A New Beginning


Loud music blared as Sandra pulled into the pub car park. The music got even louder when she opened the car door. Through the window she could see the pub was crowded, everyone seemed to be having such a good time. Sandra felt lonely and isolated, and for a moment she considered going home. But she had already arranged to meet her friend Karen for a drink, so she steeled herself and went inside. She stopped just inside the door to check her appearance in a mirror on the wall. She was reasonably happy with what she saw; shoulder-length dark reddish-brown hair, a healthy, rosy complexion, sparkling blue-grey eyes; a decent figure for forty-five, breasts large but still firm, nice ass and good legs; not too much of a belly. All shown off to good effect in a short black dress, plenty of cleavage, sheer black hose and her most expensive pair of heels.

Her confidence renewed, Sandra approached the bar. As she crossed the room, she heard Karen call out from the far end of the bar. Sandra nearly turned and fled when she saw Karen was with a group of people, but before she could move Karen had come up and given her a hug. Hooking one arm around Sandra’s waist, Karen led her over to be introduced. As it turned out, Karen’s friends were all work colleagues, teachers, and Sandra’s spirits sank when she realised she was the outsider and would have nothing to contribute to the conversation. But they were a friendly bunch, one of the men bought her a drink, and Sandra soon started to relax.

As the evening wore on, everyone had had quite a skinful. Karen was on form, loud but amusing, coarse but witty. Inevitably, Sandra was starting to feel the outsider once more, as most of the conversation revolved around school. Sandra had moved to the edge of the group and jumped when suddenly someone touched her shoulder from behind. She turned to see a young good-looking lad speaking at her, but because of the music she couldn’t hear a word he was saying. He leaned closer and put his mouth to her ear.

“You’re Matt’s mum, right?” he shouted, almost inaudibly.

“That’s right,” Sandra replied, recognition starting to dawn. “You’re Lee, aren’t you?”

“Liam, actually,” he corrected her. “How is Matt? Haven’t seen him since we left school.”

And so they chatted, in that strange, hoarse shout that people adopt in noisy clubs and pubs. Sandra found herself warming to Liam, he was polite, friendly, interesting and, it suddenly occurred to her, quite good looking. His dark hair, limpid brown eyes and tanned skin made a stimulating combination.

“Let’s go into the other bar,” Liam suggested. “We might be able to find a seat.” Sandra looked around, but Karen and her friends were Escort engrossed in some torrid tale of school, so looked back at Liam and nodded.

The other bar was much quieter, and they found a small table by the window. Sandra sat down and Liam went to get them both another drink. For the first time that evening Sandra had a few moments to herself to reflect. It occurred to her that this situation was a bit strange. Here she was, in a fairly cosy, if not intimate situation, with a young man half her age. One of her son’s friends, in fact. What the hell, at last she was actually starting to relax. Liam seemed like a nice lad, she could have a couple of drinks with him, and then head off home for an early night.

Two hours and several drinks later, Sandra and Liam were pretty much plastered, and she felt totally comfortable in his company. They were chatting like old pals, and the difference in their ages had become completely irrelevant. The table was small, enforcing intimacy, knees touching, faces only inches apart. ‘I could kiss him,’ an idle thought wandered across Sandra’s mind. A distant part of her found this amusing and slightly shocking, but a more calculating part of her found it exciting. Sandra realised she was actually quite aroused. “Fancy a coffee?” she asked, nonchalantly. Liam sat and stared at her for a long, long second, and Sandra knew she had just done something incredibly stupid. But then a big smile spread across Liam’s face as he said “Yeah, why not?”

Sandra was in no state to drive, so they called a taxi. They sat close together in the back of the cab, like old lovers. Liam’s leg was pressed firmly against Sandra’s thigh, and when he rested his hand on her leg, she made no complaint. Sandra considered starting things in the back of the taxi, but the driver seemed to be keeping an eye on them in his mirror, and she still felt slightly odd about being in this kind of situation with a lad Liam’s age.

When they got to Sandra’s house, Liam paid off the taxi and they went inside. In the living room Sandra and Liam stood face-to-face, very close, not quite touching. “Sod the coffee,” Sandra giggled, falling back onto the couch, pulling Liam down on top of her as she fell.

Their mouths were clamped firmly together, as Sandra wrapped her arms and legs around Liam’s body. Liam took the opportunity to run his strong hands along her thighs; a warm tingle started to spread outward from Sandra’s loins. Impatiently, Sandra pushed Liam off and he landed on his back on the floor. Sandra stood up and swayed for a moment, dizzy with drink and excitement. Liam was confused, had no idea what was happening, but then Sandra took his hand and dragged Escort Bayan him to his feet, leading him out of the room and up the stairs.

Once they got to the bedroom, Sandra pushed Liam roughly onto the bed. Alcohol always had this effect on her, making her more assertive, even domineering. Pausing only to remove her shoes, Sandra got onto the bed and straddled Liam, clamping her thighs around his head, lowering her pussy down onto his face. Liam gasped in surprise, but soon got the idea. He couldn’t do much, with Sandra’s thighs squeezing his head, almost painfully, and two layers of material between his tongue and Sandra’s groin. But he didn’t have to do much, Sandra was by now gyrating her hips frenetically, pushing down, grinding against Liam’s face. Liam pushed his hands up under Sandra’s dress, bunching the material around her hips, caressing, stroking, squeezing, kneading her round buttocks.

Suddenly, Sandra was jumping off Liam’s face, the poor confused lad wondering what the hell was going on here. She stood looking at him for a few seconds, panting breathlessly. Then she pulled him upright and started to remove his clothing. Soon he was stripped down to his boxers, and Sandra’s eyes were drawn magnetically to the prominent bulge in the front of Liam’s pants. Shaking herself, Sandra unbuttoned her dress and let it drop to the floor. Liam’s cock twitched as he got a good look at her body. ‘God,’ he thought, ‘this is something else.’

Sandra had removed her bra, her large breasts hanging free with no sign of sagging. She stood there in just her panties and tights, and Liam’s member twitched again as he imagined taking those large brown nipples in his mouth. Sandra moved forward and pushed her tongue into his mouth once more, reaching down the front of Liam’s boxers to touch his cock for the first time. Liam quickly pushed his boxers down to his knees, allowing his cock to spring free. Sandra grasped it roughly, pulling and tugging on it, making her young lover moan as she did so. Taking a full, firm breast in each hand, Liam began to squeeze and knead them together, pinching the nipples between his fingers, making Sandra moan in turn.

Sandra pulled back slightly and pushed her tights and panties down to her ankles. Liam kicked his boxers off and lay back on the bed, pulling Sandra on top of him. She positioned herself carefully and sank down onto him, guiding him into her with one hand. The feel of him inside her was just indescribable, it had been so long. She commenced a rhythmic movement, back and forth, up and down, rotating her hips, grinding her clit against his pubic bone. Leaning forward, Sandra swung her tits across Liam’s face Bayan Escort and he greedily sucked one of them into his mouth, gently taking the nipple between his teeth, flicking his tongue from side to side, causing Sandra to give a soft cry of pleasure.

Liam tried to thrust upward, but Sandra was firmly in control. Moving faster now, she could feel that familiar warm sensation throughout every part of her body, slowly, inexorably, intensifying as she squeezed Liam’s cock within her. Now she could feel his cock start to swell and throb as his orgasm approached, all the time moving her hips faster and faster, faster and faster, even as Liam’s seed flooded her pussy, Sandra kept up her rhythm, drawing every last drop from her young lover’s balls as her own climax washed over her…

Several minutes later, Sandra recovered from her orgasm to find herself lying on her back. Her legs were parted and Liam was running his hands up and down the insides of her thighs, expertly stroking and caressing with the gentlest of touches. He was lying on his side, propped up on one elbow, gazing into her eyes. Sandra idly reached out and took his cock in her hand, running her nails back and forth along his shaft. She felt him swell and stiffen, so she indicated that she wanted him to move round into a 69 position. With Liam’s penis dangling down above her, and his tongue started to work busily at her cum-soaked slit, Sandra felt the complete slut, doing whatever she damn well wanted. Stretching her tongue upwards, she touched the very tip against the head of Liam’s manhood. Taking him in one hand, she rapidly flicked her tongue up and down over his knob, causing him to groan and his cock to twitch. Liam lowered himself and Sandra was able to take him in her mouth, sealing her lips around his glans, rubbing her slippery tongue all round his helmet, wanking him gently with one hand while tickling his balls with the other. She could feel him getting harder as she sucked, the sensations in his cock preventing Liam from giving Sandra his full attention. All of a sudden, his cock started jerking and his salty cum poured into her mouth, dribbling from her lips and down her cheek. Sandra took him out of her mouth and his last few spurts splashed across her face.

Staying in the 69 position, Liam resumed licking Sandra’s clit, taking it between his teeth and gently nibbling on it, rubbing his tongue around it with a circular motion, at the same time probing her pussy with his fingers. Sandra could feel her body responding, this time the sensation was focussed in that one spot, building in intensity until she could hold back no longer and she came with a breathless little cry, her limbs trembling as she lost all control.

Sandra woke up alone the next morning; Liam had left quietly while she slept. But she didn’t care. She had only wanted one thing, and that was exactly what she had got. And she intended to get a lot more…

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