am so glad we’ve become friends,” Charlotte said as she lifted herself from between her Julie’s legs, leaned forward and kissed her again.“Me too,” Julie replied as they broke their kiss, and then she said, “Now why don’t you come up here and lie down so I can lick your pussy.”Charlotte giggled at her friend’s sudden boldness, and then she said, “Yes ma’am… whatever you say.”With that, the women changes positions, and Charlotte lay back on the chaise with her dark hair spreading over the head rest. Once she was in position, Julie looked down at her chest and said, “My God Charlotte, your tits really are magnificent,” and then she leaned over and sucked one of her friend’s hard nipples into her mouth. “Ohhhhhh,” Charlotte moaned as Julie’s lips locked around the hard nub of puckered flesh. Even though she was inexperienced, her lips and tongue felt incredible as they teased and tormented her nipples.As she licked and sucked her friend’s tender breasts, Julie’s hand slipped down over her flat tummy and smooth pubic mound, and then her fingertips came in contact with another woman’s vagina for a first time. Julie had played with her own pussy countless times, but Charlotte’s felt completely different. The outer lips of her labia felt puffier and more pronounced, and the bottom of her slit was gaping, allowing her fingers easy access.Charlotte let out a groan as Julie sucked her tits and played with her pussy, and then she grunted as her friend pushed a finger deep inside her tight, wet canal. Julie may have been a novice, but she certainly knew her way around a vagina. Her mouth hadn’t gotten anywhere near her pussy yet, but Charlotte could already feel the first pangs of orgasm beginning to rise.Now Julie began sliding downward… placing gentle kisses and tiny licks on her friend’s tummy and pubic mound as she moved lower. Charlotte’s breathing was becoming more shallow and erratic as Julie’s mouth neared its final destination. When her face was hovering just above Charlotte’s womanhood, Julie took a moment to absorb the incredible sight. She had to admit that a woman’s vagina was more attractive than a man’s penis… looking like a vulnerable flower with the petals lying open, glistening with a thin film of moisture that reminded her of the morning dew. Then, after admiring its beauty, Julie lowered her face and took her first lick of Charlotte’s overheated cunt. “Ohhh myyyyy,” Charlotte groaned as Julie’s lips and tongue brushed against her swollen labia. Even though she lacked experience, it seemed natural instinct was taking over, and what she was doing to her friend felt wonderful.“Mmmmm, you really are delicious,” Julie crooned between long, leisurely licks of Charlotte’s wet cunt lips. The thick liquid began to coat her taste buds and spread over her palate as she pushed her tongue deeper inside her friend’s vagina… fucking it in and out like a tiny wet cock. Then as she felt Charlotte begin to squirm, she wrapped her tongue around her aching clitoris.“Yesssssss,” Charlotte hissed as her friend’s tongue finally focused on the very center of her pleasure. Julie knew she had hit her mark, and began repeating what Charlotte had done to her, and what she liked herself. She teased the tiny nerve-filled organ with her tongue, changing speed, tempo and pressure as she swirled, licked, massaged and flicked her friend’s clit until she could hear her groaning becoming louder, and feel her ass lifting off the chaise, trying to press her pussy against Julie’s mouth.When Julie sensed Charlotte’s orgasm building, she pushed a finger deep inside her cunt just as she had done to her, and it met with a similar response. An a****listic grunt came from deep in Charlotte’s throat as her vaginal walls locked around her friend’s invading finger, and then a scream of pleasure followed as the tip of Julie’s tongue went into vibrator mode on her sensitive clit.“Oh God Julie… you’re gonna make me cum,” Charlotte groaned as her beautiful blond friend moved her tongue at a speed she had never experienced with a man or a woman. She could feel everything deep in her groin tightening as Julie worked her clit like a boxer working a speed bag. Then without warning Julie jammed a second finger deep inside Charlotte’s tight cunt… and she came.“Oh fuck … don’t stop JULIEEEEEEE,” Charlotte screamed as her firm thighs locked around her friend’s head. A wild succession of spasms and contractions ripped through her groin, causing her to scream in agonizing pleasure as the nerves in her clitoris overloaded. Julie felt a rush of emotional satisfaction she couldn’t describe as she brought her beautiful friend to an incredible climax. Charlotte was almost sobbing as her groin jerked and flexed with each orgasmic impulse. Julie could even feel the muscles around her friend’s puckered asshole twitching as she came. The hard muscle contractions deep in Charlotte’s groin were finally being replaced by a soothing warmth as her orgasm began to wane. Julie could also tell her friend was coming down, and slowed the motion of her tongue and finger. Then with one last, long groan, Charlotte’s body went limp, and her thighs released Julie’s head from their grip.Charlotte’s chest heaved as she tried to regain her breath, and as she finally opened her eyes she softly said, “That was amazing Julie… just amazing.”“I guess I did okay for my first time,” the apprentice pussy-licker answered with a smile on her juice covered face.“I can’t remember the last time I came that hard,” Charlotte replied with a sigh, and then she added, “Thank you.”Julie just smiled up at her friend, and with a small tear in her eye she said, “No Charlotte, thank you… thank you for letting me drop my inhibitions, and be myself.”Both women were feeling very open and very vulnerable, and as Julie moved up and squeezed next to her friend on the chaise, Charlotte said, “So we’re both okay with what happened… between us, and with Jamie.”“Considering we’re lying here naked in each other’s arms after everything that’s happened the last two days, I think we’re both okay with it,” Julie replied, and then she kissed Charlotte lightly on the lips.As the two lay together, Charlotte said, “Julie, you said Tyler is the same age as Jamie… have you ever had, you know, sexual thoughts about him?”Julie paused for a moment and then said, “Before yesterday, no… but since then, yes. I have to admit that since the incident with Jamie, I’ve wondered a lot of things about Tyler… like how big his erection is, and if his sperm tastes as good as Jamie’s… I hope that doesn’t freak you out.”“Julie, I think we’ve gone way beyond freaking each other out,” Charlotte answered with a laugh, and then she said, “I only asked because when I saw his portrait in the hall, I noticed how handsome he was and how much he looked like your husband… so I wondered if you ever thought of him that way.”“Like I said, I’ve just started to contemplate some things,” Julie replied, and then she said, “Hey Char, I have an idea.”“What’s that,” Charlotte replied, with both her curiosity and her arousal rising, knowing that Julie had something up her sleeve.“Well, Tyler is Jamie’s age, and he is coming home from his grandparents tonight… how would you and Jamie like to come over and spend the day by the pool tomorrow,” Julie asked with a gleam in her eye.Charlotte felt a new tingling forming in her crotch as she thought about her and Julie parading around in skimpy bikinis in front of their young sons, and she said, “I think that would be awesome,” but then she frowned and added, “Although I’m not sure Jamie will be okay with it since he may still have that erectile thing going on.”Julie just smiled and said, “Well tell him I might give him another examination, that might perk him up… plus, who knows what else might happen with you and me in tiny swimsuits in front of two horny teenagers.”“That could be interesting,” Charlotte laughed, and then she kissed Julie again before moving back to her own chaise lounge.Both women felt a new level of arousal beginning as they thought about the possibilities of the next day by the pool with their sons. Neither was counting on anything happening, but the mere prospect was enough to have both of their pussies being flooded with a fresh layer of natural lubricant… and just then, they heard a car door close.“What was that Julie,” Charlotte asked as she sat up.Before her friend could answer, they both heard the faint sound of a young male voice say, “Okay Grandpa… I’ll tell mom you’ll just call her later, thanks for letting me stay over.”Suddenly Julie said, “Oh shit, its Tyler… his grandfather is dropping him off early!”Almost immediately the two naked women began searching for their bathing suits, but then Charlotte abruptly said, “Wait a second Julie… do you want to have a little fun?”“What do you mean… he’ll be here any second,” Julie asked, panicking at the fact that she was still stark naked.“I know… just follow my lead,” Charlotte said as she quickly sat back down on her chaise, still naked, and picked up a magazine.Julie quickly did the same, and then the two women sat, their hearts pounding and their nude bodies glistening in the sun as they nervously waited for Tyler to walk outside. It seemed like an eternity passed before they heard Tyler’s voice saying, “Mom… are you here mom… the front door was unlocked.”Suddenly Julie remembered that her car was still at the restaurant, so Tyler might think she wasn’t home and not bother to check outside. But just as she was about to put her suit back on and give up their little game… she heard the door to the patio open, and out walked her handsome son.Both Julie and Charlotte acted like they hadn’t heard him, and as his eyes adjusted to the bright glare he said, “Hey mom, I wasn’t sure if you were home ‘cause I didn’t see your car but… MOM???”At that moment he realized his mom and a woman he didn’t recognize were both sitting by the pool… naked! Immediately the teenage boy began backing up and stuttering in embarrassment, saying, “Mom… I’m sorry, I didn’t know… excuse me ma’am, I didn’t think anyone…”Both women feigned half-hearted attempts at covering themselves, and Julie said, “I’m sorry honey… I didn’t think you were going to be home this early… this is my friend Mrs. Bradley, and we just thought we’d take the opportunity to get some all-over tan while you and dad were gone.”With that, Charlotte got in the game as she stood up and faced Tyler, giving him a good look at her magnificent tits, firm tummy, full round hips and shaved pubic mound. She could see the teenagers eyes almost bug out of his head as she reached for the silky sarong and wrapped it around her naked body… knowing full well he could see right through it.Julie had to stifle a grin as she reached for her own nearly-transparent wrap and did the same. Then she watched as Charlotte approached her son, extended her hand and said, “I’m Charlotte Bradley, it’s so nice to meet you Tyler… I hope your mom and I didn’t embarrass you too much.”“No, that’s fine… I mean it’s nice to meet you too ma’am,” Tyler stammered as he tried to remember his manners while looking straight at Charlotte’s incredible boobs and dark pink nipples as they poked through the thin material. Then as she turned to walk back to the chaise, the youngest Armstrong could see that the sarong didn’t meet in the back, and the woman’s naked ass was completely visible to him.Now it was Julie who stood up and walked towards him, and as she did she opened the sarong as if she was trying to adjust it, giving her son another brief, but unimpeded view of her tight, trim body, before tying it just above her breasts. As she flashed her body, Tyler took a mental picture of his mom. It was the first time he had seen her naked since he was very young, and even though he felt a little awkward, he had to admit her body was amazing.The fact was that Tyler, like Jamie, had never seen a real woman completely naked. He had also been on a few dates, kissed a couple girls, copped a few feels… and once Megan France had even let him suck on her tiny tits before giving him his first and only hand job. But Mrs. Bradley and his mom weren’t just topless girls, they were completely naked women, and he had gotten a good look at both of them, so naturally, his dick immediately swelled.Once she had her wrap in place, Julie gave her son a hug, and then she said, “Your dad got on the plane fine this morning, and he will call us tonight when he gets to Dubai.”Tyler couldn’t believe how warm his mom’s body felt through the barely-there fabric that was wrapped around her. As she backed away, he could see her nipples clearly as he could Mrs. Bradley’s. Then as she turned and walked back to her deck chair, he could clearly see her round ass cheeks swaying underneath the thin fabric.“Why don’t you go put your things away in your room honey, Mrs. Bradley and I are going to get dressed and have a cab take us to get our cars,” Charlotte said to her son.“Where is your car mom,” her son asked, suddenly realizing that he was so taken back by his mom’s and her friend’s nudity that he forgot to ask.“Well, Mrs. Bradley and I had a couple of glasses of wine at lunch, and thought it was best to take a cab here… you know how I feel about drinking and driving,” his mother answered, suddenly sounding like the responsible parent he was used to.“Okay, well I’m going to go unpack… it was very nice to meet you Mrs. Bradley,” Tyler said politely while trying to hide the erection that both women had already noticed.“You too,” Charlotte replied as she stood up again, letting him have one more look at her barely covered body before turning around and giving him another view of her gorgeous ass.Julie could see her son ogling her friend, and she thought that was the perfect time to say, “Oh by the way Tyler, Mrs. Bradley and her son may come over and swim tomorrow if that is okay with you.. Jamie is a patient of mine and the same age as you.”“That’ll be nice,” her son replied… not sure he wanted to meet a new friend, but definitely looking forward to seeing Mrs. Bradley again… albeit in bathing suit instead of her birthday suit.As Tyler disappeared into the house, Julie said, “Did you see he had an erection.”Charlotte laughed and said, “You’d have to be blind not to see it… it looked pretty impressive,” and then the women began gathering their things.Tyler was already up in his room with his door closed and his binoculars in his hand, and as the two women collected their belongings, he watched them. He could still see their bodies through their cover-ups, but then he got a better view when they dropped their sarongs to put their bathing suits back on.Once again they were completely naked, and Tyler quickly dropped his shorts and underwear and then began stroking his stiff cock as he focused his binoculars again. He moved back and forth between the more voluptuous Mrs. Bradley, and his more athletic mom as he jerked off. It had been three days since he had masturbated, and almost immediately he could feel his balls tightening.Tyler had always been fascinated by his mom’s body. In fact, he had found naked pictures of Heather Graham on the internet, and wondered if his mom’s body resembled the actress’s as much as her face did. Now that he was seeing her naked, he realized his mom’s body was even better. And Mrs. Bradley looked like she could be in Playboy with her bulbous tits, flat stomach, full round hips and plump ass. The teenage boy was really jacking himself now, and the muscles at the base of his cock were wound as tight as a bow string as his orgasm approached. Just then, the two naked women turned to give each other a friendly hug, and as their naked breasts pressed together, Tyler grunted, and shot his load.The young voyeur barely had enough time to pull a dirty tee-shirt from his bag and put it under the head of his swollen cock as ribbons of thick white sperm exploded from the tip. His orgasm was so intense that he had to bite his lip to keep from crying out as his thick shaft pulsed over and over in his palm, delivering a huge load of young spunk into the waiting material. Finally he felt the throbbing behind his balls ease, and the spurts of cum reduce to a dribble… and then he was done.As Tyler cleaned up his mess, Julie and Charlotte had returned to the house and gotten dressed. As they waited for the cab to take them to get their cars, Charlotte said, “So what time would you like us over tomorrow?”“How does noon sound,” Julie asked.“Perfect,” Charlotte replied, and then she added, “So what do you think is going to happen tomorrow with the boys?”“I don’t know,” Julie replied, and then she got a sneaky grin on her face and said, “But I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of fun.”FIN Part IIDisclaimer: As always, this copyrighted story is the physical and intellectual property of the author. It is a work of fantasy, is protected by law, and meets all federal and state statutes involving written erotica. It also conforms to all legal restrictions on written erotica and the Byrne Convention, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. Any attempt to reproduce this story in its original, or altered form will be met with legal action.

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