A Night of Tease and Pleasure


A Night of Tease and Pleasure

I lay there, helpless and tied up. My heart was beating. My hands were strung over my head to the top of the bed, secured firmly with rope. My legs sat splayed open, exposing all I would normally hide. And I was loving it.
The lighting was dim with the door to the bathroom open just a crack, the light still on from when she was in there just a moment ago. That was before she left the room entirely, I assume to let me roast a little more. It had been a week of teasing building up to this; our first week toying with chastity. My cock was free, and enjoying the air that it had been deprived of for the last week, in all its glory.
The door to the hall slowly crept open, and there she stood, wearing nothing but sheer lingerie, with her thong lacy and black and her purple bra barely covering her glorious breasts. Both were sheer, but she could have been wearing her thickest snow jacket and most unflattering pajama bottoms and I still would have been in heaven.
She slowly sauntered over running her finger from my ankle, past my penis desperate for release, up along my chest to my chin, tracing her finger with her eyes until they met with mine. A sly, mischievous smile crept across her face as she started to lean forward. I shuddered as my mind became blank.
I strained on the binds to move myself up to meet her, but to no avail. She paused, giggled in that cute little snicker she reserves for these moments, and slowly pulled back. I once again relaxed back onto the bed.
Swinging her leg over the bed to straddle me, she sat just above my dick, with her calves and ankles rubbing down my hips. She lent in for a kiss, but once again stopped short, smiling again, and pulling back. She reached up, unclasped her bra in one swift and well-practiced motion, allowing it to slide down her shoulders freeing the miracles that lay within.
Casually, she tossed the bra off the side of the bed, and leant back in for that kiss, finally allowing us to connect. Our tongues casually intertwining, we maintained this passion for a few seconds, before finally she pulled back. A moan escaped my lips, as my frustration, lust and desire grew.
Sitting up now, she started to fondle her breasts. “Do you like these?” she asked, again with that sly smile on her face. “Yes” I responded, about all that could escape my mouth at that time. Again, she giggled and shuffled back to the other side of my cock. “Well, you can’t have them” she whispered back, forcing a sigh from my lips.
“But you have been a good boy this past week” she continued as her hand reached for my very erect tool. “But I’m not convinced you deserve this….” as her hand paused, hovering over my member. Another moan from me, as I lay there unable to say a word. I started trying to thrust up, just for the chance of contact, but she moved her hand back. “Naughty” she scalded in a non-serious manner. “But I’ll give you one last chance”.
Gently her fingers slid around my shaft, Escort slowly starting to glide up and down. She stared intently into my eyes, with myself unable to break contact initially, but flicked between them, her breasts and the action going on below, her crotch hidden away from sight by my own penis.
Over time, her pace slowly quickened, continuing to look nowhere but my eyes. It was never going to take long for me to reach this point, and she knew it. As the orgasm grew inside, she let go, denying me from the pleasure I so desperately needed right before the ultimate moment. A faint and weak “No” was all that could say as she edged me, along with a depraved sigh. She laughed a hearty laugh, full well knowing what she had done to me.
Lifting her rear off of my legs, she crawled forward, pulling up with her panty covered crotch hanging just over my chin. Pulling her panties to one side, she lowered herself onto my mouth. I knew what was expected from me, and dove in to the luscious and sweet tasting hole that lay in front.
Carefully using my tongue, I swept and sucked her inner folds and her clit as she ground out on my face. My chin, cheeks and nose were almost immediately covered in her juices; she was obviously very worked up over my situation and the control she had over me. It didn’t take long, even with my lacklustre skills, to have her shaking and pulsating above me.
After the throngs of her orgasm started to die down, she removed herself from my face with a soft, subtle moan. Leaving her underwear askew, she got up, and once again left the room, leaving me tied to the bed.
What felt like an eternity later, but according to the bedside clock had only been 3 minutes, she returned, holding in her hand a soft, black piece of fabric. Slowly wondering towards my head, so leant over and placed the blindfold over my eyes, leaving me in complete darkness. I heard her once again leave the room.
My penis, still hard as diamonds, eventually felt her hand grasp the base. I hadn’t heard enter the room, and was caught by surprise at the sudden touch of her soft skin. She wasn’t stroking, just hold my cock tight, feeling it pulsating beneath her hand, as I struggled to flex it, to gain any sort of movement through her hand. She wasn’t having any of it though, never allowing any sort of motion to allow that sweet pleasure.
After some time, she let go, and I heard her move up towards my head. Without saying a word, she released me from my bounds. After I had brought my hands to my sides, she grasped them, pulling them in front of me and once again bound my wrists. “On your knees” she commanded.
Rolling over onto my stomach, I pulled myself up onto my knees, sitting upright. “On your elbows” was my next order. Placing my hands in front of me on the bed, I assumed the doggy style position, head facing towards the headboard. From there, she roughly grabbed my ankles, swinging me around so that I was bent at the waist leaning over the bed.
Pre cum Escort Bayan was dripping from the head of my penis onto the bed. I was so aroused, that when I felt her hand reach between my legs and touch the tip of my cock, I jumped from the sudden sensations that surged through my body, overpowering me. Her fingers fiddled and rubbed over the tip, which was both a mix of pain and unbearable pleasure.
And just as abruptly as her hand had appeared, it withdrew from between my legs. She was moving though, and I heard the click of what sounded like a plastic bottle. Her cold fingers covered in lube ran around the outside of my anus, before one was inserted, prodding and probing my insides. I groaned from the rapid intrusion, but felt happy at the pleasure that I was experiencing.
The next finger was added, beginning to stretch me out as her speed increased. Pre cum was running out from my penis nonstop as she pumped her digits hard and fast. Removing her fingers, and I hope using her other hand, she swathed up some of the cum that was leaking out, once again making me jump as she touched the sensitive head. She moved around me, shoving her fingers and the cum into my mouth making me taste my own bitter juices. I could just imagine the stupid smile she had on her face as she relished the moment my tongue touched the white fluid.
Withdrawing her fingers from my mouth, she once again moved back to position herself behind me. It wasn’t long after that I felt something that wasn’t her fingers poking around my hole. Slowly, the bulbous head of a strap on pushed into my sphincter. It wasn’t particularly large, but made me grunt at the intrusion.
Slowly, the entire length was worked inside of me. It was at a guess 6 inches long. Faster and faster she moved, rocking me and my penis around on the bed. She was pounding hard now, and the sensations were unbearable, by now almost pure pleasure as wave after wave struck my intoxicated mind.
Then she stopped, fully inside of me. We both sat there for a while, as she allowed me to enjoy the full length of her plastic cock. It was at this point I heard the click of a camera shutter, no doubt on her phone, before the dildo was slowly removed. As it was, I felt progressively emptier, the hollow feeling that I was left with as the head popped out was a mix of longing and pain; I wanted her to continue her harsh crusade.
“I’ll keep that photo for a while I think. Could be… Fun…” she said just before slapping my ass, hard. No doubt that will leave a mark, anyone could have known that from the sound as her hand connected, let alone the stinging I felt.
This was quickly backed up by another, and another, and another. Slap, slap, slap. It felt good to be hers, treated as she saw fit. I felt helpless, used, owned, yet in an absolute world of wonder. Eventually, she stopped the ruthless tirade, but the stinging remained.
“Sit on the bed” was the following command. I turned around, plonking my ass on the side of the bed. Bayan Escort Removing my binds, she stepped back away from me. After some fumbling around with what I assume was the strap on, she threw some moist cloth onto my lap. “Put them on”. I untangled her panties as best I could with the blindfold and lined them up with my feet. “Other way” she chuckled. I turned the garment around in my hands, and slid them up my legs. I could feel how wet she must be through proxy, the nights efforts absolutely saturating the fabric. They did nothing to cover or hide my penis through the top of the clothing, if you could call them that.
She gently pushed me so I was lying back on the bed, my legs still hanging over the edge. “Legs up too”. I swung my legs around, now lying back close to where I started. “Hands”. Same order she gave me earlier to tie the above my head. Not wanting her to deny my orgasm tonight, I obliged. Once again I was tied to the head board.
I felt her lie down next to me on the bed, as her hand trailed down my chest towards my awaiting penis. Once again she grasped it, and started to pleasure me. Agonizingly slowly she worked, more teasing me than giving me a chance for release. “Please” I whimpered, “I’m begging you”. That seemed to be enough for her, as she increased the pace.
It didn’t take long before once again I was on the verge of cumming. She knew it, I was moving around restlessly, unable to stay still. I was so close, now, any second! I could feel it rising through my shaft…
A moment before I could experience my first orgasm in a week, she let go. It was too late to stop it, and she knew it. With nothing wrapped around my cock, my ejaculate sprayed helplessly over my stomach, as I thrust my hips up and down desperate for anything to touch me. I could hear her laughing, but I paid no attention, as the mix of pain and pleasure surged through my body. It was intense and wonderful, but nowhere near what a normal orgasm would bring.
Once I stopped cumming, her hand immediately returned to the now hyper sensitive tip. She started rubbing, surging intense throws of pleasure through my body to the point it was painful. She started laughing again, experienced in this sort of play, understanding how much pleasure and pain she was causing me. I felt the fingers of her other hand once again scoop up some of the sticky, white fluid, and feed it to me.
Then she stopped as suddenly as any of her other movements tonight. “Well, tonight was fun” she laughed, enthusiastically. “Enjoy!” I heard her grab her clothing from the floor, duck into the bathroom, before heading out the bedroom door. “Wait!” I yelled after her as I realized what she was doing, my mind an absolute blur as I still tried to process the night, but it was far too late. The front door was shut, and I could hear her car door slamming in the drive way. She started the engine, and drove off. No doubt she was leaving me tied up on my bed, wearing nothing but her tight, revealing underwear and the blindfold that still remained on my face to go fuck someone else, offer them pleasure that she would allow me. But I didn’t care, she had given me more than she ever would them.

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