A one night stand in Spain


Fuengirola is a small city in Spain, more a town, really. So there were people you knew well, people who you knew in passing, and people you knew of. There were no real strangers to speak of.Nuria and Pablo’s paths had often crossed when they were growing up. Their schools played sports in competitions against each other. They met at swim meets in particular, and both had of course cast their eyes over the swimmers of the opposite gender. Nuria’s brother Biel was a peripheral friend of Pablo’s brother, Anton. Nuria and Pablo briefly attended the same English school after class. But there had been no interaction beyond a cursory ‘hello’ and nothing to suggest what was to occur.They grew up and went away to college at age eighteen, and when the Easter holidays came that school year, neither returned entirely innocent. Nor, however, were they as experienced as some of their peers.That Easter, Nuria and a girlfriend went down to the beach on a warm Spring bank holiday weekend. Nuria was wearing her red bikini, although she was a rather shy young woman. Her friend went to swim in the sea, and Nuria stayed with their bags.Lying on her back, she felt the warmth of the sun on her legs, belly, and shoulders, and looked idly at the men playing volleyball. Some of them were quite attractive, wiry, muscular, and tall. Closing her eyes, she began to feel herself growing rather aroused. She was quickly terribly embarrassed, and rolled over onto her front, picking up a book to take her mind off such thoughts.A few minutes later, the ball from the game went astray and Ankara escort rolled right past her. She was about to get up to scoop it up and throw it back when a man jogged over. He was medium height and well built, and his red swimming shorts were not so loose as not to disclose what they contained.“Sorry!” he said, smiling.“No problem,” said Nuria.The man looked at her and smiled, recognising her.“You’re Biel’s sister.”“That’s right.” She looked, and then she recognised him.“You’re Pablo.”“Yep. Nuria, no?”She nodded, smiling.“How is college?” she asked.They chatted for a while, making small talk, and then he went back to the game. But when he was gone, Nuria lay on her back and this time there was no taking her mind off of the image of Pablo in those swimming shorts, and there was no mistaking the sensation she felt between her legs.Her friend came back and Nuria shyly told her what had happened.“Leave it to me,” said her friend. If Nuria had known what she was going to do, she would have tried to stop her. But she didn’t. She watched both horrified and excited as her friend strode over to the men playing ball, spoke briefly to Pablo and handed him a slip of paper.Her friend came back.“Message your parents. You’re staying at my place tonight.”“I couldn’t…not in…”“You’ll be in the Air BnB room in the garage. It’s made up, we have a guest in three days. It’s all yours. Don’t screw it up.”Two hours later, the girls left the beach. And sure enough, the call came.“Hey, Nuria. Drink tonight?”Nuria met Pablo at a beach bar. Ankara escort bayan They were both dressed now, as it was evening and cooler, but she knew she wanted him the minute she saw him. He was wearing a black shirt tight on his torso, black trousers, and his hair was well kept. She’d chosen a blue blouse, jeans, and perfume.They sat at a table, and in five minutes she was stroking his arm. Pablo looked into her brown eyes and then he leaned over and their lips met, and Nuria was briefly worried in case someone she knew was watching but then she gave in with abandon and kissed Pablo right there in the bar, which was the most public display of affection she had ever surrendered to.A second round was suggested but both, with exquisite care and politeness, said they weren’t in the mood.“Coffee to finish the night?” Nuria offered.“Sounds good,” said Pablo, and inwardly Nuria breathed a sigh of relief, for even though they had kissed so passionately, she was still afraid she might make a misstep.The air BnB in the garage consisted of a large double bed with white bedding and a thick mattress. Pablo went to the ensuite bathroom and Nuria quickly fixed her hair in the mirror and thought back to what she had learned about sex from her four experiences with a single man, and what she knew would help Pablo enjoy it, and she began to fear he would not like her body, that her bottom was fat, and time seemed to freeze as she waited for him, but then he was there and kissing her and she felt his weight gently guide her onto the Escort Ankara bed.They kissed, Pablo lying on top of Nuria. Nuria ran her hand across his thigh and bottom, while Pablo explored her back, side and neck. Gradually, she felt him tense through his trousers. She pushed him away for a moment, reached for the rim of her blouse, and pulled it over her neck.Pablo took the cue and unbuttoned his shirt, then when he was topless he reached around Nuria’s back and unhooked her bra. Nuria’s heart felt like it would burst as it slipped off, and Pablo leaned back, obviously admiring her breasts. He smiled warmly after a few seconds, and Nuria’s confidence surged.She reached down, unbuttoned and unzipped her trousers, and eased them down. Pablo helped her slide them from her ankles, then he removed her socks. Briefly standing, he undid his trousers and lowered them to the floor.He was about to get back onto the bed when Nuria, impulsively, said“Stop. Let me.” And she moved over and took the elastic of his boxer shorts between her thumbs and fingers and slid them down for him. Pablo’s penis, freed, was swelling rapidly and Nuria reached for it with her hand. It was only the second one she had seen, or at least the second one she’d seen in an intimate setting like this. Feeling it in her hands, she thought back to her first time… Pablo’s was bigger, no question. How would it feel inside her?“Do you like this?” she asked, pulling the skin back and forward over the end of his cock.“Yes…yes,” said Pablo.She didn’t tell him, but Nuria was trying to pluck up the courage to wrap her mouth around Pablo’s penis. She hadn’t tried oral sex with her first partner. She’d thought about it, and was simultaneously curious, slightly disgusted by the thought, and aroused. She closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue and gave Pablo’s manhood a long, wet lick.

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