A Scent of Jasmine


You walk into the bathroom, hot, sweaty. You just got back from jogging. Today had been particularly humid, and you worked up a sweat. In fact, everything you wore was soaked. A nice warm shower is what you need.

You kick off your shoes and peel off your socks, throwing them into the hamper. You pull your sports bra over your head releasing your breasts from their confinement. So good to let them free. Lastly, you pull off your shorts and panties tossing them in the hamper along with the other wet stinky clothes. Finally, you are completely naked.

You undo your hair from the bun you had it in, letting it fall down in a sweaty sticky mess. This shower is going to feel good. You turn on the water, letting it warm up a bit before stepping in. You stand there letting the water cascades over your body and through your hair, washing away the initial layer of yuck covering your body.

After a minute or two of enjoying the warm water flowing over your body, you open your shampoo and inhale the fragrance. A scent of jasmine. You smile. This smell always makes you happy. You squeeze a generous amount in your hands and rub it in your hair, building a sudsy lather.

Your hair finally clean, you stick your head under the spray, rinsing the shampoo from your hair. The suds run down your body and you Göztepe Escort rub it on your body. Instinctively, you start at your breasts, rubbing your hands over then, under then, all around, working the shampoo suds into them. Unexpectedly, your nipples begin to harden. Your fingers lightly touch them, flicking them, teasing them. Your head leans back, a soft moan escaping your lips.

“Baby, you started without me?”

You turn and see me standing in the bathroom doorway, stark naked and pouting. You don’t question why I am there. Ever since we met, we’ve had a vibe, some cosmic connection, an awareness of each other’s needs and desires. It’s like our sexual cycles were linked. When one of us was horny, the other would feel it and need to join in.

Our eyes meet as I walk to the shower and get in. I stand behind you, grab the shampoo, and take over where you stopped. I rub another generous amount in my hands, rubbing them together and building suds. My hand makes its way up your ass crack, cleaning you deep between your legs. My lips meet your neck, kissing, nibbling, licking. I slap your ass cheek, not hard, just playful.

“Turn around,” I tell you, not as much as an order but as a suggestion. I move pass you as you turn and ease you closer to the wall. You extend Göztepe Escort Bayan your arms to brace yourself. I detach the shower head and kneel down, looking straight at your beautiful curves. I spray and wash away the suds. One hand spreads one cheek, exposing your little puckered hole to me. I switch the shower head from spray to pulse and aim it at your ass. The pulsating stream of warm water continuously massages down the crack of your ass causing your breath to quicken and moans to build louder.

“That’s right, baby. Enjoy your shower. I want you squeaky clean.”

I put the shower head down so that it sprays straight at my clit. With my hands, I spread your ass cheeks wide. My tongue licks your crack from bottom to top. I pause at your butt hole, applying pressure, wanting access. You begin to whimper and relax a bit, opening up to allow the tip of my tongue to enter in. I flick my tongue inside you, tasting you, exploring. I pull out and give your ass another playful slap. “All clean here,” I say with a smile.

Grabbing your hips, I spin you around and back you against the shower wall. You grab the shower curtain rod with one hand and place your other hand on the shower wall to steady yourself. I take one leg and lift it up, placing it on the ledge Escort Göztepe of the tub. Like before, I lather up the shampoo in my hands, building the suds, and rub it over your pelvic area and thighs, between your legs and into your pussy. I pick up the shower head that has been spraying on my own pussy and rinse the suds from your body.

When you are all clean, I spread your lips with two fingers and direct the pulsing vibrating spray into your pussy. My mouth finds your clit. I alternate between licking, flicking it with my tongue and lightly nibbling it with my teeth. Your breathing deepens and becomes rapid. Soft moans escape your lips. You slowly thrust your hips at my face forcing me deeper into you. I take the hint and increase the speed and intensity of my mouth/tongue attack on your clit, shifting my head up and down to side to side.

Your hands interlace with my wet hair and your hip thrusts increase matching the rhythm of my own determined efforts on your pussy. I taste you as your pussy juices start to flow. My face, mouth, cheeks, hair are all coated with your sweet sticky essences. Soft moans turn to loud primal screams as your orgasm explodes. I feel your vaginal muscles quiver in spasms over my face.

A full five minutes elapses before the twitching and ripples finally subside. Your legs begin to buckle, and I ease you down to your knees in the tub. I wrap my arms around you and kiss your lips, your mouth, sharing your own juices that are covering my face with you. I pull back and look lustfully into your eyes.

“I’m a dirty girl. I think I need to be cleaned up.”

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