A New Beginning


It was my third move in six months. The apartment hunting had been difficult, but I had finally found a nice place. The summer heat was becoming quite brutal, so I was happy that this complex had a nice pool. I was getting a fresh start after being with a controlling boyfriend for 4 years. I had to get away from him before I lost all of my self-worth. He had managed to track me down in the past, so this time I moved to a different state, and left no forwarding address with anyone.

The entire complex was brand new, and my apartment was very nice. It was a spacious two-bedroom one-bath second story overlooking the pool and hot tub. The only thing missing was furniture. I didn’t own any of my own, as I had been living with my boyfriend, but at least I didn’t have to move it. Thankfully, my new employer had an account with a furniture rental place in town, so all I had to do was pick out what I wanted and they would deliver it.

While I waited for them to show up, I went down to the corner store and bought some microwave dinners, a bottle of wine, and some cheese and crackers. I returned home just 10 minutes before the movers arrived. I put the things in the fridge, and instructed the guys where to put the furniture. They were both incredibly good looking, but after the experience with my Ex, it was going to be awhile before I could trust another guy. So I just enjoyed looking at their muscular bodies until they left.

I was finally able to relax in my own place. I could feel the stress running out of my body as I looked out over the courtyard and the swimming pool. The wine was doing a great job of washing away the tension in my neck and shoulders, and as I sat and enjoyed my snack, I noticed a very pretty brunette walking toward the pool. I couldn’t help but notice what a great body she had. She couldn’t have been any older than 18, and she was wearing a bright orange thong bikini that accented her tanned body perfectly.

I sat back in the chair, and watched her every move. I loved the way she walked. She almost seemed to glide. And the way she moved in the water was beautiful. He long, slender tanned body was so graceful and delicate. She climbed out of the pool, and laid down on one of the lounge chairs. She was lying on her stomach, and I couldn’t help staring at her lovely out-stretched body.

I had always considered myself very straight, and had never thought about being with another girl. I was always more interested in men, but this girl could have probably change my mind about that. I could tell that the wine was definitely having an effect on me now, as my mind was in a daze, and it was getting hard to keep my eyes open, so I went off to bed.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of silence. It was a real treat after the last place I lived, where there were always so many people around all the time, it was like living in the middle of a freeway. As I was waking up, I remembered a dream that I had that involved the girl I had seen down at the pool. I couldn’t deny the wetness between my legs because of it. She had come up to my place, and without saying a word began to make love to me. It was so completely erotic. I figured it was because of the wine, so I shook it out of my mind, and headed for the shower.

I reported to work, organized my desk and prepared to be the best travel agent in the building. My job was a little frustrating sometimes; because when you help other people plan the trips of their dreams while you’re stuck in your daily life, it doesn’t seem fair at times. It does have its rewards though, when the people send you post cards and thank you for helping them and telling you how wonderful you are.

It was a long first day, and it was nice to come home to “My” apartment. There was no one there to telling me what to do or giving me any hassles. I opened the door and went inside and put one of the frozen dinners in the microwave. I knew I had to get to the store and do some major grocery shopping, as I had no food or supplies in the house. While it was cooking, I went in to change clothes. I slid my dress off my shoulders, and was looking at my body in the mirror.

“Not bad for 28” I thought to myself. I’m 5’7, blonde, 36C, with a nice toned body.

I started running my hands over my body, over my breasts and down into my panties. I was really getting into it when the bell on the microwave went off, snapping me out of my daze. I made a mental note to myself that I really needed to have a good cum sometime soon. Maybe I could do something about that tonight. I through on some shorts and a tee shirt, and went into the kitchen. I sat and ate my diner, and when I was finished, I headed off to the store.

When I got back, I quickly realized a drawback of living on the second floor. The six bags of groceries were going to give my legs quite a workout, so I grabbed two bags and headed upstairs. When I came down for another load, I looked up and saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was stunning! She looked to be about my age, or a little older. She was Ümraniye Escort walking toward me, wearing a bikini top and some very short, white shorts. They went perfect with her lovely tanned skin.

“Would you like some help?” She asked, in the most beautiful accent.

“Why yes, if you wouldn’t mind.” I replied.

She put out her hand and said, “Hi my name is Monique.”

“Hi Monique” I replied, “I’m Traci, nice to meet you.”

She had the most beautiful, piercing blue eyes and lovely golden-brown hair that cascaded down over her shoulders. Her smile seemed to illuminate against her tanned face, and she had those pretty, pouty lips all the girls want these days.

“So where are you from, I love your accent?” I inquired.

“Thank you,” she replied, “I’m from Quebec, but I am working here as a software consultant.”

We each grabbed two bags and went upstairs. Monique was a couple of steps ahead of me, and I couldn’t help but notice her perfect butt, it was right in my face. It was shaped like an upside down heart, and the way it swayed was very hypnotic. I could just barely make out the faint outline of thong panties underneath her shorts. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her body, and her tanned skin looked incredibly soft.

When we entered the apartment, I had an incredible urge to keep her there.

“Would you like something to drink? I asked.

“Yes, please.” She replied, “I would love some wine.”

“Are you sure you’re old enough?” I asked jokingly.

“Old enough to know better, but not enough to care.” She said laughing, taking my compliment, and we both laughed as I poured two glasses of White Zinfandel

As I was putting things away I couldn’t help looking at her and thinking how attractive she was. I knew that it was wrong for me to be feeling like this about another woman. Surely she must have a husband, or at the very least a boyfriend. I started thinking about the dream I had last night about the girl in the pool, and my mind began to fill with thoughts of having sex with Monique.

What was I thinking? I had always considered myself very straight. Always a big cock for me, I thought. But, there was something about this girl that stirred something inside of me I had never felt before. I calmed myself down with thoughts of just getting to know her better and being friends, and tonight would be the start of that.

“So, you just moved in didn’t you?” asked Monique, “Do you like it here so far?”

“Yes I do”, I answered, “I got moved in yesterday, and I think it will be very nice living here. How long have you lived here?”

“My Daughter Aimee and I have lived here since last summer.” She said. “We’ve found it quite peaceful and all of the neighbors are really nice. I live just on the other side of you.”

We had both finished our wine when she told me that she wanted to finish her walk, and get back to her daughter before she ran up the phone bill.

“Oh you must have a teenager.” I said, remembering what I used to do when my Mom left the house.

“Yes, she turned 18 this month, and I swear that phone is going to become part of her head.” She said laughing.

On her way out the door, she turned to me and gave me a little hug. She said that she enjoyed meeting me, and how she hoped we could get together again sometime. As I closed the door behind her, my eyes got one more glimpse of her shapely butt as she walked downstairs.

This was too weird. Here I was in a brand new state, in a new apartment, and I had just met someone whom I would consider changing my sexual preference for. What was happening to me? I clicked on the T.V. and let my mind feast on its babble for a while as I finished off the bottle of wine. I needed to get these thoughts out of my head, or I would never get to sleep.

When I took the last drink, I looked up at the clock and saw it was 11:30. I was finally sleepy, so I went to my bedroom and got ready for bed. It was a cool night, so I slipped into a nighty and opened my window. I was just about asleep when I heard moaning.

It took me awhile to realize that it wasn’t just in my head, and I began to listen very intently. That’s when I became aware that it was coming from next door. My eyes flew open in shock. The bedrooms were right next to each other in this floor plan. Could it be Monique? I quickly got up and went to the window. It got louder, but I still couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a glass and ran back to my bedroom.

I pressed the glass to the wall, and my suspicions were confirmed. The moaning was coming from the other side of the wall. I had now way of knowing who it was, but it was Monique’s apartment. As my mind became tainted with lust, I wondered if it could be her daughter. God! What was I thinking? In my half-drunken state, I realized I didn’t care and let my mind wonder in fantasy.

I closed my eyes and began sliding my hand over my body. I ran my hand over my breasts and pinched my nipples Ümraniye Escort Bayan and moaned in quiet unison with my unseen lover. I was getting lost in ecstasy with her. I put my hand down to my pussy, and I was dripping wet. I rubbed my clit and slid my fingers deep into me. I felt so incredibly hot, and I knew I was going to have that orgasm I promised myself earlier. I was just about to explode when I heard the voice say,

“Oh Aimee, that was incredible. Now lay down and let me take care of you.”

My jaw dropped to the floor! It was Monique’s voice! My pussy tightened up around my fingers, and I came harder than I ever had before. I couldn’t get enough now. I pressed my ear ever tighter against the bottom of the glass trying to hear every word, every moan, and every breath of passion coming from the other side of the wall.

“Mmmmm. Do you like that Mom?” I heard a young voice say.

“Oh yes baby, you know Mommy loves your tongue. Keep going.”

I was now fucking myself like a madwoman. I have never moved my hand that fast before. I could hear Monique starting to moan louder, and I hoped she was getting ready to cum, as I was. Then I heard her start to moan louder and louder.

“Oh Aimee! Make Mommy cum! Yes baby! Yesssssss!”

I came with her, as my hand was covered with my pussy juice that was now flowing out of me like a faucet. I sat there slumped against the wall in total orgasmic bliss. My body was completely spent, and my mind was beginning to come back to Earth. “What had just happened?” I thought. Monique and her daughter had just had sex in the next room. I had heard of incestuous relationships, but I never thought I would be witness to one.

I don’t know how I finally got to sleep, but I woke up the next morning on the floor with only a few minutes to get ready for work. I had slept through my alarm going off, and I was rushing around trying to get dressed. It took my mind a while to remember what happened last night. When it did, I stopped in my tracks.

“Did all of that really happen?” I asked myself out loud.

I finished my hair and bolted out the door. My mind was a blur all day at work. I was thinking about Monique and her daughter. My mind was asking a lot of questions. Had she done it on purpose knowing our bedrooms were opposite each other? Was she hoping I would hear them? Did she feel the same about me as I did her? I couldn’t think. I could hardly wait for the day to be over.

I raced home, anticipating another encounter with Monique. I blasted in the door, and put my ear to the wall. I don’t know why I expected hear anything, but it was a nice thought. The wall was silent. I pulled myself together and put on some shorts and a half-shirt. I went to open the sliding door to let some fresh air in, when I saw the girl at the pool again.

She was so gorgeous! She was wearing a bright green suit this time, but it was the same style. The fabric of the thong was going deliciously up her but crack, and I could feel my mouth begin to water. I stood there for a long while and watched this young goddess parade around the pool. I started thinking about what it would be like to touch her and feel her skin, and before I knew it, my hand was inside of my shorts rubbing my pussy. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. Was I becoming a lesbian? I didn’t care. I was in the grips of lust, and I was enjoying it.

After watching her for a while, another gorgeous body caught my eye coming out of the restrooms next to the pool. She had on a dazzling suit that looked like it was made of gold. It shimmered in the sun, and clung to her like a second skin. My eyes had just focused on this beauty when I noticed it was Monique! Oh my god, two of the most beautiful bodies in the world in the same place! I was really glad I picked this apartment complex.

Monique was walking towards the young girl who was now lying on a lounge. She then stopped right next to her. I figured she was admiring her body as I had been doing, but then she knelt down and began talking to her. They talked for a while, and then Monique leaned down and kissed her right on the lips! I almost came in my panties. I new this had to be her daughter. I could see a resemblance between them. I was so deep in thought, that I didn’t see Monique look up in my direction. When I came to my senses, I looked out to see Monique looking right at me.

I dropped to the floor like I was shot. “Had she seen me? What was she thinking?” I felt like I had bee caught spying. I was scared and excited at the same time. I tried to convince myself that everything was OK, but I couldn’t stop shaking. All I could think about was the sounds coming from the other side of the wall last night, and that it had been the two beautiful women out by the pool. My pussy was drenched! I lay there on the floor and rubbed myself into an orgasm just thinking about it.

I lay there for a while longer and then slowly stood back up to look outside again. They were gone. I was still shaking from the Escort Ümraniye excitement racing through my mind. I was so incredibly turned on thinking about Monique and her daughter. At least my nasty mind hoped it was her daughter. I was beginning to give in to my body’s desire to touch another girl. I felt that I had deprived myself from a life experience by not doing it sooner.

I had no idea how I was ever going to face Monique again. I felt like I had blown my chance, but I did have some visual memories that could sustain many a masturbation session. I had no idea how to meet other women to have sex with, but it was a desire I had to fulfill. My mind was finally calming down, and my stomach let me know I was hungry by letting out a loud rumble.

I went into the kitchen, and was fixing a sandwich, when the doorbell rang. I jumped out of my skin. I thought for a moment about not answering it. I quietly walked over and peered out the window next to the door. My heart jumped when I saw it was Monique. She was still wearing her bikini with a sarong wrapped around her waist. She rang the doorbell again, and called my name.

“Traci? It’s Monique. Open the door Hun.”

I put my shaking hand on the doorknob and I felt like I didn’t have the strength to turn it. I was short of breath, and I could feel my chest tightening in fear. What was she going to say to me? She had seen me! I opened the door, and she smiled at me.

“Hi sweetie. What are you up to?”

“Not much, just fixing something to eat.” I said quietly, looking down.

“What are you doing tonight?” She asked, very happily.

“Oh I’ll probably just stay in tonight Monique. I…” She stopped me mid-sentence.

“Don’t be silly. I want you to come over to my place, and spend the evening with Aimee and I.”

I looked up at her in amazement. My mind was really racing now, and my body was shaking from pure adrenaline. What did she have in mind?

“Come over around 8:00. Ok sweetie? We’ll have something to eat, and hang out and talk.” She said, eagerly.

As I looked into her pretty eyes, all that I could get to come out of my mouth was, “OK.” She gave me a smile and then turned and walked back downstairs. After a few minutes, I was able to breathe normally again. Before I knew it an hour had passed.

I went in to my room to get ready, and I hoped that my imagination wasn’t running away with me. Did Monique really want me as I did her? I didn’t want to let my hopes get too high. I didn’t know what to think, and what about her daughter? What if Monique found out that I had been watching her too? God, she’s only 18! I blocked out the panic, and decided to dress sexy, but not over the top.

I sprayed my body with some toasted hazelnut perfume, and put on my favorite matching lace panty and bra set. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I looked hot! I went through about five outfits before deciding on a pair of shorts and a blouse. I didn’t want to look desperate, but I still wanted to be accessible. I didn’t know what was going to be happening, but I knew what I hoped would happen.

I left the apartment at 10 minutes till 8:00, and started walking around the building. I could hear music coming from Monique’s apartment, and as I went up the stairs, I could smell Mexican food cooking. I was starting to settle down a little, figuring I had once again worked myself up for nothing. I rang her doorbell. When the door opened, I swear my jaw dropped twelve inches. It was the young girl from the pool.

“Hi. I’m Aimee. You must be Traci?” She said, in a very perky voice.

She didn’t have quite the accent the Monique did, and thank goodness she’d put on some clothes, because if she had answered the door in that bikini, I now I would have fainted. Trying not to stare, I put out my hand and said,

“Yes I am, and it’s so nice to meet you.”

Monique came out of the kitchen with a glass of wine for me and invited me to sit down. I drank that glass rather quickly, and asked her if I could have another. Aimee took the glass from me, and as she did, her fingers slid against mine. I looked at her, and she had a very sexy smile, very much like her Mother’s.

My body was starting to quiver, and the excitement was beginning to build up inside of me. Aimee brought me another glass of wine and she sat down on the table directly in front of me. She was wearing a mini skirt, and a stretch-knit top the hugged against her body very nicely. Handing me the glass, she asked,

“So, you just moved in huh? I’m glad, ‘cause Mom needs someone to hang out with. What do you like to do? Don’t you think my Mom is hot?”

I tried to answer her questions without staring at her. She was so beautiful, but she was still a teenager. I kept seeing her in the pool in that bikini, and it was making it hard to talk.

“Yes, I just moved here, and it seems like a really nice place. I met your Mom yesterday; she helped me carry in some groceries. And, did you ask if I thought she looked hot?” I said clearing my throat.

Just then Monique came out wearing this amazingly tight skirt, and sleeveless sweater top. I could tell that Monique wasn’t wearing any panties or bra. I was glad that I had decided to wear panties, because my pussy was getting very wet, and I needed something to keep it from running into the chair.

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