A Night with a Goddess


Authors Note- I like to keep on my feet with writing and test my ability, so this one is different to the others I plan on writing. It’s a little bit rough and made for a quick hot release. Enjoy 🙂


Some never got to feel “The feeling” and I felt sorry for them, but only slightly. I didn’t care much about the little people. But I did love my fans, and I craved their devotion like a drug. That was the feeling. The feeling of undying love and worship from crowds of people, thousands, millions even. One smile and they could cry, one touch and they would beg for me. I was larger than life. It was a high; it was the best drug in the world.

I stood on stage; my black hair surrounded my face in gloriously styled messy curls and worked down my back to my hips. Sweat covered my brow and my upper lip, making my face shine. My pale skin glowed with it, and made my red lips and painted eyes look stark. A badass snow white, they called me. And I preened in the image, bathed in it. I wore a large red bow amidst my hair, and a long white cape behind me, lined with red. I only ever wore black leather on stage, except my accessories. The tight black corset pushed up my large round breasts, and the black leather skirt framed my legs and made everyone drool with the thoughts of sex. I wore my black stiletto heeled, thigh high boots. Gorgeous, if I do say so myself.

The crowd roared and reached onto the stage, reaching for my glow, for my air, for my anything. I stepped close to them and reached out, brushing a few clutching hands with my long fingertips and held the microphone to my lips, innocently thanking the audience. I painted the perfect image of a rock god. Sex on legs, and sweet to my fans; not likely, I liked to hear them beg for me. They roared and cheered for me, begging for an encore. I relented, mainly because my manager tells me to do one; two tops encores for every show. Sometimes I like to make them sweat, see how long they will cheer before returning to the stage to glow once more and release my voice into the stadium.

The best thing about being a Rock God wasn’t the money, or the fame, or the paparazzi. It was most definitely the fans kneeling at my feet for a taste of my sweet pussy. They fantasized over it, and few were very lucky to get it. After every stage I stopped a few going home and invited them back to my room for a “talk”. I loved seeing how many girls I could have naked and bent over. No doubt it could be in the thousands, but I limited myself. I didn’t want to exhaust myself. And if I gave it to too many, they wouldn’t beg as hard as they did. As I left the stage for the final time one of the stage assistance rushed Bostancı Escort up to wipe my forehead. I took the cloth from her and strut away, wiping myself down and making sure my makeup was still flawless.

I walked out into the sectioned off area, just beyond the stream of people walking past, a line of bodyguards blocked their view of me. I ducked around the muscled bulk and waited in the shadows until the crowd thinned. I stepped out into view and strutted over to the crowd. It wasn’t long before they swarmed me. But they weren’t faster than the guards, and the security held back the bulk. I sighed, put a fake smile on my face and signed the things shoved at me with a fountain pen I always kept on me. It made slicing the flesh they offered to me to sign that much more fun. The fine tip of the pen often left tiny cuts, depending on how hard I pushed. My mood and the vibe of the person decided how hard I pierced them. Those who were smart offered me hats and CDs and books. After the touching and screaming and begs for autographs had slowed down, I grabbed a few women from the crowd and offered them a drink in my room. Of course they almost died with the offer. The offer of drinks and potentially sex from Rock Goddess Lexi McWilliam, lead singer and guitarist of The Takedown, few refused that.

I pulled two black haired Goths and one flaming red head backstage with me, swaying down the hall with a smirk. I pushed open the door and they walked inside cautiously, looking like they might break something. I chuckled at them. Little people were amusing, they were so timid. I poured a few hard drinks and sat on the couch, nursing my cup. I waved them down into the couch opposite me and made boring small talk. Goth one was named Rebecca and Goth two was name Sammie. I turned to the red head, waiting for her; she blushed and stuttered over her words, saying her name was Steph. I tasted the name on my lips and decided she was my favourite. Her shyness was alluring to the predator in me.

I finished my drink and stared at the girls with a smirk, “So, want to fuck?” I said bluntly, waiting for their answers.

Immediately they started undressing and crouched at my feet. I lifted my boots and allowed the two Goths to take off my shoes as Steph moved onto the couch beside me. Her alabaster skin shone in the bright lights and her pink nipples stood out on her large breasts. I loved large breasts. She leaned in and I grinned, pulling her face roughly to mine. My lips parted around my trademark fangs, surgically glued to my real teeth. I smiled to her and latched my lips to hers. She moaned and melted, submitting to me. I felt my toes Bostancı Escort Bayan being sucked on as the goth twins worked up my legs and tugged off my panties. I was briefly distracted as I looked down at their bodies. Rebecca had smaller breasts, topped with dark red nipples and a small patch of pubic hair covering her goodies while Sam had pendulous breasts with faded pink pierced nipples. I smiled at her bare pussy before looking back at Steph and attacking her lips with my skilled mouth. She held her hand in my hair as the goth twins licked and sucked my thighs.

I growled and bared my fangs, looking down t the Goths, “No marks. I have a show tomorrow,”

They nodded and went back to my thighs, their attention soon caught on my pussy. I lowered my mouth to her neck and forced my fangs into her sweet skin. She gasped and flinched in pain as the blood welled in my mouth. They may have been fake, but they were sharp. I grinned on her neck, filling my mouth with her blood and swallowing once before drawing back. She seemed shocked but soon moaned, licking at the trail of blood working down the side of my mouth. The predator inside me purred. I felt the Goths remove my skirt and latch around my pussy one at a time. They each took their time to lick and suck my pussy before drilling their tongues in and switching. I moved my hand between Steph’s legs and slid two fingers into her dripping pussy. Soon she was preening on my fingers, thrusting and moaning as I worked them in and out of her. I curled one of my nails up to tickle her clit gently as she leaned back and screamed, her juices flooding over my hand. Raising my cupped hand I offered it to her, drenched with her juices. She lapped at them and cleaned my hand while I smiled greedily.

I felt my climax building at the Goths ministration and I tilted my head back, pulling Steph’s head back with mine and tongue wrestling with her as I came. The Goths continued to suck my clit and drill their tongues into my core, drinking as much of my pussy juice as they could get. Steph was flushed and panting when I pulled back and I slid my eyes down to Sam and Rebecca. They slowly stood and started kissing, getting more into it. I grinned and sat back, stroking Steph’s pussy as we watched them. Before they continued I told them to come. Rebecca sat on my lap and Sam sat on Steph’s. We kissed deeply and roughly and soon she was standing in front of me, her juicy dripping pussy in my face. I grabbed her ass and pulled her to my mouth. Placing my fangs on her lips and piercing them lightly. The pain increased her arousal as I dug my tongue into her and flicked it madly around. I Escort Bostancı attacked her with my tongue, tasting every inch of her and nuzzling her clit with my nose. I was good at eating pussy and soon she came down my chin, dripping heavily and twitching as she clasped my hair.

She collapsed onto the couch, thoroughly spent, sweat covering her and blood gently trickling down her legs. Laughing harshly and wiping my mouth, I looked at the other two as they sixty nine’d on the floor in front of my feet. I could see Sam’s tongue lapping heavily at Steph’s clit, and her hips thrusting up and down, grinding into her mouth in response. I watched the two, licking the dry cum and blood from my lips and smiled, my arousal burning inside me. Soon both girls came to a screaming orgasm and sat up, kissing once more.

I tossed the Goths their clothes and suggested that they were done, smiling sweetly. They were more then happy with how the night turned out and didn’t dare complain. I looked at the Goths and thanked them, dismissing them as they dressed and giving their cheeks a kiss while they stood in a half daze. I stood at the door, Steph naked on the couch behind me, bewildered at staying, and signed their breasts before telling security to escort them and shutting the door. I turned to Steph and grinned, flashing my fangs.

I went to my drawer and pulled out my large strap on dildo and fastened it to my waist, stroking its long thickness. It was about the size of my forearm and drooped slightly in its weight. This monster was fit for a Rock Goddess, and I owned it. I turned to Steph and grinned, it was going to be a long night.

She gulped and looked worried at the size of my toy, but spread her legs obligingly, laying on the couch for me. I knelt between her legs and pulled them around my waist at an angle. She gripped the couch cushions as I aimed the cock head at her opening and slowly pushed it in. It sunk into her slowly, but forcefully, parting her lips and piercing her inner most treasure. I grinned darkly, enjoying the look of pain on her face as I pushed my cock deeper. She grunted with the effort, slowly accepting the monstrous dildo.

Once buried to the hilt I pulled it out and forced it back in with a heavy thrust. I worked my hips faster, holding her legs apart and pulling her ass onto my lap. My hips worked back and forth, easing my cock into her wet pussy and spearing it. I watched as she moaned around my cock and thrust her hips slightly. Her orgasm was building fast and I spanked her hard. She yelped but continued to thrust her hips. I heard her cry and watched her cum cover my toy as she screamed and arched. Her body twitched and jerked around my toy and I sat back, still buried in her to watch the show.

Once the tremors subsided and she lay at my lap with her flushed cheeks and sweat covered body I turned her over, positioning the cock head at her opening and pausing with a wicked grin. Round Two.

–The End–

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