A New Smoker


Gentle Readers: This story was originally submitted to Literotica for the 750 Word Project. I struggled to cut it down for that effort, so I thought I’d return to it and expand it to a full smoking fetish story. Hope you enjoy it!


Karen Reed sat on her leather couch in her well-appointed apartment, sipping a glass of Chardonnay and thinking about her upcoming evening. At 32, Karen knew most men considered her pretty in a girl-next-door sort of way. Her round face, framed by shoulder-length curly golden locks, featured a cute, slightly upturned nose and lips shaped like a bow, tinged light red. Her eyes, an arresting shade of emerald, sparkled, and her body was nicely curved in all the right places, highlighted by a firm ass that looked very appealing in her knee-length blue dress. Her curves were not too much, nor too little; they were just right. Her ass, firm, and round, begged to be touched, but only by someone deserving of her attention.

As she sipped her wine, she looked around her apartment, pleased by what she saw. The room is suffused with the gentle glow of early evening, casting everything in a soft, radiant light. The sofa, with its smooth, velvet texture, is a luxuriant oasis of unblemished comfort. She adjusted a cushion that was casually askew, its bold, crimson hue providing a striking contrast to its dark mahogany wood aligning the edge of the couch.

She glanced at her intricately designed carpet, woven with patterns and motifs that are at once arresting and hypnotic. Its borders, embroidered with floral designs of soft pink roses with delicate stems and leaves, evoked a sense of enchanting femininity. The rest of the room was tastefully decorated with art pieces depicting scenes from worldly places. A painting of a majestic horse galloping through the meadows of a distant land hangs just above the sofa while another painting of a couple staring affectionately at each other adorns a space closer to the fireplace. As she looks around, she feels the elegance and refinement of the space she lives in, and at that moment, she knows that she has everything she could ever want, except perhaps a partner to help fill the spaces that needed to be filled.

Dan, a man she met at a bar several months ago, was coming over in the next hour. The first three dates had been delightful. The last date even proved they were a terrific match in bed. His kisses were amazing, and she had never quite experienced his level of expertise at eating her well-trimmed pussy. She had just poured her second glass of wine when the doorbell rang. She walked over to the entryway and opened the door. Dan stood there looking at her with his strikingly pronounced features that stood out in the dimly lit entryway. Just shy of six feet tall, his height implied a towering but subtle dominance. With broad shoulders, he appeared to be built and robust, giving him a commanding and assured stance. His reasonably fit arms seemed to hint at his adherence to fitness and indicated that he took care of his physique.

She looked into his deep blue eyes, almost too intense to bear. They were framed by thick black lashes that added to their piercing quality, heightening their intensity even further. His captivating gaze possessed a magnetic charm that seemed to pull her closer to him with invincible force. His skin was a deep olive tone, a testament to his Mediterranean heritage, which gave him a rugged and exotic demeanor. Dan’s handsome face held a strong jawline that hinted at his masculinity and a straight nose that added a regal touch to his overall look.

In all, Dan’s appearance seemed to be an embodiment of the confident and controlled individual she had always imagined. It was evident that he was a man of great confidence, with an unmistakable charm that made him stand out from the crowd.

His clothing matched his physical appearance. He wore a light blue, collared shirt, and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His dark jeans were fitted and hugged his body in all the right places. His hair was styled in a messy, yet fashionable way. Throwing the door open wide, Karen held out her arms and they embraced with a warm kiss. His hands slid around her waist and playfully cupped her tight ass.

“Where are going tonight?” she asked, leading him inside. “You were mysterious on the phone today.”

“Pour me a glass of what you Manavgat Escort are having and we’ll discuss it,” he said, walking into her living room and seating himself. Karen fetched a glass, poured generously from the bottle, and returned to the couch. They exchanged cheers, clinking glasses, and warmly smiled at each other.

“So. Mr. Mysterious, what are you thinking?”

“Well, first I have a bit of a confession,” he began, hesitating. Uh, oh, thought Karen, he’s married! Or something else that would crush her. She felt her alarm grow and Dan, sensing her concern, placed his hand over hers on her lap.

“No, I’m not a serial killer or anything like that,” he chuckled.

“Well, that’s a relief to know,” she smiled in return. “So what is it?”

“After our wonderful night last week, I thought maybe you’d indulge me in one of my special desires, ” he replied with a mysterious smile.

“Oh?” she replied, one eyebrow cocked. “Do tell!”

Dan put his glass down and reached into his pocket, pulling out a rectangular pack and holding it up, along with a Bic lighter. Karen looked confused.

“Cigarettes?” she queried, perplexed. Dan placed the pack between them on the sofa. Karen looked down and saw they were labeled Capris, cigarettes that were slender and feminine. He nodded.

“I didn’t know you smoked,” she added, a tone of disapproval entering her voice.

“Oh, no, hon,” he said with an assuring smile. “I don’t.” Her forward crinkled in confusion.

“These are for you,” he said quietly, his eye piercing hers.

“Dan, I have never smoked in my life,” she retorted, “and I really don’t understand what you are saying. It’s a disgusting habit, honestly.”

He nodded.

“Of course it is. It’s just that I find women…especially confident, attractive women who don’t actually smoke…are even hotter when they do it. Bluntly, it really turns me on to be with a woman who smokes during any sexual act,” he replied.

“Let me get this right,” she said slowly, taking a sip of wine and pondering her words carefully. “You are saying the sight of a woman inhaling a cancer stick is a turn-on to you?”

He nodded again, though a tinge of embarrassment gave his face a light shade of red. Karen instantly regretted her judgmental tone.

“Well, it’s not the strangest kink I’ve ever heard,” she laughed, easing the tension.

“I guess not,” he said, smiling, “and you really don’t have to smoke it, it’s sexy if you just hold one.”

“Really?” Karen asked, intrigued. “Just holding a cigarette would arouse you?”

“God, yes, if it was you…you are perfect for this.”

Karen took another sip and placed her glass on the table. She reached for the pack, opened the top, and pulled out a cigarette. The act was instantly strange but appealing to her, conflicting emotions she couldn’t quite sort out. She carefully observed the Capri cigarette, noticing that it was a slim and elegant creation. Its slender white body tapered gently towards the tip, which was adorned with a delicate silver band. The paper was smooth and glossy, and the tobacco inside was a fine blend of sweet-smelling nicotine.

Dan watched her eyes roving over the cigarette and felt an erotic thrill charge down his back and legs. She placed the cigarette between her middle and index fingers, right at the first index, the white color of the cigarette a stark contrast to the red of her fingernails. He groaned silently.

As Karen stared at the unlit cigarette in her hand, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of curiosity mixed with apprehension. She had always been told smoking was bad, but something was alluring about the slender stick between her fingers. It was as if it held the promise of a new experience, a new sensation.

Tentatively, she raised the filter and placed it slowly between her red lips. Closing her lips around the cylinder, she sucked on it a bit, like a straw, trying to understand how it all worked. The initial flavor wasn’t particularly pleasant, but it wasn’t awful, she thought. She pulled it away from her lips and held it out. She noticed Dan following her every motion. Glancing down, she saw the growing bulge in his pants.

“My god, you are turned on by this,” she exclaimed, and he blushed.

“You just look so hot doing it,” he murmured.

“Well, it is kind of like foreplay in a way,” she replied, leaning over and kissing his cheek. He nodded with a smile. She placed the cigarette between her lips again, Manavgat Escort Bayan moving her hand to reach the lighter between them on the couch. She felt her heart race as she flicked the flame to life and brought it closer to the cigarette. The tip began to glow red as she inhaled, her mouth filling with the harsh taste of smoke. The taste was awful, with burnt paper and a flat chemical taste. Ugh, she thought, but then catching Dan’s wide eyes, she felt an unexpected tremor of pleasure at his reaction.

Taking the filter from her lips, Karen held the cigarette in her outstretched hand, arm resting on the back of the couch. The rising smoke was a foot from Dan’s face and he was mesmerized. While the taste in her mouth was still disgusting, it was outweighed by the appeal of doing something so radically different and having such an impact on her partner. She tentatively brought to filter to her lips and took another slightly deeper drag. He moaned out loud, watching her lips suck on the cigarette, her cheeks hollowing a touch more deeply than before. Smoke poured unevenly from her unpracticed lips, turning him on even more. She coughed slightly, trying to maintain composure.

“Ohhh, Karen, that is SO sexy,” Dan whispered, his right hand moving slowly over his growing bulge. Karen saw his eagerness, his arousal, and she felt her arousal growing, enough to overcome the distaste for the cigarette. Emboldened, she looked at the cigarette between her fingers, now three-quarters smoked, and rested it on his thigh.

“Maybe I should actually try inhaling now,” she said in a sultry manner. He groaned. Karen raised the filter to her mouth with more confidence, feeling her lips wrap around the filter. She sucked more deeply, cheeks hollowing, and felt the smoke hit the back of her throat and fill her lungs. Resisting the urge to cough, she continued with the inhalation, drawing the smoke into her lungs. Despite the strange taste and sensation, she persevered, feeling an unusual thrill down her thighs, watching him rub his hard cock.

This first attempt was hardly erotic, as her lungs rebelled and she coughed three times, expelling smoke aggressively past his head. He smiled and nodded encouragingly. Strangely, the awful taste and sensation were not outweighed by a curious arousal, both at his reaction and her feeling of being naughty. She found herself being very much turned on.

Dan stared at her lips as Karen placed the cigarette once again between her red lips, her lipstick staining the white filter. She was determined not to try to fill her lungs completely, but just to inhale enough and focus on doing it smoothly. She sucked slightly, watching the cherry end glow, and feeling the smoke fill her mouth and start down her throat. Before it got too far, she felt a need to exhale. Suddenly, she leaned in and pressed her lips against his, smoke escaping from her mouth and entering his. He felt a rush of adrenaline as the smoke filled his lungs, and he exhaled it back into her mouth, their breaths mingling in the air. It was a strange, intimate moment, and she couldn’t help but feel a connection to him that he had never felt before.

Breaking the kiss, Karen posed with the cigarette between her fingers, elbow crooked in an L shape resting on the couch as the smoke wafted into the air. Glancing down at his crotch, she saw his large bulge and smiled.

“My, my…this is a turn-on for you,” she intoned, looking into his eyes. “Take it out.”

Dan didn’t hesitate, using both hands to undo his buckle, unbutton his pants, and slide down his zipper. Karen responded by bringing the Capri to her lips with a slow and deliberate grace. As she inhaled, the smoke curled around her lips, and the soft tendrils seemed to caress her skin. Her eyes closed, and a small smile played at the corners of her mouth as she savored the taste of the smoke and its effect on his cock. She exhaled slowly, a small cloud of smoke escaping her lips, and watched it dissipate into the air.

Dan reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. Just over six inches long with an above-average girth, it was a deep shade of pink, with a soft, velvety texture and a smooth, circumcised tip. His pubic hair was a dark, wiry carpet that surrounded his shaft. Taking it firmly in his grasp, his hand slowly stroked down, then upwards over his rather bulbous mushroom head.

“Stroke it,” she commanded in a barely audible whisper, her lips wrapping around the filter Escort Manavgat again to take a slow, languorous drag. Captivated, Dan watched her inhale again, seeing her cheeks hollow in to suck the smoke into her lungs. He could hear the slight crackle of burning tobacco and watched as she exhaled in the direction of his hard cock. He stroked harder at the sight, all inhibitions suspended, as he watched her smoke seductively.

Karen saw the bubble of pre-cum emerge from his hole. Reaching down slowly with her cigarette hand, Karen stretched out her hand with the filter down and rubbed it lightly on the head of cock, ensuring the filter soaked up the pre-cum. Dan put his head back, closed his eyes, and moaned, as Karen kept circling his cock head with the cigarette filter.

After a minute, she raised the cigarette once again to her lips, surprised at how casual the motion was becoming to her. This time, the pre-cum dampness of the filter met the wetness of her soft mouth, and she felt her lips crush into the cigarette. This time, she drew harder, filled her lungs more, and was able to resist the urge to cough.

Karen leaned in to kiss Dan once again and he eagerly met her lips. She slowly exhaled, smoke rising between them as she poured her smoke into his mouth. Dan felt her tongue aggressively slide into his mouth, smoke and saliva merging in a sensual mix that sent shivers into his quivering cock. They kissed passionately, smoke wafting around their heads.

Karen lowered her head and licked the head, tasting the salty pre-cum and sending a shiver down to her pussy. She took a slow, leisurely drag and exhaled her stream over his cockhead and her stroking hand. She engulfed his cock in her smokey mouth. After a few deep sucks, she resumed stroking with her right hand, her left hand clutching the cigarette. Ashes flew over his balls as she continued to stroke and smoke.

Dan moaned aloud at the touch of her tongue and began thrusting toward her face. He watched with rapt attention as Karen raised the cigarette to her lips and took another drag. Her cheeks hollowed and she inhaled and popped the smoke into her lungs. Her gripping fingers continued to stroke up and down the length of Dan’s hard shaft. She pursed her lips and slowly exhaled over his cock head.

“Karen, ahhhh,” he exhaled in a low moan. He put his hands on the back of her head, pushing it down. Karen opened her mouth and took him as deep as she could, feeling the thick shaft fill her mouth and touch the back of her throat.. After a few deep sucks, she resumed stroking with her right hand, her left hand clutching the cigarette. Karen felt his cock tremble and knew it was about to explode. Seconds later, the first spurt sailed perfectly through the space left between her open lips during a smoke-filled gasp without so much as touching them. The cum spurt hit her tongue and before she could react, his dick surged again, this time sending another spurt directly into Karen’s sweet face. With the speed of a knife slash, it instantly cut a jagged line of sperm across her features, starting from her left eye, moving down her face, and crossing over her mouth. The line of cum didn’t break as it crossed her mouth. Instead, it formed a string bridge, connecting her parted lips.

Dan’s cock kept spurting and Karen could barely react. The spurts came fast and furious, finally declining in the last eruption that spilled over his cock head and her smoking hand. She watched as the cum poured over her hand and the filter of her half-smoked cigarette. She slowed her stroking and Danthrew his head back with a final moan.

“God, yessssss,” he intoned, removing his hands from her head and allowing her to raise her cum soaked face and mouth. Karen smiled through the cum and slowly raised the cigarette to her lips. Dan saw her take the cum soaked filter, put it between those full lips, and inhale deeply. Her cheeks hollowed as she filled her lungs again, burning the cigarette down to one-quarter. Dan watched her tease him, seemingly ignoring the streaks of cum on her cheeks and mouth. Finishing her deep drag, she raised her index finger and beckoned him close.

Dan leaned in and Karen slowly exhaled, smoke rising between them as she poured her smoke into his mouth. Dan felt her tongue aggressively slide into his mouth, smoke, cum, and saliva merging in a sensual mix that sent shivers into his still-quivering cock. Overcoming his initial shock at feeling his cum in their shared kiss, he returned her eagerness with his desire.

Breaking the kiss, Karen dropped the nearly finished cigarette into her nearly empty wineglass and rose from the couch.

“How about taking your new smoker to bed right now, stud,” she said, smiling. Dan rose and they walked to the bedroom.

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